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Teachers Extra Credit Ch. 01

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Attending college is hard work when you have to work to support yourself also. I have held my nose to the grindstone for quite a while now, doing all the homework and all the extra credit to enhance my GPA for the chance of a few token scholarships to help along the way.

I was sitting in the commons one day with my nose buried in a book. Two girls behind me were carrying on a muffled conversation. My eyes caught the faintest of words mentioning one of the teachers I have in the next semester. I listened more intently wanting to see what they say about him.

“Oh yeah, ” she whispered, “he gives great extra credit.”

Thinking that is exactly what I need, I didn’t give their conversation much more thought and returned to my studying.

In the fall I arrived at Mr. Jones class promptly, wanting to set a good example. He was a handsome older gentleman. We each introduced ourselves and told a little bit about ourselves to the class. Then it was his turn. Mr. Jones spoke briefly but firmly, almost in a mysterious fashion. Perhaps it was because I wanted to know more about him that I felt slighted, I’m not sure.

Anatomy class proceeded. He forewarned us that this was one of the harder classes, so we would need to stay vigilant about our grades. I raised my hand.

“Do you allow us to do extra credit, if need be?”

“On a case by case basis, only.”

He sounds like he is going to be a pretty demanding teacher but I already know that I work better under pressure so I should be fine.

A week later our first test is returned to us. Some of my essay answers were close but he still dinged me and counted them wrong. I talked to the girl next to me, she let me glance at her answers. I was shocked to see that he didn’t ding her for the same things. My shock led to outright anger immediately… how dare he?

After class I approached him about it, thinking when it was just the two of us that he may correct the error. He didn’t budge an inch so I pointed out that he had favored the other girl’s answers. I saw his nostrils flare slightly then his eyes bore into me.

“I guess I was tired when I graded hers but I won’t recant
my score on her paper.”

“This is one of the lowest test scores I have ever received.”

“Then I guess you will just have to work harder.”

He turned back to his briefcase, as if to dismiss me. I stood there a while.

He looked at me again, “Was there anything else?”

“Um, no I guess not. Have a good evening.”

I walked from the classroom feeling like I had just alienated the one person that I needed to befriend. The next couple classes I gave my full concentration to Mr. Jones. Test day arrived. I felt good when I left, knowing that I had done pretty well. The next time we convened I was shocked to see that I had done well on my multiple choice but my essay answers, which were worth 10 points a piece, were not marked good at all. At break I asked the other girl to see her paper again. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that he did not dock her for giving the same answers I had.

After class I remained in my seat while the others left. He commenced to pack his briefcase, while I watched him.

“Is there a problem, Ms. Smith?”

“Yes, I think there is.”

“Well, out with it, I have other things I need to attend to.”

“You didn’t give me credit for good essay answers again.”

“Then you must have had the wrong answer.”

“No, the girl next to me had the same answers and you didn’t dock her.”

“You seem to forget that essay questions are open to the teachers interpretation.”

“Her answers were almost identical to mine.”

“Or, perhaps you copied her answer during the test.”

“NO, I am not a cheater!”

“Then work harder next time.”

“This is wrong. I think you are singling me out.”

“And why would I do that?”

“I don’t know but I smell a rat here.”

“Perhaps you should consider doing extra credit.”

“Perhaps you should consider giving me the points I deserve on my test.”

“This conversation is over. I will see you in class Monday.”

I sat there bewildered. I have never encountered a teacher like this man. He is not only rude but he is partial. The thought of dropping the class crossed my mind, when I left the classroom. At least if I take the class with another teacher I will get the grades I deserve. On the way to my out, in a last ditch effort, I turn around and headed to his office to discuss extra credit.

When I arrived the lights were on behind the curtain in the window. Knocking on the door, there is no response. Any thoughts I had about pleading to do extra credit left my mind, like the wind going out of a sail. I walked to the closest chair, just around the corner and sat down trying to weigh other options.

I head his door open. I was about to get up when I head a female voice.

“Thank you Mr. Jones, I really appreciate you helping me with this class.”

Remaining quietly around the corner, I listen intently for the rest of the conversation.

“You’re ataşehir escort bayan welcome Ms. Brown. As you can see I can be a very forgiving teacher at times.”

“Yes, you are and you have no idea how rewarding this experience, ummm… I mean class, has been for me.”

“Good, I’m glad. I will see you on Monday.”

I hunched down into the cushy chair in the small lounge trying to remain hidden. I saw the girl from my class walk down the other side of the hallway with a bounce in her step. I was trying to absorb what just took place. I know the conversation seemed innocent enough but something told me there was more to it. I picked up my books and walked to his office after the girl that I had compared test scores with, was out of sight.

Tapping lightly on the doorframe, “Mr. Jones?”

He looked up quickly, “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough.”

“Long enough for what?”

“Long enough to know you are giving favors to another student.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really.”

“And what favors to you think I am giving?”

“I’m not sure but I know something isn’t quite right here.”

With a smirk he said, “Perhaps you should reconsider the extra credit Ms. Smith.”

“And just what do you consider extra credit?”

“Oh there is a myriad of things we can do.”


“Yes, we.”

“I’m confused. Don’t you give me an assignment to take home?”

“No, my extra credit is hands on.”

“You mean in the lab?”

“Sometimes, or sometimes right here in my office.”

“Well, I am ready to do something to regain some points in this class.”

“Are you ready to do something… or anything?”

I saw his eyes glance from my face to my breasts as he anticipated my answer.

Testing him, I answered, “Anything.”

“Good answer. I think you earned a couple extra points already.”

“That was easy enough.”

“Perhaps, but we will see just how intent you are on passing this class.”

How I detested this man but I was also found him very sexy. I knew what he was hinting at, I wasn’t born yesterday.

“How many points do I earn for closing and locking your office door?”

“Two points, ” he answered with a glint in his eye.

I set my book bag on his desk and turned to close and lock the door. I started to walk toward him feeling very much in control of this situation, knowing what he was looking for.

“Stop, now.”

I halted in my tracks. Once the door was closed his demeanor changed entirely. I felt a chill run up my spine, wondering what I was getting myself into. By this time of night all the evening classes had ended. If I needed help, I doubt anyone would be around if I needed them.

He leaned back in his desk chair, clasping his hands behind his head. He devoured me with his eyes, like a lion contemplating a gazelle. Something inside me wanted to bolt out the door but something stronger held me in place.

“Each of your pieces of clothing are worth 2 points. Remove them now.”

My hands were shaking when I reached to pull my t-shirt off. Unfastening my shorts I pulled them off next. I chastised myself for not wearing a bra today, knowing I could have earned another 2 points. I raised my hands to cover my exposed breasts.


“Well what?”

“Do you think 8 points measly are going to improve your grade all that much?”

“It will help.”

“Listen girl, this is a one time offer to help. If you don’t want my help then so be it. You’re wasting mytime here.”

“Ok, ok.”

I reached for my panties to pull them down. Deciding to take it a step further, I turned and bent over slowly while I pulled them down, purposely holding my legs together tightly so the crotch of my panties held snuggly between my legs, then popped out.

“Do you like what you see Mr. Jones?”

“Very much so. Now lets see what ‘anything’ means to a slut like you.”

My gasp at his words only propelled him further.

“Yes, you are a little slut. I saw you looking at me in class the very first day. You were intent on knowing more about me, then pouted when I didn’t relent.”

Damn, he was very observant. I didn’t realize I was so transparent.

“Those pouting lips should be wrapped around my cock right now.”

I started to stand upright again when I felt his hands on my hips, pulling me backward. He came up out of his chair in a heartbeat, standing behind my naked body, holding me against him. His large hands groped my breasts then carefully rolled each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. When he had them hardened he pinched them, slowly and meticulously, almost as if he were gauging my pain tolerance.

“Oh Gawd, that hurts, please not so hard.”

His mouth came close to my ear, “You are really in no position to make demands.” He grabbed a cloth off his desk and pushed it into my mouth. Turning my body, he pushed me face first, down on his desk. His hand held my upper body down while my cheek felt the cold glass top under me.

“First of all, escort kadıöy we need to rectify the way you smarted off to me at our first and second meeting. Nothing annoys me more than a disrespectful student.”

His hand landed hard on my right ass cheek. ~SMACK

I screamed out under the cloth but it was muffled.

His hand landed a second time, presumable for the second meeting. ~SMACK

I tried to plead, to no avail. My words were indistinguishable under the cloth, not that it would have mattered to him anyway. He seemed bent on vengeance, or discipline, as he would call it. My ass was burning hot from his hand. He lowered his hand again but this time he rubbed itsoftly.

“You have a nice ass for an older woman.”

He slid his hand over my ass, down to the V of my legs. I started to protest but he grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back, holding them in place with one of his hands. He pulled out a drawer and grabbed a soft white rope. Using his body as leverage he held me in place and tied my wrists together behind me.

My heart was racing at this point. I could have handled giving sex or a blowjob for extra credit but something told me that this man was way above my head. He resumed reaching to the V of my legs again. I could not defend myself in this position. It is humanly impossible to stand without hands to aid myself. His fingers loomed close to my pussy but not touching, like he was taunting me.

He used his feet to push my feet apart, exposing my pussy. He held me down with his hand on my lower back while he reached in his briefcase. I heard metal clink right before he reached down to handcuff my right ankle to the desk. He released me at that point. I could feel him behind me but he wasn’t touching me anymore. Most assuredly he was admiring his handiwork.

“I have imagined you in this position since the first day of class.”

I had played into his trap. All along he had anticipated this, that is why he was giving me such shitty grades and I was stupid enough to fall into the trap. I saw the lights in the hallway go out, through the curtains. There was a knock on his door.

He hissed at me, “Do NOT make a sound, do you hear me?”

I nodded my head.

He walked to the door and opened it slightly. It was the security guard.

“I saw your light on Mr. Jones. I’m doing last rounds and wanted to make sure all the lights were off.”

“No problem. I am working over tonight. You know how it gets when I have tests to grade. I will be sure to turn the light off when I leave.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Jones. Don’t work too late.”

He closed the door again, locking it behind him. He came behind me again, leaning down to whisper in my ear.

“You listened well slut.”

He took hold of my hair and my hands, helping me to stand. He turned me to the side, facing him. My ankle was still shackled to the desk. Without a word, he pushed me to my knees in front of him. My eyes were glued to his hands. I watched him unfasten the buckle on his belt. The sound of the metal reverberated in the small office. In slow motion I watched him unbutton his slacks. The zipper sounded as loud as the buckle when he lowered it. He pulled the cloth out of my mouth.

His cock was nice sized, the veins bulging, the head purple. I couldn’t wait to taste it. Even though I am an older woman I am still younger than him but his cock is no indication of his age, it’s rock hard. One thing nice about being an older woman is having experience giving blowjobs. Not only do I enjoy giving head, I loved hearing the mans heated breath during the process. I knew I had this part of my extra credit nailed down. He pulled his cock from under his boxers and pushed it against my lips. I greedily opened my mouth to take him. He placed his hands on my head and held me firm while he thrust his hips forward. His cock rammed into the back of my throat before I could start sucking it. I gagged and sputtered but he didn’t let up.

Spit started to drip down my chin. He let go of my head and I recoiled, trying to catch my breath. I only got a few deep breaths in me before he grabbed my head again and shoved his cock back in, fucking my throat. I gagged spit around his cock while he pushed harder. Then he released the pressure on my head, sliding his cock back out a little. Now I could suck it, and suck it I did. I sucked like a whore, wanting to hear his moans, knowing I was getting to him.

His flaccid balls swung against me, hitting my chin. I could feel them tightening right before he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I looked up at him. He had a look on his face that was hard to describe. It was lust but it was also a look of surprise.

He pulled me upright, unceremoniously dumping me on my belly on the desk again. He didn’t replace the cloth in my mouth this time but I still tried to be quiet in case anyone was around. A far cry from earlier, when I wanted to be able to scream for help. It was obvious to me that Mr. Jones enjoyed being in charge and he seemed to enjoy rough maltepe escort sex. Maybe I could learn something from this teacher, after all.

His fingers slid up and down between my pussy lips. I was soaked. He used his fingers to splay my lips apart before he shoved two fingers up my snatch. He pumped me hard and fast. I could feel my body climbing, wanting release. He slowed down and pulled his fingers out, putting them to my mouth.

“Lick them off slut.”

I licked and sucked at his fingers like a hungry kitten. He pulled his hand back and slid them to my pussy again. He finger fucked me again, harder and faster this time. I felt my tits smashing against the glass under me, from the force. But he stopped again when I was close to reaching orgasm.

“Oh please, please, let me cum, please?”

“No slut, not yet. I’m not done with your extra credit yet. You must learn.”

“Yes, Mr. Jones.”

He reached for a glass paperweight on his desk. It wasn’t round like some it was shaped more like a small fluorescent light bulb. It dawned on me in that moment, what he was going to do with it. He held the 6″ long, rounded paperweight to my pussy. The cold glass felt even colder against my hot pussy lips. He held it tight and slid the end in, taunting and teasing my pussy for more. Occasionally he pulled it out and ran it up and down between my lips. I knew I couldn’t take much more without exploding.

Slowly, with intent, he teased my body without mercy. He pulled it out one last time, holding it to my face.

“Just look at all your white cream on there. Now what am I going to do with that?”

“I… I don’t know Mr. Jones. What are you going to do with it?”

He pulled it back to my pussy, sliding it up between my sloppy pussy lips again, running it up further, closer to my ass. Each time he moved higher and higher until the round glass was perched at my puckered hole. He pulled it back for a second and lowered his mouth to my ass, probing and prodding with his tongue.

“Oh please untie me so I can hold my ass cheeks apart… please?”

He raised his hand and slapped my ass hard. ~SMACK

“You are in no position to demand anything of me girl.”

“Yes, Mr. Jones.”

“I wish I had my bag of toys here. I have a nice fat dick that would fit so nicely in that sweet cunt hole of yours.”

“Oh, Mr. Jones that sounds wonderful.”

He pushed the makeshift glass dildo against my ass again. This time he persisted until it passed my tight sphincter muscle. I screamed quietly, trying to hide the brief stab of pain from him. I could feel him sliding it deeper, stretching my anal canal. He pushed it in about 4″ and let it sit there, releasing it. Going to his briefcase again he pulled out a digital camera. From his vantage point he captured my face smashed against his desk, as well as the glass dildo sticking out of my ass.

“Now that I have my insurance, I can finish your extra credit today Ms. Smith.”

“You’re an ass!”

“Perhaps I am, but I always get what I want and I have wanted you from day one.”

“Fuck you!”

I saw his face change from spite to anger in a matter of a few seconds.

“No, fuck YOU slut.”

He slid the toy out of my ass and pushed it to my mouth, forcing me to lick it after it was in my ass. Setting it back on the desk he grabbed my hips. His engorged cock pierced my cunt and slammed deep inside my body.

“Oh fuckkkk!”

“That’s right slut, now you will learn who the teacher is, who better to teach you anatomy than me.”

He pounded my pussy harder and faster with each thrust. I could hear his breathing become more rapid. He slid his cock out fast.

“Damn you slut, you just about made me cum.”


His hand landed on my ass again, hard. ~SMACK ~SMACK ~SMACK

“When will you learn to curb that tongue of yours?”


“I will teach you, one way or the other.”

He held his throbbing, pussy soaked cock at my ass. Surprisingly he moved slowly, pushing the bulbous head of his cock against me. I could feel it about to give way. I bent my knees slightly and pushed against him. The head popped in. I let out a guttural scream at his size.

“Oh fuckkkkkkkkk!”

“That’s it slut, take my cock up your shit hole.”

“Oh gawd, fuck my ass, pleaseeee.”

“You seem to be enjoying this, maybe I should quit.”

“No, no please please, don’t stop!”

“Are you going to smart off to me again?”

“No Mr. Jones, I promise. Oh gawd, please just fuck my ass for me.”

“Mmmm, every student has a weakness. Your weakness is the fact that you like to have your tight little ass fucked.”

“Yes Mr. Jones, now please, I need to feel your cock buried deep in my ass.”

He untied my wrists and sat down in his chair, pulling me back with him. I landed on his cock full force, shoving it deep into my ass.

“Oh my gawdddddd, that hurt!”

“Ride my cock, slut.”

Grabbing at the edge of his desk, I planted my feet on the floor. Pulling myself up and down I rode his cock, long and hard. Finally when he was close to cumming he grabbed each of my wrists pulling them behind me again. He didn’t cross my arms, he held onto each arm for leverage when he shoved me forward on the desk. Standing behind me he pumped his cock deep and hard into my ass.

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