May 30

Tamed Pt. 01: That Friday Evening

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It’s been a while! I’ve been way too caught up with starting a novel to write this kind of X rated stuff on the side; besides I really have to be in the right mood to do this sort of thing. Either way please enjoy, feedback and comments are encouraged!

Disclaimer: This is all a publication of fiction and in no way happened. This also may get a little unrealistic. You’ve been warned.


It started one Friday afternoon, in the height of summer. The scathing heat was unbearable for most people around town; those that didn’t have the luxury of an air-conditioned car to hide in were relegated to taking refuge underneath the towering buildings of the city square or the tall oak trees on campus a few minutes’ walk away. I was one of the unlucky few who couldn’t stop to cool myself off under a shaded area, I needed to get home, the milk and bread I bought from the shop was going to spoil quickly if I left them in the bag which I clung onto. In my other hand I held a thick, well used and hefty textbook large enough to be used as a doorstop. A book on phycology that I had read cover to cover multiple times over since I had started this college course last year.

*She* had almost pleaded me to help her with her project. That woman I was very much on the hook for. A woman named Hana. I knew that she teased me with her body just to make me do her work for her, everyone in class knew it too. Deep down I didn’t care, I lusted after her like every other guy in class…No one wanted to admit it, but there was a silent acknowledgement between the straight men that they had gone to her Rinstagram page at least once when they needed some private time.

I walked across the busy street of people, brushing past them trying not to draw attention to my jeans and old t-shirt which I had on in this kind of weather. My apartment complex was dead ahead of me, a towering modernistic black and mostly glass building that stood proudly next to the city centre. Sighing to myself I prepared myself for what I was going to walk in on…

Inside, in apartment 233 my step sister had just awoken from her lazy slumber, cursing the sun as it blared through the fashionable curtains in her huge bedroom. She stretched her arms out in front of her before lightly massaging her eyes, hearing the soft groaning of last night’s date beside her.

“Oh yeah, I let him stay over…” She muttered to herself in that soft voice. Reaching over to the pink bedside table she retrieved her thick black rimmed glasses and slipped them on her tired looking face. She was a well-crafted woman. While short, her body matched what most men would find irresistible. A heavy, perky bust with an hourglass figure. All of which were complimented by her brilliant aquamarine eyes and long, fiery, incredibly silky ginger hair.

Like the shade of her hair, her attitude was just as scathing. Upon seeing the chiselled, well-toned and large man softly drool onto her spare pillow she reached fourth and ripped it out of under him with her firm grip. Slapping the pillow over his head she sighed.

“Come on fuck boy, time to go.” She didn’t wait for a reply, only continued the rush of getting the guy out of our apartment as fast as possible by grasping the corner of the pink-white bedsheets and tearing it away from the queen-size bed. The cold air conditioning hit their naked bodies like a wall, forming goose bumps on her pale skin and mouth-watering legs.

The fuck boy lingered his gaze on her body as he changed, an act that she frequently experienced with men she let stay over. *Never letting them stay over again if they don’t wanna leave.* She softly pressed her back onto the intricate headboard of her bedframe and pulled the sheets over her huge breasts, pouting as she tied her silky hair back into a loose ponytail. She tried her best to ignore him, making sure to keep the sheets over her assets while she lost herself in her phone. She made it a point to overexaggerate her swiping left and right so he could see that after last night’s date a one and done, and there was no chance for more.

I was on my way down the wide hallway of the apartment complex when I saw the guy emerge from my apartment. He was a giant compared to me, more handsome and strong I was sure that this was the guy I heard grunting and moaning my step-sisters name all night while I desperately tried to keep the sounds of rough and impassioned sex out of my room. As we passed in the hallway, we locked eyes, his expression was that of pity and arrogance, while mine was rather sheepish and shy. It was something I had seen countless times before, their shattered hopes of being able to tie down a girl like Alanah for more than one evening clear in their eyes…Silently I knew that they would be better off; she was like a Siren, her appearance worthy to be defined as perfection but what lied inside was as wicked as a witch.

Stepping inside the apartment I felt the barrage of cold air hit me. Breathing a sigh of relaxation, I stepped through the opening area and into the main living space, pulling on my shirt to allow cold shots of air flow up güvenilir bahis and brush against my skin. Like the exterior of the complex, the inside was just was elegant. The living space was large and carpeted white, with sleek black furniture and a deep black marble counter that separated the main space from the walk-in kitchen that was located to the immediate left of me.

Alanah had clearly heard me walk in, as she had changed into a thin white silk robe that was loosely tied around her thin waist, her heavy bust stuffed into the material in such a way that most of her skin was showing without being fully exposed. Clearly as a way to torment me with her body…I may have been her younger step brother, but that didn’t stop her from using her boy to make a guy feel intimidated. She stepped out of her room and looked at me with that same look of discontent she would always have on her pretty face whenever we interacted.

“I never thought going to get milk and bread would be an all-day thing. If you weren’t too busy shooting your pathetic load into a sock you would have done it yesterday, when I told you to.” She said condescendingly.

“I was caught up.” I replied weakly placing the bag of groceries on the marble counter before slamming the tome beside it which caused a rattling thud to ripple across the room. Alanah hummed with realization, her eyes lingered on the large worn book that I had discarded from my grasp.

“Oh, you went to see that Asian bitch…Janice?”

“Hana.” I replied.

“Whatever…” She trailed off, a devious smirk forming on her plump pouty lips. “You know *bro*, I heard off the grape vine that she likes real men. You know? Guys who have actually had sex.” She giggled to herself manically. She took pleasure in watching me squirm, seeing my negative reaction to that statement only made her continue the prodding.

“While she gets you to do all that work for her, she’s getting double teamed by two black guys with really fucking huge-” she gestured with her fingers, spacing them out father and farther to mock me before I cut her off.

“Shut up.” I snapped, sliding my book off the table and back into my arms, my face flushed red with frustration. Moving around the counter I pushed past my shorter roommate. As I did, the back of my hand accidentally bushed firmly past her silk covered thigh which caused a sudden jolt to shoot up my body. My face blushed a deeper red, knowing that the witch behind me would jump on me for the touch.

Indeed, she did so. “See you’re blushing! You fucking like that shit, don’t you? I always thought you were a cuck and that just proves it.” She huffed, she was getting worked up, her pretty face started to flush with colour as frustration burned through her. “And don’t think that little move went unnoticed you perv.” She continued.

I moved toward the closed door of my bedroom, a slick black door which was really the only good thing about it. As I turned the knob to open my door, I felt Alanah push past to face me. Her hands rested firmly on her wide hips; she wasn’t going to let me get away without making me feel like a complete and utter loser.

“Don’t walk away when I’m talking to you! You have to learn to respect your fucking elders. If my mom knew how you treated her apartment, she would kick you out faster than I can get a date.” She smiled with an air of arrogance. Her mother’s riches were a common weapon she liked to use; it was like a weight she constantly dropped on me when she wanted to scare me into kicking me out onto the streets.

I ignored her, slipping past her into my room and slamming the door on her face with a great force. I pressed my back against my door, trying to force it to shut given its broken lock caused it to creek open from time to time. I sighed to myself, I was getting sick of the her, it was like this since the day I my father introduced her to me…I had no idea what I did to deserve the hated, the venom that escaped those pouty lips; maybe it was that she thought her mother was too good for my father…Even though it was clear that they were head over heels for each other. Either way it didn’t matter, there was nothing that was going to stop her unending onslaught of belittlement.

My room was tiny compared to Alanah’s. A single bed old and rickety pushed up against the far corner while a small wardrobe next to an even smaller desk stood opposite it. Slowly I moved off of the door and softly sat on the edge of my bed, not noticing how the door had not in fact closed properly, leaving an inch opening out into the rest of the apartment.

Alanah sighed in a frustrating tone then tugged softly at one loose strand of silky ginger hair. “Probably getting ready to watch some dirty cuck porn.” She muttered to herself whilst she patted her bare feet on the varnished oak wood flooring toward the bathroom; she began to untie her loose robe before even reaching the door, slipping the silk down exposing her bare shoulders and toned back muscles. She had the whole run of the place, from brining any sort of man home to fuck, or just leaving me to do the chores, she lived like a queen.

From türkçe bahis outside I began to hear the muffled stream of water cascading into the shower, at least when my sister was cleaning herself of last night’s man, I had a brief moment of respite for myself. It was at that moment when I heard a ping, followed by a firm vibration in my pocket. With curiosity I reached in to retrieve my phone; it wasn’t every day that I received a message from someone. My thoughts immediately went to Hana, wishing that it was her trying to make casual conversation with me.

It wasn’t. It was something better. The notification was short and as sweet as candy.

“Hana Sazumi has added a new photo”

My heart skipped, pupils dilating with lust in an instant. It took me less than a second to click the screen to open the Rinstagram app. The seconds it took to load felt like hours, I could already feel my crotch area of my jeans to tighten just at the thought of what she would post.

It certainly did not disappoint.

There she was, in all her cute and alluringly sexy perfection. She had snapped a selfie of herself in a bikini, clearly on the beach across town. A pure white two piece that shone in the sunlight. Her amazing cleavage was in full view, as was her fake innocent expression, like she had no idea that she was exposing her eye-catching chest. She was clearly squatting on her tip toes, as her body arched to throw her chest out for the camera. She had angled her high functioning phone up high, to catch her popped out ass that ate the thin bikini bottoms that tried in desperation to cover her smooth looking behind.

Without even thinking I had already begun to loosen my trousers by pulling swiftly on my belt. Letting out a pleasured coo I dove my perverted hand into my underwear, grasping my semi erect length and heaving it out of my lower clothing.

It hung at a impressive 8 inches already, thick and uncut. Hair covered the base; as I never had anyone get so close to it I hardly thought there was a point to shaving it…

I stared at the picture, pumping my entire length tenderly as I watched Hana staring back at me. I imagined what I wanted to do if I was with her, how I would spread sun lotion all over her well-crafted body while every guy on that beach watched with envy. The thoughts made me harder and harder, my monster swelling to its full 12 inches. The familiar vein popped out of my shaft, pulsing and throbbing blood to my length. I had moved my position to lay on my bed, jeans down past my ankles with my legs spread as wide as possible. Both hands were firmly grasping my length as I pumped it as I imagined Hana would do if she was between my legs right now, using my impressive flow of precum as lotion to make my sudden masturbation session feel that much better…My toes curled as I coo’ed Hana’s name, my eye catching the number of likes exceeding well over 100 within 5 minutes. I knew that I wasn’t the only one who was doing this right now.

While I was perverting over my crush, Alanah had spent the time quickly cleaning herself of the manly musk that she could smell on her. She often found that her libido made her love the smell of a man’s cologne during an evening. But once the morning came, and her sex drive tamed for that time being, she hated it. She had taken time to scrub under her fingernails, and extra time to push the gel soap coated scrubber between her legs. She exhaled softly, curling a small smirk on her face as the piping hot water drenched her body. I often thought she liked the heat of a shower to warm her ice-cold personality…Whenever we took showers together as the weeks followed this afternoon, I often felt the welts from the heat well into the night…

She stepped out the shower once she felt herself clean enough from last night to focus on who was coming up tonight. She had limitless options… black guy? maybe someone who can throw her around and make her feel like a toy…she softly hummed to herself as she patted the towel over her body, picturing a towering hunk of a human who could give her what she needed for tonight.

Her soaked hair clung to her bare back, now a deeper shade of orange thanks to the absorbed water. *I’ll need to add my extra silky conditioner before I leave* she casually thought to herself as she pulled her gown over her once again, all before tying her hair up into a pure white towel.

Like always, Alanah never bothered to clean up after herself; loose hair had clogged the shower drain, contact lens cases left in the sink and the used towels dropped unceremoniously to the floor before she strutted out with that same swagger she usually exuded. Her mindset always moved to ordering me to clean it up, all while she had an expensive dinner paid for her by her next fuck boy.

As she stepped heavily past my door, she rolled her eyes just at the thought of me being in there. In a relaxed move she looked toward my door, not expecting what she saw laying on the bed. Her body acted faster than her mind, quickly grasping the door knob and closing the door with a sudden click. The ginger goddess stood frozen, güvenilir bahis siteleri awestruck almost; her hand locked on the handle like a vice on the cold metal.

“What the fuck was that…Wait…” She stared at the now closed door, the image of me spread on my bed still vivid in her memory. “Was that his…Arm? No… That was his fucking…” In utter shock she stood there, petrified in front of the door…Her body starting to warm up.

I was too focused on my perverted and admittedly creepy fantasies, furiously masturbating to Hana, I began to buck my hips up, almost thrusting into my hands as I now imagined her on top of me, riding me like a bronco breathlessly panting my name with a wide sexy grin on her face. The clear and stringy liquid of my precum leaked out of my bulbous pink head like a leaky tap, It coated my entire shaft and hands, causing loud SHLICK noises to reverberate through my depressingly small room with every stroke.

I always never lasted this long when I was this drunk on lust, I could feel my hefty balls tighten, my foreskin stretching back to fully expose my moist head. The vein along my monster shaft had pulsed at an increased rate. My toes curled, hairs standing up all over my body; I was so engrossed in my fantasies, that I never noticed my door creak open once more.

Alanah had to shoot her free hand to her mouth to stop the rapid breaths from giving her away. The wet, slimy repetitive noises compelled her curiosity, as did her growing arousal. She wasn’t able to stop herself. Her contact lens enhanced aquamarine eyes were wide as she peered into my room, into my private time.

I was even bigger than she initially thought the first time. In front of her shy, loser of a step brother was a massive pillar of man meat. She felt glued to the scene in front of her, “He’s a fucking monster…” She muttered mutely, *Like something you’d see on an ogre in one of those creepy anime porn films. *

As her greedy eyes lingered, she started to feel her nipples poking sharply at the silken robe; scraping slightly with each slow breath she took. Alanah knew it was the last thing she should have been feeling, but her heart was racing, and started to feel the heat between her thick thighs starting to warm up.

That was when she saw it. With a moan, my thick seed exploded out of me like a hosepipe up and over my head and body. It was relentless. Rope after rope draining from my heavy balls out in the form of thick, opaque white cloudy cum. It spurted out for almost a full minute before it subsided. The aftermath was similar to every other time. My cock softened in my hands, back from its incredibly hard 12 inches back to a still hanging 6. I sat there for a while, heavy breathing as I relished in my post orgasmic bliss. Then came the guilt; I felt perverted, jerking off to a girl I liked, someone who would be disgusted if she found out…

Alanah’s jaw was on the floor, the magnificent sight she had witnessed was unlike anything she had seen before. Just one of my thick ropes had to be double the biggest load she had ever taken…Her body was trembling, and she hardly noticed, like it was a normal feeling for her to feel. Her knees were threatening to give out any minute as she felt the rush of arousal take her. In a desperate panic once she saw me pick myself up, body and bedsheets soiled with my ejaculate, she pulled herself away from the door. With a half stumble she made a beeline to her room directly opposite. Once she was safe within the confides of her superior living space, she balled her fist into her mouth and let out a choked moan, eyes shut tightly. She held onto her makeup table for support, her heart racing, pussy swollen and glistening with trickles of excitement running down her smooth, creamy legs.

All Alanah could think about was that obelisk between my legs, standing so huge even she thought it would be too much for her to handle without losing complete control. She gasped and gave her forehead a light spank “Stop thinking about it like that…he’s a fucking loser.” She grumbled. *He’s a fucking horse…he belongs on a fucking farm with a dick like that.*

She lingered for a moment, eyes finding their way to the small drawer on the makeup table. Her face was as red as her rouge lipstick, with a nibble of her lip she gave into temptation and hurriedly opened it to retrieve a long, 6-inch toy. It was bright pink and was connected with a thin wire that attached to a plastic box like remote with a turn able knob. Sighing to herself she made her way to her bed, assuming position. Legs spread wide, silken gown untied to expose her heavy, natural chest.

“Fuck…” She cursed under her breath as she turned the dial, causing the pink toy to buzz with a heavy vibration. Her whole body tensed up and reacted once she felt the tip of the toy press on her swollen lips. A breathless gasp exhaled from her as she braced one hand backwards on the bed’s headboard. With her eyes shut tight she pushed the vibrator inside her, with a second, she felt her body shiver and buck with every thrust she made with the toy. In her mind she pictured the man she thought of before. Big, 7-foot-tall, black and strong, she stifled her moans, not wanting me to hear her as I collected my soiled belongings to wash, as well as a change of underwear…I needed a shower after such an intense time.

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