Mar 14

That Night

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That NightAs I come into the room I noticed it’s bathed in dimly lit candle light. Different styles of candles are s**ttered around the room. I find you in the middle of the room lying down on a bed, with candle-light flickering off your body. I slowly move towards the bed and look down at you, smiling. My hand comes down and runs quickly through your hair and lean down to kiss your lips softly. I look the full length of your body and see that you’re wearing a silk and lace teddy with thigh-high stockings. You sit up half way and take my shirt off exposing my chest to the candle light. I run my hands and fingers all over your body, feeling the silkiness of your teddy and caressing you. I kiss your neck and work my up to your lush lips where I kiss you passionately. I kiss my way down your cheek and gently bite your neck moving my way towards your collar. I kiss you all over and move down to your cleavage. My hands move up and run through your hair once again while I kiss you all over. I pull up your teddy just a little to show your belly button. My tongue traces its way down where I softly kiss and gently lick all around your belly button. From there I continue to kiss my way down each of your legs. I stand up and remove my pants showing you my rock-hard cock. I have you turn around so you’re lying on your stomach. From the dresser I take a bottle of oil and place some all over your back. The cool feeling of the oil sends chills down your back. My hands start to work the oil all around. My fingers massage deeply and the rus escort palms of my hands rubbing out the tension in your back. I move to your shoulders, I lean in and kiss you softly on the neap of your neck. Kissing my way around and begin to nibble on your ear. My hands continue to massage your shoulders and upper arms. My kisses go from your ear down your back. I kiss and flick my tongue all over while my hands massage. I moan out and move down. My hands caress your ass and remove your panties. I playfully run my fingers down your ass and gently brush up against your pussy; causing you to shutter with excitement. I move up and whisper in your ear “bend up a little baby…” With that you move your ass into the air a little and I softly flick my tongue against your pussy. You moan out as I do this. My tongue goes into your pussy while my hands come around and embrace your breasts. I softly pinch your nipples and move my tongue all around your clit. I can feel your nipples harden and erect within my fingers. I moan out softly and work my tongue all around. I turn you onto your back and spread your legs a little wider. I look up at you and blow you a kiss. My head moves down and quickly my tongue licks all over your wet pussy. My fingers gently and slowly push their way inside you. You moan loudly as they enter. I begin to work my fingers in and out of you faster and faster. My tongue is licking the length of your pussy. I push my face in deeper so my tongue goes in. I fuck you with my face and tongue while my hands rus escort bayan grab tightly onto your hips. As I do this my cock is growing larger and becoming rock hard. I come up from you and kiss my way up to your breasts. My cock skims over your pussy causing you to quiver with anticipation. I look into your eyes deeply and kiss your lavish lips. My hands stroke your head and run through your hair. I move down from your lips to your supple breasts. My tongue traces around your breasts and cleavage. I lightly flick your nipples with my tongue and gently pull on them. I reach down to your wet, waiting pussy where my fingers tease you. I quickly place a finger inside and back out. While I do this I mischievously smile up at you. I move smoothly my finger deep within you and stir it around inside your pussy; moving in a circular motion. The candles glimmer off our bodies as my finger begins to move in and out of you. I tenderly nibble your ear and speak softly “I want to be inside you. I want to feel your warmth all over my cock”. I kneel in front of you and spread your legs slightly. I stroke my cock next to your pussy causing a wave of ecstasy throughout your body. With a single impulse I thrust my cock deep inside your quivering pussy. I groan loudly as it enters inside you. I push my hard cock as far as it can go; leaving it there for while. My cock pulsates within you. My hands grab hold of your hips and I begin to move my cock smoothly. As I go in and out your legs wrap around my waist and I tenderly escort rus rub your thighs. I bend down and lick your sweet breasts. I hips plunge deeper and deeper inside you. You crook your head back slightly and let out a soft, long moan. My hands squeeze your breasts and knead all around. I lay on top of you as I push faster and faster inside your silky pussy. My arms envelop around your neck and shoulders as I push deeper and harder within you. I move from on top of you and sit on the side of the bed. I have you straddle my lap and lower yourself slowly down. I tenderly place my cock back inside you and being to push my hips up and down. My arms enfold around your body and I squeeze you tightly. As I thrust deeper inside you I whimper out “God baby, you feel so good MMM”. My face drops down to your bouncing breasts and I begin to suck on your nipples. Flipping my tongue over them and lightly tug on them. Your hips begin to match my pace as we move as one in the candles’ glow. I can feel you tightening up. Your legs enclose around my waist and begin to stiffen. I push deeper and faster into you, going harder each time. You scream out loudly and begin to fuck me faster and faster. Your head cocks back and I furiously buck underneath you. I feel your body tense up and you cry out with enthusiasm as your body mounts to a huge climax. I can feel your juices explode all over my cock and run down. I no longer can restrain myself either and with a loud groan I begin to cum all over. We both scream out instantaneous with delight as we blow up with violent orgasms. We go on with our fucking for a little longer and then both slump down onto the bed and embrace each other. We fall sleep in each others arms with the candles gleaming in the background. The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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