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As I returned home late last night, turning the key in the lock and pushing open the door — at first I thought it was my imagination that sensed the trace of your perfume in the air. My heart seemed to skip a beat before I remembered that you had said you had other plans. But as I stepped into my bedroom I sensed a presence, and there in the dark I found you sleeping on my bed. I kissed the side of your face — it was warm and your face a bit puffy from your nap – then I kissed your nose and your chin before your lips parted slightly and I kissed them — you didn’t open your eyes until our tongues had so tentatively touched, reaching for each other. I slipped into the bed beside you, and we made love together, happy to be touching each other once again, exploring every part of each other. And entering you once more — how sweet it was to lie between your legs again, our most bodies touching, sliding together as one — and how thrilling to hold you close as your climax washed over you, me sealing my mouth over yours as you cried out in pleasure.

And as I neared my own climax, you ataşehir escort smiled up at me, sweetly saying that you’d really like to see this one — and so I pulled out of you, taking my erect cock in my hand (it was slick with you) and pumping it as I came all over your breasts. You reached up and rubbed my come into yourself — I took your hand and helped you. And we lay together, me on top of you, both of us catching our breath.

But it wasn’t long — why, I don’t know, was it just the power of attraction that your body will always hold over me — it wasn’t long at all until I felt stirrings again in my loins, and my cock, still damp from being inside you, began to lengthen. I was sure you could feel it too, as it was trapped between our bodies, left where it was, touching you near your navel, when I had simply straddled you and collapsed onto you.

I know you felt it because you stirred and turned your face to mine and kissed me gently as you stroked the side of my face. We kissed deeply for a while, your damp breasts against my chest, and I was very conscious kadıköy escort bayan of your nipples growing hard and pressing into my chest. Such beautiful breasts… and I was inspired to lift myself up and move my hips up your body, sitting astride you so that my now full erection touched your breasts. I reached down and touched the head of my cock to your nipple, circling the aureole with the tip, and brushing the shaft over the fullness of your breast. Then, as you watched intently, the same exercise with the other one.

Wetness — your breasts were still slippery from my semen; my cock was still lubricated from the slickness of your pussy, where it had so recently been held. I reached back and touched your pubic mound, finding it not only damp from our prior activity but freshly wet from what we were doing now. I slid my hand down your slit, running it sideways down the length of you, gathering up your juices, then bringing them back up and wiping them in the warm space between your breasts. This brought my cock fully back to life, as I slid it up and down escort maltepe in that space, taking your breasts in my hands and pushing them together so as to envelop my cock in your breasts. You lifted your head to look down at your cleavage, seeing the head of my cock emerge from between your tits, then watching it disappear back down into them. I also noticed the touch of your breasts on my scrotum — your breasts, what could be softer, what special wonderful material are they made of?

I could not bear much more of this, and you tilted your head up still further, so much so that when my cock would poke up from your breasts, the head of it nearly touched your chin and lips. My rhythm increased, and I pushed harder and faster with your words of encouragement until my climax was very near — at which point you lifted your head and shoulders off the bed, and pressed your breasts into my balls, your hands pulling me closer until the very tip of my cock just barely touched your lips just as I ejaculated, my white gel bursting out of the tip and onto your lips — which then encircled the tip and sucked gently, taking in the second, third, fourth spurts, flooding your mouth with the salty heat of my sperm.

I lay back on top of you, holding your body close to mine. “Let’s kiss,” I whispered, finding your mouth and tasting my own semen on your lips…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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