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Tales of a Hustler–Day 1

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Tales of a Hustler–Day 1Tales of a Hustler—Day 01 Dallas fuckin Texas. Ninth largest city in America. Population 1,250,000 and a few more. Number of hustles—unknown, but the average guess puts it at about 500. WOW—that’s a lot of fuckin dick n ass. And now there’s one more. Arrived at “the motel” about sunset. Some dump ass crack inn, sponsored by Mr. Johnny. He had told me a couple of years ago, over at Mr. Wilsons that he could set me up in some real porn if I wanted, so I decided to give it a try. Johnny said I could work at one of the local bars if I wanted—said most could usually use one or two more. Said I could do that part time so I could concentrate on other things :)So anyway—pulled up at the sleez motel in the jeep. Couple of guys hangin at the pool kinda noticed me. As I hopped out and made my way to my room, they walked over to me. “Hey new meat—how’s it hangin” ? I gave a grin and replied “low and to the right” Making my way into the door, with a duffel bag on each shoulder, one of the guys came back with “ya –might like to see that, low hanger” “Well, I suppose I can do that—though I dont usually give it away” They all laughed at me and responded with ya but they güvenilir bahis weren’t paying for it either. So in the spirit of things I threw the bags on the floor, kicked off my kicks and jumped on the bed. “Hey you guys gonna close the door—or am I doing this for the whole parking lot”? About that time a forth dude just slid in the door, with a case of Bud light and a bag of dope. I kicked back on the bed, flat on my back, slight spread of the legs, and as usual raised my left arm back up and grabbed the back of my head, so I could sniff my ripe bushy pits. I closed my eyes as the smell of grass filled the room, adding to my ripe pit funk. I went right to work, rubbing gently on my jock cupped junk. I gave a smirk at a couple of the dudes, as one of them commented of my big ass sized 13 feet. “Wait till you see the good stuff” I continued roughly rubbing on my now massive bulge, uttering a low pitched groan, just to make a good show. I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my shorts—and lifting up from my butt, pulled them down to my knees. Then throwing my legs up exposing my ripe hairy ass, slowly pulled my shorts off from my feet, then tossed them across the room at one türkçe bahis of the dudes that already had taken a slouch in the corner chair. He held my shorts up to his nose, and gave us a mischeivious grin as he huffed on them. Stretching back out now, my ribs and abs popped out like a carving from wood. I begin to strip out of my jock, and like the shorts, tossed them to another of the dudes. Grabbing my low hanging hairy balls, I pull roughly on my now full hard 10 1/2” of vein popping cock. The dudes murmured a “damm”, and a “oh fuck”, as I begin to stroke the monster. With each stroke, I swelled up just a bit more. It had been a long trip, and I was pretty horny anyway. One of the guys hopped up on my chest, and and blew another face full of smoke from the dope. I took a deep breath inward, and held it while I continued to yank my cock.As my head started to swell up like a dog, and turning purple, my awesome fuck juice started oozing out of my piss slit. I grinned over at one of the boys and asked “ya want some “? Kyle jumped to my side, and leaning over a bit ran his tongue over my piss slit, licking up my dripping juice. He flashed a grin at us and stated “damm yo, you shit is güvenilir bahis siteleri good” ! With that I gave a hard squeez right at the head og my dick, and the pressure cause a major eruption. Four quick ropes of steaming jock jizz hit the wall over my head. Several damms and oooh and ahhhs came out of the boys mouth’s. Another 3-4 ropes of cock snot shot from my balls, landing in a perfect straight line from my chin to my pubes. It was quit a mess, lol. I scooped up a big puddle right off my super cut abs. Grinning at the dudes staring me done, I licked my junk from my hand—being careful to show plenty of tongue action for the boys. As I jumped off the bed, and scooped up another hand full of jizz, I ran it in the hair of the dude that had just licked my pre-cum from my head, as I headed for the bathroom with a swagger that was nothing short of a jock showing off his hairy ass. The set up was pretty kewl. Mr. Johnny got us the former convention hall at the run down motel. They had fashioned it up like a dorm set up. Big open “commons” area, with kitchen on one side, and the bath on the other. Taking a piss at one of the urnials, I splashed back at bit on my pubes.Returning to the main room, I grabbed my jeans, and asked which room was mine. Couple of the dudes pointed to the room close’s to the kitchen. “Kewl” I remarked. “Now if you boys don’t mind—I gotta get a nap before I meet up with Mr. Johnny later tonight.

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