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Subject: The Tales of Sol 54 The Tales of Sol 54 By Joe hoo This my second attempt to write so please tell me what you think. This is a fictional story it is not intended to imply that any members of the Backstreet Boys, Nsync or 98 Degrees are gay, or any of the other celebrities mentioned are homosexuals. If you are not old enough to read these stories do yourself a favor don’t get caught. The same goes for those people whose countries have these sites made illegal. And for everyone else enjoy Captain Planet and related characters was created by R.E Turner and copyright by AOL Time Warner Company and Trademark by TBS Productions Babylon 5 and all related characters and props were created by Michael Straczynski and copyright by Warner Bros. Star Trek and all related characters created by Gene Roddenberry. Copyright Paramount Transformers and all related characters, and props are trademarked by Hasbro inc. Copyright Rhino Home Videos and AOL Time Warner Entertainment CO He-Man, She-Ra, related characters, and props are trademarked by Filmation 1980’s Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox. Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros. X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. To those who’ve been reading Tales of Sol. I want you to know that while there is sex in this story. That is not is sole purpose and yes I do hope the sex sense makes you all hard and gets you off. Sol is an adaption from my childhood favorite show Captain Planet and the Planeteers, The cartoon showed us that the world can be a better place if we took a few moments to care for it. Tales of Sol is meant to express hope. It is also shows how music can have an impact in our lives. While I don’t know if my favorite bands 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys or Nsync have ever read this. They saw me through some of the hardest moments of my life and offered in their own way hope. To them I say thank you. I dedicate the Tales of Sol to all of my brothers and sisters of the US armed service past, present, and future. I like to thank my friends who I had the privilege showing these chapters with. They helped with editing and inspiration, John Rivera, Albert-Russ Alan Rivera-Odum, Derbe.D. Hunte Yvette Ortiz Samuel Diaz Jr for all their help in Making The Tales of Sol an enjoyable story to write. And I have a few other names starting with the beginner of this universe James the author of Tales of a Real Dark Knight. I still hope to reconnect with you dear friend and all the rest of this series. Blake the author of Tales of a New Phoenix Jeremi author of the Tales of Young Mutants Please remember to Donate to Nifty And now without any further ado I give you the next chapter of Tales of Sol. The Tales of Sol 54 A Port in a Storm I arrived back in the Sea Dragon with the food in tow. I walked down the ramp and into Brian’s waiting arms. I was coughing from all the dust I had inhaled “Mike, are you okay?” Brian asked as he helped brush some dust off of me. “Oh I am just fine,” I coughed out “I can’t say the same for your stuff, we all lost most of our stuff at the hotel,” I told him as I brushed grit out of my head “What are they holding on to because we are leaving?” Nick asked. Indicating the dust that was now on the floor of my Sea Dragon “No when I got back there the storm had damaged the hotel severely, to some degree most of our stuff was damaged beyond uses,” I answered “What I found which isn’t much are in whatever suitcase you guys had that were the lease damaged and clothes and whatever you had in them the most usable,” I explained turning to AJ “I am sorry AJ, you and I were the most unfortunate ones,” AJ shook his head in resignation “Mike, my room was literally sucked out that window I would have been surprised you found anything,” “I did find one undamaged suitcase and you were lucky, in the fact that your cellphone was the only one I found along with your wallet, your phone wasn’t damaged thanks to it falling between the dresser you placed it on and the wall,” I could at least tell AJ that much. “My room had nothing, everything in it was destroyed,” I told them. This made Nick frown, “You mean you have only the clothes on your back?” “Yes fortunately I placed stuff here in the Sea Dragon in case of emergency,” I nodded my head. “What about the hotel itself?” Howie asked “The storm damaged the entire hotel compromising supports for the top floors,” I did my best to explain “As I was trying to get food for us the hotel collapsed,” I answered as I pointed to the dust that was now on my hangar’s white floor. “Oh my those people?” Kevin said “They were already gone when I got back there,” I told them “The suitcases and food are still inside the Sea Dragon,” I indicated Kevin and Howie went back into my Sea Dragon with everyone’s suitcase. AJ and Brian came up to me “We did some searching and found a tv in one of the offices and even some sodas in one of the fridges,” Brian informed me “I hope they aren’t expired,” I groaned “I tested them myself, they are just fine,” AJ weary mane informed me. “Well at least you saved our wallets,” Kevin noted holding up his “That was all I had time to get, plus by the time I got there your rooms were already destroyed by the storm,” I said as Howie, AJ and Brian came out with the bags of food and bottles of water I had liberated from the doomed hotel. “You guys should eat something while I talk to Tony,” I told them Brian insisted, “Mike you need to eat something too,” “After I put a call through to Tony,” I assured As they began to make sandwiches with the bread meats and cheeses, I moved back towards the Sea Dragon. “This is at least better than those bars,” I heard Nick, followed by a unison “Nick!” I sighed as I entered the Sea Dragon. The console dedicated to Tony was screaming. It seems Tony once again beat me to the punch when I opened the channel. “Mike! It is Tony, I just got told that,” Tony’s frantic voice came through loud and clear. “That the hotel just collapsed I know,” I sadly confirmed “Mike, are you sure everyone is with you?” Tony sounded calmer but not by much. “All of the guys are with me with only the clothes on their back, and whatever I could save from the hotel” I told him “We were getting them a new hotel anyway, and thankfully some of their stuff was already transferred to the bus we’ve rented,” Tony said I hadn’t forgotten “What about our people did we lose anyone from security?” I asked “No fortunately after what happened with Frank, Johnny had them all pulled out of the hotel which of course left it to you to watch them but since they were supposed to be out in the morning,” Tony informed me In all of the craziness I had forgotten that which was fortunate “I am glad, we are going to have to wait out this storm in my hangar,” I informed Tony “You can try AJ’s cellphone by the way, his was the only one that survived,” I told Tony “I will as soon as I get a full report from you,” Tony insisted. I informed Tony of everything that happened at the hotel. I told him I managed to get them some food before the hotel collapsed. For which Tony thanked me profusely. I ended my reported “We are sitting out this storm at my hanger for now it will be over in a half hour,” I finished my report while looking over at the radar. “Okay I will let Mr. Wright know and we will get back to you soon,” Tony said I had another call come in. “I will be in touch Tony,” I hung up on him. My direct line to the Lair was now blinking and I answered. “Mike! Where the hell are you?” I heard my mentor practically holler. “Hey Dave, I am safe and so are the Backstreet Boys,” I answered just as I heard AJ’s cell phone going off. “I just saw a report that your hotel collapsed due to storm damage,” Dave said “Yes the storm hit as we were getting ready for dinner I got us all to the hangar,” I told him Sounding more relieved than angry, “Oh that is great, is it safe from the storm? Dave asked “Yes it was far safer than that hotel apparently,” I remarked as I told Dave everything “I got us all here and while I was trying to gather what I could, BEATTI had informed me the storm had compromised the hotel,” I told me mentor “I had managed to get some food when the upper floors came crashing down,” I reported “I hope you guys are alright,” Dave huffed out I could hear the worry in his voice “The storm should be over in an half hour, then we will have see what can be done with the guys they lost a lot at that hotel,” I said “Mike we are on the News,” Howie called into the chopper I left the chopper and the TV Brian and AJ found was hooked up to a cable line and on it was the news. “We are live at the Grand Marque here in New York, where one of its towers has collapsed do to storm damage, it is reported that the Backstreet Boys were staying at that tower for their upcoming concert,” the reporter said “We have been told by sources inside their company that the band is safe with a friend, and they are still looking forward to the upcoming concert at Madison Square Garden,” The reporter announced. “We have, heard from Mr. Wright, who had said,” the reporter announced and a video of Johnny Wright appeared “We heard about the disaster in New York, and are saddened by any loss of life,” Mr. Wright said “But we are happy to announce that the Backstreet Boys are safe, and while we can’t reveal their location at this time they did get in touch with us,” Wright said “Kevin, are you guys alright?” We all bursa escort bayan heard Tony’s voice. “Yes Tony thanks to a dear friend of ours,” We heard Kevin’s voice “According to our tour manager Tony Blake, this friend of theirs is looking after their best interest, and we don’t want to have fans huddling around his home, we thank him for his generosity,” Mr. Wright said “We will continue to monitor this storm as it pushes through the city,” The reporter announced “That cryptic,” AJ laughed “Well, only Tony knows of this hangar,” I told them “We are very grateful to your generosity Mike,” Brian said as he leaned over and kissed me. We sat on the floor eating our sandwiches talking while we waited for the storm to come to an end. A half hour later the sun finally showed through the hanger’s frosted glass of the large windows over the bay doors. “Stay here,” I said as I went and opened the side door. The sun was indeed peeking out from behind the clouds. The heavy rain was now a drizzle; it looked like the storm was finally over. I went back to the Sea Dragon and called both Dave and Tony getting into a three-way conversation “Okay the storm is over and we need to get the guys out of this hangar it wasn’t prepared to host guest,” “We will send the guy’s bus I will see to the new hotel,” Tony suggested. “But how do we explain why they are at the airport?” I asked “The bus was parked there as they were the only place we could get on such short notice,” Tony said “I will talk to the airport their manager is an old friend of mine, and we will set up another alibi for you guys,” Dave said “Okay I will get them ready to leave we will be waiting for you,” I told them Leaving the Sea Dragon I went to where the guys were still eating their sandwiches “Okay, guys finish what you have, we’ve got to get you to the airport itself,” I told them as they ate what I had brought. “How?” Howie asked my companel went off before I could answer “Mike, I’ve talked to the airport. They will send a security detail to your hangar. You are my assistant after all and I want you safe,” Dave said. I smiled as a knock at the hangar door I hung up on Dave and moved to the door. I quickly gestured my helicopter, “Get inside the Sea Dragon,” I told the Backstreet Boys “Take this stuff with you and stay out of sight until I talk to them,” I said. The guys grabbed our leftovers and any remaining food then hid in my chopper. While I slowly opened the hangar doors “Can I help you?” I asked the big burly looking security guard I recognized as Derrick “Mr. Pennock we came to escort you and your friends to the airport,” “Who sent you?” I asked “Your employer Mr. Matthews, he said you trapped yourself in the hangar when the storm hit,” Derrick said. “Yes it is an embarrassing story to say the lease,” I blushed “Can we come in?” the burly guard asked “Only by car,” I told him He turned to look at the vehicle behind him, “How about by SUV?” Derrick asked “Even better I am sure there are still large puddles out there,” I agreed “Just help me open this door,” I requested as he and I opened the hangar doors just enough to let the Tahoe enter the hangar and then closed them behind them. “Out of the eyes of everyone, Mr. Matthews asked us to get your friends to the airport unnoticed,” The Derrick said as ordered “Thanks they too got stuck here because of their curiosity,” I smiled politely “I told them would show them my flight home,” I pointed to the Sea Dragon “Mr. Matthew said he lent you that chopper so you could get home and not to show it off,” Derrick growled Derrick’s snide comment was uncalled for cover up or not, he needs to be brought down a peg. “`This,’ hangar saved their lives,” I countered shooting the burly guard a commanding tone This got Derrick attention, “I don’t know if you saw the news, we did, my friends’ hotel was destroyed in the storm,” This made Derrick gulp and stammer “My little `show and tell’ might have been a bit inconvenient, however it is because of it. They are alive to tell the story,” I gave the security guard a hard glare that made Derrick look away. “I personally intend to commend this airport’s authorities at how well they protect,” I snapped and then threw my hand out to indicate my helicopter “Their client’s personal property,” That made Derrick gulp again, “Yes sir I do apologize for my poor attitude,” “Storms bring out the best and worst in all of us,” I reminded the man Pointing at my chopper and smiled, “As for that beast over there, what can I say? I have always seen that girl come on to my carrier and have always wanted to fly one,” I said, going along with the cover story. “In any case, okay guys you can come out now, we have to get you out of here,” I said as the ramp opened and the guys came walking out. “But you promised we could go for a ride in it,” AJ mockingly complained. “Now Mr. McLean we will take a ride in her later but you have a concert to return to,” I said cool “Damn we never get to ride in big helicopters,” Nick stomped his foot like a little kid as they all climbed into the SUV. Derrick and I went to the hangar door and again opened it just enough for the SUV to drive out when they exited. We closed it again after ensuring the door was locked and I discreetly hit a button on my combadge which locked all the doors and made the hangar virtually impenetrable. Climbing into the SUV and the head guard climbed into the front and we were off. I turned to the guys “Everyone comfy?” “As comfy as one can be when crammed in the back,” Nick grumbled “We are going to secure a section of the airport,” The guard driving the SUV said. When we got there their bus was waiting for them. “How did that get here?” Kevin gasped “We took care of everything,” I told them the SUV came next to the bus close enough that when the door opened the guys were shielded from prying eyes they ran inside I shook the hands of the guards “Thank you for all your help,” “Thank your employer he has a lot of pull with the guy who runs this airport,” Derrick said after leaving the SUV. I was the last to enter the bus and it began to roll out. “Mike?” Kevin started. I held up my hand to hold off any conversation,”Not yet Kevin we are not out of the woods yet,” as I moved towards the driver’s side “We still have to get you guys to your new hotel without arousing suspicions,” I told him I moved to the front of the bus. “Get comfortable guys and stay away from the windows,” I said quietly. They all grabbed a seat while I went up front. I saw the salt and pepper top of Kurt, one of the Backstreet Boys’ bus drivers. “How are we doing?” I nervously asked Kurt. “So far we have kept a tight lip on this. No one should even know we are here,” the Driver said “Who knows about this?” I asked “Just Mr. Wright, Mr. Blake and your boss Mr. Matthews,” Kurt answered, I sighed in relief I knew Dave would have found a way to keep the calls from getting bugged “It has been announced that the band will be staying at a new hotel since their last one was destroyed in the storm” Kurt informed me as we sped down the road, “But the one being posted will not be the one we are going to be going to,” Kurt reported, I nodded and I kept my senses open to any other trouble. The bus had to make several turns because some roads were still flooded. I made sure to spot them before the bus even came up to them. It took longer but it was necessary both because of the hazards we could see, and the hazards we couldn’t. I was the first to step off the bus, opening my senses and even asking the animals if they saw anyone. When I got the all clear I told everyone to sit tight, until I got back. I went to the door and was greeted by the manager “We have everything waiting for the Backstreet Boys,” “Does that include something to eat no one has had much since the storm struck?” I inquired “We were asked to provide a food cart by their tour manager, one will be brought up as soon as they get to their room,” the manager confirmed I thanked him we both went in and I made a quick survey of the lobby “You are thorough,” The manager made note “These are dear friends and I have been put in temporary charge of their security at the moment,” I sternly explained Once everything was good we had an elevator brought down and held open. I went back to the bus. “Okay guys we are going straight for the elevator,” I made sure my tone carried and there was no room for questions. They all nodded and we quickly made it to the elevator. It wasn’t until the door closed that we signed a bit of relief. “I will get off first,” I again brokered no resistance when the door opened. I got off first “Man Brian your boyfriend is bossy,” I heard AJ snicker. “With everything that has happened I don’t blame Mike for being cautious,” I heard Kevin whisper. Looking around the hall satisfied it was safe, we left the elevator and just as it shut behind us I saw the service elevator’s door open and out came a hotel employee pushing a food cart. I pointed to where the common room was. She nodded and pushed the cart there as we got to our rooms. I saw to their safe arrival before stepping into my room. I had one more duty I still needed to perform and that included several calls I had to make. Tony was the first one on my list I had to call, “Hey Tony I just wanted to let you know we all made to the hotel safely,” “That is great,” Tony sighed in relief, then laid something else on my shoulders, “Mr. Wright will be calling you soon, he wants a word with you” when Tony told me that. “I hope he is not mad about all this,” I worried “Far from it you have been görükle escort our saving grace, through and through,” Tony reassured I sighed in relief, Tony wasn’t done though. “With that looney out there we are all on edge, and you are the only one who we can rely on,” Tony explained. “You stepping up when the guys were endangered has made management less worried about you being the one in charge of their security,” Tony further explained “So, no pressure then,” I smirked “Maybe a little but I will let Mr. Wright tell you,” I heard Tony chuckle. “Any word on Frank?” I inquired “He is still unconscious, the doctors said he lost a lot of blood and several bones were broken,” Tony relayed. I just growled and the mental image didn’t help. “I am sorry he got hurt because he believe me,” I sneered “Frank has some responsibility in this,” Tony was just as upset. “Frank should never have gone to Hector’s room without backup even if he was only going to talk to Hector, he still needed someone there if it should have gone the way it did,” Tony didn’t back down he was just as upset over this as I was. We both knew that with so much going on something like this was bound to happen. “Okay I have to give Dave a call, the guys should at least be eating by now.” I told him my own stomach was growling as I have yet to eat. “Okay I will tell Mr. Wright that you would be talking to your employer and to give you a few moments before giving you that call,” Tony announced I snickered before hanging up and then give Dave a call “Hey Dave just wanted to let you know we are safe,” I told my mentor “That is great I am glad it all worked out,” Dave sighed in major relief. “I was planning on showing them the old girl but not like this,” I snorted but then growled “Mike don’t even think of beating yourself up,” Dave came back after hearing the tone in my voice. “You did what you had to do, and when Brian and the rest were in danger you didn’t even think twice,” I knew he was right not that I was happy about it. “I am also betting that by bringing them to the hangar, you would have flown them out of there if need be,” Dave said I sighed with one problem done I had to think of the other and that was storm itself I said “Dave we need to do some research into these storms,” “Mike you of all people know how wild and unpredictable nature can get,” Dave seemed unconcerned “Dave you would have thought a hurricane hit New York, and storms rarely form out of the blue like this one did,” I countered I could practically hear Dave thinking “Did that pain in the ass computer save the radar images,” “You will have to ask her I haven’t revealed her to the Backstreet Boys yet,” I had to chuckle at that one. I heard Dave chuckle and lightly said, “Yes she is bothersome enough,” My combadge responded “I heard that, and yes Dave I saved those radar images,” Dave and I both laughed. “Okay I am expecting a call from Mr. Wright. He seems to want a little word from me,” I sighed. “Don’t worry Mike he and I already chatted while we were setting up the cover story for why the guys were at your hanger,” Dave counseled. “Okay,” I sighed in relief. “I will have that information when you come home,” Dave said as he hung up.. There was a knock at my door “Come in?” I answered the door opened to reveal my earthly angel “Hello Brian, are you okay Love?” I asked “Just wondering if you were coming to dinner?” Brian pondered “I will be there. I just had to make several phone calls to our respective bosses. They needed to know we all made it here safely,” I explained as I offered him a seat next to me “Oh, good, I know you have been given some responsibilities since Tony is not here and Frank is still in the hospital,” Brian huffed. “Are you okay love?” I inquired when I saw the look of uncertainty come across his face “Mike, can I ask you something?” he was shaking now. Wrapping my arms around him. “Love you can ask me anything,” I prompted “I was just thinking of it all and not just us but everything from the time we crossed paths to now and I have to wonder if you think all of it is worth it?” Brian was now on the verge of tears. “Brian do you know what life at sea has taught me?” I asked as I cupped his beautiful face even with tears. He was gorgeous. When he didn’t answer “Brian when a ship is sailing through the ocean it can’t see what is really going on underwater, and it can’t see over the horizon,” I regaled “There was always waves that would buck the ship, you saw some, and some you felt,” I relived my experience Brian actually listened to this part “The point I was trying to get to before a trip down sea leg memories,” I chuckled Then I turned serious and said,”While the trip through the ocean was difficult it was destination was always worth the rough seas,” “So you think the destination is worth what we’ve been through?” Brian inquired I just leaned in and kissed him “Brian you have made it all worth it,” I whispered and gave him another kiss which was interrupted by my rude cell phone. “It seems our lot in life to have our special moments interrupted,” I sighed but when I looked down and saw whose number it was I knew I had to take the call “I got to get this love,” I told him as he got up and left. “Hello Mr. Wright yes we all made it, and I do apologizes for all the inconveniences I put you through,” Brian heard as he left the room he made his way back to Kevin’s room when he opened it Nick asked “Where is Mike I am going to eat his dinner if he doesn’t come soon,” “You touch his food and I will take you over my knee and spank you,” Brian wolfish response. Nick snicker, “Keep me out of your fantasies,” a round of laughter echoed “Where is our friend?” AJ asked as he put his plate down “Oh that does feel better” AJ sighed as he patted his stomach “He is currently on the phone with Johnny Wright,” Brian answered “I hope he isn’t going to get in trouble for taking us to his hangar,” Kevin said as he picked up a cup off coffee “I don’t think so, with everything that has been going on, Johnny probably wants a full accounting from Mike himself,” Brian rubbed his head as he tried to piece it all together “I hope Frank gets better soon,” Howie said as he took a sip of his wine “I would like to know who Hector was in league with, and what his connection to all of this?” Kevin put his coffee down a little harder than necessary. “We still have to worry about the concert I rather think about that then all this dark stuff,” Nick said as he sipped his beer “Mike told us he would be on the lookout for trouble, but who can know what is coming when you don’t know where trouble is going to come from?” Howie sipped more of his wine as he tried to picture it all. “The same way sailing across the ocean and the waves are rolling to the left then swaying to the right,” everyone head shot up as I entered the room. “Everything alright with Johnny?” Kevin asked. “He tried to give me a raise but I had to remind him that I am only temporarily looking after you yahoos,” I said as I grabbed some food. “Yahoos is it?” AJ snickered. “Yes my wonderful yahoos,” I supplied as I took my seat next to Brian “Seriously Mike what did you guys talk about,” I put my fork down. “Many of that is right now between me and Johnny,” I could see the protest “The concert was Johnny’s biggest concern, and since Tony is out of town, and Frank is laid-up there isn’t anyone to really control your security,” I told them, taking a few moments to eat my dinner. “So what is the game plan I mean we all know that we have the Guardian watching over us?” Kevin asked Putting my plate aside for a moment, my stomach wasn’t happy but they needed answers. “I am leaving before you guys are suppose to for Madison Square Gardens, I will bring my personal helicopter to have an aerial view before you even leave the hotel,” “Is it wise to have the behemoth of a helicopter of yours hovering in plain sight?’ Kevin asked “Trust me you won’t even know she is there,” I smirked “How do you hide something that big?” Howie asked “You will see but she will be there throughout the concert,” I told them “So you will be watching us from above,” AJ figured “Not quite my chopper has a remote program that I will have activated so I can be in the Madison throughout the concert,” “Wouldn’t you be afraid of that helicopter losing control and crashing into something?” Howie asked “Not a chance, I wrote and programmed the system that controls it. The remote system is very sophisticated,” I informed them “So you will have eyes in the sky, and still be able to watch us, but how will your helicopter tell you if there is trouble?” Nick inquired I sighed there was no going around not revealing her, and they needed every reason not to think about the Shadow and to think about performing “I had really hoped not to talk about this but you guys are not making it easy,” I said as I pulled out my combadge. “Mike, if you don’t want to reveal everything to us you don’t have too,” Brian quickly jumped in. “No you guys need this,” I placed my combadge on the coffee table. “The one thing Johnny wanted me to put great emphasis was you guys not thinking about the Shadow, but performing as if nothing is wrong,” I hit the keys on my combadge and it made several beeping noises then I said “Backstreet Boys I like to introduce you to one of Guardian’s allies and the brains behind the remote systems in the Sea Dragon, BEATTI,” “Greetings,” the voice of Majel Barrett came out of my combadge everyone gasped. “The real brains behind this is Mr. Pennock, he did build me after all,” my combadge bursa escort bayan spoke. They all looked amazed first at me then my combadge then back again. I could see an almost evil grin forming on AJ as he started seeing where things were falling into place. I could have sworn Brian was blushing and I saw a wicked smile on AJ as he looked directly at Brian. Nick saw it, “Brian?” “I overheard Mike talking to some woman after he left our concerts to go home, I thought it was his girlfriend,” Brian was blushing heavily “It never occurred to you it was his mother or grandmother?” Howie asked “No and now I just found out she isn’t even human,” Brian ears were now on fire. We all laughed, I moved in and kissed him on his lovable cheeks. After the embarrassment wore off Brian had nothing but pride etched into his shocked expression. I could see Nick was practically giddy and Howie had to take a few sips of his wine but I could see a sense of satisfaction creep up in his growing smile. Kevin was just astonished and his coffee long forgotten as my combadge helped cement things for them. It was a calculated gamble but I was pleased to see the results of it. “BEATTI will not only be flying my Sea Dragon but she can spot trouble, and relay that through my combadge while I am on the prowl,” I informed them “Mike, this is incredible. How do we know this BEATTI is real?” Kevin grinned as peace washed over him “I can assure Kevin this pain in the ass computer is indeed real, and just like my pupil is more right then wrong,” Dave sounded through the combadge. “Dave you knew about this?” Brian gasped but it was obvious Dave did. “I was there when Mike built the damn thing,” Dave growled but deep down you could hear the pride in that growl. “And because BEATTI is tied into the Sea Dragon I will also be able to monitor everything, so anything, BEATTI, reports I can also forward that information to Mike,” Dave announced “We will do everything in our power to make sure your concert goes smoothly and it will be an enjoyable night for everyone,” I said “Thanks Dave and BEATTI,” I spoke into my combadge then deactivated it “So BEATTI what does that mean?” AJ asked “BEATTI is an acronym it’s short for Binary Engineered Artificial Thinking Transforming Intelligence” I answered “I built her using what I learned while in the Navy and improved after I received Captain Planet’s soul,” I supplied Brian just sat in his seat. I swore he had wet himself by the expression on his face. “Mike, is there anything you can’t do?” Brian started to chuckle “I can’t sing,” I jovially answered “Really let’s hear you,” Nick gave me the evil eye daring me “No, thanks it was you the Father gifted with music, he send the Heavenly Host to come just to stop me,” I joked “Mike all I want to say is I really hope our crazed fan doesn’t come because he really won’t see you coming,” Howie chuckled I actually felt so unease about he him saying that “That has been the trouble I must confess to,” “What is that?” Brian turned serious “He doesn’t know me, and in return I know very little about him,” I said softly as I just revealed a secret I wasn’t happy to reveal “After everything you have shown us, I have to say I am curious myself,” Kevin went to refill his cup. “Can you bring me a cup Kev?” I requested “Absolutely, how do you take it?” Kevin was more than willing to fulfill. “They didn’t add honey to that cart did they?” I wondered “They did,” Kevin held up a small bottle. “Awesome some of that and cream please,” I requested “Coming right up,” Kevin moved to complete my request “Here you go,” Kevin gave me my cup Taking a sip I sighed in comfort, “Oh that hit the spot,” making everyone laugh. I finally said “Guys the only impression I ever got from this bozo are very powerful negative emotions,” Before I could take another sip Brian stole my cup “Hey!” I cried out making everyone laugh “What I never put honey my coffee before I wanted to give it a taste,” Brian winked and stole a sip “Hmm I am going to have to make the switch,” he said giving me back my coffee “There many things I can see but dark and sometime evil thoughts will prevent me getting any kind of ready from where it is coming from,” I somberly said “I can’t say I am surprise to hear you say that Mike,” Brian leaned in to kiss my cheek “Okay knock off the cutesy,” AJ bantered “I love you too AJ,” I joked as I blew him a kiss Brian hand shot up as if to intercept and brought it to his cheek. “Hey that was meant for me,” AJ mocked hurt “Oh no he belongs to me,” Brian mocked defend “Beside you told us to knock off the cutesy so you don’t get cutesy,” Brian grumbled “Can we get back to Mike’s serious discussion,” Howie pleaded before he was forced to see more sweet banter making me chuckle. “Okay Mike the problem with the darkness is no one can figure them out not even God so admitting is nothing short you saying you are just a blind to their ways as anyone,” Brian spoke softly “I will say this whenever the Shadow has come into range, the strongest feelings I get from him are hate and anger, they are so powerful and fuel each other,” I uttered as I tried to make sense of those feelings. “Meaning the angrier he gets the more he hates,” AJ nodded in understanding “And, vise versa, the more he hates, the angrier he gets,” Howie picked up “Exactly and as much as I love for us to talk more,” I looked over at a clock. “If you don’t get a good night’s sleep Johnny’s anger is what I am going to have to face,” we all laughed “Yes it has been a rough day filled with fun and excitement,” Howie said finishing the last of his wine. “Oh yes today was just a barrel of laughs,” Nick grumbled as he wheeled the food cart out as he left for his room. I turned to Nick “Wasn’t that your selling point to have me come here in the first place?” Nick returned the comment, “I thought we would go to a bar have a few pints and kick it, I was not referring to all the crap that we had to deal with since we have arrived,” We all got up and went to our rooms. Brian and I left for my room after saying good night to everyone. When we were behind closed doors I started to undress Brian followed suit and began to unbutton his shirt. “I must say love you are handling this all very well,” I admitted “Mike, God gave us trials and tribulations as a teaching tool, and he never gives us anything he knows we can’t handle,” Brian recited “But a boyfriend who has god-like powers brewing inside him?” I pointed out while making a rainbow of color appear in the palm of my hands. Kissing me tenderly Brian spoke with certainty, “Those powers you have are just a manifestation. Of that beautiful heart, God gave you love, and he gave you them for a reason,” Brian deepened his kiss. “Babe, most people can’t stand it if their partner bites their nails I can literally blow you away with a kiss,” I pointed out and to prove my point I blew the equivalent of a fan of wind across his cheek, when I let up. Brian smirked “Mike you blew me away with all of your kisses,” He jumped on me and kissed me this turned into passionate love making as we both expressed our love for each other. Turning Brian on to his back I kissed my way down his chest stopping to kiss and lick his nipples. I could hear him moan in pleasure, moving further down. I kissed his navel pulling his boxers down and his beautiful dick popped out. I lovingly started with the head licking it all over. I was rewarded but a song of love coming from my love as he moaned in pleasure. Taking his penis into my mouth I could taste the precum leaking out and it was as sweet as he was. Cupping his beautiful balls I brushed them slightly and made him squirm in delight. “Oh Mike I love you,” he said softly. I came back up and kissed his lips. I chuckled as the look of disappointment surfaced. “What?” I snickered “Why did you stop you are good at that,” Brian pouted “I have other ideas for that beast of yours,” I countered his disappointment with a desire of my own placing his penis to my rosebud. “Make love to me Love,” I requested I saw the love cross his eyes “Now and everyday,” Brian warmly said as he entered me as he slowly and gently thrust into me. Tonight was all about love and the love we had for each other Brian brought my lips to his and as he thrust into me he kiss me lovingly “You are my fire, my one desire,” he whispered “And I do want it that way,” I made him laugh as he changed our positions so he was on top of me like an angel from high he looked down at me. Brian continued to push in and out of my love chute like all things this night came to an end when he let out a mighty groan as he emptied his seed into me which caused me to scream as I shot mine at the same time. When he collapsed on top of me “I think that heard that on the moon,” I snickered “That is okay you sent me there anyway,” Brian laughed lightly as he moved so he could spoon me and with his head on mine he whispered “I don’t care who heard I love you,” Brian kissed my cheek and fell asleep just like that. “I wore him out,” I chuckled lightly as I brought his arm up and held it firmly against mine and fell asleep. Please remember to Donate to Nifty Please tell me what you think hoo All comments are welcome on a side note all of this takes places after the events of 9/11 just so you all have a sense of chronological order and understanding. I began writing Sol after reading Tales of a Real Dark Knight while I was still in the Navy and have been working on it for the last 13 or so years. I also recommend the following stories it was because of them I got into writing in the first place. “Tales of a Real Dark Knight” by authorjames “Marvel Knights” also by authorjames “Tales of the New Phoenix” by Blake “Tales of a Superhero Band” by Leo “Tales of a Young Mutant” by Jeremi “Tales of a Thunder God” by Tony Justiss

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