Haz 01

Taking it to the Extreme…

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Taking it to the Extreme…I had just reached the motel and had checked in, I was removing my bag from the car trunk when a young man approached. He was a few years older than I, maybe twenty-five or thirty, about 5’2″ and close to 190lbs.He had the odor of one with poor hygiene and in need of a hair cut and shave, for some reason I had no fear of his quick approach. He looked timidly at me and mustered a smile saying ‘hi, I’m William and I was wondering if I could help you with your bags for a little change to get something to eat.’I shook my head saying ‘sorry, I only have this one bag. I think I can manage it by my self.’ He lowered his head and turned to walk away as he turned I noticed that he had a rather prominent bulge in his pants.I called out to his ‘William, you said is your name?’ He stopped and turned I continued ‘if you would like I could let you come in and get a shower, I have some extra clothes that you might be able to wear and I could get us some pizza.’His face brighten as he came closer and said ‘sorry about betsobet yeni giriş the smell, it’s been some time since I had a good shower and clean clothes.’ We walked to the room and I opened the door, William entered and went to the toilet area of the room. He said ‘I thank you for letting me do this, you’ll be blessed by this I assure you.’I tossed my bag on the bed and closed the door saying ‘use one of the towels and tossed those clothes in the trash.’ I turned to the bag and began to empty it out on the bed. I heard William moving about and glanced into the mirror and saw why he had such a bulge.His penis wasn’t long but it was like him short and stocky, he entered the shower as I turned and I glimpsed his taught buttocks as he closed the door, I quickly ordered us pizza and beer. By the time William had finished showering the food had arrived and I was placing it on the table when William exited the shower. The towel was around his waist and his man hood was semi erect. I motioned to a chair betsobet güvenilirmi and watched as he ate and downed two beers.I decided to confess and see how he would react ‘William,’ I began ‘I want you to know that you can leave when you want. You see, I’m gay!’ William reached for another beer opened it and as he turned up the can he stood allowing the towel to fall from his body.His penis was standing rigid as he sat the beer back on the table saying ‘I’m not gay, but I haven’t fucked any one in a long time. I’ll fuck you as long as you want but you ain’t gonna stick nothing in me.’I stood and quickly said ‘deal,’ as I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants and underwear. I had all ready placed a tube of lubricant and some rubbers on the bed. William looked at me and said ‘get on your stomach, I’ll be as gentle as I possible.’I looked again at his man hood and gasp, what I thought was a penis of six inches and fat was a penis of eight inches and fat. His penile glans looked as big as a golf betsobet giriş ball, bright red with the foreskin pushed back like a turtle neck sweater.I picked up the tube of lube and applied a generous amount to my bung hole and reached out and caressed his member applying some lubricant to his throbbing appendage.William looked at me as I explained ‘some lubricant on your penis will give you better feeling inside the rubber.’ He looked at me and said ‘place the pillows under you so that your butts up in the air.’ I trembled and mumbled ‘please take your time and be gentle, you’re bigger than I thought.’William climbed up behind me and rubbed his massive member up around my butt crack till he was at my anal opening. He poised his penis there pressing ever so slightly allowing my outer anal muscle ring to relax.I groaned as I felt his huge penile head begin to enter my anal opening. ‘OH SHIT, WILLIAM,’ I cried as I gripped the sheets in my fist. Gasping for breath I uttered ‘easy…take it easy…you’re too big…’William slowly pressed forward till his huge head popped into my anus, gasping in pain I felt my anal sphincter muscle ring snap shut around the neck of his man hood and heard William moan ‘…damn your ass is tight…shit I don’t remember pussy being as good as this.’Taking it to the Extreme…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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