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Tale of an Indian House Wife -5

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Tale of an Indian House Wife -5The initial weeks after marriage are the best of times in ones life.Its some thing like being a new recruit,a freshman,things are all rosy,minimal responsibility,mistakes are overlooked and people are ready to help.But then marriage is entirely a different ball game unlike a job or college days.It changes everything ,the feelings are different.For me too these were the normal course,I was exploring my sexuality.Me and my husband were having a nice time trying to understand each other,making love etc.I had mentioned how I had been a naughty girl prior to my marriage,but still had restrained the devil inside me.That was slowly coming out to the fore.Not to mention there was Manoj keeping an eye and chancing upon me at times.Yes he was growing bolder,some times pinching my butt,we did not have outright encounters though,they were all small and mischievous affairs,a naughty joke, a long stare on my cleavage or comment on my butt.I could have complained but I felt they were harmless,besides I was enjoying them. Amidst all these there was Anwar and his glances.I have never felt more helpless before them.He was being mysterious,but I more reason was we did not get much of a chance to talk.Day by Day my suspicion on my Father in law was waning.He did not seem to be thekind of man,who would get into his daughter in law’s room and sexually abuse her.The festive days were be heading towards their closure,with the guests departing each day.Talks about the honeymoon etc were doing rounds,elders had already made their desire for a grand c***d by next year quite public.Amidst these one night,Manoj happened to catch me alone.It was midnight and i had gone to the kitchen to get some water,when I felt his hand on my shoulder.I was about to shriek when he clasped my mouth.Manoj: Why do you have to shout always,its me dear.I have been waiting for thismoment.Me :(I was not putting grandbetting yeni giriş up any fight,so he loosened his grasp). (in a hushed tone).Please let me go this is not good,I have been tolerating you for long.I warned him I was going to shout.Manoj : shout .shout what? he smiled.Anyways I am letting you go.But I have something to show you ,you love beaches dont you . he gave a wicked smile again.”I know what you did last summer baby” come and meet me tomorrow night same time at the terrace,the corner room.No one would disturb us.But if you dont(he smiled again)..shook his head I know you would come.He then walked away kissing me sweet dreams.I was sweating now,there was a ring to what he had said.I was wondering if he knew about my escapades and the things i had done.How could he have.The whole night I kept thinking,that I should tell about Manoj to my husband but then these were early days of marriage and I did not think any one would actually believe me,and I had no proof no alibi.Finally I decided to meet him and see what he is upto.At midnight the other day,after my husband was fast asleep,i headed towards the terrace and went to the corner room.He was there already waiting for me.he smiled Manoj : Seems like you keep chasing me ha.Me : cut it now,tell me what was it that you wished to show me.Manoj :Sweetie whats the hurry.he grabbed me and pinched my butt.love this thing of yours,has your hubby entered it yet hmmMe : Manoj please stop this.Manoj: ok ok dear do not make a fuss out of nothing,I am just appreciating your beauty and inquiring about its state.Does the name Raj ring a bell.Hmm let me remind you a little.Once upon a time there was a shy little girl,lonely on a beach with three guys,gets her ass fucked hmm.Me : I was shocked it was a secret which I was to take to my grave.How did you..Manoj : You see Raj was my junior,yes we studied grandbetting giriş at the same college,we shared the hostel dorm,later we met again at the BSchool.We were drunk one night when he told me the story of a shy Neha who loved to be fucked in her cute little ass.He told me how three of them banged you,the intricate details down to the tiny black spot that you have on your pussy.That evening when we got locked up in the bathroom,I would have gone had I noticed the little spot on your he he..I might have given you the benefit of doubt but the way you were enjoying my touch and let me (smiles). Unless theres another Neha Kapoor who has a beauty spot on her puss ,I am sorry.Me : (I was silent for a while,my silence affirmed his words.)So what do you want sleep with me,**** me,blackmail me now.Manoj for godsakes I was a young unmarried girl.I am married now.Manoj: Hey lady I am no bollywood villain,am no r****t or criminal either am a family guy,besides I have got nothing to prove what I just said and if I tried I might get into trouble myself.To sleep with you would be great though,to strip you and smell your warm pussy,breathing on your cushy boobs would be lovely.but only if you wanted.You see I am married to one of the most boring ladies,and sometimes I need a break too,I seek a friend,a person with whom I can share my ulterior motives.Frankly I wish to make friendship with you.I was confused about what he wanted.Manoj:All I want from you is to keep playing along as you have been.let me touch you,share a dirty joke with you,lets have that equation between us.May be back me up at times.I would stick to my limits,I would love to sleep with you but only if you wished for it,I would not force myself on you,I would feel blessed getting away with a tight hug or fondling your boobs and that famed ass of yours.And yes if you feel uncomfortable,you are free to let it grandbetting güvenilirmi known to me.Thats it.You see there’s an honor among thieve and this would be our little secret an agreement.Me: I thought it was n’t that horrible,that I had imagined and accepted his proposal,after all,we would hardly meet in future.Manoj was quite pleased and as I was about to leave.He asked if we could have a little snuggle to remember the night by.Before I could say anything he hugged me,his hands played all along my back resting on my hips,which he pressed lightly.He whispered by my ear,would you remove your blouse for me dear,as he said so,he had already pulled the string from my backless blouse.He slowly tried to pull it.I tried to stop,coz honestly I was getting aroused and was feeling shy.He whispered Common I have seen you nude.He then pulled out my blouse,and no I did not wear a bra under it,I protested ‘please’.Manoj gave me some respite just pulled enough to expose my shoulder and good deal of my cleavage.He planted a kiss on the exposed surface.He turned to my back and began doing the same,then on my neck,his hands were busy playing with my love handle.Then he progressed towards my navel.He continued upwards from there on.I was lost,It felt as if I was floating in zero gravity.had not the clock struck 3 big gongs as if to indicate the urgency of the hour,as if it were saying enough of playing now get back to earth.Manoj smiled at me,and helped me tying the strings of my blouse.He then asked if indeed liked the gift he had kept for me on the day of reception.the red lingerie,he said it would look great on you,some day I wish to see you in it.I was confused for I had not seen it.Common he said ‘I had kept inside the left pocket of your bag’ ‘You haven’t checked it yet”No problems try it and let me know,and Thanks for..’We tiptoed back to our rooms.My hubby did not seem to have missed me.I lay down.wondering what tricks life was playing on me.The gift,so it was the lingerie that Manoj was referring to at the party.If Manoj had kept a lingerie(which I verified was indeed in the left pocket of my bag) who had put played with my panty and had pushed the cum soaked garment into my bag?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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