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For those of you who enjoyed my story “Motivating Daddy”, I thought it might be time to revisit those characters. I hope this one brings a smile to your faces, amongst other things.


William Reynolds woke to the sun shining through the windows and the birds singing loudly.

Damned sun! Goddammed noisy birds!

William had a long night the previous evening and had wanted to sleep in, but nature obviously had other ideas. He looked to his left and saw one of the reasons for his long night, his wife of six months, 21-year old Lana. The cocoa-skinned beauty was still sound asleep, he often teased her that she could sleep through a Roman Orgy. Her retort was “Why don’t we have one and we’ll see.”

The other reason, it soon became apparent, was already occupied. William felt a warmth going through his body, looked down and saw the reason. Between his legs, giving him a blowjob, was his 20-year old daughter, scrumptious Cassidey. The brunette sexpot was already naked and going to town.

“Good Lord woman, you’re insatiable. Don’t you ever get enough?”

Cassidey looked up at him, blue eyes slightly smoky, tinged with grey. A broad smile crossed her face. “Of you , daddy-lover? Of course not!” She went back to giving him head and William just relaxed and went with the flow.

He loved Lana and she was part of their family now, but Cassidey was the love of his life. It had been she, a year ago, who had convinced him to quit drinking after the departure of Monique, his first wife, Cassidey’s mother. And it had been Cassidey who had brought Lana into his life. Using the same method.

Her own, sexually-insatiable young body. She had seduced William into an incestuous affair, then she’d seduced her best friend, letting William join in the fun. Six months later, he’d married Lana and now all three lived in sexual bliss.

As he relaxed and let Cass do her thing, he felt soft lips kiss the side of his neck and slender fingers stroke his chest.

“Mmmm, good morning darling!” Lana purred as she moved towards her husband. She’d never been this happy, despite her family’s objections to her marrying the much-older man, William — and his nymph-daughter — made her ecstatically happy.

His beautiful women swarmed all over him now, surrounding him with their bodies. It didn’t take long until his sexy young bride was riding his face, her dark nipples stiff and aching, Cassidey tweaking them as the trio played. It was almost a pattern for them now, now matter how much they played the day before, they were always ready for loveplay the next morning. William chuckled to himself. There were certainly much worse ways to wake up.

William had never been happier — no time in his life was a special as this one. His daughter’s lips energetically licked and sucked at his cock, his beautiful bride was enjoying his attentions. He hadn’t had more than an occasional beer or glass of wine in over a year, his health was terrific, he’d lost over 40 pounds. His Engineering Firm was doing so well, he was able to take time away from work and romp with the girls. Lana had taken to the role of homemaker and was going to University part-time, Cass was trying to express herself through writing. But whenever the urge struck them, which was frequently, they’d all get naked in a tangled mess of limbs and exhaust each other.

Lana was now straddling him, lowering her dark, shaven cunt onto her husband’s cock while her stepdaughter / best friend / lover moved in behind her. The sensual black woman didn’t think she’d ever be able to thank Cassidey enough for introducing her to her Daddy sexually, but she was determined to try. Her lips and Cassidey’s met, swirling together while her husband surged forth, packing her with cock.

Both she and Cassidey were possessed of naughty, devious little minds. They kept William on his toes, he had to be alert and focused, so drinking was out of the question. He was now fucking with renewed energy, if his naughty, slinky little Cass wasn’t on him, demanding erotic attentions, then Lana was.

“Oh darlings, this is the best, just the best!” Lana yelped as she felt Cassidey’s fingers roaming her body, William’s cock pumping, thrusting, moving within her.

“I second that!” Cassidey cooed, her body alive and eager to be her Daddy’s next fuck.

“Okay, I’m not going for the obvious joke and saying I third it — oh shit, I did!” William said, his girls laughing heartily.

William was giving it to Lana the way his sexy young bride liked, hard and fast. In comparison, Cassidey liked it slow, sensual and playful, he often spent twice as long fucking her as he did Lana. However, as both girls were usually in his bed, no one was ignored.

Lana moved from his dick, having already experienced one climax at her husband’s intense fucking. She swapped with Cassidey, who mounted her father and let Lana ride her pussy-hungry face. Soon, everyone was joined in a chain of lust and incestuous desire.

William tuzla escort had great stamina for a man his age, but his girls could wear out a football team, if given the time. He came after a time, the girls sharing his cum, then in supplication, cleaning him off with warm cloths before getting out of bed. Lana went downstairs to prepare breakfast, Cass showering. He had to drop Cassidey off at school, Lana had errands to run, he had to go to the office and go over some plans, it was a busy day. Some days, playing chauffeur was a royal pain.

William got an inspired idea. He walked into the bathroom, where Cassidey was drying herself off. Picking up another towel, he began helping her with her chore, teasingly distracting her.

” Tsk . Daddy, you’re incorrigible.”

“Your fault for being such a hot little minx. Listen baby, I have an idea. What would you say to us getting another car?”

Cassidey squealed and hugged her father tight, her towel nearly slipping off. She was so loud, Lana called upstairs “Hey, you two, what’s going on up there? You aren’t at it again, are you?”

“Tell you in a minute Mommy ” Cassidey called to her friend teasingly. It turned her on even more now that she and Lana were related, it added another forbidden level to their relationship.

They ate breakfast and William thought over the kind of car he’d like to have. Why not something a bit decadent? He’d saved quite a tidy sum not drinking in the past years, plus both women were contributing to the household, so he could afford …

…. he had it. A Jaguar. He’d always wanted one, why not indulge? He doubted either of his girls would object to having a nifty little sports car. He mentioned it to both of them and they were just as excited at the prospect as he.

“Oh, pooh I have to work tonight!” Lana pouted at her husband and Cassidey. “I wanted to go with you and help pick it out.”

“I’ll get us a really hot car, promise baby!” Cassidey responded. “Okay, I’ve gotta get my butt in gear and get ready for school.” She ran up the stairs and came downstairs minutes later. Lana whistled as William gave his daughter the once-over.

Cassidey was dressed in a short white minidress that barely covered her ass. It was skin-tight, hugging her every curve. He could make out the outline of the lacy peach-colored bra and figured she likely wore the panties that matched. On her legs, she wore a pair of thigh-high, white, kid-leather boots.

“You’re going to school dressed like that ?” he asked her.

Lana whistled at her “daughter” and said “I think she looks hot.”

William laughed heartily. “She does indeed, as usual. But people are going to look.”

Cassidey giggled. “Let ’em look, daddy-lover. They don’t get to touch, no one but you and Lana get that privilege.”

William knew that much was true as his daughter pressed up against him, rubbing his crotch suggestively. “Do we have time for a quickie before we go, huh Daddy?”

Lana roared again. “Lord girl, you’re insatiable.”

William sighed. “Sadly, no. Get that adorable butt in gear miss, we’ve gotta get going.”

The day seemed incredibly long, William had meeting after meeting, despite delegating most of the day-to-day responsibilities to his partners, there were times like this when it was unavoidable. He thought of Lana at home and the lust-inspiring outfit Cass had worn earlier, he couldn’t wait to get to the Auto Dealership and order the new Jag.

He picked Cassidey up after classes, noting all the people — men and women — staring at the young hottie as she flipped her chestnut hair to the side, a smile of disdain crossing her face. She got into the car beside him and discreetly frenched him for a moment, before they pulled away from campus.

Cassidey’s greyish eyes were practically dancing as she talked animatedly. “Oh Daddy, I can’t wait ’till we get to pick out the new car. Betcha dressed like this I can swing us a good deal on the car too, Daddy.”

He grinned at her. “Is that why you wore it?”

Cassidey gave him a sly grin in response. “I must say Daddy, it did go through my mind. If you’re looking to get a good deal on a new car, it doesn’t hurt to flash a little skin.”

“A little ?”

“Okay, a LOT of skin” Cassidey retorted.

Cassidey teased her father as they drove, but he was having none of it. “I don’t want to be in that state when we get there, young lady” he chided her. She made a mock pout, but kissed him anyway.

The dealership wasn’t at all hard to find, being located in a strip of Auto Dealerships, an “Auto Mall”. They pulled into the parking lot and William watched his daughter get out of the car, her body moving in a sensual, swaying motion. If he had been the salesman, he might have given her the Jag for free.

There were lots of models to chose from, but William knew what he wanted when he went in. He always came prepared, he’d done his reading. A nervous-looking, balding tuzla escort bayan man rushed over to them.

“Hello, hello, welcome. Are you looking or are you interested in purchasing?”

William smiled. If this guy was the salesman, he’d be a pushover for Cass’ charms.

“I’m here to buy, most definitely.”

“In that case, I’ll have my top salesperson handle you personally.” He gestured in the air and scooted off. Cassidey was still on William’s arm when the salesperson came up to them.

“Good afternoon, may I help you?”

Both William and Cassidey were momentarily taken aback. The salesperson was a stunning woman, who appeared to be in her mid-20’s. She was tall, with dark, curly brown hair that went all the way down her back and rich, brown eyes. She was lush and curvy, clad in a low-cut black silk blouse and tight, form-fitting leather pants. She stood atop 4-inch stiletto heels.

“Hello, I’m Lorissa. Mr. Randall said you were interested in purchasing a car, did you have a model in mind?”

“Gah.” William nudged his daughter, it wasn’t like her to be dumbstruck. Lorissa held out her hand and William took it. Her skin was tanned and soft, she was a striking woman who exuded sexiness and confidence.

“Yes. I like the XK Coupe. The convertible.”

“Smart choice. It’s got 300 Horsepower, with a 4.2 Litre engine and the 18-inch Venus wheels. You have your choice of the Walnut or Satin finish interior trim, touchscreen for climate and telephone, it has a tire pressure monitoring system, a built-in Global location system, leather seating, 6-speed ZF automatic transmission … “

“Okay, you obviously know the car well. I was sold on it when I walked in anyway, wasn’t I honey?” Cassidey just nodded.

“Okay, we have several models in stock. Did you have a color scheme in mind?”

“I’m partial to the Winter Gold. Cassidey?”

Once again, Cassidey just nodded her head while Lorissa smiled at them both. Cassidey felt like a damned fool, but something about this woman intimidated her. From the way Lorissa kept touching her father’s arm and paying rapt attention, Cassidey could tell the woman was very obviously into her Daddy. Then, the perverted wheels in her demented little mind began whirling.

Cassidey leaned over and whispered in William’s ear. “Daddy, she’s motherfucking hot , don’t you think?”

William nodded, he knew his daughter well enough by now to know that Cassidey had something in mind. “Okay young lady, just what are you plotting now?”

A wry smile crossed Cassidey’s face and she leaned over and whispered again. William couldn’t believe what was on her mind, but he knew it would be in his best interests to go with whatever his sex-kitten daughter had in mind. He smiled at Lorissa as he spoke up.

“Lorissa, I am about 90% certain I’d like the XK Coupe but … “

“Sir, just what would it take to get you in that car today?”

“It’s Mr. Walker — although I prefer William — and I think Cassidey and I would like to take a test drive.”

“That won’t be a problem, just let me make the arrangements. I should be back in about 5 minutes.” William and Cassidey watched her walk into the office.

“You sure about this?” William said to his daughter.

“Positive Daddy, just trust me, okay?” Cassidey purred, snuggling into the crook of his arm. “Have I ever steered you wrong?” she said, pun intentional.

“Young lady, you’re incorrigible.” he laughed.

Lorissa returned moments later, beaming. “All arranged, shall we take the car out for a spin?”

Cassidey flashed a conspiratorial smile at her father and said “Sounds good, let’s go!”

The car handled like a dream, as William had known it would. Smooth and fast, it took the roads with ease. They drove for around 30 minutes, coming to a nice rest area he and his girls had visited many times in the past.

He pulled the car off to the side and he and Cassidey got out. They loved this area, it was always bright and cheerful, the sun beaming down on them. Still, it was secluded enough to put their plan into motion.

It was still early enough in the day that the sun was shining and it was warm. The view was idyllic, it was shady and green. Cassidey walked with her father, knowing Lorissa was still watching them.

“We should be going back now, I think” Lorissa intoned.

“Tell you what — ” William said to the attractive Sales Associate ” — why don’t you call your bosses on your Cellphone, tell them you’ll bring the car back in an hour or so, but you’ve made a sale — well, almost … “

Lorissa sighed. It had been a hectic week, she could use a bit of time to herself, so the attractive man’s idea sounded good. She called the Dealership and did as he had suggested.

“Okay, that’s over and done with. So, just what do I need to do to sell you this car?”

“Cassidey has one final term of sale.”

“And that is …?”

“You have to stay here — ” Cassidey escort tuzla leaned in and whispered in the woman’s ear ” — and watch us fuck !”

Lorissa stepped back, as if someone had thrown a bucket of ice-water on her. “Migod — you can’t be serious, people don’t do things like that.”

Cassidey walked towards the woman, placing her hand on her cheek and stroking it softly. She spoke with confidence [ which was all pure bluff, she was actually nervous as all hell ] “Sure they do, baby. There’s nothing sexier than fucking while someone’s watching you. So sit back, enjoy the show. He really knows how to fuck — and if you’re good, I might let you find that out for yourself.” As she moved away from the woman, she whispered “And if you’re really good, I might let you find out how good I am!”

Cassidey walked towards her father, putting a little extra “oomph” into her walk as she did so. She could feel Lorissa’s eyes on her, she was glad she’d worn the form-fitting minidress. She melted with practiced ease into William’s arms, their tongues meeting, his strong, powerful hands pawing at her already heated body. She wanted him to fuck her like a bitch in heat in front of this sexy stranger, to let the woman know how hot they were, how passionate and perverse.

Lorissa wrestled with her sense of ethics. She couldn’t do things like this, just to make a sale. Could she? Still, the commission on the Jaguar was huge, and she could use the money. Sexy clothes didn’t come cheap.

Lorissa knew she wasn’t above using her body and sexuality to make a sale, it was one of the reasons she dressed as she did. She wasn’t afraid to flaunt her assets, that much was certain.

As she went over all of this in her mind, another thought entered. She would certainly have fucked William had he come in alone. She found him attractive, and Cassidey piqued her interest as well. She hadn’t been laid in quite some time. Oh, what the fuck! she thought and made her decision.

William felt his daughter’s deft little fingers unbuttoning his shirt, her hands stroking his chest, her lips planting nibbly little kisses immediately after. God, she was a sexy little vixen, he never tired of her heat. All Cassidey had to do was look at him in a certain fashion and he was hard and eager to fuck her.

“Undress me, lover” Cassidey said in a commanding tone. He undid the zipper that went from the top of the dress all the way to just above her crotch. She wiggled out of it and William saw one of his earlier conclusions had been wrong, she wore no panties, only the bra and thigh-high, white stockings. He reached around, unsnapping her bra and her beautiful, cupcake tits sprang free and loose.

Lorissa knew she should look away, should get in the car and run, this was her last chance. It was too late, she was rooted to the spot. William was a magnificent-looking specimen — and his cock, as it emerged from his boxers — it was huge ! Nor was Cassidey hard on the eyes, sleek and tanned, she exuded a sense of sexuality and desire. This was a very sensual couple and despite her instincts, she was going to watch them screw.

Sexy Cassidey was moving all over her father now, stroking and teasing, kissing his flesh, watching his cock stir. She would, on occasion, glance over to see Lorissa still watching them, Cassidey felt a little chill run through her, Lana had watched them fuck many, many times, but this was the first time an outsider was seeing their incestuous coupling.

“I love your body” Cassidey purred. “It’s so strong and manly.” She knelt down in front of her father and held his cock in her hand, licking at the tip for a few seconds, before engulfing it in her warm, soft mouth. William felt the familiar stirring in his loins that only Cass could put there — every forbidden desire, every passion, it was all there in her.

“It’s so nice here, so warm, nice to be free and naked!” Cassidey said as she moved away from her father for a minute. “Lorissa, why don’t you get naked too?”

Lorissa had no intention of doing that, but before she realized what she was doing, her silk blouse and leather pants, thong and bra were in a puddle beside the car. She was now naked like the other two, clad only in stockings and stilettos. Cassidey grinned over at her.

“Oh Lorissa, you’re gorgeous. Isn’t she gorgeous?”

William nodded and Lorissa felt a flush come over her. What was she doing? Had she gone insane?

“Do you think we’re sexy, Lorissa? Are we turning you on?”

Lorissa realized that her pussy was already wet and aching. She nodded, biting her lip.

Cassidey grinned and returned to playing with her father’s dick. William loved her touch, it was warm and soft, he ached to just pull her to him and fuck the hell out of her. But he knew restraint would pay off.

“Careful baby, don’t rush me!” he chided, but he needn’t have bothered. Cassidey knew very well how much foreplay her father could stand, she bolted away from him, heading towards the car and a startled Lorissa. She leaned back on the hood of the Jag and spread her legs apart, splaying open the lips of her pussy. “Come here and eat this cunt, you wonderful bastard!” she growled.

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