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Teasing Continues

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(This story is a continuation of Teasing Begins.)

Over the past two months I had been teasing my dad and brother. Having all their attention on me when I entered was a dream that I never knew I wanted to come true. It all started because I forgot to put some panties on before rushing out to help my dad at the hospital. While my brother and I were waiting for him I noticed my brother staring at me, more importantly it appeared he was staring up my skirt as we sat across from each other. At first I was frustrated because my brother had no right to try and sneak peaks at his older sister. Then the more I thought about it the more it turned me on. Ever since that day I have slowly conditioned my dad and brother to be okay with me walking around with less and less clothing on.

Being that my dad only had two kids, me and my younger brother and that my mom left us a long time ago I was the only female in the house. Seeing that my dad hardly ever dated after mom left and that he was home a lot more after he broke his arm made him an easy target. As for my brother he was a horny 21 year old guy, he might have been an even easier target.

Most of my teasing was visual, mainly showing my legs and ass as I bent over for them. Gradually I worked up the courage to walk around without a shirt on or without pants on, always making sure to never show them my nipples or vagina of course. I was a tease after all and always left them wanting more.

My plan was to gradually get them touching me more and more until they were conditioned the way I like. To accomplish this I had to make the first move which was initiated by something as small booty bump. Normally my brother and I don’t even hug, we hardly even give each other high-fives. However now that he had taken his cock out and played with himself on the couch behind me while he thought I was asleep, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind his big sister getting a little more physical with him.

It was cleaning day again and I had on some booty shorts and a tank top, this one was more form fitting as I didn’t want to wear a bra. My nipples were definitely poking through the top and I caught Jack staring more than a few times. Knowing he was staring at me always turned me on and this time was I feeling playfully horny. As I wiped down the counters I got closer and closer to him. I was already listening to some music and had been shaking my hips a little to dance along with the music. Once I was right next to him I gave him a little booty bump with my hips. It caught him off guard as he lost his balance a little allowing me to keep moving and cleaning the counters.

Jack was cleaning the dishes and returned to his original spot in front of the sink. When he did he gave a little bump back. Seeing him reciprocate the physical tease meant I had him right were I wanted him. I pushed back with my hip and we were now pushing each other to clean what we needed. Moving back I pointed the spray bottle at him saying if he didn’t move that I would spray. He then took the spray nozzle from the sink and made the same threat.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I said squinting my eyes towards him.

Without hesitation I pressed the button one quick time shooting water at me getting my stomach wet. My jaw dropped as the warm water hit me then quickly turned to cold.

“That was a warning shot Tess, don’t think I won’t get you even wetter.”

Little did he know I was already wetter than he thought. I slowly walked around him and as he turned around I bumped him one last time calling him a butt. Once I reached the other counter I felt my butt get warm and wet as water fell down my legs.

“Really?” I said looking behind me at my now wet butt and thighs.

Looking back at him he was laughing as he returned to the dishes. Taking off my shorts I walked towards the laundry room and put them with my next load to be washed. It was completely unnecessary for me to take off my shorts however I was horny and wanted my brother to stare. Walking back into the kitchen I got exactly what I wanted. I watched his head follow me from the corner of my peripheral vision as I went to the table and started wiping it down. Making sure to give him the best view possible instead of walking around the table I bent over to clean it. Luckily for me my bright pink seamless panties were slightly wet from the water as well so any wet spots from my pussy would blend in.

“Why did you take your shorts off?” I heard him ask.

“Uh hello they were wet and it was uncomfortable.” I said looking back seeing him staring directly at me ass.

“I mean your shirt and panties are wet too.”

“What are you saying I should take them off as well?” I asked standing back up turning towards him.

“What uh no I’m just saying.” His face was turning bright red as I confronted him.

“Is that why you got me wet? So I would be uncomfortable and take my clothes off.”

Jack was silent as I waited for any response. Starting to laugh seemed to confuse him even more.

“Calm bursa escort down Jack I’m just messing with you.” I said giving him a playing tap on the chest with the rag.

He let out a big sigh of relief seeing that I wasn’t actually mad with him. This entire encounter went exactly how I wanted it too. We were both playful with each other and I was able to tease him.

“Though now that you mention it,” I said turning around and taking off my top only a foot or two away from my brother. “This tank top is a bit uncomfortable and I’m done cleaning so I’m gonna head back up to my room.

As I walked away in nothing but my underwear I tossed my shirt towards the laundry room not caring where it landed. I kept my back turned away from my brother the entire time so he wouldn’t see my bare chest and he hated it.

Dad’s cast would be coming off soon which meant he would be at work more often, this was both good and bad. It meant that my brother and I would get more alone time so it would be easier to tease him, however with daddy being gone more, it meant less time teasing him. The end goal was both of them so I had to give a little more attention to daddy. After all I am supposed to be the only girl daddy thinks about.

Teasing daddy became my number one priority. My robes were good for little teases however now I was walking around in just thongs and tank tops when it was just me and dad at home. After my showers I stayed in only my towel while walking around. When the two of us would watch tv together my legs would be spread open a little more than usual so daddy would get a good view of my little pussy. As I walked past him I always saw his eyes following my bubble butt around.

I gave my daddy as many hugs as I could. At first his free hand was always up by my shoulders, then slowly it started moving more south. Daddy never touched my ass but I could tell by the way his hands moved that he desperately wanted too, that and as I hugged him tighter and tighter I could feel his hard cock through his clothing.

As I walked around the kitchen I saw my dad was bent over looking for something. This was the perfect opportunity for me to initiate a little more hands on. Trying to squeeze pass him as his butt blocked my path way, I gave him a little spank.

“Move your big butt dad.”

“Excuse me?” He questioned standing up.

“Who are you calling big butt?” He asked then returned the spanking I gave him.

“Bingo!” I thought to myself having him finally conditioned him into touching his daughter.

My cheeks were bare so when daddy spanked me he was given a hand full of his daughters ass. Feeling my daddy’s rough hands made me bite my lower lip and take in a sharp quite breath. I tried to pretend I didn’t enjoy it as I continued talking.

“So when do you go back to work?” I asked innocently even though I knew it was after this weekend.

“Well the cast comes off later today then after the weekend it’s back to work. So in about a week.”

Just as I thought, things couldn’t have lined up any better. Jack would be gone with some buddies out of town meaning I could really tease dad. Saturday was movie night and I knew exactly what to do. After the next few days I was playful with my dad and got him to spank me a few more times, never anything rough just a few light taps.

It was finally Saturday and before the movie started I made dinner. It was just dad and I with guaranteed privacy. I “accidentally” spilled some food on my tank top and made a fake fuss about it.

“Well dear that’s why you should have on your cooking apron so your clothes don’t get messy.”

Pretending to be upset I went to the laundry room and removed my tank top and replaced it with just my apron. I made sure to tie it tight so daddy couldn’t get any free sneak peaks of his daughter’s breasts. Returning back to the kitchen to cook I could tell I definitely had his attention.

“Why did you take your shirt off?”

“I threw it into the wash. It’s dirty and I don’t want in to stain. Dinner is almost done so I can’t just run up stairs and put another shirt on.” I explained.

“Fair enough. As long as dinner tastes good I can’t complain.”

The plan was dinner and a movie with daddy, however the show he was getting now was better than any movie we were going to watch. I made his plate and served him while he watched my every move. As I set his plate down I knocked his fork over so I had the perfect excuse to bend over.

Turning around my ass was right in his face. Once I bent over I knew daddy could see the outline of my pretty little pussy. Looking up I saw his hand firmly gasping his dick through his shorts. Daddy wanted his daughter more than anything and his cock was ratting him out.

“This fork is dirty let me get you a new one,” I told him standing back up.

Right as I walked away I felt his hand slap my ass in approval that I was doing a good job. This time he slapped it slightly harder than he normally had done over the past bursa escort bayan few days and I know it was because of his sexual frustration. I wanted him to bend me over the counter and spank me till both cheeks were bright red. His daughter was being a naughty girl and needed to be punished. She needed her ass to sting slightly whenever she sat down.

Once I got him his new fork I joined him at the table to eat. While we ate I made sure my left hand was under the table the entire time playing with my clit. I focused solely on eating and playing with myself. After we ate I asked him to put on the movie while I went to go put a shirt on. He agreed as I went upstairs to his room and grabbed one of his button up shirts. Because he was taller than me it went down to my mid thigh. I left to the top two buttons undone so part of my chest would show but nothing more. Joining him back downstairs I stood in the middle of the living room with my arms up asking how I looked. He watched me slowly spin for him in nothing but my underwear and his shirt.

“Is that my shirt?” He asked as I turned back around.

“It is daddy,” I walked closer to him and leaned right in front of him so he could clearly see down the shirt to my bare chest.

He always tried to be sneaky about staring at me even though I knew he was doing it. Our eyes locked onto each other’s as I stayed bent over in front of him. Daddy didn’t want to seem like a pervert and openly stare at his me even though I was showing him everything I could tonight. First my ass and pussy at the dinner table now he had a front row seat to stare at my tits.

“You don’t mind me wearing your shirt do you daddy?” I asked slowly standing back up.

My legs were spread apart and if I bent my knees towards him I would be straddling him. Once again his eyes scanned my body as I stood their for him. The front of the shirt was parted just enough to see my thong.

“No, no not at all just wanted to make sure it was mine and not your boyfriend’s shirt I didn’t know about.”

“Oh please daddy you know I don’t have a boyfriend.” I said chuckling as I sat on the couch with him.

When I sat down I made sure that it was on the opposite side as him. Everything I did was to get my dad or brother to act the way I wanted. First I started to rub my feet a little and complained how sore they wore. Daddy offered to give me a foot massage but I declined. I knew he wanted to give me one but I wanted him to want it more than it seemed like I was just giving it to him. As the movie went on I started to rub my feet again.

“Tess if they hurt that bad I’ll rub them for you.”

“No daddy it’s fine your arm just got better you shouldn’t be using it.

A quarter way through the movie I started to rub them one last time. This time as I put my foot on the couch he didn’t ask but demanded I gave him my feet.

“Give me your feet Tess, they obviously hurt and you need someone to rub them for you. You helped me plenty with my arm and made a fantastic dinner, so give me your feet lay back and enjoy the movie.”

Finally he was taking charge. I gave him the idea and the nudge but this way he felt like he took it from his daughter rather than his daughter asking for it. Daddy needed to be in control of me, he just needs a little help. No matter how in control he feels though in the back of his mind he needs to always remember that I’m the one in charge.

Laying back I placed my feet in his lap as he began to massage them. First he focused on my right foot then worked his way up my calf. Even though my body didn’t actually hurt the pressure felt great. I tried to focus on the movie but knowing my daddy was rubbing his hands on my legs was starting to make me wet. Once he started on my left leg I moved my right foot away so my knee was in the air. This gave him a perfect view of my pussy. It was covered by my thong still however I know from playing with it earlier and him massaging me there was a very noticeable wet spot. During the next half hour of the movie I stayed in that one position as he rubbed my left foot and leg.

My eyes peered over at my dad and to know surprise his head wasn’t even facing the T.V. The only thing on his mind was his daughters sweet pussy. Letting out a yawn I saw his head shoot back to the movie. I got up and grabbed a drink of water then sat back on the couch. This time however instead of laying my feet in his lap I lay my head in his lap and curled into a ball to keep warm. Daddy wanted to see my pussy more I was sure, however I had other plans for him.

The movie was nearing the end as I again pretended to be asleep. Rolling my body flat I kept my head facing the T.V. with my eyes closed. Knowing the way I had conditioned both my dad and brother by this point I knew he would be able to keep his hands off me. Trying to seem like he was comforting me his hand rest on my stomach then started to circle around. His touch was light as he ran his fingers across my skin. This was daddy’s test to see escort bursa how far he was willing to go with his own daughter. We were all alone and no one nor anything would interrupt us.

After the movie finished he turned the T.V. off and kept running his fingers across my body. I did my best to lay as still as possible as if I were asleep. Slowly his hand moved from my stomach then down lower. Feeling his hand slide under my thong as his fingers slid across my freshly shaven skin was causing my heart to beat out of my chest. As much as I wanted him to finger me right there, I knew daddy was being too naughty too quickly. Shifting my body just slightly was enough to have him withdraw his hand. When his hand was out of my underwear I slowly closed them my way of telling him no.

Remaining in his lap I felt his hands stay to himself for a few minutes to make sure I was asleep. Being certain once again that I was asleep his next choice was my chest. His touch remained innocent at first circling only around the part I had left exposed initially. Wanting to see more I felt him undo the top button of the shirt and move it to the side. The cool air on my breasts made my nipples hard. I could feel his breaths becoming quicker and his touch was more hesitant.

At first his hand was shaking slightly as he touched his daughter inappropriately for the first time. His left hand completely covered my right breast. Feeling him squeeze me and massage my breasts sent wave after wave of excitement through my body. Getting bolder he went from one breast to the other and was starting to apply more pressure. Just as I thought he would however daddy took it to far and tried to take back the control.

The boldest choice he made was playing with my nipples. At first when he pinched them I wanted to let out a moan. I knew that would be a bad idea however as it could signify to him that I was awake. Instead I moved my right hand to scratch my nose then had my arm rest across my chest. My breasts were still in view however this was my sign to my dad that play time was over. He decided to ignore my sign and tried to play with me again. With him trying to gain control or get more than I was allowing he needed to be thought a lesson.

I rolled over onto my stomach not allowing him to see my chest anymore and pretended to stay asleep. When I turned I also made sure to lay on his left arm so he didn’t get any ideas of trying grab any exposed areas. His right arm was to far away and if he tried to reach and grab me then his body would move to much and risk waking me up. Knowing he was now annoyed and sexual frustrated after about five minutes I felt him trying to get up.

“Huh what’s going on?” I asked shooting my head up. “Is the movie over?”

“Shhh yeah sorry Tess I didn’t mean to wake you.” He whispered.

Getting up I kept my arms close so the shirt wouldn’t reveal anything. I wanted to remain oblivious as we said good night to each other. Walking into the bathroom I shut the door and looked at myself in the mirror. My shirt was still unbuttoned one more than it was supposed to me.

“Sloppy dad, can’t even cover your tracks.” I said straightening everything back into place.

When morning had arrived I put on a full set of clothing, this meant normal panties, pants a bra and a shirt. It had been almost two full months since I had on this much clothing around the house when it was just me and one of them. Walking downstairs dad saw me and looked at me as though something was wrong.

“You okay Tess?” He asked sipping his coffee.

“Yeah I’m fine what about you?” I replied without looking at him.

“I’m fine, are you sure you’re okay because something seems off about you today.”

He had been so accustomed to me being half naked that wearing normal clothing around him seemed unusual. I wanted him to get the message that I was the one who lets him see and touch me, not him.

“Okay well what do you say we do an easy dinner tonight, maybe some fast food.”

“I’m thinking a slow cooked meal, something that takes time and we don’t just rush into.” I said dropping a subtle hint.

“Okay… I just figured after last night you would want something quick and easy.”

“I’m not really a quick and easy type of girl, I like to cook because it makes me feel good and I like going at my own pace when I cook.” My tone showed that I was slightly annoyed with the conversation.

“Slow it is then Tess.” I saw him take a big swallow as he answered and was partly confused at the whole conversation.

“Slow cooked it is then.” I said a cheeky smile.

Now that I was making a slow cooked meal for dinner I need to go to the store. Walking over to my dad I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. I was annoyed with him but I had to make him aware of the situation. He is a guy after all and no matter how many hits I give him he will never catch on. Dropping my kiss out of my purse caught his attention as I bent over to get them.

“Bye daddy, I love you.”

I didn’t bend over for long as I was still punishing him for the way he acted. Throwing a fake fit and sending him mixed signals was the perfect way to keep him interested yet confuse him as to what happened and what was going to happen.

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