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Taking Advantage of my Teenage Babysitter 2

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Taking Advantage of my Teenage Babysitter 2As we got in to the room Olivia started kissing my on my lips and I felt her tongue pressing against my lips so I opened them and let it slide into my mouth. Our tongues started to play with each other and our hands explored each others bodies as we slowly moved closer to the bed. I laid her down on the bed and moved down between her legs and I started to lick her pussy, it tasted realy good and I could taste both our cum and it was great.Soon she was beginning to cum again and I heard her moan! Now her hips began to pump her pussy into my mouth and she was arching her back and pressing her pussy harder into my face and I continued to lick her soft pussy.Finally Olivia gave out this long low moan and started to orgasm standing up!! She humped hard into my face as her body rocked against my mouth and tongue! (This was amazing, I had never had a girl do this before. I did not know she had it in her as she was so young).Again and again she moaned and flushed my face with her cum!! After about 20 minutes I felt her legs giving out and I had to ease us closer to the head bord at the top of the bed so she could tempobet giriş hold herself up as she continued to fuck my face again and again she pushed her wide open pussy into my mouth and I sucked her, loving every second of it! I ate her until she cum again! She finally pulled back off my face and dropped to her knees. She grabed me and kissed me sticking her tongue deep into my mouth once more!I turned her round so she was facing away from me on her hands and knees and I slowly started to rub the head of my cock against her soft wet lips and I gently eased it inside her and started to fuck her. Her pussy felt so warm rapped round my cock and this made me fuck her harder. I placed my hands on her hips and gripped them tightly as I pulled her back on to my cock.Olivia’s moans began to louden as I fucked her and soon she was begging me not to stop.The sight and sound her he hot sexy firm ass slapping against me as my cock pounded her pussy was just so hot.It did not take long for me to begin longing to fuck Oliva in the ass. I just knew that it would blow my mind. I wet my thumb and placed it on her asshole with a small yet tempobet yeni giriş steady amount of force. Each of my thrusts into her pussy forced my thumb into her asshole a little at a time. After about eight of these thrusts, my thumb was all the way in and Olivia was going crazy.I began finger-fucking her ass with my thumb at a steady pace as I continued to pound her pussy until finally I decided that I just had to do it. I pulled out and shifted my cock up to her anus. Her pussy juice was an excellent lubricant for anal, as I slowly slid my cock into her ass with no trouble at all. It was warmer and tighter than I could have ever imagined. “Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!” she shriekedI began pounding her ass with reckless abandon. She was on sensory overload and could do nothing else as I went to town on that hot, muscular little bum of hers “Fuck me! FUCK MY ASS!” Olivia howled. My pace picked up due to this outburst of hers.Olivia lost control of her arms and collapsed down leaving her ass pointing into the air making it even easier to fuck her tender little hole.Her face was buried in a pillow and I could barely her tempobet güvenilirmi cries of ecstasy. Her pussy began to seep her juices down her legs.”OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! Ooooooooooo, oooooooooOOOOOH, Mmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhh!” was all I could hear through the pillow she was screaming into. Her climax lasted several minutes, and she bucked more wildly as it wore on. “OOoooOOOOOOooOOOOOHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!” she screamed into the pillow, her hips now bucking so wildly.I foced my cock in and out of her ass until the sweat ran down my face and chest and dripped on her. My orgasm was slow to come and I was enjoying every second of it. My legs began to wobble and I knew I was reaching the end of my endurance and I came into her ass over and over until I could come no more and Olivia just screamed out as the biggest orgasm of her life shot throught her body and her pussy squirted her cum out over the bed. Exhausted, I fell forward onto her, wrapping my arms around her chest and pulling her over on her side as I fell to the bed. My cock was still trapped in her ass, which thanks to my semen, was now lubed enough to be slick. I gave weak thrusts in and out, just enough to keep my cock hard from the stimulation.Olivia’s body slowly started to calm down and her shakes slowly came to a halt and I slowly brushed her hair back so I could gently kiss her neck before we both slowly dozzed off.To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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