Tem 25

Tales of Promiscuity

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I wasn’t in a good place.

Understand that this doesn’t absolve me of my guilt. I knew that then and I know it now. But, that doesn’t change the fact that it may well have been some of the best sex of my life. The taboo, the risk of getting caught. I couldn’t get enough.

I had known Alex for the better part of the year at this point. In yet another bid to find my calling, I was taking programming classes at my university. Turns out, I was terrible at it. By the time I came to that particular realization, it was too late to drop the classes, so I swallowed my pride and asked Alex for help. Despite his demeanor, and looks, he was more than willing to help me out. Standing roughly my height, his dark brown hair came down past his shoulders, and his whole wardrobe seemed to consist of band t-shirts, whose names were nigh indecipherable. We really hadn’t talked much, but it was well known that he was gifted at programming, and as a bonus, the few times we’d talked prior to this, he maintained eye contact without his gaze drifting down to my breasts, unlike so many of the men living in the dorm. All that to say, I figured I could trust him, and he would be willing to help.

He agreed to help me in return for beer. It was a deal.

Even though programming didn’t work out, and I dropped out of that particular program, Alex and I remained friends. I’d spend hours in his dorm with his roommates and later on, my friends to watch B horror movies, or do homework while he played video games. He never seemed to have any homework. As it turned out, he had a girlfriend who still lived at home. She opted not to take the college route, but didn’t want to move to the city, so long distance it was.

I had gone through a brutal breakup in the fall of that year. Coincidentally, the long distance relationship I was part of ended in a text conversation. My ex didn’t have the nerve to call.

So, I was off dating for a while. No crushes, no flings, no emotional baggage.

Our friendship continued through the school year, and eventually, I started bringing him and his roommate to a friend’s house to party. It was a bit of a sausage fest, so I was glad to have two other guys with me, to watch my back. Many balls were thrown in beer pong, many drinks were drunk and good times were had by all.

On this particular night, Alex and I went together to a party, his roommate had a date. We’d been spending a lot of time together, and he always seemed to be on the rocks with his girlfriend. Apparently, she was incredibly insecure, and worried about him cheating constantly. It sounded exhausting, having to be available at a moment’s notice to comfort someone who panicked because your last text came after two minutes instead of one.

He said she was usually better after they could physically see each other, but it had been quite some time.

“I know the feeling. I haven’t had any real fun in like… 4 months?” I grimaced and counted on my fingers. It really had been awhile. An additional layer of complication came from the fact I could never quite nail down my roommates’ schedule. Even flying solo became a risk, since I didn’t want her to catch me with my pants down so to speak.

“It sucks. But I’m surprised that you aren’t able to find anyone to hook up with. I’m sure one of the guys at the party would be down.” He looked sideways at me, seeming to gauge my reaction.

I shrugged, “Eh, they’re off limits in my book. If I sleep with any of them, I know the others are going to hear all about it, and I just don’t want to deal with the awkwardness.”

Alex nodded, sagely. “So they’d have to keep their mouth shut?”

“After, yeah, definitely. During? I’d prefer my partner to make at least a little noise.” It slipped out before I could tone down the flirt in the joke. All the time I’d been spending with Alex had me crushing on him a bit. I knew he had a girlfriend and I didn’t act on it. I couldn’t. Shouldn’t?

He took it in stride, “That’s why I send my roommates packing when my girlfriend comes by.”

Good. Not awkward. I felt my cheeks flush, relieved that I hadn’t overstepped, but a little disappointed that he didn’t take the bait.

‘The warm weather is just getting to you, that’s all,’ I told myself. The weather was finally warming up and I could reasonably wear shorts and a tank top again, and I was taking full advantage.

We arrived at the party, and teamed up for a few rounds of beer pong. Like most people, I’m better at pong when I’m drunk, so I made a concerted effort to get there before I lost too many times and had to strip, per the house rules.

I’m a happy, handsy drunk. Not gropey, but shoulder touches, hugs and compliments abound. bahis siteleri This night was no different.

I took my shot at the remaining beer on the table. The ping pong ball was damp, and I had one eye closed, better to focus my blurry vision. I hadn’t realized it, but while my right hand was busy aiming, my left hand reached out to steady myself, finding purchase on Alex’s shoulder. Unsurprisingly, I missed my shot. I quickly realized where my hand was and brought it back down.

In my disappointment at missing the shot, I took a step back, but was stopped by a hand at my lower back, keeping me from backing up into someone. Alex was standing so close, I could feel his breath on my neck. Just a single breath, and I started to get warm again. I could feel my cheeks flushing ‘It’s just the alcohol’ and my groin began to grow warm too.

I leaned in towards Alex, “I have to hit the ladies room.”

He nodded and I stumbled off towards the bathroom. After taking care of the normal business, I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes were bright, cheeks flushed, and I was having a great hair day. My tank top hit all the right places and, damn it, I looked good.

Still facing the mirror I spoke out loud ” Don’t do something stupid just cause you’re horny.” I nodded my head at my reflection, as if reflection me had spoken. I had this. I would just get drunk and have a great time and once the morning hits, I’ll give the old hook up with randos thing a shot. I opened the door and stepped out.

“Who’s up for another game of pong?” I cried as I approached the table. I felt his hand again, at my hip this time, almost touching my backside. I couldn’t help but smile. He seemed to have noticed, and his touches grew bolder. From my right side, his left arm reached around my back to touch my left hip as we both faced our new opponents. I felt the heat building at my core, a wetness starting to spread. I tried like hell, but I felt his soft touches, his close, but not quite where I needed, caresses and simply couldn’t focus enough to make the shots.

‘Two can play that game’ I smiled to myself. I started with his shoulder, using it to steady myself. As his touch became bolder, so did mine. I slid my hand over to Alex’s chest to steady myself, feeling his heartbeat quicken under my touch. I glanced sideways, trying to subtly see what, if any, reaction he was having. His eyes were on me, but there was no eye contact. My tank top, while modestly cut, still showed a fair amount of cleavage. His eyes were locked on the little bow of my bra, just visible from his angle, looking down. I took my shot and as I leaned back he slowly worked his thumb into the waistband of my shorts, just at the front of my hip bone. He was standing so damn close and I knew he was breathing gently on the back of my neck on purpose, now. I was putty. I had never been teased like this before. The combination of alcohol, the lack of touch I’d experienced the last few months, and the forbidden nature of this flirting had my engine running.

By the time we were ready to leave, it felt like I might have been able to wring out my panties. I was keeping it cool though.

“You were handsy tonight” Alex broke the silence. The quiet of campus at 2AM feels liminal. As if we’d glitched out of the matrix for a few minutes.

“Psh, you’re one to talk” I slurred as I gave him a playful shove. My eyes were taking him in, almost for the first time. And in a way, they were. For the first time (that I was willing to admit) I was looking at him with want. With lust.

I noticed the way he held himself, not hunched over a keyboard like usual, but upright, shoulders back. He was walking with a confidence he didn’t normally have.

“Did… did you want to come back to my room? Sober up with a movie or something?” My voice rose. I knew I shouldn’t ask, and knew he should say no. But instead, he looked me in the eyes, and said “Yeah, that sounds good.” I smiled, and held his arm, the better to steady myself for the walk back to the dorm. He smelled of his cologne and cheap beer. Has his cologne always smelled this good?

My roommate was out of town, so we had no need to keep quiet. Good thing, too, because I dropped my keys trying to open the door, making all the noise a drunk person only makes when they’re trying to be stealthy.

I was still trying to convince myself that this night was NOT going to end with my being complicit in a friend cheating on his girlfriend. I got us water and turned on a movie. I sat on the couch and he sat next to me, one hand on my thigh. His fingers traced small circles, moving further up as the bland movie unfolded. I should have picked something more engaging.

The canlı bahis siteleri proverbial angel seemed to have given up on me. No more did I hear the little voice in my head, saying this was a bad idea. My body had demands and was holding my poor brain random. I just gave in.

“I want to lay down, can I put my legs in your lap?” I began leaning away, better to swing my legs over his. Before he could answer, I was laying perpendicular to him, my ass against his thigh, and my thighs across his lap. I could already feel his growing hard-on pressing up against my thigh. I shifted a little and felt his sharp exhale, more than I heard it.

“Is this okay?” I asked, innocently.

“Yeah, it’s great,” Alex said, a mischievous smile spreading across his face. His left hand was resting just above my knee, his right played with the short hem of my jean shorts. He was achingly close to my clit, there was no way he couldn’t feel the pulsing heat radiating from it. Instinctually, I spread my legs as he slid one finger up the hem of my shorts. He could feel how wet it was, how much I’ve been aching for his touch. I moaned softly, as he slowly worked his finger beneath the band of my underwear. My nipples were now painfully erect and easily visible through the fabric of my bra and tank top. My hands moved up to begin playing with my breasts over my shirt as he continued to tease me.

“Might be easier, if we took these off”, Alex suggested, his voice was commanding, deep. He reached towards the buttons of my jeans, hooked a finger in the top and fingered the button.

“Yeahhh,” I moaned in reply, rolling my hips up so as to more easily remove my jean shorts. He tossed them unceremoniously on the floor, and turned his attention fully on me. My legs spread for him, my breasts in my hands, one now fully exposed. I had pulled my shirt and bra down, exposing it. The cool air felt delicious on my hardened nipple. From between my legs, Alex leaned forwards, moving his thigh against my groin, just barely touching my labia. One hand reached out, touching my exposed breast, and he leaned his body over mine. He ran a thumb over my nipple, eliciting a low moan from the back of my throat. This seemed to encourage him, since he leaned over, bringing his mouth to my nipple and slowly licking it. I moved my hips, searching for the friction I yearned for, while at the same time, reaching down to touch him. I felt the outline of his member through his jeans, fumbling with the button and zipper, now trying desperately to get his clothes off. Without removing his mouth from my breast, he reached down, deftly unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. I reached down, touching his erection through his boxers. From my angle, I couldn’t tell how long he was, but I felt the girth. I couldn’t close my hand around his dick.

He sighed against my breast and began kissing his way up to my neck, biting hard along my collarbone. The sudden pain made me gasp, but I found I enjoyed it. I leaned my face towards his, and his lips found mine. This wasn’t a gentle kiss. No, this was a head on collision of lust and frustration and hormones. My right hand was on his member, moving beneath his boxers and my left explored the tensed muscles of his back. His hand moved up from my breast and wound its way into my hair, his other just to the side of my head, holding himself up and effectively pinning me in place. I was breathing heavily, kissing him back, loving that feeling of being dominated, feeling his erection so close to my aching pussy.

“I need you. Fuck. I need you inside of me” I pleaded as he finally broke the kiss.

“Oh, like this?” He asked as he dragged a hand down to my groin, roughly pushing my underwear out of the way, and sliding a finger slowly up my wet slit. I moaned, and bucked my hips. Alex got the message and slowly inserted a finger, his thumb brushing against my clit.

“It’s a start” I groaned, gyrating my hips. Suddenly, I felt him sit up, grabbing and pinning my hips, so I couldn’t move and slowly pulled out his finger. Once he knew I wouldn’t move, he peeled my panties off, throwing them on the floor.

Gently, now, he spread my legs as he got off the couch and kneeled on the floor, one arm hooked under my leg to get better access to my now exposed pussy. His other hand found its way back to my vagina and he inserted a single finger. His stubble scratched and tickled against my inner thigh. Slowly he kissed his way up, seeming to circle his way around my clit. I tried to move my clit to his mouth, but he tightened the grip of his hand around my thigh, pinning my leg. I moaned in pleasure.

“Please,” I begged. I was aching for a release, his teasing and flirting all night canlı bahis had all but unraveled me before we even got on the couch.

“Since you asked so nicely,” Alex rumbled. His mouth was on my clit in an instant. His tongue worked magic, paired with his finger ( or was it fingers, now?), moving in tandem. I could feel the pressure building, and there was no way this was going to be quiet. As I rode my climax to its apex, I grabbed the blanket, covering my face and moaning into it. It honestly didn’t muffle much.

“I wanted to see your face when you came,” Alex sighed, seeming almost disappointed.

“Want me to make it up to you?” I purred, glowing in the aftermath of my orgasm.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked. I got up and motioned him to lay down on the floor, grabbing a pillow to go under his head.

I took off his boxers, and he stripped off his t-shirt, leaving him totally naked on my floor. He was of a slight build but not willowy, his shoulders still filling out the way men’s do in their early 20’s. His member was laying flat across his stomach, almost to his belly button. I straddled him, my pussy quite literally dripping. I noticed that he’d gone a little soft after eating me out. I kissed along his collarbone, trailing my way down, past his sternum, towards his belly button, and finally, just above his member. My touch had elicited quite the response, and he was getting hard again, quickly. Without hesitation, I licked his shaft from base to tip, tasting his desire on him. A few more licks and he was fully erect again. But since I was already down there…

I opened wide and took his cock into my mouth. It was a challenge, as he was quite thick but I made due. What I didn’t have in skill, I more than made up for in enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking his dick and after a few moments, Alex stopped me “I’m gonna come if you keep that up”. I crawled up, my hips straddling his, “So what if I did this instead?” I asked, bringing my pussy against his member and sliding it up and down. This was a tease for me as much as it was him and we both were moaning. He grabbed my hips and ground his member harder against me, looking for relief, for his orgasm.

I slid forward, the tip of his penis at my entrance, and slid it home, my body upright so he could watch it go in. My back arched backwards in pleasure as I began to ride him. Slowly at first, having to accommodate his size, but I found a good rhythm. Annoyed that I was still clothed, I took off my shirt and bra, not even bothering to unclasp it.

Alex’s eyes widened, taking in my curves. “You’re fucking beautiful” he moaned, reaching up to touch my breasts. I’d never felt so confident than I did in that moment. I grabbed one of his hands, sucking on his index finger while I continued to ride him, moaning in pleasure. My other hand made its way down to my clit, so I could rub it while I rode.

“Fuck, that’s so hot”, Alex was losing his composure fast, his hand now at my hip in hopes of controlling the pace. When I didn’t slow, he removed his hand from my breast and twined it into my hair again pulling back. The sudden pain paired with being pulled down and pushing him deeper inside of me was enough to put me over the edge. I could feel my muscles contracting “Oh, fuck” I moaned, feeling my second orgasm rip through my body.

The same time I started to tighten up, Alex began “Slow down, I’m gonna – ” but his words were cut short when he felt my core tighten. His breathing became erratic and I could feel his cock throb inside of me.

I breathed out slowly, trying to get my heart beat to a regular rhythm, slumping over, on top of Alex, his member still inside of me. His arms wrapped around me, holding me close.

“Uh, sorry I – er… finished inside you” Alex muttered.

I shrugged, ” That’s what birth control is for.”

After a moment, I got up and grabbed a towel from my bathroom. I threw it to Alex while I cleaned myself up in the bathroom.

I came back out a few moments later, Alex had put his clothes on. I had put on a bathrobe but was surprised that he seemed to want to leave.

“I’ll catch you later, okay?” And Alex walked out the door, closing it behind him.

We fucked up.

I caught up with him the next morning at breakfast. We were both disheveled and hung over, but the promise of cafeteria waffles was enough to get me out of bed.

“We can’t ever do that again” he looked solemn. I didn’t blame him. We’d signed a lease to live together with two other roommates for the next school year. Sleeping together is just drama waiting to happen.

“I agree. Fun as it was, this is a bad idea” I grimaced. He’s 100% correct, but I had literally never had a lay that satisfying. I smiled, hoping I was more convincing outwardly.

I’d respect his wishes, but I knew, the first time he even hinted at wanting to have sex again, these panties would drop. And drop they did.

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