Mar 10

Tess’ lesson plan changes

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Tess’ lesson plan changesJohn teases the wet opening of my pussy from behind, sliding the tip of his cock up and down as my tongue continues to plunge into Tess. Sasha, near by strips until her perfect body is exposed and she crawls onto the bed…so many choices she has, but she reaches for Tess’s face, pull shed up and presses their lips together.Tess moans into the kiss, just as John finally pushes forward, his massive cock spearing me from behind. I fell my face pressing harder to Tess’ ass as he pushes into me…he groans with frustration, pulls back slightly and plunges back in to me. His cock slides a little deeper. I feel so full. His cock stretches me, fills me…I clench my eyes tightly as he pushes again…I moan into Tess’ ass sending vibrations racing through her.. I feel Sasha’s fingers sliding over Tess’ pussy just below my chin as I fuck her ass with my tongue. Sasha slides two fingers into Tess and I can feel them through her ass. I moan again this time feeling all of John inside me.His hands are on my hips and he just holds himself deep inside me, taking in the sight of the three girls in front of him. His blonde girlfriend, on her knees, her head turned sideways making out with the gorgeous Sasha Grey,her dark hair mismatched in perfect contrast with Tess’. And then, the dark hairs piano teacher, also Tessa, currently impaled by him, her face buried in the ass of his girl. John’s cock twitted inside me….and then the doorbell rang again.I gasped and dislodged quickly from the pile on the bed. Sasha was moving under Tess as I quickly grabbed a dress from the closet and threw over my naked body… Barefoot, I looked back at the scene. John was frustrated, but moving up behind Tess while Sasha tried to maneuver herself underneath her. The two seemed to be fighting for access to Tess’ perfect pussy. I closed the door on my way out as the person at the door downstairs knocked again.I peeked in on Sasha’s daughter who was dutifully practicing her fingering on the piano. I opened the door to see Bianca standing there. Looking delicious in a blue sundress. Her breasts standing out without a bra. Of course, I never would have noticed any of this under normal circumstances, but with a pussy suddenly empty and soaking wet, three people naked in my bed upstairs…I would have jumped Bianca right then and there if I thought she were into girls.Bianca stepped inside and started to tell me that she was going to have to cancel her lessons for her daughter. She just couldn’t afford them anymore. I was disappointed, of course, but really…I just wanted to get back upstairs. I don’t know what was happening, but both Bianca and I glanced upstairs when a Tess cried out. I look back at Bianca. There was no mistaking that sound and her body was alive. She shifted her weight and it was clear, just the noise of a woman in pleasure was enough to turn Bianca on. Her nipples grew even harder under the thin cotton dress, no doubt matching how mine felt. She bit her bottom lip and raised her eyebrow at me. Blushing, I looked at her feet and said I had some company over. Bianca, reached for my hand and said she may not be able to bring her daughter for lessons anymore, but….she did have lots of free time now. Holding her hand and glancing back into the practice room, I led Bianca upstairs to my bedroom.When I opened the door and stepped inside, I was not prepared for what I was seeing. Sasha smiled and said that Tess was not cooperating so they had to help her. Tess was tied to my bed, her arms together and up over her head, secured to the headboard. Her legs were spread and and tied to the post at the foot of the bed. Her pussy was wet and glistening in the lights, spread open. A look at the shiny wet com of John confirmed that he had been fucking her.Bianca squeezed my hand tight and then lifted her dress up over her head, dropping it to the floor. Her sandals and panties joined the pile quickly and she was throwing herself into the hot embrace of Sasha. I dropped my dress and was once again naked, ready to get filled by kayseri escort John again, but, first….I crawled up onto the bed, lifting one leg over Tess’ face and lowering my dripping pussy to her hungry mouth.The shock of her expert tongue against my clit caused an instant mini-explosion to rocket through me. I cried out and watched as John moved back between her legs, ready to push his cock into Tess. But, Sasha stopped him….she guided his cock back towards her own mouth. Bianca, not wasting anytime, dropped between Tess’ legs and began tasting the captive girl on our bed. My hips were rocking over Tess as she licked and sucked on my pussy, trying to get every drop she could reach. I let my ass slide against her nose and then further so that her tongue could taste me there too. Then back so her tongue could reach up, plunging deep into my pussy. John’s cock was just inches away inside Sasha’s mouth over Tess’ breasts. Sasha’s sloppy blow job made Tess’ boobs shine with her saliva. I reached for them, to feel the massive flesh in my hands. Tess moaned up into my pussy. Bianca reached up and pushed her fingers into Tess as she focused on her clit. Tess moaned again and tried to move under the weight of me and her retrains. She was helpless as Bianca pushed two then three fingers into her. Her lips closed around the hard little clit and sucked, her tongue flying back and forth. I could hear Bianca moaning into Tess’ pussy, I could feel Tess moaning into mine. I recached down and began to rub my own clit as Tess pushed her tongue around my wet opening. John groaned and I looked,watching as his cock swelled in Sasha’s mouth…She pull back and held his cock as it finally, for the first time in what would be many times that night, exploded. She directed his cock around Tess’ body…some landed on Tess, some on Sasha’s face. some on my tummy and dripped down over my smooth mound. Bianca was the only one that did not get any. This time.I felt my orgasm racing through me before I expected in, my back arched and I cried out. I felt lips one both my boobs – John and Sasha helping themselves. As I was cumin, Tess screamed into my pussy…Bianca working her magic had Tess flooding her mouth with a torrent of wetness. I held on to Sasha and John as I cam over Tess’ face and then collapsed to the side, into John’s arms as he kissed me, his hard masculine lips pushing my mouth open, my ragged breath rushing into him as Sasha moved down to taste me on Tess’ lips. The two of them moaning as they made out again, Bianca, licking her lips, her face shiny and wet with Tess’ massive orgasm. I pulled Bianca to us, sharing my kiss with Bianca AND john.Our tongues danced together as Sasha kissed her her away to Tess’ neck, sucking and marking her as the slut we will use her as over the next several hours. John moves, retreating from the kiss levying Bianca and I to lie next to the tied up Tess, kissing, her hands exploring my body as I explore hers…I twist Bianca onto her back and she turns her head to look at the blonde, sexy Tess. her hair sweaty and plastered to her head, her mouth open and breathing hard as Sasha sucks at her tits. Bianca leans over and kisses Tess’ ear, then Tess turns her face, the two strangers, that have not even really met, begin making out as I move to catch up to Sasha, kissing gym way down Bianca’s body until I have her hard little nipple in my mouth. The two girls moan into the kiss above us as my hand moves to Sasha’s ass. Caressing and sliding over her skin. My fingers dip between the cheeks of her ass and then I feel her hand on my ass. I moan against the nipple in my mouth, my tongue swirling around Bianca’s hard little nub.She squirms, but just to get closer to the kiss she is sharing with Tess.I had almost forgotten about John until I his hard cock is slapping against my upturned ass. I think he still wants to fuck me…still wants to get inside me. I feel Sasha;s hand close around the hard shaft of John’s cock and as I kiss my way down over Bianca’s tummy, I wonder if she will guide him into me….I lift my ass higher into the air, ready to have him inside me again….

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