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Taking Selfies

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There’s some nice woods up behind my town. They’re part of the native forest but really seem like more of an extended park. Brush cutting and debris clearing to prevent bushfires means that you can just amble though them without worrying about clear cut paths. They are big enough that you could get lost up there, but you’d have to really try. Just keep walking down hill and you’re out of them. Maybe not where you wanted to be, but out of the woods and able to get where you wanted to be.

I like strolling through the woods when I’m looking for inspiration, trying to solve a problem or just feel like being lazy and avoiding work.

I don’t often run into other people out there but it does happen. Like today. It was the middle of the afternoon, a fine day, the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze. Not too hot, just very pleasant, an ideal time to commune with nature.

Strolling along I could hear some laughter floating past, a couple of girls from the sound of it. I just kept on going the way I was, not actively seeking them. But I found them.

I came around the edge of a small cluster of trees and there was this wider area, just covered with grass. There are a few places like this scattered around. They seem to migrate. Trees will spring up in one but other trees will die and be cleared away leaving a new little grassy patch.

There was the source of the laughter. A couple of girls from the town. Young women, I suppose I should call them. If memory served me correctly they were around eighteen, nineteen.

It took me a few moments to actually recognise them but then it clicked. Debbie and Ella. They actually live up the road from me. They were neighbours. Not exactly my neighbours, but each other’s. Their families lived in adjoining properties. I’d actually known both girls for years.

Knowing them so well, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t recognise them straight away. Probably because of the way they were dressed. They were both brunettes. Debbie was tastefully clad in a little tuft of nicely shaped fur. Ella didn’t have as much on.

They were taking selfies. I suppose that term still counts, even though they were also taking photos of each other posing. Some of the poses were pretty provocative and I hoped that they weren’t sexting them. They’d probably regret it if they did.

“I hope you girls are keeping those photos private,” I said. “You’ll probably find they’ll come back to haunt you in later years if you let them get out.”

Geez. What a reaction to a bit of helpful advice. The girls both shrieked and seemed to be trying to cover everything at once, both of them trying to hide behind the other.

“Geez, just relax will you,” I said. “I’m not going to jump you. Just giving you some advice.”

The girls had recognised me by now, but they were still as nervous as cats, flicking glances at me and then glancing towards their clothes, obviously wondering if they dared make a dash for them.

“I don’t know why you’re trying to cover up like that,” I told them. “I’ve already seen everything you’ve got. Very nice it is, too. I’d hate to have to try to pick between you for looks.”

They were slowly relaxing, not trying so obviously to cover up.

“What are you doing here?” demanded Debbie.

“Just taking a walk,” I replied. “If you two do this often, I’m going to start taking a lot more walks.”

That got me a couple of offended looks.

“I suppose you’re going to tell out parents about this,” said Ella.

“You have got to be joking. I can’t think of a faster way to get a punch on the nose than to tell your father that I saw you romping around naked in the woods. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll skip on being the snitch.”

Debbie, bless her cynical little heart, didn’t believe me.

“You want something,” she flatly stated. “You think you’ve got us over a barrel and you’re going to try to blackmail us.”

“I wish you hadn’t said that bit about having you over a barrel. My mind is now conjuring up all sorts of naughty images where you’re concerned.

How do I blackmail you, anyway? You’re not doing anything illegal. If I threaten you over this all you have to do is tell me to sit on my thumb and rotate, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Like I said, tell your parents and I’m asking for a black eye. Tell anyone else and I’d look like a daydreaming idiot.

Unfortunately, my phone is being repaired. Dropped it in the toilet escort kartal by accident. Well, obviously it was an accident. I can’t see anyone dropping it in deliberately. I don’t suppose you’ll let me have copies of your photos for proof?”

There was a mocking laugh at that. I grinned.

“That’s what I thought. But I’m sure you won’t really mind if I just linger for a while and watch. You’re both very attractive.”

“We’ve finished,” said Ella. “We’re going to get dressed so you might as well just go on your way.”

“You’re telling fibs,” I said. “You’re actually wondering if you’ve got the nerve to ask me to take some photos of the two of you together. However, you don’t need to worry. I’ll volunteer quite happily.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” said Debbie. “In case you haven’t noticed, we’re nude. Do you really think we’re going to let you take photos of us like this?”

“Um, yes. You’ve got the single shots and some close-ups of the pair of you, but no decent body shots and you would really kick yourself if you didn’t get them. And I can assure you, your nudity was both noticed and appreciated. Why else would I hang around and offer to take your picture. Apart from the fact that you’re both attractive young women, even when dressed.”

Ella nudged Debbie. “Why not?” I heard her whisper.

Cynical little Debbie was chewing her lip, mistrusting my motives. I almost felt insulted.

“How do we know you won’t try to jump one of us?” she asked.

“Oh, please. An idiot I am not. While it would be child’s play to jump one of you and prong you, the other would either be hightailing it for help or hitting me across the back of the head with a large rock. Either way I’d be in serious strife. So ease your mind on that score.”

You tell a girl you have no intention of raping her and she gets offended. Women!

“What the hell makes you think you could just grab one of us and prong us, as you so quaintly phrase it. We’d fight like crazy if you tried.”

“And get nowhere,” I told her, smirking and getting her back up. “Pass me your phone while I take a few pictures.”

Still looking extremely dubious, Debbie passed me her camera. The pair of them posed for a few pictures, rather stiffly at first, but when I proved to just be taking the photos and letting them do what they wanted they relaxed. I’ll be honest. Some of the poses that they pulled were provocative in the extreme.

Several times I’d noticed the girls casting glances my way and giggling. I suppose it must have been fairly obvious that I had an erection, but I just pretended to ignore it.

Finally satisfied with the pictures they had, the girls started to make noises about getting dressed. Before they did, Debbie returned to the attack. My comment about how easy it would be for me to grab and rape one of them had really narked her.

“Why do you think it would be child’s play for you to just take one of us?” she demanded. “What makes you think we couldn’t put up a proper resistance?”

“I’m bigger, faster, stronger and smarter,” I said. “You’d have no chance.”

“Bigger and stronger, maybe,” muttered Ella. “That’s about it.”

I just smirked at them. Debbie was seriously irritated by what she saw as undue arrogance.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “I’ll give you a little demonstration. I’ll put one of you on the ground and enter you. Just once in and then out. The other will act as judge as to whether I succeeded.”

The girls looked at each other. Ella was dubious, but Debbie was just angry enough to agree. She would, I was sure, enjoy scratching my face as a lesson.

Sure enough, Debbie wanted to play. She came dancing up to me, daring me.

“Ah, before I try, are you a virgin?”

“What? What does it matter?”

“Quite simply because I’m not going to take you if you’re a virgin,” I said flatly, and there was a no argument tone to my voice.

Debbie sighed.

“No, I’m not a virgin. Neither is Ella. You don’t need to worry.”

I glanced at Ella for confirmation then turned back to Debbie.

“OK, but first you may want to do something about your ponytail.”

I gestured towards said ponytail, taking Debbie by surprise when my hand continued forward and cupped the back of her head. Her hands started up automatically to knock my hand away, which meant I was able to reach for her face and cup her chin.

That’s when Debbie found out the hard way that maltepe escort where the head goes, the body follows. I had control of her head and I moved it slightly up and back and then I just lowered Debbie to the ground. I moved between her legs as I did so and before Debbie fully caught on to what was going on I had her flat on her back. I was lying between her legs and my cock just slid smoothly in to her. She was actually quite wet and aroused. All that nude posing in front of a man, I suspect.

I had her nailed before she could even draw breath to squeal.

Reluctantly I withdrew, leaving Debbie shocked and red-faced. Ella on the other hand was laughing like a hyena.

“Oh god, Debbie. If you could just see your face. He nailed you good.”

Debbie sat up, staring at me, not quite believing it had happened. She threw a scowl at Ella.

“Well you’re so smart. Let’s see if you can do any better.”

I glanced at Ella and she nodded. I turned to face her.

A half step toward her and a lifted hand and she was backing away. My toe shot out and nudged her lifted foot slightly to the side. It promptly collided with her other leg and Ella found herself falling. She squealed, arms waving, and I caught one and steered her fall, letting her come down on all fours.

I was behind her, hand parting her lips, cock pressed against her. She squealed and I drove slowly in, taking my time but going all the way, and there was nothing she could do to stop me.

This time I didn’t withdraw straight away, but just held there.

“Made my point?” I asked.

This time Debbie was laughing, but Ella gave a strangled, “Yes, but you’re supposed to take it out again.” I held it for a moment longer and then withdrew.

“Might I point out that neither of those tricks would have worked if you’d been dressed,” I reassured them, “and I assume you’re not normally wandering the streets in the buff. If you ever get the urge to, take along a chaperon.”

“Point made,” said Debbie. “Ah, feel free to put away you little weapon, now.”

“In a moment. First off, I’ve just acted as your photographer and also taught you a valuable lesson regarding your vulnerability. I was thinking a reward might be in order.”

“Ha. Here comes the demand,” said Debbie. “You want to have sex with one of us.”

“It just so happens you’re wrong,” I said.

Debbie looked dubious and I continued.

“I said before I’d hate to have to choose between you. I want to have sex with both of you.”

That shut her up. For a short while, anyway.

Ella was more practical.

“You couldn’t,” she stated flatly.

“Only one way for you to find out,” I said. “Are you game?”

Ella was looking intrigued, but Debbie not so.

“Ella will probably let you but count me out. Like Ella said, you couldn’t anyway.”

I shook my head.

“No dice,” I told her. “Both, or I’ll just have to give it a miss and think of what might have been.”

Debbie was still looking dubious.

“I’ll tell you what, Debbie. Come here and I’ll give you a reminder of what it felt like when I was in you.”

She actually took a step towards me before she swore at me. Then she looked at Ella.

“He’ll fall in a heap. You know he will. And we’ll be laughing seeing him trying to get it up.”

I sank down onto the grass, patting it with both hands to indicate I expected the girls to join me. I don’t know who was more surprised when they did, them or me.

I persuaded them to roll onto all fours.

“The same position that Ella recently experienced,” I said, a bit tongue in cheek.

There was a bit of giggling and the girls were soon in position, looking over their shoulders at me. I placed a hand on both pussies and started teasing.

They were both already reasonably wet and aroused, but I wanted them even more so. I stroked and caressed, fingers dipping between folds, exploring and tantalising. Fairly soon and they were writhing, pushing against my hands and breathing deeply.

I noticed after a while that Debbie was rubbing her breasts, teasing her own nipples. I gave her a slap on the bottom.

“None of that, Debbie,” I said firmly. “If you want to play touch you have to touch Ella.”

Things started heating up then. The girls were rubbing each other’s breasts while I continued to work on their love mounds, steadily building on their arousals.

Finally I moved behind Debbie and pendik escort bayan slammed into her, driving in to the hilt before she knew the serious fun and games had got under way.

She shrieked and bucked under me, and then settled down as I started to drive into her, hard and fast. It was a pity to leave Ella unattended for the moment, but I noticed she was watching me take Debbie, absolutely fascinated with the way I was sliding in and out of her. She was also providing some self-stimulation that would keep her warm until I was ready for her.

I ploughed into Debbie, driving her higher and higher. I didn’t want to spend too much time on her, wanting to keep my climax for my bout with Ella, but I was determined to make her climax.

There was no finesse in the way I took her. I just went at her, letting her know that I was taking her, and she reacted, hurtling herself into the fray. We bounced together hard and in very short order I could hear Debbie gasping excitedly, her climax racing down upon her.

A couple of powerful thrusts and she was history, shrieking as her climax rode her.

I let Debbie sag down and reached for Ella. Her eyes were wide and excited as I moved up behind her, then she was shrieking and I was driving in hard.

Now a little finesse was required. I was feeling hot and ready but I still needed to give Ella a proper service. I drove into her, building on the arousal she had, working hard to bring her to her high point. Now though, every time I felt I was getting a little too close to losing control myself, I had to slow down, praying that Ella wouldn’t lose the edge I’d given her.

From the way Ella squealed and protested, my little breaks were frustrating her. She bitterly pointed out that I hadn’t teased Debbie like this. I was too busy not exploding to defend myself, but I was finally able to settle down to a hard thrusting finish.

As I expected, I came first, but I’d brought Ella to a pitch where she followed me quickly and smoothly, yelling loudly as I thoroughly sprayed her. Ella finished sinking down onto the grass and I collapsed beside her, breathing hard.

Five minutes later the girls were sitting up, giggling and chatting. I was lying there, happily spent.

Giving me a pitying look, the girls reached for their clothes.

“It’s pathetic,” said Debbie to Ella, “that they consider themselves the stronger sex. Two little fucks and he’s exhausted. Are you tired out? No. Me neither, but Mr Bigger, Faster, Stronger and Smarter can’t even stand up.”

The two girls wandered off, giggling, with little sly remarks about the true weaker sex floating past my ears. I relaxed and waited. They’d be back, I’d guarantee it.

It was only about thirty seconds later that I heard a squawk of outrage. Shortly after that two hostile young ladies were back in the clearing, glaring at me.

“Where is it, you rotten swine?” screamed Debbie.

“Um, do you mean this?” I asked, holding up her phone with all those lovely photos.

“Give it to me,” she yelled, jumping for it.

She finished up lying right across my lap, but phone firmly in her grasp again. Then she tried to push herself up and found I was holding her there.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, irritated.

I ignored her and spoke to Ella.

“Ella, I’m feeling very lazy, but I feel I need to explain to Debbie that she should be polite to her elders, one of whom is me. Would you be so kind as to lift her dress out the way and pull down her panties so I can chastise her?”

“Ella, no,” squealed Debbie as a giggling Ella did as instructed, leaving Debbie’s bare bottom directly in front of me.

“Now, Debbie,” I said, delivering a nice healthy spank, “What were you saying about pathetic?”

It was an interesting five minutes. I spanked, Ella giggled and Debbie taught me a few new words.

“I’ll tell you what, Debbie,” I said. “I’ll let up on the spanking if you promise to come this way again tomorrow. Deal?”

“Me? What about Ella?”

“She’s welcome,” I said, “but as a spectator. Tomorrow I want to concentrate on you. Ella I’ll take proper care of another day.”

“Deal?” I asked again.

“Alright. Deal,” Debbie yelled, groaning with relief when I stopped spanking and let her up.

She hastily pulled up her panties, glaring at me.

“Do you really think I’m going to come back here tomorrow?” she wanted to know.

I grinned back at her.

“I don’t honestly know,” I said. “But I’ll be here waiting. Oh, and why don’t you have a nice shave. I don’t want any fur in my teeth.”

She blushed and bolted, Ella tagging along, laughing.

Tomorrow could be interesting. I’d have to wait and see.

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