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Teen, the older man and his wife.

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Big Tits

Teen, the older man and his wife.I had feelings for my friend Jon’s dad. More than just sex and lust, call it a c***dhood crush maybe, but I could not get enough of him. My friend had no idea his dad and I were having sex and every change we had would end up in his manly strong arms, pleasuring his big, hairy cock and he pleasuring my young, smooth body. We had several private and erotic encounters, all amazing and wonderful, passionate and satisfying. It was our last time together that changed things.His wife, my friend Jon’s mom, walked in on us. Totally nude, making love on their bed. Surprised, scared and afraid, it was a bit of a nervous burl. I stood frozen, in terror, not knowing how bad things would get. Would she tell my parents?Would she tell my friend? Would I ever get to be with his dad again? Somehow, again it was all just a burl, we all ended up in bed together. My face buried in her big, hairy, smelly pussy. Licking her feverishly, hoping to please her enough not to tell. Her old legs wrapped around my head and her hand forcing my face into her, she came making me taste and swallow her juice. She then forced her self down on güvenilir bahis me, sucking my cock until I spurted in her hungry mouth. It was strangely erotic, we then both sucked her husband until he jerked off on us, covering us both in his cum.Days later, the full sense of that encounter set in. Being young, being inexperienced, I only wanted more. I found myself nervously trying to get Jon’s parents attention when ever I’d see them, trying to get myself invited back, riding my bike near their house, waiting to see them. But every time they acted like nothing had happened. What I missed most though, was my time with him. I missed the smell of his body, the taste of his cock.I was thrilled when Jon’s dad noticed me a few days later and mentioned me to come up his driveway. My heart raced and I could already feel my cock becoming hard in my jeans. We went inside, his big hand on the small of my back. I wanted to fall into his arms, I wanted to kiss him. My eyes widened when I saw her there too. “You have been a naughty boy, Paul” she said. I was frozen and speechless. “Maybe we can work something out” was all she said, then took my hand and türkçe bahis lead me back to their bedroom. Heart heart racing, pounding in my chest, I looked for Jon’s dad, happy to see him following us in. She closed the door and told me to take my clothes off. I did and stood there, my hard cock standing straight up. She looked me over, her hungry eyes devouring me. “Suck his cock” she told me and motioned towards her husband. Nervous, but filled with desire, I moved to my knees in front of him and began to undo his belt and pants, pulling them down, freeing his beautiful, manly dick and balls. I pressed my face against his hanging dick and breathed in his musky scent. My hard dick throbbed in pleasure. Taking his cock between my lips, I felt it swell and harden. I almost forgot she was even there, until I heard her say, “Now it’s my turn, come here you little cocksucker.” She had stripped down, totally nude, her saggy, hanging breasts swung as she pulled me on top of her. She grabbed my face with both hands and forced me down to her pussy. I knew what she wanted and licked her, immediately struck by her taste and musky scent. “Mmmmm, you are güvenilir bahis siteleri good at that!” I heard her say as my face was becoming wetter and wetter with saliva and pussy juice. She was breathing hard. panting when she pulledmy by the hair up to her. She pressed her mouth to mine and kissed me, covering her own face in pussy juice. Her hand grabbed my hard cock and with one hand on my ass, guided it into her. Tossing her head back, she put her other hand on my ass also and moved my hips back and forth, making me fuck her. Her huge pussy wrapped around my dick, I fucked her hard. My first time with a woman. I began to cum, I felt my legs shake. Jon’s mom yelled out, “Shoot that fuckng cum!” as she bucked against me, grinding against me, and came also. Laying back and panting she reached out her hand toward her husband, “Come here baby” she said and he layed down next to her and they kissed. “Take care of my man, now” she told me as he layed back also and she continued to kiss him. Jon’s dads cock was hard and his engorged head was slick with pre cum. I licked it off, craving his sweet taste, mixing it with the still lingering taste of his wife’s pussy. I stroked his dick, wrapped my lips around his cocks head and caressed his balls, wanting nothing more than to milk his cum from him. “Yes, yes” he said, “yes baby cum” she said and I felt his warm jizz spurt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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