Nis 17

Tamed Pt. 07.5: A Compromise

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This is more of a semi-chapter. Smaller than others and without sex. Just posting it because I thought why the fuck not. Totally skippable if you’re only interested in the sex portion of my submissions.


Alanah awoke early the next morning. Shifting her naked body to the side to see the blurry red numbers across her alarm clock reading 05:00. She groaned and wiped her messy red hair back behind an ear. She hadn’t woken up this early in years, way back when she was a teenager. Rubbing her pretty eyes softly she pouted her lips and repositioned herself to sit up on her large bed.

The darkened apartment was quiet, a drastic change from a number of hours ago when the flame haired beauty had come home coated in alcohol to hear the furious sexual screams of pleasure from her step-brother and best friend. She knew that right this second that Claire was cuddling up to me, feeling my body in her hands; that same burning jealousy was rearing its ugly head once more. As Alanah felt the sleep disappear she reached for her glasses and pushed them up her nose, an action which made her aquamarine eyes pop more than they usually would.

She moved out of her warm sheets to feel the cool chill of the apartment hit her untouched naked body that sent a shiver up her thick thighs and arms. She felt odd, it seemed like a lifetime ago when she hadn’t woken up smelling of sex; or at least feeling the presence of a man in her bed next to her. She quickly concluded, as she moved to her wardrobe, that she hated the ‘Clean’ feeling.

*I need some water.* She thought as she felt the dryness of her throat. Opening her clothes wardrobe with a muted squeak she reached to her casual clothing. She didn’t care what she was wearing, she knew deep down that I wouldn’t care, as Claire was with me. Alanah quickly pulled out a tight pair of sporty bloomers shaded a deep red with a simple white tank top that clung to her curves and gave her heavy chest a clear outline. Her shorts clung to her upper thighs and ass as she moved as quietly as she could out her bedroom door; She looked like one of those gym girls from a filthy hentai in such a casually lewd outfit.

She left her room, and clicked the door shut as carefully as she could, all while allowing herself space so her extremely long hair was not caught in the door (An experience she had in the past when she decided to have her hair extend to her ass.)

Her vacant expression changed to unease the moment she looked over toward the kitchen space. Claire sat on the lone stool beside the kitchen counter with a glass of warm milk, leaning over it as the bright glow of her phone lit up her gorgeous facial features. Her jet-black hair was hanging loose, covering the side of her face as she moved her head to the side slightly, seeming to be flicking her finger to the left after every few seconds. Her clearly naked body was moderately covered by a thick blanket, belonging to me; with only her bare legs and thighs slipping out of the warmth. She winced hard every time she slightly shifted her body, sucking air through her teeth or a slight gasp expelling out of her plump, matte lips every so often.

Her ass burned like she had been sunbathing for hours, her hole even more so, even now after a long rest she still had phantom pains in her asshole from such a passionate fuck. Just thinking about it made her matte brown lips curl into a smirk, her heart skipping slightly as she remembered her face buried in my sheets while her ataşehir escort asshole was very much broken by the man she left in the very next room.

As she heard the door squeak, she saw the hourglass figure emerge in the living room, a smile forming on her face as she looked upon her best friend who approached groggily. “Nice pyjamas.” She muttered sarcastically giggling to herself devilishly as she looked upon her simple outfit. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen Alanah in anything skimpier, in fact, it was barely the worst thing she had seen the red head dress herself in…

Moving to the cabinets Alanah reached up and grab a glass, my full backside exposed as the deep red underwear-like shorts left nothing to the imagination. Clinking the glass down on the counter she flipped the faucet on and filled it with water. She tried to ignore Claire’s presence, feeling herself heat up; just looking at the raven-haired woman brought her back to when she embarrassingly touched herself as she secretly watched me and Claire…She would never admit to me nor Claire that she felt a new fetish bloom from that moment…

Stretching her neck from side to side, she brought the cool glass to her pouty lips and took a sip as she bravely turned around to face Claire; figuring she had to look at her sometime. Her pretty eyes peered over the rim of her glass to look at Claire swiping left on every man who showed up on the dating site they both used to use.

“Still on there after what he gave you last night?” Her accusation was filled with malice as she leaned her backside against the counter behind her.

Claire slipped her hand up so her elbow rested on the cold counter, pressing her chin on the palm on her hand as she watched Alanah sipping on water. She put on a fake smile, behind it she was grinding her teeth, it was going amazingly until she came back…she was looking forward to riding me like a fucking wild bronco in her bedroom until I put a load in all her holes until she came home smelling like a bar.

“Hmm, well at least I don’t need to dress like a whore to seduce my step-brother…I did it in nothing but a baggy sweater and leggings…What did YOU have on when you fucked?”

She took a sip of her warm milk; despite the physical differences they really did seem like two peas in a pod. Claire winced and gasped as she slipped off the stool, moving over to stand beside her best friend. Just being reminded of the abuse her ass willingly received sent a pleasurable shiver up her spine.

“Anyway…It’s a force of habit, what do you think of this one?” She reached her phone out to allow her to see. His name was Brad, a rather arrogant looking black man with muscles are large as tree trunks, flexing powerfully as his description showed his lack of care for dating, clearly being on the app the same reason Claire was.

The goth felt the tension, it was awkward, it was always that way; but it had certainly been worse in the past They both knew the routine; they were stuck together like glue, a man comes in, they fight, the man choses one, the other gets jealous, they bitch and fight before huddling around together judging men on dating apps. Even though her mind was well and truly on me, it helped to compare men to make these two besties kiss and make up.

“Are you sure he was a virgin by the way? He fucks like he’s done it every day since he was legal…” she muttered in her soft velvety tone, still speaking at a muted volume to not disturb me who rested kadıköy escort bayan deeply.

Looking up at the profile on the phone, Alanah took another long drink from her water as she sized up the man she saw. “Hmm… I’m sure he’s compensating for something with all those gym hours. He’s either poor or packing a baby dick. Either way, not worth either of our trouble.” Shaking her head in near disgust as her interest in men had suddenly tanked, only having a certain cock on her depraved mind.

Her stomach swirled. Taking a hand from her glass she reached out towards her bestie, still pretending to listen as her fingers traced frown her back to her backside. Quickly she sank her fingernails into the sore flesh of Claire’s ass, no teasing about it, just a genuine scratch of pain to expel just some of her jealousy. *The slut will just enjoy this.* she thought.

“He does fuck like there’s no tomorrow… But I assure you, he was a virgin until he filled me with cum the other day.” Her tone almost carrying an air of pride as she pulled her hand back to the glass.

She shut her eyes hard, showing her black eye shadow as she felt the claws dig into her sore, branded ass. She arched her back all while stifling and pleasured moan, parting her plump lips as Alanah released her grip. Claire curled an evil smile as the woman beside her let go of her juicy ass. She stepped forward, her bare feet patting on the varnished wood floor far enough for Alanah so see the curves of her equally impressive body to her, letting the sheet drop down her she showed her abuse to the other woman, those huge red marks with welts forming, with my multiple hand prints branded across each cheek were as clear as anything. With her free hand she pulled an ass cheek aside to expose just how gaping her asshole was a perfectly girthed hole like a gloryhole instead of something tiny and tight.

Alanah’s eyes were locked on the spectacle that was Claire’s ass. It looked so painful, but it truly showed her that I was going to be very rough in the future. Her legs wobbled ever so slightly, excited to experience my new dominance that Claire had unleashed. Then there was her throbbing hole… Each time she breathed you could see the exposed walls of her gaping hole flex ever so slightly. It really did match the size of my meat hammer, barely having shrunk at all over night.

She bit through the pain of touching her own booty to wiggle it a little for Alanah, leaning back beside her she didn’t bother picking up the sheet. “Probably both, and besides, I put my number on your brothers’ phone. He’ll call whenever he wants me.” She chuckled to herself, swiping left before closing the app and deleting it in front of Alanah, she wasn’t right all the time but, in this case, it was true, she didn’t need to waste time with fuckboys when I was well and truly smitten with her.

“You’re so lucky to live with that…I wouldn’t let him leave.” She chucked again, in that confident and dominant tone.

Hearing Claire speak the truth again, since after all she felt very lucky to have me living with her. It certainly gave Alanah some advantage in this fight between the two. “He does as he pleases. You know that as well as me hun. So, I’m just going to be the best live in slut I can be, so that he has a reason to come home every night.” Giggling in a bitchy tone she winked at Claire who responded with a proud smile.

“Mmm that’s my girl.” Claire muttered, hiding her jealousy of not having that dick escort maltepe in the same fucking home as her; her roommate was always trying to hook up with her, it was a shame he had erectile disfunction and was hard on the eyes. Either way, most men were ruined for her now, dating apps were useless, and her unfulfilled fantasies were rifling through her mind. “Just know that I’m not gonna stop fucking him. And one day ill steal him and have him all to myself.” She smiled showing her pearly white teeth, it was filled with malice and bitchyness, their feud was in full swing by now, may the best bitch win.

“I think id better get going anyway…As much as I want to stay here and sleep with your new man.” Claire looked over at Alanah and shrugged, tugging softly at her hair before the red head nodded in agreement.

“Need a change of clothes?” She asked. Claire hummed in acceptance, seeing as her favourite leggings were ruined by my hand, she needed something to go home in. Alanah started toward her bedroom, and Claire followed after reaching to take the blanket from the floor.

Alanah had tossed her a simple pair of her gym leggings to go with her baggy black sweater: A pure black stretchy number with two long white stripes across the sides. Claire found them cute, and enjoyed their comfort; like her previous pair of clothing they stretched over her curves like a second layer of skin. “Thanks Lana” Claire said whilst casually running her nails up her thighs and ass. She knew they were an older pair, something that could easily be ripped without any loss. She moved up and slid her hands over Alanah’s back to give her a friendly hug. Alanah was reluctant, looking into the dark eyes of her frenemy before succumbing to the embrace. Claire pushed her foot back after a few moments and slid herself backwards, their chests pressing together which showed the red heads vast superiority.

“Text me all the details. I wanna at least read what you two get up to when I’m not around.” She giggled and winked, before moving away from Alanah and spun. The moment she was out the door, Alanah was going to strut into her brothers’ room and show him a good time, that’s just how she was. As she walked away, she made it a point to sway her hips to cause her godly ass to bounce and sway with each step.

The front door clicked shut the moment the sky had begun to burn a dawning orange. Alanah’s plump lips turned from a scowl to a smirk; her heart was thumping on her chest like a drum, it had been hours since my last load…She was certain that my reserves were full and ready for another draining. She moved toward my room, pushing the door open quietly. Sparkling in the dim light, her eyes locked on my sleeping form, still laid back in my macho stance that I had fallen asleep in, with the bedsheets laid over my lower half. Alanah shifted her thighs against each other softly, that warm sensation that I had started to make her feel on a daily basis was once again taking effect.

Taking great care to not jostle my too harshly, the red head made her way to the edge of the bed and slowly leaned over it. With a confident stillness in her hands she reached for the bedsheets and slowly dragged them down past my waist. Shivers shot up her spine as my soft, six inches of thick meat hung between my hairy legs. Again, her movements were slow and careful, she moved onto the bed on her knees and softly pressed her face against my hanging softie. With a graceful toss of her hair to one side of her face she hummed a soft moan and pressed her huge tits onto me, sticking her tongue out to give my entire length one long and erotic lick of my shaft… The sun was rising, another day was here. And my sister was determined to make sure she was the one to wake me up…


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