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Thank you, Hank

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 The sun was at his back as Hank rode the horse he called My Bay Mare over the crest of the ridge. It was 1890 and already a brisk mid-October. He was gonna have to find a place to stay for the winter. Stopping just over the top he looked down on the small cabin in the valley. There was a young woman off her porch out front with a shotgun and two cowboy types on horses in front of her. Hank couldn’t hear what was being said but he saw a third man starting to move around the cabin to come up behind the woman. “What the hell, might be fun,” was all Hank said as he started to ride down the hill to come up behind the men on the horses. Moving down and through the trees, he stayed hidden from the men and the woman was too intent on them to even notice him in the trees. He got to a spot about thirty feet behind the men, still in the tree line, and waited.  “You get the hell away from our land and leave us alone. We will never sell,” raising the shotgun at the men. “You’ll have to kill us.” Just about that time, the man came around from the back and as he turned around the front side Hank made his move.   Moving up behind the horses he pulled his colt and shot in front of the man coming up to the woman. Stopping him, he pointed his gun at the men on horseback and said, “Drop the hardware boys. Why don’t we talk about this before one of you gets hurt?” The guns hit the dirt and the lady with the shotgun scurried back up onto her porch. Another woman, hell, looked like the same woman, stepped out of the front door, and moved over to the woman with the shotgun. They were twins and very lovely. I mean the day to day out here had aged them but they were still very young, beautiful women and they appeared to, at least for now, be alone out here. “Now, I am new around here but three to one really doesn’t seem fair, and even the other lady inside doesn’t really sway the odds any, now does she?” “This ain’t your concern stranger, you just best move along…,“ the man on the closest horse spoke up. “I got a feeling that ain’t your decision to make my friend. I suggest that you and your associates move on down the road,” smirked Hank. At that moment the man on his feet decided to lunge for his gun on the ground and Hank turned and fired, hitting the gun and pushing it away every time he took another step closer. Then he spun and shot the hats off of the two men on the horses before they could even move to get to their guns.  “It was a suggestion the first time and now I am a bit upset with you boys, so I will have to call it a stern warning this time. Get your asses out of here… NOW!” The two riders moved away and the man on his bonus veren siteler feet ran to get his horse, grabbed the two hats, and joined as they rode away. Each hat had a single hole centered on the front. Hank sat on My Bay Mare and watched as they rode off shouting back such vile language that Hank believed even he blushed.  “Mister, I don’t know who you are but we surely thank you. Hard telling what they would have done to us if you had not happened along,” came from the shotgun girl. The other lady had yet to speak.  “Nope, not at all,” said Hank. “What? What do you mean?” she replied. “You said, hard telling what they would have done to us if you had not happened along, and it really isn’t. They would have used you both like cheap bar sluts or worse and then left your bodies in a burning cabin when they left. I can only guess that this is about buying the place and you have been, let’s say, resisting?” Hank swung his leg up and off of My Bay Mare’ and once on the ground moved to the porch and took the two steps up, “Well?” “Yes, okay. First, I am Suzanna Jones and this is my twin, Michelle. We are stuck here because those animals killed our parents six months ago. They didn’t know we were old enough to own the land and thought they would easily get it after my parents were gone. They were wrong. They have been trying to buy it ever since my parents died but we refused to sell.” “Yep, so now they are just gonna kill you and take your place, you know that don’t ya? You are gonna end up as someone’s toy or dead. Who is trying to get the place?”   “His name is Jeremiah Jamison. He owns the bank. My parents homesteaded the land and built the cabin so nothing is owed to the bank but they sure want it.” “Are you serious? Jeremiah Jamison. Was he a Regulator?” Hank asked. “Yeah, I think so. You mean from Lincoln County?” replied Suzanna. “I will be damned, Jere James, that was the name I knew him by. He picked it so people would think he had famous brothers. I think he wanted to make people scared of him. I wasn’t worried, them James boys weren’t all that fast. I think I know how to handle all this, I just need to go to town tomorrow and talk to good ol Jere.” “Thank God… uh… you never told me your name.” She looked at him with a little head tilt. “Oh damn, I didn’t, did I? My name is Henry McCarty but friends have been calling me Hank. Nice to make your acquaintance.” “And it is nice and life-saving to make yours. Please come inside and let me make you some tea or coffee.” “I could use a little coffee. Thank you.” Moving into the cabin and finding a nice deep chair covered with what bedava bahis appeared to be very soft fur throws he planted his saddle sore ass and waited for her to return. While in the kitchen he heard the ladies talking. Yes, both of them.  “We need his help, Suzanna. You know we will never survive without it. Those animals will be back.” “I can’t, I mean I know I promised but I just can’t. I don’t even know what to do,” whined Suzanna. Michelle grabbed her hand and said, “I am sure he knows. You just have to persuade him to stay and there is only one way. You know what Grandma always told us.” “I just don’t know if I can, but he is nice looking and seems rather sweet, but I am not a saloon girl, dammit. I just don’t know.” Suzanna turned to go back to Hank. Michelle left the cabin.  Bringing in a nice cup of black coffee she set it down beside him and knelt at his feet. Hank was told it was Michelle’s turn to feed the animals. Sitting on the floor in front of him she just sat and watched him. Hank took a nice long drink and placed the cup back on the small table beside him. She leaned across and rested her arm on his leg. It was now or never.  She slid her hand across the front of his dungarees and pressed against his already swelling member. She gripped his hardening shaft with her hand and leaned up to kiss him. Hank took her hand and lifted it off his pants, gave her a short kiss, and smiled. “So, what are you doing little lady? I mean is that what you really want or is it something else? You do not owe me, and I don’t bribe. Try talking to me, not tempting me. I wouldn’t want you if it wasn’t your true desire.” “What do you mean? I really want to.”   “Then what was the discussion with sis in the other room? You two do not whisper very well.”  “I am sorry, but we are scared. I don’t know what else to do. We need someone to protect us and our grandmother always told us that if we want a man to do anything, have carnal knowledge with him. He’ll do anything you ask after that.” “You know, you are probably absolutely right, but there are some of us that have a little more control and don’t really need the incentive. Let’s just wait and see what happens after I go talk to Jere and maybe I can change his mind about this place.” “That would be a blessing.” Suzanna turned to the door as Michelle came back in. The odd look on Michelle’s face told Hank that she was expecting something else, or maybe thought he and Suzanna would have moved to the bedroom. “Come and sit Michelle, we are just talking.” Hank just wanted to keep everyone as comfortable as possible.  Suzanna asked, “Will you tell us deneme bonus about you, Hank. We know nothing and we owe you everything. Please tell us more.” “Okay, you might not like it as much as you think. Let’s see, I was born in New York, lived in Indiana, then… Jesus… uh, Kansas, Arizona Territory, and finally New Mexico Territory. I spent most of my life here. After my mom passed from consumption, I was on my own. My step-dad took off right before she passed. I got in some trouble with the law so I did a lot of traveling. Now, remember I warned you. “I was fifteen when I was first arrested and it was also my first escape. That was the start of a long series of short stays in local jails that stopped about nine years ago. I became a Lincoln County Regulator and while trying to arrest a lawman that had murdered one of my friends the lawman was killed and I was charged with his killing.   “Then there were other killings, reputations are hell to keep up with sometimes. I took the name William Bonney in 1877 and continued my criminal life. Then in 1881, I was killed near Sumner by a friend named Pat. Well, he really didn’t kill me, that was just a story we made up so I could, first off, not die, and stop being chased, and Pat would be a hero. Since then it was back to Henry McCarty. No one knows that name.” Michelle and Suzanna both sat in shocked silence at their guest’s story and just knew it had to be a tall tale. He laughed and said, “You can see right through me ladies. I hope you liked the tale. Always gets a few laughs.”  The ladies laughed with Hank and they continued to talk late into the night. Hank finally noticed that Michelle had fallen asleep on the floor and he asked Suzanna if she should take her to bed. Suzanna said she would scoop her up and into bed then come back for them to finish what they started earlier. From the bedroom, Hank can hear the conversation by the bed. “Do you think he was being serious? Do you really think it is him?”   “I don’t know Shelle, why would he lie about it, I mean I was all ready to… you know, and he stopped me. Why?” “I will never understand men, Suze.” “Good night, Shelle, go back to sleep.” “I know what you are gonna do,” Michelle snickered.  “Shhh. Go to sleep and let me then,” chuckled Suzanna as she left the bedroom.  When Suzanna returned to the front room where Hank was sitting she saw him asleep in the chair he had relaxed in. She covered him with a blanket and stoked the fire to last overnight. Suzanna then snuggled at Hank’s feet, falling asleep rather quickly. Both of the girls woke up the next day at their usual time, just after sunrise, and they saw that Hank was already gone. They decided that it was too good to be true that they had finally found some help with their miserable situation. Then, later in the morning, all hope was gone once again. They started with the daily chores. What else could they do?

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