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Terror On Planet Alpha IV

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Terror On Planet Alpha IVThis is for a female friend on X-Hamster who wanted me to write a story about her. This is what she wanted….The U.S.S. Frontier was just three days from reaching a newly discovered planet called Alpha IV. The World Space Center’s interstellar’s telescope, the Star Searcher, had discovered this planet 12 years ago. 5 years after, the WSC, launched space probes to investigate this new planet. The data that came back from these probes, was a promising sign that life could, and may possibly exist on Alpha IV. Now a pair of scientists were going there to find out first hand if life did, or could exist there.The Frontier was commanded by Captain John Garret. He had a crew of 22 men and women under him. Also aboard were two scientist, Dr. Miles Wilkes, and his assistant, Dr. Gemma Lee. Dr. Wilkes was in his late 50’s. He had the classic grey hair on both sides of his head, while the top and back was salt and pepper. He was tall 6’3″, and slender built under his checkerboard shirt and sweater. Dr. Lee was a nerdy redhead who was in her late 20’s. She liked to keep her long ginger locks tied up in a bun. She was 5’5″ with a very nice figure, though through her white smock you could never tell. But she could never be able to hide her C-cup breasts. She wore reading glasses to make herself more nerdy, but behind them were very beautiful brown eyes. She had been working with Dr. Wilkes ever since she graduated from UCLA as a bio-physicist. Miles and Gemma had been looking over data sheets given by the probes, going over every detail of information that was gathered.”Just think Gemma. In a few days, we will be the first human beings to step on a new planet.”Dr Wilkes said looking over more data sheets.” I know Dr. Wilkes. This is going to be an amazing find. Just think of all the wonder that awaits us to discover.” She said smiling.”Oh Gemma. How many times have I told you to call me Miles!?” Telling her in a passionate tone.”I’m sorry Doctor…I mean Miles. But I’ve been calling you that ever since you were my professor at UCLA. I guess it’s just habit.” Gemma knew he had the hots for her ever since she was an eighteen year old college freshman taking his class. But she wasn’t into him, or older men for that matter. She was strictly professional, and that’s how she treated and saw their partnership as. The Frontier finally arrived at Alpha IV. It was a little bigger than Earth, but it was clear from the bridge’s view screen that this planet indeed had life. There were oceans and continents, though different in shapes and sizes, was much like Earth. Clouds enveloped the planet, and they could see lightning flashes on the dark side of the planet. “Will Dr.s Wilkes and Lee please report to the conference room.” Said a voice over the intercom.When they arrived, the Captain, his first officer, and a security officer, were already seated at the conference table. “Please doctors. Take a seat.” The Captain said. “As you know, we’ve established orbit above Alpha IV. In a few hours, you will be taken to buca escort the surface of the planet. This is your security, and shuttle pilot Chief Malcolm Hicks. Our sensors couldn’t detect any living creatures on the planet, but nevertheless, take great care down there. This is a brand new planet to all of us. So get suited up, and best of luck to both of you.”The doctors, and their escort, left the conference room, and headed to another room where they were fitted with their uniforms. “Yick!! Do we really have to wear these atrocities?” Gemma said feeling uncomfortable in her skin tight uniform.”I think it brings out your eyes Gemma. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I ever saw your figure.” He said smiling as he scoped out her sleek body in her tight jumpsuit uniform.”Dr. Wilkes! Please refrain from your perverted comments. I’m not a sex object or a piece of eye candy.” She said adjusting the uniform over her shoulders. The three of them got into the shuttle. Once seated and secure, the shuttle left the ship, heading down the planet. When they entered the atmosphere, they could see a large land mass along with tiny islands. “Let’s go down to one of those islands. Dr. Wilkes suggested. Hicks navigated the shuttle to a small island off the coast of the biggest continent. It was lush with strange looking trees and plants. “Look at the size of those trees.” Dr. Wilkes said. “They must be over 200 feet tall!” “I’ve never seen plants like this. Totally different from Earth.” Gemma said in amazement.Hicks found a clearing where he could land. Sensors once again detected no forms of a****l life. Hicks opened the shuttle craft’s door. He told them to stay put, until he gave them the ‘all clear sign’. “Okay. It’s safe to come out.” Hicks said. They both stepped out of the shuttle. They looked with wonder and amazement of this newly discovered planet. The air was fresh and clean.The wind whistled through the high blades of grass and trees. The best analogy Dr. Wilkes had to describe this place was the Garden of Eden. “Which way doctor?” Hicks had asked. “Well. Let’s do some studies here, and then we could go towards that forest we flew over.”Dr. Wilkes scooped up some soil, putting it in tiny plastic bags, as Dr. Lee took leaves, and flowers and placed them in tiny plastic bags. When finished, they set off to the forest where the trees stood hundreds of feet tall. “Amazing!! We look like ants compared to these trees.” Dr.Wilkes stated.They went in further. The canopy of the trees blocked out most of the sun, making the forest floor dark, and very creepy. Hicks was nervous about going any further. But Wilkes was a scientist. Risks was part of his job. As they walked, Wilkes so a strange looking flower growing on the dark forest floor. “Would you look at this.” Ad he bent down to investigate. All of a sudden, the earth opened up. A giant worm like creature with a mouthful of razor sharp teeth, clamped down on Dr. Wilkes, splitting him in half. “HOLY SHIT!!! Hicks screamed. “LET’S GET THE FUCK escort buca OUT OF HERE!!”Grabbing Dr. Lee’s hand, they ran towards the edge of the forest. Looking back to make sure the giant worm wasn’t chasing them, he ran into a sticky transparent vine that swooped him up into the trees. Gemma could here Hicks screaming in agony until there was silence. She was all alone, and scared shitless. She began crying as she tried to find her way back to the shuttle. The forest seemed to be getting darker, She had no clue where she was going. It was like the whole forest was somehow like one giant living creature. Always changing. She kept running until she tripped over an unearthed root or vine. She tried to get up, but her hands and knees were stuck to the ground, as if the ground turned into glue. She frantically struggled to break free but to no avail. “Oh God!! Don’t let me die here!” She said crying in tears.She started to feel something slimy on her leg. Then on the other one. She couldn’t see what it was on her legs, she only knew it was cold and very slimy. Then she felt something wrap around her arms. She could feel the fabric of her uniform being eaten away by some slimy worm lie creatures. There were now many of these worms slithering all over her body. Her skin was getting exposed as her uniform was slowly being eaten away. Worms slithered on her back, making slimy tracks as they continued to eat away at her uniform. Gemma screamed, hoping someone would find her and rescue her. She struggled again to break free as she felt these worms eating the fabric off her ass and crotch. She was completely naked now, helpless, defenseless. She felt one worm attach itself to her pussy, as another one attached to her asshole. They both worked their way inside Gemma, secreting slime up both her holes. She screamed as they went inside her. Two more worms slithered down the side of her back, to her dangling C’-cup tits, and grasping onto her nipples. There they hung, sucking on her tits. Her screams and cries, now became moans as these worms were having their way with her. The worms in her pussy and ass, ejaculated a greenish thick goo inside her. Once they filled her holes with worm cum. they popped out, falling to the ground, looking like they died shortly after cumming. The two worms on her tits, now slithered their way down, each going into both her holes. They did the same thing as their friends. They both ejaculated, then fell to the ground dead. Gemma was still stuck on all fours. Green globs of sticky worm cum dripping out of her ass and pussy. She could hear movement from behind her. She bent her head down trying to see what it was that was making the sound. From the dark forest floor, she saw a bright red tube like tentacle slither it’s way towards her. Then she saw another right behind the first. As they passed her feet, they began to raise what appeared to be some creatures cocks, up in the air like a cobra snake would do to warn off it’s enemies. The tentacles made their way to Gemma’s buca escort bayan ass and pussy. She was getting fucked in both holes again. She could feel the appendages sliding back and forth in her pussy and ass. She never got fucked by a man, now she’s getting her holes filled by some creature on an alien planet.More tentacles came out, wrapping around her body. She was covered in cold slime, but she began to relish all these tentacles slithering all over her body. One tentacle even made it’s way towards her mouth. She sucked on it with delight. She didn’t even mind the taste of the slime that covered the tentacle. Before long, the tentacles all began to ejaculate. Those that were not in her, wiggled like the end of a hose when the water got turned on. Gushing out green cum everywhere. Her mouth, pussy, and ass, overflowed with the creatures cum, splatting out as the tentacles continued to pound her cunt and ass. Finally, the tentacles retracted back into the darkness of the forest. Her hands and knees were now free from the glue like grip of the ground. She wanted to get up and run, but her body was just ravaged by an unknown creature. She was too sore and too tired to run. After what happened, she welcomed death. It was several weeks before a search party found her naked just outside the forest. She didn’t know how she got out of the forest. Her hands and knees were battered and bruised from crawling out of the forest. She was a total mess. Her hair was snarled with dried green goo embedded in it. Her body had red marks all over, and her pussy had clumps of dried blood. “Dr. Lee. Where are the others? Hearing the voice of the First Officer. “Dr. Lee. Where’s Hicks and Dr. Wilkes?” “Dead.” She whispered. “Both dead.”She collapsed once again. She was brought back to the ship where she was nursed back to health. A week later she gave her report to the Captain, explaining how Dr. Wilkes and Security Chief Hicks had died. She never mentioned what happened to her.”That must’ve been a terrifying experience for you. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. But is there more you’re not telling me?””Like what? I told you all I remembered!” “You wrote what happened to Hicks and Dr. Wilkes. You never said why you were completely naked, and had strange bruises on your body. Not to mention you were covered in some kind of substance that was found according to our physician, in your vagina and rectum. And upon further examinations, that you were pregnant and had given birth.” “Captain!! That’s totally impossible. There’s no way a woman can get pregnant, and give birth weeks later!” She said angrily. “Doctor. What really happened to you down there? I won’t put it on the record. It will remain sealed and confidential.””Captain. I don’t want to talk about it.” She said putting her head down.”Okay doctor. But due to the circumstances, this mission is scrubbed, and the planet deemed quarantined until further notice. Commander Stills.””Yes Captain Garret.””Prepare to take us out of orbit. Set a course back home.””Aye aye. Captain.On the planet below. There were 10 eggs on the ground. They were growing larger each passing day. One egg began to crack. Then another, and another. A new life form was emerging from these eggs. Humankind had left it’s permanent foot print on this strange planet.

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