Nis 23

Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 02

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I was waking up in the mornings feel sick. Mother kept bringing me Peppermint Tea and Ginger root to chew on. She and Grandmother kept exchanging secret looks. Grandmother would come in and give me massages with Lavender, Calendula and Clary Sage. I was used to Mother and Grandmother touching and kissing me all the time now. Once I awoke to my lovely Grandmother sucking and licking at my vulva, while Mother caressed my breasts which seemed to be swelling. Mother would pinch my nipples and gather them in her fingers. Grandmother would peer between my legs, opening my nether lips to “check”, she said. I didn’t understand what was going on, but I enjoyed the love and attention of my fore-mothers.

To my surprise, I missed my Monthly flow. The Strawberry moon had come and gone. I had been so busy learning my duties as a new Witch that I paid no attention. I still skipped in the forest and communed with the wood-creatures. Once I thought I spotted a Unicorn shyly peeking at me from afar. The birds alighted on my shoulders and the wild beasts came to me in the cool of the evening air for a pet. My days were filled with Magick and happiness.

The grips in my stomach abated on day and my skin emitted light. I observed, almost in a dream state that my breasts were larger and my abdomen had begun to swell and feel tender. Strangely enough, I began to feel desire, all the time…I climbed in bed with Mother and Grandmother, who slept together. One time I climbed between Mother and Grandmother and began to rub their cunnies at the same time.

I felt the moisture and rain come from their quivering punanis. I didn’t quite know what I was doing, only that I was compelled to please them, as they had pleased me. Grandmother rolled over in her sleep and reached into the old, gnarled table next to her side. She produced a smooth-looking tree branch that had been sanded down to be as smooth as silk, about 8 inches long with a strange-looking mushroom-like head. It had what looked like a small horse’s saddle on it. She spread Mother’s cunny as I suckled at her breasts. Mother moaned and opened her bursa escort legs to receive the Staff of life.

I began to lick and suck at Mother’s gaping hole and enlarging clitoris. Grandmother took a bit of the massage oil that she used on my body and inside of my own punani and coated the rod with it. Mother cried “Oh oh oh, ” as the warm and vibrating stick entered her steaming cunt easily. Grandmother skillfully manipulated the Magician’s Wand as my Mother spasmed and squirmed and quivered. My Mother’s Cauldron opened wide as she became wetter and wetter. I watched in wonder as a gush of sweet but pungent fluid exuded from her.

Grandmother’s breasts began to emit a soft pink glow as her hands tingled and gave off energy. I got behind her and cupped her soft nourishing breasts. I began to squeeze and fondle them and Grandmother leaned her head back, relishing my touch. Mother reached out and pulled Grandmother on top of her. Grandmother pulled the rod out of my Mother and affixed the harness onto her hips. She then re-inserted the rod inside my Mother and slid into her.

Mother was bucking her hips and crying out. I could smell the Magick in the air as well as the scent of all our combined womanhood. Maiden, Mother and Crone were all making love together. My Mother reached out and pulled me on top of her face. Her tongue was waving in the air. I gingerly put my female parts which were tingling with want directly on her mouth.

She took my whole vagina in her mouth. I moaned softly as I felt the touch of her amazing tongue everywhere at once. My little piece of the God rose to the erotic touch of her flickering tongue. I kept pushing my Vagina into her mouth, letting her fingers fill me and shuddering as occasionally her strong but soft tongue darted into my anus. “She is progressing well”, my Mother said to my Grandmother who had mounted the Fake Phallus onto the bedpost and was bouncing up and down on it.

Grandmother smiled her inscrutable smile and continued to impale herself on the rod. Just then I began to shiver and shake and climax into my Mother’s mouth. Mother bursa escort bayan eagerly swallowed my spendings but smeared a drop against Grandmother’s lips. Grandmother licked her lips and smiled in anticipation. “VERY well,” she chuckled, “Will not be long now”. Mother pulled her wet mouth from my oozing vagina and positioned me on my back.

Mother inserted her finger into my slick creaminess. She began to feel inside of my opening, as if she were looking for something. Her finger-banging began to feel good and I began to squirm. “Lie still, child”, she admonished, “Mama is checking you”

“For what?” I asked, as her nimble fingers danced inside of me and pressed on my swelling spongy-like pleasure spot. I spasm and cried out. She began to pulsate her finger back and forth and manipulated my clitoris as well so I was humping her hand and arching my back. I gasped. A tiny bit of glowing liquid oozed out of my throbbing cunt.

“It is time,” Mother said simply. Grandmother climbed off Hermes’ Staff which was slick and slimy from her mature secretions. She returned with towels, hot water and a sharp nice, along with some herbs that were mixed into a pomade. I looked around in confusion as I was enjoying the afterglow of having spent twice due to my Mother’s loving touch. Mother lifted my hips and placed towels under them. Grandmother gave a few more loving licks of my reddened clitoris and scooped a bunch of the herbal mixture into her hands, inserting it deep into my Chalice of Life. Grandmother rubbed all around my vagina, gently stretching it.

She chanted,

Child of this woman,

child of the gods,

child of this community,

child of the earth,

your mother awaits you

with love and joy.

Child of this man,

child of the gods,

child of this community,

child of the earth,

your father awaits you

with love and joy.

The energy in the room intensified as Mother cast circle. “Diane, come to us, she chanted, “Protector of Women, the first Midwife, come assist at this Divine birth of this child escort bursa and the Horned God. Shine your Blessings and your Healings upon her and Imbue her with your Grace”

Grandmother lit the candles which gave off aromas of Rosemary, Sage, White Willow and Rose. My mother took some fragrant oil and anointed my belly that had grown large in the midst of our Love-making. I heard the faint sound of hooves and had a faint sense of a strong masculine presence. Mother began to rub my abdomen in circles lightly, gently pushing down. It felt wonderful. Grandmother brought me to the edge of the bed and put a silken robe on the floor of the purest white.

Grandmother knelt in front of me and began an amazing massage of my entire genital area with her Magickal oils. The air was laden with amazing smells of flowers, the forest and something more primal. I felt an urge to push but no pain at all. Grandmother spread my lips as I languished in Mother’s arms. Mother was stroking my breasts and gently suckling at my enlarging tight nipples and I had another orgasm. Just as I did that, I felt a huge spasm of pleasure and the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Even stronger than the ones I had given myself while rubbing myself on the broom-handle.

I screamed out in ecstasy as I felt something break loose inside of me and exit my vagina. Rays of light were emanating from my fully-opened birthing canal. I had a multiple orgasm. Pan faded away, nodding into his gruff beard. Mother quickly cut the light-filled cord that was quivering with Life. I frantically rubbed my little button to maximize the amazing rippling spasms that were causing me to almost lose my mind in pleasure. Grandmother placed her Chalice at the entrance of my Holy Grail and collected the Ambrosia that was streaming out.

Grandmother drifted away murmuring soft words of comfort and prayers. I collapsed in Mother’s arms, still in awe and bit of confusion as I thought about all that had occurred. “I am so proud of you, Isolde,” my Beloved Mere murmured. “You have borne a son, who will do great things. He is a Demi God and will bring Peace to our troubled land. I only smiled and fell in a deep sleep suckling at my Mother’s teat as if I, too, had retreated back to childhood. But I was a true Witch-woman now and a Bringer of Life. My Path was set.

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