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Teaching Kat 05: Roleplaying Fun

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“Im super bored & horny.”

The text from Kat, my eighteen-year-old neighbor, popped up on my phone a little after 1:00 pm. Almost a week had passed since we had last been together, an afternoon filled with new sexual adventures for the cute and sexy girl, and physical pleasure mixed with growing guilt for me. A married man in his mid-thirties, one with two kids and a loving wife, had no business guiding the literal girl next door through the exploration of her sexuality. But that was exactly who I was and what I was doing. And part of me knew I should stop. But another part, the one doing most of my thinking when I was near Kat, could not give up the chance to continue exploring with such an energetic and enthusiastic young woman.

“Aren’t U at school?” I replied, glancing toward the window to the garage floor as I typed.

“Ys. Fucking sucks. Want U.”

“What do U want?” I knew I should not encourage her to keep texting me. She should be concentrating on school, and I had a business to manage. But, as I was quickly learning, I did not make the best decisions where Kat was concerned.

“Give U BJ.”

A surge of desire for the teen stiffened my dick a little, and I knew I had to put an end to the conversation.

“& U fuck me. Hard.” The words appeared on my screen before I could formulate my intended message, and my resolve crumbled.

“Supposed to spank and tie U up,” I typed. A moment’s hesitation preceded my finger tapping the send button.

“Fucking parents home this weekend.” A frowning emoticon followed the words.

“So r wife & kids.”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Sorry.” I knew that single word would do nothing to help Kat’s frustration, or my own for that matter, but I did not know what else to say.

“Just a sec.”

I nodded, realized that Kat could not see the gesture, and sighed. This whole texting thing did not come as naturally to me as it seemed to for her. Drumming my fingers, I waited for the next message. After a couple of minutes, I wondered whether something had come up. Deciding that was for the better, I resumed what I had been doing before the blonde girl had texted me — reconciling invoices. The buzz of an incoming call distracted me from this task. I picked up my phone and saw Kat’s number.


“Hey, Brian,” Kat’s hushed voice responded.

“What are you doing? Where are you?”

“In the bathroom and calling you.”

“Oh. I really shouldn’t be talking to you at work,” I said, again glancing through the window to make sure none of the mechanics were on their way into the office.

“But my poor little pussy is soaking wet.” Kat’s words, rendered in an even huskier tone than her normally plenty throaty voice, left me speechless. “I’m rubbing it, but I need your cock… or your tongue. Or maybe your tongue while I suck your cock. How does that sound.”

“Wonderful,” I sighed, my erection growing firm enough to strain against my pants. “But I’m…”

“I know, I know. You’re at work. But you know what? I think my car has a problem. Too bad I won’t be able to get it there until after you close. Can you wait for me?”

My lips formed a ‘no’, but the word itself stuck somewhere in my throat as I considered the possibilities. All the mechanics should be gone or on their way out by 5:00 pm, barring a late-arriving customer. And my wife would not find it unusual for me to an hour or more late from work. She knew I sometimes stayed late to finish paperwork or make sure the actual parts on hand matched the inventory. The only issue would be Carlos, the shop manager. He sometimes stayed late as well. And despite the fact that my uncle had made me the business manager, Carlos believed he ran everything.

“I’ll get back to you one that,” I told the girl.


“I’ll get back to you.” My tone left no room for argument.


“Hey, Carlos,” I said, raising my voice above the ever-present shop noise.

“What is it, Brian?” the older man asked, and like always, he tried to stare me down in what I assumed was an attempt to put me in my place.

“My neighbor’s daughter has been having some trouble with her car. I usually help her with regular maintenance and stuff, but we need to use some of the equipment…”

“Have her bring it in.”

“She can’t afford…”

“You can’t use the shop for shit like that. Paying customers only.”

“I already talked to Greg, and he said it’s okay…”

“Of course you did,” Carlos grumbled, his stare turning even more disdainful. I knew he resented that my uncle had made me the business manager — as well as the boss over the shop manager, at least on paper — so I tended not to push him directly.

“I’ll do all the work…”

“Fuck yeah, you will. Me and my guys won’t do shit.”

“It’ll be after 5:00 before she can get here.”

Carlos’s dark eyes narrowed for several seconds before a smirk I could best describe as knowing settled on his feature.

“Don’t worry. We’ll all be gone before your puta gets here.”

“It’s not like that,” I said, attempting indignation but sounding defensive even to my own ears. bursa yabancı escort “She’s the neighbor girl.”

“Yeah, so you said,” Carlos scoffed. “We’ve all worked on cars for neighbor girls like that.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure, Brian. Sure.”


Carlos and the mechanics were all gone by 5:10 pm. The shop manager had even slapped me on the back and given me an exaggerated wink. I tried again to tell him he had the wrong idea, but he just grinned. As he walked out the door, I heard him talking in Spanish to one of the mechanics, telling him that I was waiting for a puta to give me una chupada. Both men laughed.

Alone, I glanced at my phone. I had texted Kat to tell her to come by the shop at 5:15 pm. Her only reply had been a ‘K’, which I took for agreement. I had also texted Cami, my wife, to tell her I would be late. She had not replied.

At almost 5:20 pm, I opened the garage door and Kat drove her 1999 Wrangler into the garage. The Jeep had belonged to Cami before it was Kat’s, and the only reason Kat’s parents had bought it for her was because I had promised it was safe. Her mother had wanted her to have a smaller car, but Kat liked the Jeep.

“So, what’s the problem, ma’am?” I asked as the girl hopped out of the 4X4. She wore a loose, emerald green polo shirt and not so loose khaki pants, the uniform of her charter school.

“I need a good fucking,” Kat grinned, her dark blonde hair framing her face in a way that made her look younger than she did most of the time.


“Oh… you’re wearing coveralls.” My young lover chewed on her bottom lip and played with her dark blonde hair but said nothing else.

“I thought maybe we could, you know… roleplay,” I said after a few seconds of silence.

“I… get that. But…”

“If you don’t want to…”

“Do we have time?”

“I… when do you need to be home?”

“Maybe an hour. You?”

“Probably the same.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Sexy girl who can’t pay for car repairs.”

“Kinda thought that’s where you were going,” Kat grinned. Then her expression shifted to wide-eyed concern as she twirled a strand of long hair around her finger. “How much did you say it was going to be?”

“Um… $1500.”

“But my mom only gave me $500 for repairs. That’s all we got, since I just got my license and insurance cost a bunch for a someone my age.”

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at the now pouting eighteen-year-old, trying to figure out why she was claiming to be a brand new driver when I knew she had gotten her license two years ago. I started to ask what she was doing, but before I formed the words, I realized her intent. Both my heart and my penis responded, the first by beating faster and the second by stiffening.

“$500 barely covers the parts, Ms. Dennison.”

“Dennison? You got the wrong customer, sir. My name is Kain. Kitty Kain. So, maybe the amount is wrong too?”

“Um… no… this is your car, right Ms. Kain?” I pointed to the dark red jeep. Kat chewed on her lip for a few seconds before nodding, eyes downcast.

“So, like I said, $500 barely covers the parts.”

“Can we work out a deal Mr….?

“Call me Brian.”

“Okay, Brian. So, could I pay a little at a time?”

“Those deals never work. I need payment in full before I can release the vehicle back to you.”

“But I don’t have another $1000.” Kat’s voice squeaked on the number. That and her defeated, helpless expression seemed quite real, and I found myself impressed by her acting ability. But then again, that made sense. The girl must be acting all the time at home just to get along with the rest of her family, especially her mother.

“There might be another way, one where you could pay me in full and get your Jeep back today.”

The blonde’s face morphed from despair to grateful excitement. A huge smile on her cute face, she bounced up and down, clapped her hands, and squealed. She also said something I did not catch. My attention had focused on the movement of her breasts under the loose top, as it was readily apparent that she wore no bra.

“Oh, thank you Brian. Thank you. I’ll do anything.”

“Well, I have to charge you for the parts, so I’ll need the $500. And you can work off the rest.”

“I… uh… I don’t know how to do anything with cars,” she said, her voice small as confusion and concern settled on her features.

“Do you know how to suck a cock?” Kat’s eyes flew wide in feigned shock, one hand going to her wide-open mouth. It was the first thing I thought she had oversold, but it was still good. The girl was a natural actress.

“I… I’ve never done that before, Brian,” she whimpered, a convincing tremor in her voice. “I’ve never even seen a man’s… thingie.”

“Well, I guess we don’t have a deal then…”

“I’ve let my boyfriend fuck me.”

My erection twitched at those words, and I wondered whether she had gone through with sex with Clarke since I saw her last or this was just her playing her part.

“But it was dark, so I didn’t see his… bursa sınırsız escort dick.”

“Did he see your tits?” I asked, making myself leer at the way the young woman’s unbound breasts pushed out even her loose top.

“I had my shirt on. He felt them. Underneath, I mean.”

“Has any man seen your tits?”

“Um… no.”

“Well, I’d like to be the first. Take your shirt off.”

Kat gave quick shake of her head while chewing her lip. I did not say anything else, simply leered, my eyes glued to her chest.

“Okay…” she sighed, her tone flat and defeated. I tapped my foot and smirked at her as she hesitated. After a few seconds, Kat closed her eyes and pulled her top of over her head. Her firm, somewhat torpedo shaped breasts bounced free, the already protruding nipples suggesting she was as turned on by all of this as I was.

“Fantastic,” I said, stepping closer and grabbing each breast.

“I didn’t say you could touch…” she started to object, but her words trailed off into a low moan as I rubbed my palms across her engorged nubs.

“You Like that?”

“No,” she snapped, but the lust in her eyes put the lie to that harsh word.

“I think you do,” I chuckled, lightly pinching her nipple now and eliciting a longer, even lower moan.

“You got grease on my boobs, Brian!” The voice was Kat’s normal voice, and my grin faded as she glared at me.

“I… well… if I’m a mechanic, I’d have grease on my hands…”

The blonde inhaled deeply, eyes closed.

“But why were your hands dirty in the first place? You’re not really…”

“It was all part of my plan,” I shrugged, my voice sheepish. “To play my part.”

“You didn’t even know if I would agree.”

“I knew you would.” My confident words earned me another glare.

“Shit… I can’t get it on my shirt. Or any of my clothes.”

“Um… we can clean you up before you get dressed.”

“Or, we can do it now.”

“How about after the BJ but before we fuck?”

“How about now or you get neither of those.”

“I think it would be hot for you to blow me on your knees with the grease on your tits…”

Kat groaned and rolled her eyes, arms crossed over her chest.

“Um… you probably have it on your arms now.”

“Fuck, Brian,” she groaned, dropping her arms.


Silence hung between us, awkward and tense.

“I’ll clean my hands and then clean you,” I said after maybe a minute.

“You will certainly clean your hands. I know how much you like to grab my head when I give you a blowie, and I don’t want that shit in my hair.”

“Oh… that’s a good point.”

“You think?”

I ignored the venom in her tone and expression as I scooped hand cleaner out of a jar. When I had all the grease off, I said, “Your turn, Kat.”

“You can do it after my first payment.”

“You mean a blowjob?”

“But I told you I’ve never done that before, Brian,” she gasped, slipping back into the wide-eyes innocence of her character. Relieved we were past the tension of the moment before, I shrugged and shook my head.

“No BJ, no deal.”

“But I’ll let you fuck me.”

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you. But first, I want to see that cute face stuffed full of my cock and staring up at me.”

“Oh…” Kat whispered, hand covering her mouth again.

“Because even a sexy young thing like you doesn’t have a pussy that’s worth $1000 alone. Mouth and pussy together might be worth that much… we’ll have to see.”

“Oh,” she said again, eyes meeting mine and then dropping. “Then I guess I have to.”


“Okay… I can do this. Should I get on my knees now?”

“No… you need to be naked.”

A wicked grin crossed Kat’s face before she could suppress it. I returned it, winking at my young lover.

“I… okay…”

Gaze locked on the floor, the blonde kicked off her shoes before sliding her khakis down. Wearing only a pair of pink panties, she glanced up at me with a mute appeal for mercy.

“Panties too,” I said in response to her plaintive look. Kat shuddered, but her panties soon dropped down her legs, leaving her clad only in a pair of white socks. I decided to let her keep those on, given that the floor was probably cold. But that thought led to concern about her knees.

“Just a moment,” I told her, forcing my eyes away from her smoothly shaven pussy.

“Brian, what are you doing?”

Not bothering to respond to her question, I grabbed a handful of clean shop towels from a cabinet. When I was back standing in front of the bemused girl, I dropped the towel on the floor in a pile.

“For your knees,” I told her, but she shook her head and kicked the towels away.

“A girl paying off her mechanic on her knees shouldn’t be too comfortable, Brian. You need to make her really work for it.”

“I… “

Kat knelt, hands on her knees as she looked up at me, bright blue eyes expectant, lips pursed. Unzipping my coveralls, I pulled them down below my waist, letting them hang. Kat licked her lips in what must have been an unconscious gesture, as that level of lasciviousness görükle escort did not fit the character she was playing.

“Unzip my pants, little Kitty,” I instructed. Kat bit back a laugh as she rolled her eyes.

“That’s kinda creepy, Brian,” she said even while her fingers undid my pants and pulled them as far down as she could.

“So, I shouldn’t say anything like that again?”

“Oh, you should. Be even creepier, if you want.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Oh no. And if you could feel my pussy, you’d know that.”

I groaned both from her words and because her soft hand had just pulled my throbbing manhood free of my underwear. When I did not say anything, Kat fell back into character.

“Oh wow. It’s bigger than I thought it would be. My boyfriend’s thingie didn’t feel that big when he fucked me.”

“If you’re going to suck a cock, you can say ‘cock’, I teased her.”

“Okay… I… I like the feel of your… cock. It’s warm… and kinda soft on the outside… but so hard inside. I thought it would all be hard.”

“Give it a taste, sweetie.”

“Ummmm… I… what’s coming out of it? Is that your… cum?” The blonde whispered the last word.

“It’s called precum, Kitty,” I said, running my fingers through her soft hair as her face drew closer to the tip of my dick. “It comes out when a man’s excited. When I really come, it will be thicker and there’ll be a lot more of it.”

“Oh… um… does it taste bad?”

“My wife doesn’t think so, and neither does my girlfriend.”

Kat rolled her eyes and shook her head, but her smile and sparkling blue orbs told the real story.

“Okay, I’ll try…”

I had intended to say something encouraging, but Kat’s lips engulfing the head of my dick before sliding a couple of inches down made me forget to speak. And as her tongue wiggled against my sensitive flesh while she worked up and down my shaft, applying suction all the while, I realized the role play only extended to the situation, not the blowjob itself. She was using all the skills she had so quickly mastered over the past few weeks.

“Fuck, that feels good,” I sighed, stroking her soft hair. A disappointed groan followed as she pulled her lips off with a popping sound.

“Am I doing good? It’s better than I thought it would be. And you taste yummy. I thought it would be all gross and taste like pee.”

“You are doing great, Kitty. You’re a natural.”

“Thanks!” The girl beamed up at me. “That’s what girls are good for, right? Fucking and sucking? At least, that’s what my boyfriend keeps telling me, but he’s only gotten to fuck me the once, and I’ve never sucked him off.”

“Will you after this?”

“Maybe,” she shrugged, giving me a wink as well. “But he’s gonna have to do something really nice for me first. Like you’re doing.”

“And that makes you want to suck my cock?”

“It makes me want to lick you up and down.” And as the girl demonstrated her meaning by sliding her wet, wiggling tongue up and down my now glistening shaft, I shivered and moaned.

“Like a good little Kitty,” I laughed, petting her head.

“Meow, meow,” she said before slurping along the entire length of my erection like it was a popsicle.

“Fuck, Kat… that’s…”

“Kitty. I’m Kitty. Your good little Kitty, right?”

“Yeah, my good little Kitty.”

“You going to make your little Kitty purr after she drinks all your cream?”

“Oh yeah,” I moaned, my knees weak because as soon as she had finished speaking, Kat swallowed half my dick in one motion.

Grabbing a nearby toolbox for support, I did my best to think about something other than coming. I did not want this to end too soon. But when Kat made herself gag a couple of times, all without those intense blue eyes ever wavering from their stare up at me, I knew I would fail at prolonging this. So, I gave myself to the pleasure of the blonde’s eager, talented mouth, filling it with spurt after spurt.

“So fucking yummy,” Kat giggled after she let my softening dick fall from her lips. “I’ll drink your cream any time you want.”

“There’s a little that right here,” I said, brushing my finger on the corner of my own lips to show Kat where a bit of semen had trickled out of her mouth.

“Do you want to get it for me?” she asked, eyes fluttering.

“Dropping the innocent Kitty routine?”

“Maybe,” she said with a grin and a slight shrug.

“You’re something else,” I said, returning her smile as I fed her spunk off my finger. My dick, which had softened a little, responded to the sight of her lips tight around my finger and the fell of wet, soft suction. And that I was ready to go again was not lost on Kat.

“Hmmm… I guess I have more to pay, huh Brian?” Her thin, soft gingers traced up and down my rigid length, igniting tingling sensations that ran from scrotum to tip. After a shiver, I moved her hand away as I pulled the naked eighteen-year-old to her feet and kissed her. While our tongues battled, I zipped and buttoned my pants, although I left the coveralls loose.

“Come with me,” I told her after our lips parted. Kat bit her bottom lip but did not resist as I pulled her into my office. I rolled my chair to the side, turned Kat to face the desk, and bent her over until her torso was lying on the paper strewn surface. And while admiring her round, firm ass, I stepped out of my coveralls and pulled down my pants and underwear.

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