Nis 17

Teambuilding Ch. 1

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This story is a collaboration written by two colleagues who have very active sexual minds and often they are the subjects of each other’s dreams. This is posted with the permission of both parties. We have compiled this story from those dreams/fantasies and hope that you enjoy the story. The narrator for each chapter will alternate back so check back for future chapters. Please let us know what you think of the story by emailing us with your comments using the link at the end of this story.


Lily I could visibly see that Sam was as excited as I was. I whispered to him to close his eyes and relax.

Slowly my caresses wandered higher and deeper on Sam’s thighs. I leaned closer and began to gently kiss and nibble his ears and neck. As the bulge in Sam’s shorts became more obvious, I slyly slid my hand to it and began a teasing massage to let Sam know I meant business. I continued to torture Sam in this way until at last the pilot announced our descent into Chicago.

On the ground once more, reality took over and Sam and I got busy with retrieving luggage, hailing a cab and getting to the hotel. At the check-in counter of the hotel, I started my assault again by standing very close to Sam and getting as much contact as possible as we signed our names and took our keys. As the elevator doors closed, I turned to Sam and kissed him fully and deeply, our tongues entwining and searching for relief. The doors opened at our assigned floor.

Both of us were nervous as Sam inserted the suite key. The doors opened to a lovely sitting room, kitchen and two plush bedrooms. But I didn’t ataşehir escort bayan care about décor! I dropped my luggage on the spot and turned back to Sam who had also deposited his luggage. I took his hand and led him into one of the bedrooms. We laughed and kissed nervously and then chemistry took over.

I slowly unbuttoned Sam’s shirt and slipped it over his shoulders. My mouth eagerly sought his chest and nipples. I teased him with my tongue while his hands in my hair urged me onward. I slowly unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the floor. As Sam stepped out of the shorts, I gently pushed him back on the bed and began running my fingertips beneath the waistband of his underwear…slowly teasing him; touching him, but not touching him. He moaned and took my hand and pressed it to his now throbbing cock. I could wait no longer. I pulled off his underwear and tossed them over my shoulder. I eagerly bent down and began to trace circles with my tongue on Sam’s love shaft. I slowly explored with tongue and lips until Sam moaned again in need. I then slowly wrapped my lips around the head of his sword and engulfed him. As I took him deeper into my hot mouth Sam’s hands moved in my hair and I felt his body reacting to my tongue.

I stopped only long enough to remove my jersey and expose my bare breasts. Sam hands immediately made their way to cup them and gently roll the nipples in his fingers. The encouragement made me wild and I enthusiastically returned to my sucking and licking; taking one ball into my mouth, releasing it, licking the shaft, teasing around the escort kadıöy rim, then taking all of it deep in my throat…faster now. Urgently.

As I sensed Sam’s impending explosion I feverishly sucked and stroked his shaft. Sam thrust into my throat and exploded over my tongue. I greedily sucked down every drop until he lay there spent. While Sam relaxed and recovered, I curled up next to him and traced lazy circles with my fingers on his hairy chest and belly. I placed small bites and kisses on his nipples and neck. Before I knew it I could see that Sam was ready for round two. My eager hands found their way to his pole and slowly stroked him to readiness. But Sam wasn’t about to let me dominate this session; he rolled me away and pinned me to the bed and kissed me hard and long while searching beneath my skirt for my love center. Imagine his surprise when he found that I wore no panties and was soaking wet with anticipation!

Sam pulled my skirt off and spread my legs wide with his knees. He took my nipples into his mouth and sucked them hard while his fingers played my love center expertly. I was writhing in desire and desperately needed relief.

Sam took his now throbbing member in his hand and began to tease my swollen clit with the head of it. Mercilessly he teased and stroked my aching pussy with his beautiful shaft. My hips were raised in anticipation but he would not give me relief. Instead he placed the head of his sword at the entrance to my honey pot and continued to tease and taunt me until I was begging him for release. At last he roughly turned me over and maltepe escort told me to get on all fours. I immediately obeyed. Sam continued to tease me from behind until at last I couldn’t stand another second and he grabbed my hips and plunged deep inside me.

Slamming together as hard as we could I creamed in mere seconds, grateful for the relief…but Sam wasn’t done. He slowly removed his engorged member and rubbed my love juices around my tight butt hole and began to tease this area as he had done before.

Slowly Sam pressed and teased until my pink hole yielded to him and he slowly pushed deep inside my ass. The pain and pleasure were one as I worked to receive him and take him deep within me. Sam was moaning in pleasure as my tightness engulfed him. He held my hips and began to stroke and rotate within me causing feelings that both hurt and excited me. I reached between my legs and began to massage my own swollen clit as Sam rode me and slammed me. Never had I experienced anything like this before in my life. Our frenzied sex reached its peak and we both cried out as we came…Sam spilling his love seed deep within me as I rubbed myself to orgasm. I could feel every orifice pulsating with intensity. Sam and I collapsed together in a heap on my bed and lay there entwined with each other and slowly drifted to a peaceful, satisfied sleep.

An hour or so later, I woke and slowly disentangled myself from Sam’s arms and made my way to the bathroom. There I wet a warm, soapy washcloth and padded back to the bed. As Sam yawned and slowly came into consciousness, I gently washed his cock and balls. As Sam’s cock reawakened, I produced a big bottle of baby oil and slowly drizzled the oil over his shaft and began stroking and massaging him and rubbing my nipples along his rod. Our three days of teambuilding were only just beginning…

To Be Continued…

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