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Thad and Paige

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The Alton family used to be happy. Thad, a hardworking rancher and a good father. Missy, a pretty wife and devoted mother. They married when they were both 18 and started having babies right away. Unfortunately, Missy just couldn’t get used to the isolation that came with being a rancher’s wife. So, after giving birth to their 6th child, she left. She went back to the Chicago, where she had grown up. After all, she was only 36 and was still pretty hot, even after having 6 kids. She left a note for Thad and the kids. It asked that they please understand and not to contact her, she just couldn’t do it anymore. Thad was devastated. He made good money being a rancher and could have easily hired help to take care of the house and kids. But who would want to come live with them out in the middle of nowhere?

He understood why his wife felt isolated but, he was angry with her for leaving him and the kids. Their oldest daughter, Paige, a beauty with thick dark hair and blue eyes had step right up and starting taking care of her younger siblings and the house. He was so proud of her. So, when he came in from the barn about 2 weeks after Missy had left and found Paige crying on the couch, holding her youngest sister, newborn Abbey, he thought that reality had finally settled in and that Paige had realized that being a mom was too much for her. He went over, sat next to her and took her in his arms. He kissed her head and told her that it was okay, he would find help and that she didn’t have to worry about anything. She looked at him with her tear filled eyes and told him that the house and the kids were not the problem.

Apparently, Abbey, the youngest child had been nursing with Missy for the 2 months Missy had stuck around after her birth. Now that Missy was gone, and had taken her milky breasts with her, Abbey was not taking to a bottle. Paige told Thad that Abbey had been losing weight. When he looked into his daughter’s eyes he saw the concern she had for this baby. A mother’s concern. He thought about the great job Paige had been doing taking care of things. She bursa escort really was a good mom and for the first time, he realized that these past few weeks she had been acting as his wife too. Maybe it was because he was missing Missy so much but, in that moment, he began to see his daughter in a different way. He noticed her caring touch, holding his baby. He noticed the curve of her breast under her tight tee-shirt and the way her hair hung down with the ends curling around where her nipple was poking through her shirt. He knew his daughter knew about force lactation from working with animals on the ranch.

As he was sitting there, looking at her, he could feel himself getting hard thinking about her breast dripping with milk. He knew she was waiting for his okay to do what they both knew needed to be done and he was so grateful to her for being willing to do it. He looked into he daughters eyes and slowly moved his hands over to her shoulder. He gently slid down the sleeve of her shirt and her pink bra strap. He moved the neck of her low cut tee- shirt down sliding his hand around the outside of her breast exposing it. Paige’s face was flush with embarrassment but she gave her father a little smile, to let him know that she was okay with this. She put her baby sister up to her nipple and the baby quickly latched on forcefully, knowing exactly what she wanted. Even though there was no milk in her breast yet, she knew that the baby would suckle just for the comfort of it and after a few days, her milk would come in. As she looked over at her father, whom she always considered sexy and handsome, she noticed that he had a very noticeable erection inside his tight cowboy jeans.

Suddenly, Paige was horny. Really horny. She felt a throbbing in her clit and she wanted him to touch her so badly. She was free to stare at his hard cock all she wanted since she noticed that he hadn’t taken his eyes off of her breast. Paige took her free hand and slid it out of the sleeve of her shirt so that other breast was exposed. She couldn’t help but notice how hard her nipple was, bursa escort bayan and apparently Thad had noticed too! He was too nervous to look his daughter in the face but he knew she was staring at him staring at her nipple. He didn’t care though, it felt so right and the urge was so strong. He placed his strong had on her free breast and cupped it in his large hand. He now looked into his daughter’s eyes and leaned over and kissed her lips. Oh god, they were so sweet, so soft. He grabbed the back of her head, her long hair falling between his fingers, and held her firmly kissing her harder. He couldn’t control himself and worked his way down, kissing her neck and chest and then finally working his way onto her breast and taking her into his own mouth. He sucked hard on his daughters nipple and he notice her head fall back in ecstasy. He could help it, wrong as he knew it was, he knew it felt right and he wanted to fuck her NOW! He came up for air and saw that the baby was sleeping contently at his daughter’s breast. He took the baby in his arms and put her in her bassinet, he then took Paige’s hand and pulled her up from the couch. He pulled her close to him. She could now feel the enormous size of her father’s hard cock pressed up against her. He took her hand and led her into his bedroom.

Paige had been in the room a thousand times, but she felt like she was seeing it for the first time. She watched as Thad pulled off his own shirt and saw how strong and muscular he was. He came at her and started kissing her, pulling her shirt over her head and pushing her down onto the bed. He undid her pants and pulled them off, getting right in-between her legs, rubbing his rock hard cock on her pussy through his jeans. She was glad he was being so forceful, it didn’t give her a chance to think about anything other than how much she wanted him. She felt his big strong hand caress the side of her body and work its way down to her wet pussy. She felt him thrust one of his thick fingers inside her, and then another, working her pussy, thrusting his fingers in and rubbing her escort bursa clit with his thumb. He still had her nipple in his mouth sucking so hard she could tell he wanted to fuck her. She reached down and started to undo his belt buckle. Thad wasted no time in helping her get his pants off. He laid down and pulled his daughter up on top of him. He knew she was a virgin by how tight her pussy had been when he was fingering her. He grabbed her hips and lifted her up over his cock, which was so hard it was standing up like a fencepost. He lowered his daughter down onto his hard cock, letting her control the speed.

Paige couldn’t believe what a huge cock her dad had and how tight her pussy felt around it. She was glad to have his strong hands steadying her and making her take it slow. She lowered herself down onto his cock, a little more each time and then came back up leaving more and more of his cock wet from her pussy. Finally his whole cock was up inside her and she was ridding him up and down, grinding her hips into him and grabbing his chest for support while his hands kept a firm grip on her hips. She could feel his hands move her faster and faster, her clit rubbing against the base of his cock. She could feel her toes tighten and curl and then she was coming on her fathers cock. Her head fell back and she grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples as her waves of orgasm tightened around his cock. She had never imagined feeling this good and loved feeling as if he was so in control of how she was feeling.

Thad could not believe how beautiful his daughter looked, up on top of him, her head falling back and to the side with pleasure, cumming on his dick. He could feel her pussy tighten and when she grabbed her tits while cumming, it took him over the edge. He sat up, throwing his arm around his daughter’s waist and thrusting her down on his hard cock. He brought his lips up to meet his daughters breast and sucked hard on her breasts. He couldn’t remember ever having sex this hot, this intense. He pushed her down harder and harder until he came deep inside her, biting her nipples with pleasure.

Hot, sweaty and satisfied, Paige laid in her father’s arms. She wasn’t sure what was right or wrong anymore but she knew that out in the isolation of their ranch, everything would be okay.

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