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The Addictions of Mature Swapping Part 2

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The Addictions of Mature Swapping Part 2So three days have passed since my hot sexy mature wife Trisha was swapped by Tom & Shelly. I thought my hard Italian dick pounding her pussy for 15 to 20 minutes was pretty good, however Tom fucked her hard, fast and deep for close to an hour. It was a complete turn on to see that hot little size 4 bouncing up a down another man’s hard cock, listening to her scream, FUCK ME, FUCK ME like a slut. He was able to cum in her pussy three times and just when I thought he was done he rolled her onto her knees and told me and his wife Shelly to lube Trisha’s ass. I asked Trish if she wanted it that way and my insatiable sexy slut wife’s reply was ‘FUCK YES”.When he began to slide his hard cock into Trisha’s ass the screams were even louder, she was looking directly at me and Shelly, telling me OMG I want this all the time my God I need this kurtköy escort every night, please baby say it is ok, go fuck Shelly and let Tom pound my ass. As much as I want to fuck that hot sexy Shelly it is even hotter watching Trish get fucked in the ass, the screaming, the fuck me like a slut, fuck my ass OMG fuck my ass, cum in my ass, I want to fill hot cum in my ass. Tom just keep fucking Trisha’s ass harder and deeper and she kept screaming to feel his hot cum but he had already filled her pussy three times and the hot cum my slut wife wanted was not possible from Tom. I told him to pull out and Trish was yelling no, no, I want hot cum in my ass. I told her I will give you some hot cum you little slut, some hot Italian cum, Shelly lubed her just a bit more and then while holding onto that sexy little size 4 waist my hard dick went into my wife’s ass. What aydıntepe escort a hot sexy fuck she is at age 54, how fucking good it felt to be in her ass, pumping her hard and fast, I told Tom to put his cock in her mouth, Shelly was now playing and pinching my nipples which only made me fuck Trisha’s ass even harder, she was screaming all with Tom’s cock in her mouth, all you could hear her say was cum in my ass, shoot lots of cum in my ass baby, please, please fucking fill me with hot cum. But no way was I going to give it up quick, she had been getting strange dick in her pussy and now it was my turn to fuck that tight little ass and enjoy all of her screaming and begging.Finally after 22 minutes of ass fucking Trisha I unloaded so much hot cum in her ass, it was just squirting out of her ass as I kept pounding her. Shelly was out of her mind horny, her pussy tuzla içmeler escort was soaking wet and she was filling her fingers with her wet juices and then feeding it into my mouth. She told me to pull out of that bitch and come fuck her pussy, Trisha was now whimpering, her pussy and ass had been fucked and pounded for almost 90 minutes and said OMG baby, please don’t fuck her, please, please don’t do it I want all of the cock. I wanted to feel Shelly’s pussy, I knew she would be wild and a sexy fuck, I told Tom to eat Trisha’s pussy while I filled is horny wife with thick, hard Italian cock. I grabbed Shelly and threw her on the bed, spread her legs and looked into her sexy eyes and told her to spread those legs wide and feel this hard Italian dick sliding into her. Trisha was now moaning as Tom was eating her pussy, my dick was sliding into Shelly, she was whimpering as my dick began to slide in and out of her, she was looking at Trisha and telling her oh I love this dick you bitch, your husbands dick is so nice in my wet tight pussy, fuck me and tell me you want my pussy and not Trisha’sAnyone interested in Part 3??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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