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Thanksgiving Feast

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Maple leaves of orange, yellow and salmon pink adorn the rolling countryside, distracting the mind from November’s chill and its windy bite. The sun still shines, but the warm embrace comes from a distant place now, with much less passion. The change of seasons can be bittersweet, as when summer’s frenzy is replaced with autumn’s cooling. College football, hayrides through apple orchards, and the colorful tapestry of nature are some of November’s cherished experiences throughout the Midwestern U.S., but jet skis on the lake and the dance of fireflies are sacrificed to have them.

The Thanksgiving holiday is autumn’s centerpiece, and the day’s meal is its focal point. For Jon, this year’s Thanksgiving would be uniquely delicious, but not because of the turkey, or the stuffing, or the pumpkin pie. For the first time, Marissa would be coming to Madison, and Jon’s past and future would finally intertwine.

As Jon watched the 737 carrying his Caribbean goddess touch down, the abrasive airport noise faded to a dull hum. While the plane taxied, and passengers filed off, his skin tingled with lustful anticipation. It was a year since their island encounter, when sunny Barbados became their playground and their chemistry ignited into a raging flame. Since then, the two were connected every day, whether by voice or text or video, there was no holding them back. This encounter would occur 2,500 miles north of Marissa’s verdant island homeland, and would include her first taste of an American Thanksgiving. It would be a holiday of many succulent tastes.

A cluster of tired passengers meandered down the lifeless corridor, and into the public section of Dane County Airport. Marissa’s radiant glow, however, was unmistakable. Her beautiful eyes searched eagerly for Jon, and her smile triggered a warm rush through his loins. Her smooth black skin was so erotic against her bright green blouse. Now was not the time for playful games or teasing, so Jon simply rushed to greet his lover, friend and Mistress with a long, deep embrace. Marissa’s touch, the feel of her full, smooth lips on his neck, and her unforgettable, enticing scent caused a flood of sensual memories to race through his mind. He pulled back to let his eyes absorb the curvy body that had occupied his every fantasy.

Marissa is the epitome of sexuality to Jon. Her island accent, her breathy voice, her full-figured body, and her sexual confidence could harden Jon’s cock in seconds. The two had become perfect puzzle pieces, aligned and fitted for each other in every way. But make no mistake about it, Marissa is Jon’s Mistress, and he is her pet. They gazed into each other’s eyes, kissed, both anxious to race to privacy. Soon they drove away, heading for home, and Marissa’s introduction to his family.

Jon’s two daughters, and their husbands, had returned to the familial home for Thanksgiving. As Jon and Marissa pulled up the driveway, their eyes seemed to announce that it really wasn’t a dream at all, but time to take their romance to the next level. Jon helped Marissa with her bags, and helped her settle into his bedroom. The details of Jon’s room were all very familiar, having been seen many times on video chats. She stared at his luxurious king size bed, its thick, down comforter and the vanilla escort ataşehir and lavender candles on the headboard shelf and nightstands. Sunshine highlighted the large corner Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, through the big windows above it. Finally she could experience all of it in person, and immerse herself in all things Jon. He would set up in the basement bedroom. She had come 2,500 miles, but they’d have to endure sleeping two floors apart while the kids were around.

“Marissa, I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve fantasized about this moment for so long. You look as gorgeous and sexy as ever. I know the houseful will cramp our style, babe, but I’m really glad they can meet you, and finally understand why I’m so in love with you. I’ll be in the basement bedroom tonight, but every thought will be with you.”

“So you really think you can keep your hands off me, huh?” Marissa teased with a seductive giggle. “I’m anxious to meet your girls, Jon. I’ve been looking forward to finally being a part of your family for so long, my love. But we’ll have our alone time soon enough. For now, let’s be present with them, and let them see how perfect we are for each other.”

“I know, babe, but my tongue wants to taste you so bad!”

“Jon, stop it. We’ve already discussed this. You’ve invited me for Thanksgiving with your kids, not a booty call! Keep your cock under control!”

And so the innuendo and sexual tension began to flare. Jon hadn’t realized just how difficult it would be to resist worshipping Marissa’s body with his hands and lips and tongue.

The next morning, the kitchen action started early. A plump, 25-pound turkey was pulled from its brine bath of kosher salt, maple syrup and BBQ rub, and loaded into the oven. Hours later, the large kitchen island, with its glistening quartz countertop, became the gathering place for the six of them. One daughter was assembling the yam casserole, topping it off with pecans and brown sugar. Her husband was slicing the red potatoes, dropping them into boiling water, ready for mashing, and to be mixed with milk, cream cheese and butter. Marissa was captivating everyone with stories of her tropical home. The kids could envision the sunsets on the west coast, swimming with turtles in the turquoise sea, and eating fresh fish to the sound of Caribbean music. However, the sound of her voice brought lewd fantasies to Jon’s mind.

As Marissa rinsed her hands in the deep, farmhouse sink, Jon pressed his hips gently against her big sexy ass, breathing her in, and whispering, “Mmmm, my tongue wants to lick grape jelly out of your navel, M!” She knew exactly what he was doing, and she wasn’t biting. She looked back and shot him a death stare. Even at the risk of displeasing his Mistress, Jon couldn’t hold himself back.

Jon went back to combining the ingredients for homemade stuffing, made of day old sourdough bread with some cornbread, onion, celery, sage, and thyme. It would be simple but delectable when soaked with hot, turkey gravy made from the drippings. Meanwhile, he was thinking of the red satin panties stretched across Marissa’s ass, with the words “Wanna Lick?” on the back. They were a gift he had left for her in his bed. He knew exactly how it felt to have his tongue in her tight kadıköy escort ass hole, and it was killing him that he couldn’t have it.

Marissa opened the refrigerator for two cartons of heavy cream. She then poured it into the countertop mixer, and added sugar while it was transformed into perfectly sweet, whipped cream. It later would be generously plopped onto generous slices of coconut cream, chocolate and pumpkin pies. The noise of the mixer was enough to hide his next whisper.

“Babe, I want to lick some of that whipped cream off your ass hole right now!”

His normal horny, always-ready-for-sex personality was magnified tenfold. After months of only an electronic relationship, his lover and Mistress was finally in his home. Marissa was becoming moist, against her wishes, as Jon would not stop whispering his nasty, kinky thoughts in her ear at the most unusual moments. She shot him another glare as she set the whipped cream in the refrigerator. It wouldn’t be nearly enough to stop him.

“Marissa, can you help me form the roll dough?” asked Jon, in his most innocent tone.

Together, they floured the countertop next to the stove, and Jon set the puffy homemade bread dough, proofed and risen to perfection, in the center of the white powder. Their fingers caressed each other as much as the dough, and Marissa even stroked his index finger as if it were his hard cock. Jon pulled the roller out of a drawer, and pressed the dough into a large, thin circle. With his back to the crowd at the island, he whispered so only Marissa could hear him.

“Squeezing this dough reminds me of the feel of your bulging tits, when I’ve tied both of them up with parachute cord!”

That earned him a left elbow jab from Marissa. It wasn’t that she disliked his comment necessarily. She just didn’t want to soak herself in front of this particular crowd. Jon’s voice could produce a steady flow of yummy pussy juice from her delicious cunt, even if against her wishes.

A green salad, chocked full of cucumber, tomato, carrot, sweet peppers, red onion and purple cabbage was being assembled at the island counter by Jon’s daughter and her husband. It was time to remove the turkey from the oven and let it rest before carving. As it emerged from the oven, the savory aroma wafted through the kitchen, demanding everyone’s attention. The skin was golden brown and crispy, yet the meat was moist and juicy. Drippings had fallen into the pan below, the beginnings of Jon’s famous gravy.

Jon and Marissa situated the bird on a rack, removing the drippings to a sauce pan in which the gravy would be made. Chicken broth, flour, salt and pepper were slowly added. Relentless, Jon whispered to his Caribbean goddess, “This gravy would taste so good licked off your back, as it dripped down that sexy crease along your spine.” This time, Marissa threw him a bone and let a quick smile emerge. The truth is, she was buckling under his constant innuendo. She had come for him many times, simply by listening to his seductive voice. And the setting made it even hotter, right amidst his family whilst a big meal was being assembled.

“Jon, I better change into something more casual. Can you give me one of your t-shirts?”

Up the stairs they went. Once in the maltepe escort bayan master bedroom, Marissa turned to Jon and with absolute authority, demanded, “Lock the door and get that fucking cock out right now!”

Marissa dropped to her knees, staring up into Jon’s eyes whilst he hastily undid his trousers. His cock was already pointing straight out at her, and rising every second. Jon could feel her moan as her tongue licked slowly up his balls and along his hardening shaft. Her thick lips took the head as her tongue moistened him. The intense suction caused Jon to gasp, and he felt a deluge of precum pulse into her mouth. This was no slow seduction, but a blow job, fast and furious. Jon gripped her head, using the leverage to fuck her face. Just as he was readying himself to explode down her throat, Marissa pulled away, stood up, and ran to the bathroom. With both hands on the edge of the tub, she bent over, legs straight.

“Get these clothes off and fuck me right now Jon!”

Jon lifted her dress and tugged her red panties off in an urgent, almost violent way. On his knees, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to glide his tongue along her hot, moist ass crack and over her tight ass hole. He moaned loudly, and Marissa smiled as he worshipped her big, black ass. Jon’s cock was now a firm rod, so erect that it almost touched his tight abdomen. As difficult as it was to remove his tongue from her ass hole, his cock couldn’t wait another second.

Jon stood up, and his 6 foot, 1 inch frame reigned over Marissa’s body. He looked down at her ass and gave it a quick, stinging slap. “Spread your cheeks, now!”

Marissa reached back to spread her cheeks for him, and Jon held her at the elbow, preventing her from falling forward. She was intensely vulnerable in this position, and ready to be fucked hard by her pet. Her cunt was now hot and wet, and Jon’s cock needed no guiding to find its target. He plunged into her and rammed it in, balls deep. Marissa gritted her teeth, trying not to be heard by the crowd below. Jon seemed to care less about that, and immediately began pumping her with fast, violent thrusts. She came within seconds, her tight pussy succumbing to his raw, kinky sexuality.

Jon continued to slam his hips into her ass, creating a slapping noise that certainly could have been heard below. His heart beat was racing, and his cock was full of hot blood. He stared down at her ass hole while he fucked her, and watched his glistening cock emerge from her cunt, and then disappear deep inside her. The sight and the feel was too much for him after such a long separation from his lover, and he exploded a full load against the back wall of her pussy. He groaned louder with each pulsating release, which brought more waves of orgasm to shoot through Marissa’s body. It was fast, raw, risky . . . and a perfect fuck. Their hearts pounded hard against their chests, and they collapsed on the floor for a moment to gain some composure before returning downstairs.

Later that afternoon, surrounding the large cherry Queen Anne style dining room table, the six of them gorged themselves in a culinary orgy. The sound of the Cowboy’s game in the background, the early sensations of an oncoming nap, and the laughter of family hovered around them. Jon’s legs felt the fatigue from a much needed orgasm. An hour ago, he could only think of tasting every inch of his lovely Marissa. And now, he just wanted to cuddle with her on a couch, under a fleece blanket, and whisper, “I love you, I adore you, and I cherish you”.

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