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Thank You Sis Ch. 3

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When I wrote ‘Thank You Sis,’ I intended it to be a stand-alone story. Little did I realize how well received it would be, or how many of you would ask for more.

So, I wrote Chapter Two, and ended the tale with a ‘happily ever after.’

Still, there was demand for details of Phil and Joie’s ‘consummation’ so I now present Chapter Three, which will be the final chapter: For sure.

I also wrote this as a ‘Thank You’ for all the flattering feedback, and the positive voting. I hope you are not disappointed.

If you have not yet read at least one of the previous chapters, I strongly encourage you to do so before reading this one. I skipped all the character development here and got right to the point.

Chicago Bob


Part I – A Little Background

As I have explained before, the relationship between my sister, Joie, and I grew intimate over many years. We first shared an apartment after our parents kicked her out on her eighteenth birthday, when she announced she was a lesbian. During the year we lived together, we shared details of your sexual experiences, but never even thought of being together ourselves.

After she found a job and got her own apartment, our sharing continued and we would get together almost every Wednesday evening for dinner and conversation. We were best friends as well as siblings, and we very much enjoyed our time together.

Gradually, as her sexual exploits expanded, our stories became more explicit and we eventually shared the fact that very often we both masturbated, in the privacy of our own homes, after our Wednesday evening story telling.

Once the cat was out of the bag, so to speak, we began to masturbate while we told our stories. But even then we wouldn’t touch each other. We were content just to watch the other as we pleasured ourselves.

After my 30th birthday party, which Joie planned for me, our relationship became much more intimate. God, how could it not? Joie ‘researched’ my taste in women and somehow got three of the hottest babes I had ever seen to entertain me.

Jill, Liz, and Pam took turns stripping for me, then sucking my cock, till I blasted a huge load all over them. Then they took turns climaxing repeatedly on my tongue. All this before they did their best to fuck my brains out.

Pam is bi and the party was the only time I was with her. But Jill and Liz are straight and the three of us have developed a close personal and sexual relationship, a relationship that includes my sister.

A few months after the party, Joie and I had our first physical contact, only oral mind you, but because of that night she decided to throw her lesbian prohibitions to the wind, and have intercourse with me. However we had to wait for Joie to get settled on the pill, as none of us wanted to risk a pregnancy. The wait was because condoms were out of the question. Joie insisted that her first time with me had to be all skin and, again, we all agreed.

It has now been over three months, as she had to wait until after her period to start, and we all agreed with her doctor who insisted that at least three periods should pass before the medication reached maximum effectiveness. So, as much as we wanted to consummate our relationship, we all decided it was better to wait it out.

I am amazed at how the really important decisions in our lives are starting to be made my committee. I am even more amazed that the decisions are always unanimous.

It has been a long wait, but all three girls have kept me occupied with plenty of blowjobs, and an outlandish amount of good old down home loving.

They have also developed intimate relationships between themselves. We were all kind of surprised by that, especially Jill and Liz who thought of themselves as being completely ‘straight.’ They are now more than happy, however, to be with my sister, and each other, too. Like I mentioned before, lesbian sex is not my thing, but when the women involved are my lovers, whom I love dearly, it’s a real turn on, especially when they are sucking my cum out of each other’s pussies. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘I’m one lucky guy.’

Part II – It’s Time

Joie had started her ‘third period’ over a week ago, and we had agreed that this Saturday would be the night. Jill, the organizer, had assured me they intended to make it a special evening, which really fanned the flames of my desire. We had had many special evenings before, and these three beauties never failed to create highly charged, extremely erotic occasions for us all.

As arranged, the girls arrived at six. They carried bags of food, wine, and what I knew were changes of clothes. They were dressed similarly, in tank tops, shorts and sandals. As always, I marveled at their beauty. Individually they were stunning. Together they stopped traffic.

We kissed hello and they dropped the sacks of food in the kitchen then moved, in caravan, to the bedroom. When they returned to the living room they were without bras, and bursa escort I wondered if they had lost their panties as well.

We sat in our usual places, Jill and Liz on the couch, Joie on the side chair, and me in the easy chair.

“OK,” said Jill, “we have all waited a long time for this, and the girls and I have formulated a plan. A plan that we think will be to your liking.” She was looking at me.

“Just as long as Joie is happy, I’m pretty much ready for anything.”

Liz continued, “Joie thought of it, so we know she’ll be happy. But the secrete ingredient, necessary for us all to be able to claim true success, is for you, Phillip our love, to produce buckets of cum.”

They were all grinning at me, and it was Joie who spoke next, “So, dear brother, while we prepare our dinner, we are also going to prepare you. But, only we can touch you. You can’t touch us, understand?”

I looked at my sister, “Not even a little touching? How about hugs and kisses?”

Liz said, “OK, hugs and kisses.”

Jill and Joie glared at her. It seemed she was suddenly going against the plan.

Liz was giving a good impression of a pouting child, “But I like hugs and kisses, and so do you two. How about hugs and kisses, but no tits or pussies, or tushes?”

“You’re right,” said Joie, “no hugs and kisses is asking too much.”

She looked at me, “You can kiss us and hug us, but that’s all. Until later, of course.”

All agreed, they stood and headed for the kitchen. On her way, Liz stopped in front of me and pulled the top of her shirt down. Leaning forward she wiggled her shoulders exposing her magnificent breasts.

“You can thank me with a kiss.”

I sat up straight and kissed her on the mouth.

“No, touching!” It was Jill and Joie speaking at the same time.

I didn’t touch and all three women set to work on dinner. I quickly surmised they had planned a simple menu; mini meatballs and veggies for appetizers, a simple green salad, fried rice, and a copious amount of jumbo shrimp for the entree. Jill set a home made apple pie on the counter which would be dessert, if we got that far.

Joie came up to me and put her arms around me, crushing her breasts into my chest. “Why don’t you get out of these clothes. All we want on you for awhile is a pair of boxers. Change into the black pair, but don’t look in the bags.”

I changed and didn’t look. When I returned to the kitchen they all applauded. They are so thoughtful.

Joie came over to me once again and this time lifted her shirt over her breasts. She hugged me and then leaned back a little and rubbed her tits against me.

“Now, isn’t that better?”

“You know it is.”

She smiled sweetly, “Yes, I do.”

She then sunk to her knees and pulled my hardening cock out through the fly of the boxers. She looked at it carefully as she held it between her thumb and forefinger. Then she looked up at me.

“I’ve waited a long time for tonight, dear brother. I can’t tell you how much I want to feel you in me, how much I want you to finally fill me with your cum. Every time you’ve shot into my mouth, on my face, over my tits, my empty pussy has spasmed in protest. It doesn’t like being ignored. Well tonight, my hot, wet, horny pussy will spasm around your hard cock as I climax when you fill me with your sweet, loving, cum.”

“I love it when you talk dirty.”

“I know.” She was grinning broadly.

She took my cock into her mouth and almost gulped me down. When her nose was smashed against my stomach she cupped my balls and fondled them gently.

I was in heaven. No matter how many times any of them did this to me, it was always exciting. Every time was as good as the first.

Since that first night, Joie had worked diligently to learn to deep-throat my cock, and she could now please me endlessly with her mouth. And she often did.

After what was a long time, even for her, she pulled back and let me fall from her mouth.

She rose and kissed me, “It’s my turn at the stove.”

She left me standing there, my cock pointing at the ceiling.

Liz came over to me and said, “Oh, is the poor boy lonely?”

Then she knelt and swallowed me. Only instead of keeping me buried in her throat, she bobbed up and down on my shaft, giving me exquisite pleasure.

Just when I was starting to think about cuming in her mouth she pulled back and stood. She winked at me before she turned and walked away.

Jill, not to be outdone, stripped off her shirt and pressed her perfect breasts into me.

She kissed me lightly and said, “You are going to love this night like no other night you have ever had. Liz and I are so hot to watch you fuck your sister, you can’t believe it.”

Then Jill grabbed my cock in her right hand and started to slide up and down against my body. Forcing her right leg between mine, she humped me like a dog, grinding her crotch into my thigh while she stroked my cock.

Have I mentioned Jill is the playful one?

After not bursa escort bayan nearly enough time she pulled away, smiling. “Too much more of that and I’ll get myself off.”

“That would be bad?”

“Let’s try it some time when we’re both naked.” She grinned and left me.

I wondered how much more of this teasing I could expect. It didn’t take long to find out.

I was ordered to pour the champagne and the girls told me that dinner needed to simmer for a while. We should wait in the living room, and I should remove my boxers.

They directed me to the center of the couch and I sat. Liz pulled her top off and knelt between my legs while Joie striped off her shorts. She was sans panty and her naked vulva seemed to shine.

Liz cupped her breasts and leaned forward so she could rub my cock between them. I really like it when she does that. Joie climbed onto the couch and straddled my face. She pulled her lips apart and nestled her open pussy onto my mouth.

I immediately stabbed her vagina with my tongue, savoring her aroma and taste. She sensed my eagerness and pulled her lips further apart, pushing her vagina further onto my probing tongue. God, I loved to eat her pussy. For that matter, I loved to eat all their pussies.

I felt Liz remove her breasts and then a mouth engulfed my cock. I didn’t know whose it was, but, as always, it felt great. They all felt great. After a moment I recognized Jill’s technique, she sometimes uses her teeth, ever so lightly. Jill stroked the length of my penis in and out of her very talented mouth and I groaned my pleasure into Joie’s pussy.

They started what I can only describe as a ‘tag-team’ rotation on me. After a few minutes of Joie on my face and Jill on my cock, they changed positions. Jill moved to my face and Liz took her place on my cock.

Then Jill moved away to be replaced my Liz and Joie moved between my legs to suck me.

As good as it felt, the best part was the girls spreading their lips as they stood in front of my face. They would always hover above me for a moment showing me the wet, pink, openings of their vaginas before squatting down the distance it took to cover my mouth with their sex. I love their pussies, and they know it. They always give me full and complete access to their charms whenever we are together. At teasing times, like tonight, when I’m not allowed to touch, they always compensate by spreading wide and allowing me to ogle their sexy pussies. Heaven may be as good, but it couldn’t be much better than this.

I stood it for two full rotations and then begged for a break after Liz’s second ride on my tongue. When they complained, I threatened to cum if they kept it up. That put a damper on their teasing.

“He’s right, you know,” said Joie, “we want him full, but this probably is asking a little too much.”

Actually, I wanted more of them, “If you promise not to suck on me, or jack me too hard, I’ll eat you all to orgasm in the sixty-nine position.”

Liz, who happened to be the closest to me, leaned down and kissed me, “That’s why we love you, Phil, always so considerate.”

She then turned to the others, grinning, and said, “I’m first.”

“No way you’re first, you multi-orgasmic Jezebel,” cried Jill. “You’ll monopolize him for the rest of the night. You could cum a hundred times, you with your little climaxes, and claim he still hadn’t gotten you off. No way you’re going first. You go last. After we’ve gotten off, you can use him till it’s time to eat.”

Liz, to her credit, thought it over and then said, “Oh, OK. But dinner better not be till after at least a dozen!”

I had exactly one throw pillow to my name, and Joie tossed it on the carpet in the middle of the room. “Jill?”

Jill responded, “No, this is your night. You can have the honors.”

I lay with my head on the pillow and my sister knelt over my face. She knew how this worked best and she quickly took up her position, laying her body on mine, her legs splayed wide, allowing me easy access to her now completely drenched pussy.

She rested her head on my thigh and took my cock in her hand, squeezing it gently. Joie helped adjust the pillow so my head was tilted up and my mouth was at the opening of my sister’s vagina.

Joie was extremely excited. Her lips were swollen and her clit was erect, protruding just slightly between her labia at the top of her pussy. I licked the full length of her sex.

“Oh, you knoooow what I like.” The Big Bopper couldn’t have said it better.

No preliminaries now. I attacked her sex like a man possessed. I licked her slit repeatedly, pushing my tongue as far into her as I could. She responded by spreading her legs even wider and pushing back against my mouth.

I tucked my chin so I could reach her clit and sucked it first between my lips, and then into my mouth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

“Ummmmm. Oh, my dear brother, you know how to please me.”

I sucked her sensitive bud further into my mouth and started to escort bursa lick it. It only took a minute. Joie started to stiffen, but kept her legs apart. She pushed back hard against me and I put more pressure against her clit.

“Ahhhhhhh, God, YES! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

She went ridged for a few seconds then pushed her body up with her arms and pulled away from me.

“No, more! No, more! I can’t stand any more.”

She was kneeling over me, her knees spread wide. Her labia was also spread wide and I could see her vagina contracting. She was still climaxing as she knelt there. This was a new high for her, I far as I knew.

After a minute, Joie lowered her shoulders to the carpet, her body between my legs. She reached back and slipped two fingers into her vagina, stroking them in and out a few times. Then she pulled them out and leaning back a little, holding them close to my mouth. She was looking between her legs and she smiled at me.

“Want to taste how good I feel?”

Questions like those don’t need answers. I raised my head and sucked her fingers into my mouth. She tasted absolutely delightful.

From my side Liz said in a soft voice, “You two never cease to amaze me. That was wonderful. I had three orgasms of my own while I was watching.

I looked over at her and believed her. She was licking her own juices off her fingers.

I heard Jill, “Dinner is ready, as if anything we could feed you could taste as good as your sister’s pussy.”

Still on my back, I looked back and asked, “What about you and Liz?’

“We’ll get our turn later, don’t worry.”

I pulled on my boxers and the girls climbed back into their panties. They left their shirts off and treated me to a view of six of the most beautiful breasts in the world. No kidding.

The meal was delicious and we gorged ourselves on the shrimp.

When the dishes were piled in the sink, we all took our glasses into the living room to relax a bit.

Jill started, “So, tell us Phil, are your balls full, or do you need some more attention?” She pulled the crotch of her panty aside and slipped her middle finger between her labia.

Liz giggled, “Lots of cum Phil, we’re going to need lots of cum tonight.” Liz was hefting her breasts as she spoke, rubbing them together and kissing her own nipples.

Joie came to my rescue, “I think my dear, sweet, brother will do just fine.”

Then to me, “You do have as much as you had for the party, don’t you? That first time, when you shot all over these two, and Pam.”

She shuddered, “God, that got me hot. That was the first time I ever saw a man ejaculate, let alone hose down three women. Baby, I was so proud of you.”

She was remembering, “When I finally convinced Liz and Jill to do you that night, I didn’t know how much endurance you had. I was just hoping you could maintain.”

She came over and sat on my lap. “But brother, you did me proud. Not only did you cum like a horse, you ate pussy better than most of the women I know, excuse me, knew. God, remember Liz’s thirty-five. That was over the top. But best of all is that it started us on the road to tonight.

“Tell me brother, are you ready to fuck your little sister?”

Before I could answer she giggled and added, “Don’t bother to answer, I can feel you cock trying to break through my panties.

“Ladies, let us repair to the bedroom.”

To me, “Baby, you can freshen up in the guest bath. We’ll call you when we’re ready. It won’t be long.”

They rose and left. I sat for a moment and then made my way to the second bathroom. I cleaned up and returned to the living room, sat and sipped some wine.

I heard giggling and laughter a couple of times through the closed door of the bedroom but otherwise it was quiet. I put a CD into the player and listened to Abba, Gold. As I turned to sit I noticed a chair missing from the dinning room. “What are they up to?’

Part III – Fulfillment

After almost twenty minutes Liz softly said, “We’re ready, Phil, you can come in now.

I entered the bedroom, which was now bathed in candlelight. The bed spread was gone and Joie was lying on her side facing me, her head resting in her hand. The mattress was covered with a burgundy sheet. I thought, ‘I didn’t have any burgundy sheets,’ then my mind refocused on the moment.

Joie was wearing a white bustier that had a cutout bra. Her breasts looked so delicious. The garters of the bustier held up white stockings with sexy, lacy tops. White high-heeled pumps were on her feet. She was not wearing panties. Against the burgundy sheet, with her blonde hair, fair skin, and wearing the white lingerie, my sister looked like a goddess.

Liz took my arm and escorted me to the missing dinning room chair, now located at the foot of the bed.

She was wearing a baby-blue chemise with a low, scooping neckline. The material concealed nothing. Her legs were encased in blue stockings and her pumps were also blue. Her long brunette hair flowed down her back. In an earlier time, it would have been Liz who launched the thousand ships.

Jill was dressed identically, but her color was green, which looked strikingly beautiful, coupled with her auburn hair and milky white skin. She was an angel.

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