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Tales Of A Slave pt. 2

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Tales Of A Slave pt. 2I was woken up with the sound and feeling of my wrist and ankle restraints being unlocked, releasing me from the torture rack to which my mistress Chrissy now keeps me at night. I opened my eyes and saw the fresh faced beauty that is my mistress, she clearly had a good nights sleep, pity the wooden rack doesn’t give me the same! “Good morning, MY slave.” She greeted me in a chirpy voice as she cocked her leg up over my body on the rack and sat herself down on top of my stomach.”Did you sleep well?” She asked.”Good morning my Mistress Chrissy, no I didn’t,” I replied shaking my head,”Did you?””Aww diddums,” she replied sarcastically, “you know you’re going to have to earn the right to sleep in my nice big comfy bed, and I don’t think you did enough yesterday evening to earn that right.” I wondered just how much I have to do, I pleased her and served her really well the night before, making her orgasm 6 times in the space of an hour, which was a bit more than she was expecting! Still no bed for me though.”I slept really well,” she continued, “Had a nice dream too, I dreamt I had you doing EVERYTHING I asked of you, then I woke up and thought to myself, hey wait a minute Chrissy he DOES do everything you ask!” She giggled as I looked at her and smiled whilst nodding my head, agreeing to that fact.”Speaking of which, I’ve got a VERY special task for you later, my cousin Donna, you know the one that’s quite shy around people, she’s fair-haired…?”I had to think trying to place the right image to the cousin she meant, bahis siteleri but couldn’t remember, so I shook my head and replied typically, “No Mistress.””You must remember her, she’s about 5’5″, a little chubby around the cheeks, and I don’t mean the set on her face! She’s real cute and sweet…”I still couldn’t remember.”Well anyway,” Chrissy carried on, “We had a good talk on the phone the other day and I was telling her all about how you do anything for me, how you’re my slave and I’m you’re mistress, I got you totally under my control…” She looked me up and down pleased at the sound of her own voice saying that, “She revealed to me how she would love to be a slave and have a master to control her like that, then it occured to me, I can get YOU to be her master, only for a little while, mind you, can’t have you feeling in too much control now, can we?” She giggled teasingly and playfully tapped her hand on my chest,”So that’s your task for later, she’s coming round and when she gets here, you are going to take control of her and be her master, you have my permission to do whatever you so desire.”I was in shock, I had to be the one in full control now? It went completely against all that I’ve had trained into me! Do I dare take up the task, I was anxious about it, but it was an order from MY Mistress so I HAD to do it, I couldn’t let her down.”But, I’ll warn you,” Chrissy began, “If you dare disappoint her, and don’t let her fantasy be fulfilled to her expectations, there will be consequences!”Now I REALLY had to do it, canlı bahis and not fail. “Yes Mistress.” I replied.”Now that’s taken care off, time for you to take care of your other task.” She told me hinting towards her little hot vagina. She moved herself up closer towards my face ’til she had it an inch away from my mouth, her beautiful round bum pressing down on my chest, “Get that disgusting tongue out and lick me ’til I cum!” She ordered holding her sweet misty flaps open, pressing herself onto my awaiting tongue.I pleased her really well for a full half hour with my eager tongue before she finally couldn’t hold back any longer and cummed all over my face, making me drenched in her sweet warm juice.”Aaahhh that was good, thank you..” she praised, “..now lick me clean.” I did just has she ordered, I ran my tongue up over every drop that was left on her juicy pussy, making sure to lick it up from her. I stopped when I thought I had cleaned her all, but she lifted herself up slightly and told me that I missed a spot, I looked to where her finger was resting next to and that was right by her cute little pink crack.”Lick it.” She ordered watching me closely, partly in interest and partly in disgust, as she is probly imagining what that must taste like!Luckily for me, she tastes almost as good in that tight little musky hole as she does in her other more sweeter jucier hole. I pressed the tip of my tongue between the groove of her sexy cheeks and right onto her hole.”Uh uh!” She interupted, “Don’t you dare think about putting it all güvenilir bahis the way in! Just lick me clean with the tip of your dirty tongue… Gently.”I couldn’t reply as my tongue was still pressed to her, and I did just as I was told, I licked her gently clean, and then she moved away.”Good, you disgusting thing you…” She replied as she stood up off me.”Now go get yourself cleaned up, have a long soak in the bath, we can’t have Donna coming here to be a slave to a dirty pathetic thing like you!” She started making her way up the stairs,”No Mistress, we can’t.” I replied as I got off the rack, had a quick stretch and made my way up out the dundgeon (a.k.a the basement) and to the bathroom.I soon had a good soak after cleaning my teeth and when I eventually got out the bath and dried, I looked at the time and realised DOnna would be here soon, to which I’ll have to fulfil my task as best as I possibly can. I put on a nice pair of jeans, a white short-sleeved buttoned shirt and combed my hair to look nice and presentable.*Ding Dong*”Oh my god!” I thought to myself anxiously at the sound of the doorbell going, that’ll be her I bet, I quickly put on some fancy aftershave and awaited for my Mistress to come in and give me permission to start my task. Chrissy walked into the room and looked at me with a cheeky smile on her face.”Right, remember, you’re her MASTER and she’s you’re SLAVE… do not disappoint her, now go answer the door, and make me proud!” She smiled again and kissed my cheek.”I’ll just be chilling out up here,” I heard her say as I walked out the bedroom door, “I await to hear from her later, see how well you’ve done.””Ok Mistress,” I replied, “I’ll do my very best to please.”I got to the front door, took a deep breath in, and opened it up…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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