Eyl 07

The After Party

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The After PartySo back at Kathy’s place, Linda led me to a shower upstairs, almost urgently washing us both. She was excited. In fact, I couldn’t say I’d ever seen her this excited. Her excitement began to energize me and I had a feeling I was gonna need it.Out of the shower I realized I didn’t have any clean clothes. “Don’t worry about it,” Linda said dismissively. “Come on.”Grabbing my hand she led me naked down a hall to a door. I could hear people down stairs. Linda opened the door and led me into a darkened room. When she shut the door and turned on the light, I said, “Whooa!”The walls were painted blood red and a sex swings was hanging from the ceiling. There was two saw-horse shaped benches with black leather padding covering the almost twelve inch wide benches. That was the first time I’d ever seen those type of benches. On one wall was a shelf displaying a dozen or so dildos, the smallest about 9″ and the largest was probable 14”. And they were all black. Turning around I noticed another sex swing and an examination table with stirrups. It, too, was covered with black leather padding. And attached to the wall hung several sets of shiny small linked chains, some with clip pins and some with black leather Velcro bracelets. And hanging from black wooden pegs were an assortment of strap on dildos in leather harnesses, all with balls, all at least 12″, two that looked scary!Linda had disappeared into a closet and came out wearing a black and red leather corset with matching knee high spike heel boots. She laughed when she saw the expression on my face. “Here, this is for you,” Linda said, helping to place a dog collar around my neck.”Hey, I’ve never done this kind of…” I started to plead.”Yeah, well,” she interrupted. “Like I told you earlier; there’s gonna be a lot of ‘first’ for you today, baby.””Just don’t tie me up.” I pleaded”Aah, you’re afraid of not having any control?” she teased.”Kinda, yeah.””Baby, you haven’t been in control since we met last week.” The knowing look in her eyes told the story. “But we’ll see. As long as you mind, I won’t tie you up.”I chuckled nervously.Clipping a chain to a loop in my collar, Linda tugged and led me out of the room to the balcony sakarya escort overlooking the room where a bunch of people were gathered, chatting and drinking, the sweet smell of cannabis in the air. As she led me down stairs, her hips swaying side to side in an exaggerated movement, she announce, “Hey everybody, the party has arrived. This is my slave. But for today,” Linda paused, “he’s everybody’s slave!”And to my surprise the room erupted in applause and whistles and cheers. My face must have been as red as a tomato with embarrassment, but when I heard the reaction my pulse quickened and my cock began to stir. I smiled with gratification and let out a breath. My mind was swimming. I didn’t know what was gonna happen or go down and I was nervous knowing I was the main attraction for so many.Kathy was cheering loudly, saying all the nasty things that was going to happen tonight. Henry was grinning at me, too, clapping his hands. Tonya saluted me with her glass of wine, winked at me and then slid her tongue into her room mates mouth, kissing her deeply. I recognized the lesbian couple. I would later learn their names were Lisa, the blonde petite one, and Shari, and long black haired asain chick. Both extraordinarily beautiful. But then there was more people, some I had seen earlier at the club, like this male couple, a tall thin black guy I later learn was Kevin, and his latino partner, Jesse. And there was two more trannies; a tall black chick who looked like Beyoncé, and a asain tranny with short hair, like Miley. I never learned their names.Linda led me by the collar and methodically took me around to each person, formally introducing us. As she did, they would all kiss me and fondle me, my cock and my ass, some pinching my nipples, some smacking my ass hard with open hands. When she was introducing me to Kevin and Jesse, Kevin French kissed me deeply and Jesse knelt down and started tonguing my asshole. When Jesse stood up his cock was out of his jeans and it was huge. I’d never seen a latino cock that big. And it was fat and hard. He put it between my butt cheeks and stroked it back and forth, dry humping my ass and balls while kissing the back of my neck.”My oh my, adapazarı escort you guys,” Linda laughed, pulling my chain to lead me away. “Y’all are so fucking horny!””Aaah, but I just wanna feel that ass, Linda,” Jesse pleaded.”Yeah?” Linda replied. “With that fucking cock, you’ll rip him open.””Shit, no more than you probably have already!” he accused with a smile.After the lengthy introductions, Linda led me back up the room with the red walls. Aside from the benches and swings and table, there was black leather sofas and love seats along some walls and before I knew it, everyone was in the room, too. And everyone was in one stage or another of disrobing. Except me, of course. I had on a collar, a smile, and a hard on. I was so fucking turned on. “Come lay right here,” Linda ordered, pulling the chain to position me face down on one of the benches. She positioned me so that my cock was forced backwards and my legs were spread. I noticed the saw horse had loops attached to the legs near the floor. “Now don’t move.” she ordered and released the chain from my collar.First up was Lisa and Shari. Both had donned strapons from the wall and Linda was lubbing up my asshole. Lisa knelt down behind me and began sucking the head of my cock and fingering and rubbing my exposed hole, making it ache for more. Shari positioned herself in front of me offering her small pussy with a slim patch of jet black hair for me to taste. “Suck my dick,” Shari ordered. I took it in my mouth and she slid it in deep, choking me. “Spit on it” she demanded, and gagged me again.Linda came around and offered me some poppers. “Here, baby, this will help you.” I breathed in real deep, held it, then exhaled. I could feel the warmth rush through me and I knew these poppers were much stronger than the one earlier. Before I knew it, Lisa was up inside my mancunt, stroking her cock deeper and deeper into me. Shari continued to fuck my mouth and talk nasty to me. “You like sucking my cock, huh, bitch?” And she would force it into my mouth, gagging me. “You like my baby pounding that ass with that big black cock, don’t you, bitch? You nasty bitch boi. Fuck that shit, baby!” she ordered Lisa, who was banging sakarya escort bayan me hard and deep. After a moment, they switched positions and Shari was now pounding my ass so hard it had me near tears, and had Lisa’s cock not been in my mouth, I’d probable begged them to slow down. But I couldn’t. I could only taste my ass on her big black cock.Linda hit me up with the poppers once more and after a few minutes Shari sounded as if she was cumming. When she started jerking real hard, pounding the dildo deep into my fuckhole, she froze with the cock buried inside me, shrieking her orgasm, and in turn, Lisa started cumming, too, her cock in my mouth and she had four fingers punching into her own cunt as she came. As their orgasms subsided, they smacked my ass and face, laughing as they pulled out of me, juices running down my legs.Beyoncé and Miley were up next. They flipped me over, at first both sucking on my throbbing cock, then Beyoncé began sliding her cock into my ass. It wasn’t as big as the strapons that had just fucked me, but it felt really good anyway. Miley climbed up on the bench and straddled my face. She had a long slim cock, about eight inches. and she began slapping my mouth with her cock, teasing me. It was warm and hard and had that sweet cock smell. Beyoncé was holding my legs by the thighs, using them to pull herself deep and hard into my wet mancunt. Miley was alternating between having me lick her balls and asshole, to sliding her cock down my throat. And just when I thought I would cum, they flipped me over and switched positions; Miley now fucking my open hole and Beyoncé gagging me with her sweet cock covered with my ass juice. When they were ready, they both pulled out and spewed cum all on my back and asshole. I could feel their juice dripping out of me and the warm puddles gathering on my back. This time when Linda brought me the poppers, she made me breath it in deeper and longer. She was also wearing a strapon dildo. She told me to suck her pussy first and finger her. Her hole was warm and juicy. Tonya and her room mate were behind me now and both were working their cocks into my open hole. The feeling of both of their cocks in my asspussy was wild. Someone was raking my back with their nails and soon I found them taking turns pounding my cunt fast and deep. Linda was pushing her dildo into my mouth, gagging me as Tonya came in me, then her room mate filled me up with her hot load.(to be continued….)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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