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Taming My Twin Stepdaughters Ch. 02

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A few nights later, Mary and I were watching a movie together when the doorbell rang. Jenna was studying in the bedroom she shared with her sister, Evie. Outside it was raining cats and dogs. “Who’d be out on a night like this?” I asked my wife as we both went to the door.

It was a cop dressed in a rain slicker, and standing beside him, looking like a drowned rat, was Evie, looking wet and miserable. Her hair was drenched, lank and bedraggled. Her clothes looked muddied and her blouse was torn at the collar.

“Good evening, officer,” I began.

“This is your daughter?” he asked.

“Of course she is,” said Mary. “Is there a problem?”

“I’m afraid she’s been in something of a . . . a scrape. We picked up the man who was bothering her, but your daughter insists that she doesn’t want to press charges.”

Evie was looking down at the ground, as if she were counting the shoelace holes on our slippers. “I’d just like to put it behind me, if that’s okay with you,” she said, meekly.

“Is Evie in trouble?” I asked.

“Far from it,” said the policeman. “In fact, she’s the victim of . . . well, maybe I’ll let her explain it to you.” He dug into his back pocket and pulled out a business card. “Here’s how you can contact me if your daughter decides she’d like to take the next step. Like I said, we caught the guy. And we’d love to press charges.”

“Can I come inside, please?” said Evie. “It’s really wet out here.”

Mary and I ushered Evie into the living room. Mary hustled her daughter toward her bedroom to help her dry off while I heated some water to make a pot of tea.

In a few minutes, Evie and her mother emerged from the girls’ bedroom. Evie was wearing one of her sister’s babydoll nighties and had a towel in her hands that she was using to rub and dry her hair. I handed cups of tea to both mother and daughter.

“So what happened?” I asked. As we settled onto the couch together, I watched Evie rub her hair with the towel. Her vigorous actions had an incredible effect on her braless tits, which were clearly visible through the gauzy fabric of the yellow nightie. Even traumatized, she was sexy as hell.

“Do I have to tell you? It’s so . . . yucky.”

When I looked up, I saw Evie’s sister Jenna standing in the doorway. She was leaning against the door frame, silently listening to our conversation. Mary, sitting with her back to the door, was unaware of Jenna’s presence.

“You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to,” Mary said to Evie. “But I guarantee you’ll feel better if you get it off your chest.”

“I was at a college soccer match,” Evie explained. “It was kind of a small crowd – I know the sport isn’t very popular in this country, but . . . anyway, everyone was having a good time until it started to thunder and rain and they called off the game. I sitting in the rain at the bus stop when a guy pulled up in a car and offered me a lift.”

Mary and I exchanged glances. “You accepted a ride from a stranger?” Mary asked.

“It didn’t seem that way at the time. I’d seen him at the game, and, welll, I figured it would be alright.”

“And then . . .?”

“He took a turn down a small side street and stopped the car. He . . . he started kissing me and grabbing at me! Oh, God!” She turned toward me on the couch and started to go into my arms for comfort, but then turned away in revulsion. Instead, she buried herself in her mother’s arms.

The gesture wasn’t lost on anyone. Mary looked at me with a concerned expression. “Sweetie, you’re not afraid of Daddy, are you?”

“No, of course not. Welll, maybe a little. Mom, you know I didn’t have much contact with men in the girls’ boarding school. And this man was so . . . Oh, Mommy, he was so awful!”

“You can’t let one bad man make you afraid of all men,” said Mary. “Here – let’s prove it. Go into Daddy’s arms and give him a hug.”

“Should I?” Evie asked. Then, without any further encouragement, she turned away from her mother and practically dove into my arms, pressing her lush body, barely covered by the thin, nearly transparent nightgown, against my chest.

“He grabbed you like this?” I asked.

“Tighter,” she said. “He held me tighter.”

I pulled Evie closer into my arms. Mary looked at me approvingly. “What else did he do?” I asked.

“He . . . he kissed me.”

“Like this?” I asked, as I put my fingers on her chin and gently raised her face up to mine.

I kissed her on the lips in front of her mother.

“Uh huh. Oh, Daddy!” I felt her body lose some of its tension as she began kissing me back.

I broke off contact with Evie briefly and looked at her mother. “I think we need to desensitize you to the terrible things this man did. Don’t you think so, Mary?”

Mary nodded, clearly distressed at the trauma Evie seemed to be experiencing.

“Kiss him again, Evie,” said Mary. “Daddy will prove to you that you don’t need to be afraid of a man’s touch.”

I caught Jenna’s eye, still watching bursa escort from the doorway. She had the beginnings of a cynical smirk on her face.

“Will you, Daddy?” said Evie. She twisted around toward her mother. “I think you’re right. Reliving that experience with someone safe like Daddy might be good for me. Is that okay, Mommy?”

“Of course, dear. Evie, you should hug and kiss your Daddy if that helps you get over the trauma.”

Evie immediately plunged back into my arms and began kissing me on the cheek and lips. “He was kissing me so hard!” she breathed. “And he put his tongue in my mouth – like this!” She grabbed my face and began French kissing me.

“I guess we should be grateful things didn’t go any further,” Mary said warily.

“Oh, but they did!” Evie exclaimed. “The man – he started grabbing me – even grabbing my breasts! Like THIS!” She grabbed one of my hands and put it on her nearly bare tit, which was already practically bursting out of the skimpy, low cut night gown. I loved the idea of Evie forcing me to grope her huge jugs in front of her mother, but I tried to keep a concerned expression on my face as I hefted my stepdaughter’s prodigious tits.

In the background, still standing in the doorway behind her mother, Jenna was shaking her head and holding her hand over her mouth as if to keep from laughing out loud.

“That’s . . . that’s . . .” Mary stammered.

“Yes!” cried Evie. “That’s so awful! He grabbed me all over, Mommy!” Evie guided one of my hands toward her panty-less ass, while she held my other hand firmly against her tits. “Kiss me some more, Daddy! Help me get over the trauma!” She kissed me hard, while encouraging me to maul her perfect young body.

“Is this really making you feel better?” asked Mary, incredulous yet unsure of herself.

“Oh, yeah, Mommy! It’s like I’m reliving what happened – only with someone safe who I know won’t hurt me.”

“Well, in that case, . . .”

“I’m so glad you thought of this, Mommy! And you’ll take good care of me, won’t you, Daddy? You’ll help me though my trauma?” She began shimmying her ass as I held her ass globes with both hands.

By this time, I was beginning to wonder whether Evie had ever been assaulted at all. If it weren’t for the cop having escorted her to our front door, I would have thought this whole business was a scam being perpetrated on Mary. Regardless of whether there was any real trauma underneath it all, I resolved to go with Evie wherever she wanted to take things.

“Of course I’ll take care of you, Evie,” I said, as soothingly as I could given how excited she was getting me. “What else did that terrible man do to you?”

Evie was facing directly toward me at that moment, so it was impossible for Mary to see the excited smile on Evie’s face as she said, in what sounded remarkably like a terrified voice, “He made me pull out his puh – penis and touch his Thingie!”

Jenna, still watching from behind her mother, had her hand clamped firmly over her mouth, while her eyes were bugging out of her sockets. She looked like she was nearly suffocating herself in an effort to keep from laughing.

“He wha. . .?” asked Mary, taken aback.

“That’s right!” said Evie, who was already pulling at my zipper. Within a few seconds, she had pulled out my stiffening cock.

She turned toward her mother, my cock in her hand. “It was so terrible!” she said as she pumped her hand up and down on my rod. “I didn’t know what to do! And all the while, he was grabbing my big titties and playing with them! Grab my titties, Daddy!”

“Evie, I don’t think this is right!” said her mother.

Evie turned all the way around, facing completely toward her mother, and leaned back in my arms, her hand still pumping my cock. My arms, meanwhile, were wrapped around my stepdaughter’s waist and cupping her big tits from behind. “Of course it’s not right, Mommy! He was a terrible man! I’m so glad you and Daddy are helping me put the whole experience behind me!”

“She does seem to be relaxing, honey,” I said. “I guess this really is therapeutic.” I tried to maintain a concerned expression on my face.

“Yeah! Yeah! Oh, Daddy, this is really helping!”

“Honey, I think this is going too far,” said Mary.

Evie seemed to sense that her mother had reached the limit of her indecision and confused tolerance. “Maybe you’re right, Mom,” Evie said. She slowed down her increasingly frantic handjob to the point that she was stroking my long cock up and down in a more leisurely way. “I guess that’s enough therapy for tonight.”

Evie stood up and started walking toward the hallway leading to her bedroom. My hard dick was still standing erect out of my unzipped pants. As Evie walked away I watched her pert, round ass, which was barely hidden at all by the yellow nightie that barely came down to her crotch.

When she reached the doorway, she stood next to her sister for a moment. From where I was sitting, it looked like Evie shot a bursa escort bayan look of triumph at her sister. But then, as I barely registered the competition between the twins, Evie turned back toward me. Smiling, she asked, “Daddy, will you tuck me into bed?”

“Of course I will, sweetie,” I said. Grinning from ear to ear, I jumped up off the sofa. I didn’t bother zipping up my pants.

Mary focused her eyes on my exposed cock sticking straight out from my open pants. “Danny, you forgot. . .,” she began.

“No time for details,” I said, brushing her off as if I were a fireman running into a burning building. I made a beeline for the door, following after my busty stepdaughter. The image of little blonde Evie in her skimpy, nearly transparent nightie with her oversized tits hanging out was all I could see at that moment.

My exposed cock led the way, swinging back and forth as I bounded in Evie’s direction. “Don’t wait up, honey,” I said to my wife as I ran off to fuck her daughter.

After Evie turned down the hallway and out of sight of her mother, she half-turned in my direction and crooked her index finger in a “come with me” gesture. The short hem of her babydoll nightie flounced as she skipped toward the bedroom she shared with her sister.

I was so fixated on Evie’s fantastic body that I sped past Jenna’s equally voluptuous body without giving her much more than a glance. Sulkily, Jenna turned and followed her sister and me to her bedroom.

Once the three of us were in the bedroom, Jenna closed the door.

Evie turned to her sister with a cold expression. “Haven’t you got some studying to do?”

“I can study right here,” Jenna replied. “See? I’ve got my biology textbook and everything.”

“Daddy and I don’t need you,” Evie said curtly. “Go study somewhere else.”

“I think I’ll stay.”

Evie’s expression turned to one of hostility – it was the first time I’d seen this side of her. “Don’t you see that Daddy and I are going to be busy? Daddy needs to comfort me from my trauma and . . .”

“Spare me the Doris Day bullshit, Evie.”

“Girls!” I said. “I can only spare a few minutes before I have to return to your mother.”

“Well, Daddy’s mine tonight,” Evie asserted. She grabbed me by the arm and I let her pull me toward her bed. Within barely a second, she fell backward onto her bed, bringing me along with her.

“Kiss my titties, Daddy,” she said as she pulled one of her tits out of the top of her nightgown and pushed my head onto her nipple. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her give a triumphant smile at her sister, who, somehow, managed to make a loud angry noise while merely grabbing a textbook and opening it.

Evie sighed as she caressed the back of my head, encouraging me to grope and suckle her huge tits. With her other hand, she pulled the hem of her nightie up a couple of inches and began diddling her clit. I realized at that moment that she was recreating the scene she’d described to me of her time in the Catholic boarding school, where the other girls surrounded her every night, with one on each side of her licking her nipples and paying homage to her huge tits, while a third girl sucked her pussy. As I nursed at her sweet tit, I pictured again the scene Evie had described to me of her Catholic boarding school: of her lying on her back every night, her arms crooked around the heads of the other girls suckling at her giant tits, with her legs outspread so that a third girl could lick her clit. I pictured Evie cooing encouragement to her horny teenage sex servants, floating on an orgasmic sea surrounded by the other teen girls servicing her. My mind was full of the image of the teen girls sucking her 32F tits every night while she lay there accepting their horny homage.

Evie was used to having her body worshiped and now she wanted the same worship from me.

But I wanted some attention, too. I grabbed her wrist and guided her, pulling her hand away from her clit and toward my exposed cock. “Horsecock needs attention, too, sweetie,” I told her.

At first, Evie was reluctant as I pulled her hand away from her pussy, but she shivered with pleasure the instant her fingers touched my shaft. “Oh, YEAH, Daddy!” she cooed, immediately moving to the task of stroking my cock. She gripped the back of my head with greater force to encourage me to suckle her tits more vigorously.

We lay like that for a few minutes. Evie cooed and moaned with pleasure and satisfaction. When I looked into her face I could see her staring nearly cross-eyed at the ceiling in a haze of bliss. Her hand on the back of my head continued to caress my hair, encouraging me to suck her. And all the while her hand never ceased rubbing me up and down, up and down. “Cock!” she moaned over and over. “Cock! Grown up Daddy cock!” as if it were a mantra taking her to a new level of consciousness and pleasure.

Every once in a while, I glanced toward the other side of the room to see Jenna scowling as she pretended escort bursa to read her textbook. Every few seconds she looked up from the page and frowned in anger, but as soon as she saw me looking at her she immediately looked down again at her book as if she were engrossed in the text. Waves of frustration were wafting off of her.

After several minutes, I remembered my situation: my wife was in the next room, and if I stayed too long in the girls’ bedroom, Mary might come looking for me. So I rose up on my stepdaughter’s bed and without even pulling down my pants, I aimed my cock at her pussy.

When I entered Evie she arched her back and thrust her pelvis upward to meet me. I heard a sigh of triumphant satisfaction – which was met by what sounded like a sigh of exasperation from Jenna’s side of the room.

Part of me wished fervently that Jenna would cross the few feet separating us and join me in fucking her sister. But that didn’t seem likely to happen.

Evie and I began fucking, all the while remaining as quiet as we could given the fact that her mother was in the next room. I started fucking harder and harder. Evie’s ass bounced higher and higher with each thrust as she eagerly met each thrust. When Evie’s moans started becoming too loud, I silenced her by putting my mouth on hers and kissing her. Her moans turned to screams that were muffled by our kisses.

Finally, the weird eroticism of the scene overwhelmed me. I thought of Evie’s sister watching our every move from only a few feet away. I thought of Evie’s mother, who had watched wide eyed as Evie pulled my cock out and stroked it. I thought of Evie encouraging me to grope her rack in front of her mother. I thought of how unbelievable it was that I should be sharing my house with a beautiful wife and two oversexed teenagers who fought over my cock.

And I came. Sperm started spurting from my cock. Evie, feeling my ejaculation, gripped me harder and pulled me deeper into her tight pussy. We both convulsed together.

Then I got up. I kissed both girls chastely on the forehead, tucked them into bed and went back into the living room to rejoin their mother.

After dinner the next night, Evie sat next to her mother on the couch. Jenna and I were a few feet away in the kitchen, drying the pots and putting them back on the shelves.

Jenna caught my eye and shot me a sly, half-slitted knowing look as we heard Evie begin, “I wanted to thank you, Mommy, for your help last night. I was so upset! Everything that man did was so awful, and you and Daddy were so understanding.”

“Thank you, sweetie. Your welfare always comes first. But aren’t you afraid that things went too far last night?”

“Maybe,” she mused, seeming to think it over. “I have to say some of the stuff you made me do with Daddy kind of freaked me out.”

“But honey, I never suggested that you . . .” Mary protested.

“. . . Still, I guess you were right,” Evie continued, speaking as if her jacking me off the night before had been her mother’s idea rather than her own. “This morning I looked up some stuff on the internet about what they call ‘desensitization’ therapy. And it turns out everything you had me do with Daddy was exactly what therapists recommend! I had no idea you knew so much about trauma and post traumatic stress disorder!”

“Wha. . .?” said, Mary, increasingly lost.

“I guess this stuff just comes naturally to you, huh Mom? Therapists work for years to learn how to get people to face their fears by re-enacting traumatic experiences with spiders, or cars, or heights. And here you are, jumping straight into it! I’m so lucky to have a mother like you – encouraging me to face my fears about men.”

Listening to Evie speak, I found myself frozen in place with a dish towel in one hand and a skillet in the other. I was in a sort of shock listening to where the conversation seemed to be going.

Jenna caught my eye again. She twisted her mouth to one side in what seemed like a mixture of bemusement, incredulity and contempt. She sidled up to me and whispered, “Get ready, Daddy.” Then she opened her mouth in an “O” shape and pointed her index finger in and out of her open mouth.

I laid the skillet and dish rag on the counter and joined my hot little stepdaughter and wife on the couch. I sat beside Evie, with my wife on her other side. Jenna continued to watch from the kitchen.

“So, uh, you feel like you’re over the trauma of what happened last night?” asked Mary, an uncertain tone in her voice.

“I thought so – at first,” Evie replied in a lost, little girl voice. “But then I had bad dreams last night. Terrible nightmares.”

It was pretty obvious where this was going. In order to help things along, I asked, as innocently as I could, “What happened in your dream, Evie?”

Evie looked away from me as if she were scared of me because of my being a man, and turned toward her mother. “Oh, Mom, it was so awful! The man was back, just like before! He was grabbing at me – pushing himself on me! In the dream – you know how things get jumbled up in dreams – it seemed like there were two of him. Surrounding me, one on either side. Just like Mom and you are sitting on either side of me now.”

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