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Tauna’s Kids Explore Each Other

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Tauna and her kids had spent the afternoon playing in the pool, enjoying the last of the summer sun. They headed back into the house to shower and change for supper. Tauna went to her bedroom with the adjoining bathroom and the kids to their rooms. Kevin called dibs on having the first shower in the bathroom he shared with his sister.

He enjoyed a hot shower, the body splashing off of his muscular body and dripping off of his substantial manhood. He was well hung and he knew it. He had a reputation as a stud and a great lover and he had fucked a lot of girls who had approached him simply because they had heard of the size of his meat and wanted to try it. At 19 he’d already had a lot more pussy that most guys of 50!

He towelled himself off, wrapped the towel round his waist and went back to his room. “Maia, I’m finished.” He called in passing. He entered his room and swung the door closed. He forgot that the latch was faulty and inclined to allow the door to swing open a few centimetres.

Kevin went to sit at his computer and immediately noticed that something was out of place. He had standing orders for his mom to never touch his computer or the stuff on the desk. Partly because he was a neat freak and partly because of all of the porn on his machine. He had been collecting for years and he’d also added a considerable number of his own made with the full co-operation of many of the women he’d fucked. It seemed that once they had his 11 inches up them they became willing to try and do pretty much anything. He smiled at the thought.

Maia went into the shower. She was only a year younger than her brother but she’d always been the baby of the family and very much the little sister. She was petite, taking after her mother, but her body was beautiful, firm pert tits, flat stomach and fantastic rounded ass. She was a stunning looking girl with a great personality. An unlikely combination that lead her to be as popular with the girls as with the boys in her school.

On top of this she was very sensible and had decided early on not to screw around but rather to wait for the bursa escort right guy to be the first. She’d come very close to popping her cherry and she knew that it would happen soon. Her resolve was beginning to weaken under the constant demands of her libido and the wandering hands of her last couple of boyfriends.

She finished her shower quickly, dried off, wrapped a towel round her hair and another round her body and started off towards her room. Her towel was short barely covering her ass and her tits but she thought nothing of it, skimpy clothing, but not nudity, being very common in her house.

Maia walked past her brother’s door and glanced in, seeing that it was open. She noticed him sitting at his computer, staring intently at the screen, hand a blur in his lap. He was clearly masturbating and hadn’t even bothered to close the door! “Dirty bastard!” She thought. “I’ll show him.” She removed the towel from her hair and twisted, holding it taught between her hands. She entered silently and closed in on her target. “Hey!” she shouted and flicked the towel sharply towards where she assumed his cock would be.

The shout cause Kevin to swivel in his seat and half stand up. His towel slipped exposing his massive erection and causing it to come into very painful contact with the end of the towel.

“Owww! Fuck that hurt! What did you do that for you bitch?” He shouted. Snatching at his towel and rubbing his sore penis.

Maia was momentarily dumbstruck. She had over heard a couple of her friends talking about the size of his cock but thought they’d been exaggerating. She dragged her eyes away from his meat and looked at the computer. “I saw you wanking and you didn’t even have the decency to close your door!”

“What disgusting porn were you watching any….?” She didn’t finish her question because her eyes had now focused on the screen and she watched speechless as her mom was busily being heartily fucked by some young man.

“Have you been spying on Mom, you pervert?” She shouted.

“No I haven’t! I sat down and found someone had been messing about bursa escort bayan on my PC. I had a look and saw this mpeg file. Naturally I opened it. I was as shocked as you. But it’s my PC and I’m entitled to watch anything on there. So piss off!” He sat back down draping his towel over his cock and resumed watching.

Maia was standing at his left shoulder as he’d turned away from her. She hadn’t taken her eyes off the screen while Kevin was talking. She didn’t know if she could move she was so excited by what she saw.

She’d always had an open relationship with her mother being able to talk about pretty much anything. Her mom and dad, or sperm donor as mom called him, had split 3 years ago and Maia knew that she was missing the physical attention that she always said was the only reason she’d stayed with him so long. Obviously mom had decided it was time to move on.

Kevin seemed to have forgotten she was there. He was clearly hard and he dropped his hand down to massage his cock through his towel. Maia glanced between him and the screen loving what she saw and wasn’t surprised when Kevin dropped his towel and started to stroke his beautiful 11 inches in long slow deliberate movements.

On the screen Tauna was being royally fucked. She was on her back shouting obscenities to her lover. “Fuck me harder big boy. I love your cock up my cunt. Cum on my tits baby!” She was sweating, her breasts and nipples were engorged and she had her legs round his waist pulling him even deeper into her starving pussy.

Maia saw the guys face and recognised him as a young 19 year old guy that her mom had introduced her to in the mall one day. He was 6 foot tall and quite muscular, possibly a football player. Whatever, he certainly had a great ass!

Maia couldn’t contain herself any longer and slipped her hand under her towel. Being so short she had easy access to her pussy but it meant she was a bit exposed. She soon forgot that as she revelled in the feeling coursing through her body as she thumbed her clit.

Kevin turned his head and saw what she was doing. He grinned. escort bursa Lightning fast he swung round and pulled her towel off exposing her fit, firm young body.

“If you wanna do that in my room you have to be naked! Pull up a chair and watch comfortably or get out!”

Maia was momentarily shocked but thought “Fuck it! I have to watch.” She pulled up a chair next to Kevin. He was back watching and pulling at his meat. She could see pre-cum dripping down his shaft. Every now and again he’d smear it around to lubricate the stroking, making it glisten in the light. Maia didn’t think she’d ever seen anything so hot.

She looked at the screen again and now Tauna was on her hands and knees being fucked doggy style. She was moaning and shaking and gasping and then, “Yeh, baby, I’m cumming. I’ve missed this so much. Oh yeh, yeh!!!”

Maia shoved 2 fingers up her pussy and finger fucked herself hard and fast. She was close to cumming too. Very close. She glanced at Kevin and saw he was looking at her and wanking, his hand a blur. “I’m cumming!” She said.

Kevin reached over and pulled on her nipple. The extra sensation sent her over the edge and she saw that he started to cum too. Great streams of gooey creamy cum erupted out of his dick onto his legs, the floor and even a bit on his desk.

They gradually eased down from their euphoria. Kevin used the towel to wipe his cum up, moving around unself-consciously. Maia felt very relaxed but not satisfied. She looked at the screen again and it was clear Tauna thought the same thing. She had pushed the guy onto his back and was riding up and down on his cock.

Maia started to trace her fingers over her pussy lips and around her clit. She looked at Kevin. “I’m like Mom; I need more than one orgasm. I suppose you’re finished?” Her experience was that once she’d jerked or sucked a guy off he was finished and she regularly had to masturbate herself to climax because the guys had lost interest.

Kevin grinned. He stroked his cock half a dozen times and it grew back to its full length and firmness. “Does it look like I’m finished?” He asked. He took one of her hands and placed it on his helmet. “Full strength and ready to go!” He boasted.

He reached over and began playing with her nipples again. They had clearly passed some unspoken point of no return.

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