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Teaching The Young Brat Ch. 02

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“Don’t mind me,” she said, sipping her coffee as she walked into the living room.

“Aunt!” Bobby was shocked; one, her aunt wasn’t supposed to have been at home and two, her aunt’s reaction wasn’t what she had expected.

She was lying below her uncle on the couch and they were in the middle of an intense sixty-nine. She had cut her classes’ midway through the morning session and rushed back home because her aunt was to be with Prachi from ten in the morning to five in the evening.

She hadn’t noticed her aunt’s car in the porch and so she had used the spare keys she kept with her to let herself in.

Her uncle was seated on the couch, reading the newspaper. Since they had planned their meeting in the morning itself, he was dressed in no more than a pair of loose shorts.

She had flung her purse and bag on the chair by the couch and standing before him, had begun to hurriedly undo the buttons of her skimpy blouse.

No words were spoken and he watched, the newspaper still in hand as she got rid of her clothes one by one and most urgently.

Naked, she pushed her hair back over her head, licked her lips and walked to him. Reaching the couch, she pulled the newspaper out of his hands and flung it on to the floor.

She knelt down on the floor and pushing his knees apart, crawled between them. She didn’t bother to take off his shorts; they were so loose, she easily pushed back the cloth and clutched his cock that sprang out from within.

He shuddered when her cool hands wrapped around his erection.

“Aahhhh,” she said, jerking the shaft with her hand and fondling his balls at the same time. She had to admit that he was always prepared. It had been three days since he had first fucked her and he always seemed to walk around with a perpetual hard on.

His hands sank into her long lustrous hair when she opened her mouth wide, bent down and took his cock in her mouth. He brought his knees together to clamp the side of his thighs against her face, his ass coming off the couch as he began to move up and down, fucking her hot mouth.

She grabbed his hands and guided them to her tits. He cupped them and began to pinch her erect nipples. She sucked him with renewed vigor.

“I want to taste your cunt too, sweetie,” he rasped out.

She rose and pushed him onto his back on the couch. She pulled his shorts out and got on the couch and on top of him. Lying on his body, she pressed her cunt into his face, at the same time, pushing his cock back into her mouth.

Her head began to bob faster and faster as his tongue played around her cunt lips and her clit before finally thrusting inside her.

And that was when Varsha walked in from the kitchen, a cup of coffee in her hands.

She made no attempt to soft pedal into the room. She walked as she normally did: clicking her slippers against her heels. She was dressed in her nightie; a skimpy and loose blue number that reached midway to her knees and had a deep ‘V’ in front. She had tied her long hair in a bun behind her. Apparently, she had just finished with her bath because she looked freshly scrubbed.

Bobby tried to get off her uncle’s body but he merely hooked a leg around her back, trapping her there. His cock was brushing against her face and she was squirming because he hadn’t stopped fucking her cunt with his tongue.

“Oh c’mon, Bobby,” her aunt said, sitting down on the chair in front of the couch and putting the cup on the side table. “I wasn’t born yesterday. And besides, it looks like you need some coaching here: your boyfriend can’t fuck for nuts.”

Bobby was shocked. Again, it wasn’t just that her aunt had used that word (the language that her uncle spoke when they were fucking, meant that her aunt was no stranger to the vocabulary). It was more because of the fact that her aunt had mentioned her boyfriend.

“What? How? I mean, how do you know?” She felt it was a ridiculous question asked under a ridiculous situation.

Her aunt laughed. Bobby noticed the way her huge tits shook when she laughed. “Bobby, this house isn’t as big as you think it is. And, remember, your parents put you in our trust. We are responsible.”

Bobby gasped because this time around, her uncle began to chew on her clit. She wriggled awkwardly trying hard not to notice that his cock was pushing against her tits.

“Aren’t you going to do something about that cock?” Varsha asked, “Poor thing’s being ignored.”

Bobby just gaped at her aunt and tried hard not to push her cunt deeper against her uncle’s tongue.

Varsha rose from the chair and walked casually towards the couch. She positioned herself so that she was standing by the edge of the couch at her husband’s feet. They were dangling down over the armrest. She looked down at her niece who was looking up from between his legs.

Varsha knelt down so that she was now facing Bobby. Between the two women was his erect cock.

“Poor thing,” Varsha commented reaching out to grab his cock. Leaning forward, she kissed the top of the shaft and when she did this her face was just a couple of inches away from Bobby’s.

He drew his face away from her bursa escort cunt and said, “Stop fucking around, you two. Somebody suck my cock!”

Varsha laughed and pushed his cock back, aiming it towards Bobby’s face. “Go on, Bobby, suck it. You were doing a good job of it before I interrupted.”

Bobby understood that this had been a set up. The old man had seduced her and they had planned on this quite meticulously. To hell with it, she thought and opening her mouth, her eyes locked into aunt’s eyes, she took him in.

“Ah, yes,” he groaned and got back to licking her cunt.

As she bobbed her head up and down over his cock, she saw her aunt lean down and brush her lips over her forehead. A stab of excitement went up her spine when she realized that her aunt was going to make it out with her. It had been a long time since she had a girl and memories of her with Sushmita came back to her mind.

“Let’s suck his cock together,” she whispered to her aunt, all her resolve breaking apart.

Varsha had known all along that her niece was a hot number. Much before her husband and she had seen her fucking with her boyfriend, she had watched her masturbate through the peephole behind the portrait just outside the bathroom.

So she did what she had wanted to do for a long time now. Running her tongue over the underside of her husband’s cock, she allowed her lips to touch Bobby’s mouth.

Soon, they were licking him, one running her tongue over one side of his cock, the other lapping away at the other side. It was natural then, that their tongues meet. And when they did, they momentarily forgot about his cock. Because they got into a wet kiss, Varsha trying to shove her tongue into her niece’s mouth.

He drew his head back from his niece’s cunt and watched, with glazed eyes, the two of them kissing each other. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it over their faces.

“Oh yeah, that turns me on. Kiss her, Varsha. Shove your tongue into her mouth. Oh yessss…that’s so hot!”

They kissed each other; mouths fused together and tongues dueling.

Bobby managed to pull her aunt’s gown down over her shoulders. Varsha had to pull her arms together so that the girl could get hold of her tits, which tumbled, out of her gown. Continuing to kiss each other, their hands instinctively captured the others’ tits and they began to caress and fondle the flesh. Bobby had firm tits and she was surprised that Varsha’s huge tits were firmer than she had thought they would be. Finally, Bobby pulled away, and after licking her aunt’s lips, grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth again. Varsha sighed and sliding down, began to kiss and nibble his balls.

“Here, you suck him now,” Bobby whispered and Varsha obliged by taking her husband’s cock deep into her mouth. Out of the corner of her eyes she noticed Bobby straining her head so that she could lick the woman’s erect nipples.

He was fucking his wife’s mouth in deep and hard thrusts, sliding his tongue inside his niece’s cunt and jabbing at her clit.

“I am going to come!” he yelled and immediately, Bobby rose, getting on the floor beside her aunt. The two knelt side by side, their mouths open, eyes fixed on his cock. He wrapped his fist around his shaft and started to jerk on it furiously, eyes shut and head thrown back.

“Oh god, oh god, here I come!” he babbled incoherently. He looked down at the two women, his eyes glazed and then, with a shudder, exploded. His warm come sprayed out of his cock, anointing their faces. He directed his cock back and forth over their mouths and they slurped whatever came their way.

Some of his sperm had dripped back onto his belly. The women went after that simultaneously, licking and lapping at him.

He watched them and then in a gruff voice said, “Bobby, why don’t you munch your aunt’s cunt? I’m sure you will love it.”

For an answer, Bobby merely rolled over and flipped onto her back on the carpet. Varsha’s legs were spread and Bobby dragged herself up till her head was directly under and between her aunt’s knees.

She pushed her aunt’s gown up over her strong thighs, excited that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Clutching the powerful thighs with her hands, she raised her face up until her nose was digging her aunt’s musky cunt.

Varsha slipped her husband’s limp cock into her mouth and moaned as she felt the girl lapping at her cunt expertly. She slid her hands down to cup the girl’s tits and lowered herself till she was astride the girl’s face.

Bobby slipped her hands up over the thighs, up over the bunched up gown till she could cup those massive tits. She could barely cover half of the fleshy tits in her palms.

“Ahh,” Varsha moaned again, pulling her lips off his cock. “Ah yes, honey, there, yes, like that, ah, shove that tip inside, ugh, oh god, yes, bite my clit, oh god, baby, you do that so good!”

“Why don’t you reciprocate, honey?” he asked.

Varsha slid off the couch and soon was lying on top of the girl. Her gown was still bunched up around her waist as she sank her face between Bobby’s legs.

He watched them eat each other, wriggling and writhing on the bursa escort bayan floor.

“You seem to have experience, Bobby!”

She blushed. “Yes. I do. I had a lot of experience with Sushmita. I wasn’t a virgin when Kiran fucked me. Sushmita and me experimented with dildos.”

“Kiran. Can you get him.? We thought you how to do it. Now we have also fucked you,” she looked slyly at her husband. “Maybe we can teach Kiran too. I swear he will fuck you like hell; just give us one week”

“You thought me in less than three days. Besides, Kiran always says that you are beautiful and very young looking. So that would be easy.”

“Oh yeah? Get him here. If any guy thinks I am beautiful, I seduce him.”

“OK, OK, Aunt. I’ll get him.”


Kiran was in the house again. It was night and he was in Bobby’s room. He had entered through the back door. Bobby had planned with her uncle and aunt that he should be seduced tonight.

They had decided to use the same method that they had used to seduce Bobby. Varsha had asked Bobby to get him tonight and get him completely naked.

Bobby had done it! Fifteen minutes that Kiran arrived and he was naked in Bobby’s room and the uncle and aunt were observing the proceedings from the corner.

Bobby was sucking his cock and not being able to hold long enough, Kiran went in the sixty-nine.

“Wait, wait, Bobby, let me make you come”

Uncle giggled and Varsha silenced him.

“It’s time?” Uncle asked and aunty nodded.

They barged in and the look on Kiran’s face was worth taking a picture.

“What’s going on here?” Kishore asked.

Kiran got up and hastily managed to pull on his pants; Bobby remained naked.

“Bobby,” Kiran hissed, “Get up, for god’s sakes. They are your guardians.”

“And they fuck me” she replied.


“Oh come on, Kiran,” Varsha said. “There’s no problem here. You are grown up now.”

“We spied on you the other day and that was the main reason I got to fuck Bobby”

He was stunned. He looked at Bobby, and then at Varsha.

“Come on, let’s get in the living room. That’s bigger and gives more place.”

As if in a daze, he followed them. Bobby was still naked and her uncle had taken her in his arms. He was fondling a tit and she was giggling.

They arrived at the living room and the uncle said, “Not fair, Bobby. You are the only person naked. I think, we must join you besides, you told us that Kiran is crazy about Varsha”

Kiran flushed. He wasn’t aware of the proximity of the three of them.

It was Varsha who began to undress. She was wearing a red sari and a matching blouse. Kiran stared at her as she undressed.

Kishore followed. He was in shorts and T-shirt, so he took lesser time than his wife to undress.

Kiran’s eyes were fixed on Varsha who had a smile on her face.

“Would you like to see my tits and cunt?” she asked him.

Kiran could only nod.

“You like them?”

Again, he could only nod.

“Cat got your tongue?” Bobby asked him.

Varsha slipped out of the blouse. Her cotton bra was exposed. Kiran’s eyes bugged. He had never seen tits so huge.

“C’mon, Kiran, why don’t you take off your pants? Not that they haven’t seen you naked,” Bobby told him.

By this time, Kishore was buck-naked and Bobby was in his arms. He was fondling her tits and she his cock.

“Ever seen a cock this big?” Bobby asked Kiran, holding it.

Kiran shook his head. It was really enormous.

“And he knows how to use it too,” she told him.

By this time, Varsha had slipped out of her bra and was in the process of removing her sari. There was nothing under it, except panties.

For the first time, Kiran spoke. “I’d rather see your aunt. Never seen a lady with such big tits and legs.”

Varsha laughed and in one swift movement, she pulled off her sari and her panties.

“Wow,” Kiran said. “This is fantastic.”

“Wait till she fucks you,” Bobby told him, fondling her uncle’s testicles now.

“Is she really going to?” Kiran sounded disbelieving.

“You bet your ass, buddy,” Kishore said.

Kishore and Bobby had reached the couch and he sat down, taking her on his lap. They kissed, their tongues dueling. Also, he was playing with her tits.

“Come here, baby,” Varsha said, now completely naked and gesturing at him from the low divan.

He walked to her like he was on fire. The first thing he did was to bend down and kiss her tits, and then her mouth.

Varsha pulled off his pants and then the underwear. His cock was erect and he groaned when she took hold of it.

“Oh my God,” he said, “I will come if you do that.”

“No, you will not,” she smiled at him. “Touch my tits and play with them.”

He did, glancing across the room. He saw Bobby kneeling on the floor, her uncle’s cock in her mouth while he was still kneading her tits.

“Like what they are doing?” she asked him.

“Yes, I like. But I’m afraid I will come if you do that.”

“I bet you won’t,” she told him and he was surprised.

He spread his legs and she tickled the escort bursa insides of his thighs. He squeezed her tits, amazed at the size. He stared at her cunt and noticed that it was clean-shaven.

She bent down and kissed his thighs; the insides of them to be more precise. He groaned when she took his cock in her hot and moist hand. But she wasn’t going to jerk him off; in stead she pinched the tip of his cock, deflating him.

“Aw,” he shouted, “that hurts”

He heard Kishore speak from across the room: “There cannot be any pleasure if there is no pain. If you want to last long, that is the only way. Believe me, she taught me that.”

He looked at them and noticed that Bobby was sucking on his cock, fondling his balls. She would occasionally draw back and lick the shaft. He also noticed her tickling his balls and wondered how Kishore managed to hold himself.

Varsha bent down and kissed his shaft and he groaned, his hands tightening on her tits. She licked the flesh and then suddenly she felt her hot mouth envelope the length of his cock.

“Ugghhh…” he groaned. “That’s great!”

Varsha drew back and pinched the tip of his cock again.

She kept repeating this procedure getting him over the edge and then cooling him off.

On the couch, Bobby was lying on top of her uncle. His cock was impaled into her cunt and she was moving up and down furiously. He had clamped her hips by encircling them, so it looked like a reverse missionary position. He also had one of her tit in his mouth and he was sucking on it.

“Oh my god, Bobby, fuck me, fuck me harder, ah yes, like that; rotate your ass, aahhhh, yessss, like that.” He reached down and squeezed his niece’s ass cheeks as she rode him.

“They fuck like rabbits. And every time they get a chance. Which is quite often,” Varsha told Kiran, now massaging his cock with both her hands. “After you come, how soon do you get hard again?”

“Huh, it d-depends,” he stammered.

“Depends on what?” she laughed.

His inhibitions were gradually disappearing. He smiled back. “Well, I remember once when Bobby jacked me off in the car at the drive-in theatre. I came within a couple of minutes. She went down on me and hey presto! I was hard in no time!”

Varsha bent down even as he watched her mouth open wide. She slipped his cock inside and clamped her lips around it. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, she began to bob her head up and down.

He grabbed her ears and began to fuck her face. He glanced across the room and saw Bobby leaning back into the couch, her legs spread wide apart. Her uncle was crouched between her legs and was thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Aahhhh, yes, uncle, fuck me! Oh my god, faster, uncle, deeper and harder. Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted.

Kiran could stand it no longer. He rose from the divan and pushed the woman onto her back on it. He straddled her body and pushed his cock back into her mouth, beginning to fuck her face earnestly. Varsha was an expert at giving head and he groaned when he felt her swallowing his cock deep into her throat, clamping his shaft with the muscles of her throat whenever he pushed it inside. It was like fucking a cunt!

He glanced again at Bobby and was amazed at the position that she was fucking her uncle. She was sitting upright on his lap, both her legs hooked over the arms of the chair. He hadn’t noticed when they had moved over to the chair from the couch. She was leaning back on the top of his thighs while he supported her back with his hands. Kiran watched as she raised her knees and tucked her feet inside the arms of the chair. The horny old man leaned forward and began to kiss and suck on her tits as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming!” he groaned, shifting his eyes back to his cock thrusting in and out of Varsha’s mouth. He felt her tongue swipe over his shaft and he shuddered.

He reached behind him and found her moist pussy, driving two fingers deep inside her. She moaned with his cock still embedded inside her mouth and brought her hands up to fondle his balls.

“Yes, yes, I’m going to cum!” he yelled.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and started to jerk it off. His ass rose over her body as he threw back his head, groaning.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, this is it, I’m going to burst!”

Her fist was a blur now as she speeded up her movements.

Finally, he let out a howl and looked down so that he could watch her. Her mouth was open and her eyes fixed on his shaft that she was jerking off. His entire body shuddering, he felt his juices shooting out of his cock. He watched as it splattered her face and then she raised her head and took his cock back into her mouth, sucking voraciously.

Bobby watched, fascinated by her aunt’s expertise. She was now sitting on one side of her uncle’s lap. His legs were spread wide apart as he sat back on the armchair and she had hooked one of her legs over the arm of the chair. He was stroking her clit while sucking on her firm tits. She had wrapped one hand around his shoulder, pulling him closer to her. With his other hand embracing her, he cupped her other tit, pinching her nipple. She allowed him to make the thrusting movements, moaning as his cock plunged in and out of her cunt; the position made it easy for him to jam his cock right to the hilt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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