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THE AMAZON QUEENTHE AMAZON QUEEN (Straight Gay F/mteen M/mteen Cuckold Gangbang)By: XTALESAll characters are 18+ Years Old. This story contains sex between adult teenagers and Male/Female. A couple is captured and abused by a lost tribe in the Amazon forest. But even in this unlikely scenario, a romance will blossom between the married man and the young guide, while his wife rediscovers an interest for sex.If you don’t like this type of story leave right now, you’ve been warned.PS: I am not a native English speaker so grammar might not be perfect, but I hope you will enjoy the story regardless.Sarah was a young film maker and producer, she’s always been fascinated by documentaries since watching one of Sir David Attenborough documentaries, so following her passion she managed to create a small production company.Her business was making decent money, her last documentary sold quite well, but Sarah wasn’t happy, she needed her business to be a success, but she also aspired to be the next Sir Attenborough, therefore she was always on the look out for something really special, something that could make her a star.One day she was casually watching an old National Geographic documentary about an Amazon tribe that still lived in a primitive way, she thought it was really interesting but she found some problems with it.The documentary was rather old with grainy images and it didn’t cover the tribe every day life as she would have expected, she thought that the film maker could have done more to showcase how life really is within a tribe untouched by technology and western civilization.It was then that she had the idea. Why not make a modern documentary about a lost Amazon tribe?She talked about her idea to her husband Jeff, who didn’t seem too excited about the prospect.Jeff was Sarah cameraman, she hired him five years ago when she created her company.Working so close together, the two became very close and eventually married.But even after the marriage the strong woman retained the reins of her company leaving her husband in the role of a simple employee.Jeff was a quiet man, it was Sarah who wore the trousers in their relationship, so he never really objected to any ideas her wife came up with, and that was also the reason why despite his reservations, he succumbed to his wife crazy idea to spend a month in the Amazon jungle.As it was still a small Company they had to keep costs at a minimum, so it was only the two of them, but at least they were well equipped with; two professional Cameras, a small hand held camera, two Laptops and of course their smart phones.Basically they were carrying a precious cargo and Sarah was more worried about their equipment being stolen or damaged than the danger of the jungle itself.It took them five different flights to get to the small town of Rio Sao Miguel.It was a small town, but with access to a small airport just big enough for a small piper plane, it was also their last stop in a somewhat civilized outpost, they would rest for a full day before adventuring in the jungle.As soon as they arrived they met their guide, a young man about 18 years old. He was clearly a local native, his strong face features resembling those of the tribesman Sarah watched in the old documentary.His name was Jose’ and he was a strapping young man as tall as Jeff and with similar body shape, but while Jeff was a bit out of shape, Jose’ had the lean and toned body of a surfer.The three of them greet each other, Jose’ spoke decent English, although he wasn’t exactly fluent, but he was the best guide for the job, since he grew up in the village they were aiming to visit.Jose’ seemed like a nice lad, and him and the couple hit off straight away, he confirmed he was 18 and studied English with his uncle who was also a guide.His dream was to move to the USA, he was tired of living in the jungle, he wanted to try all the exciting things he saw watching Hollywood movies.Even though the couple explained to him, that those were just movies, the boy kept talking with the same enthusiasm, asking questions about life in America.Eventually it was night time and they all retired to their respective rooms for a much needed rest before the long journey.They got up early in the morning, the sun was barely up, the three of them loaded the canoe with the equipment then got on the small boat, heading upstream along the river.Jose’ was mainly doing the rowing with Jeff sometimes helping out.During the journey the two males of the group seemed to bond brilliantly, Jose’ seemed really keen in knowing everything about the blonde American hunk.Sarah noticed that, and when Jeff approached her to get a packet of chewing gums from his backpack, suggestively she whispered to him “It looks like you made a good impression on the young man…”.“Umhh?” said Jeff confused.“I think our guide is into exotic blond Vikings” smiled Sarah referring at Jeff Swedish ancestry.“What you talking about?” he said confused.“Jeff…are you that naive?” she smiled.Jeff looked at Jose’ who was rowing effortlessly, the boy beamed him a big smile.“Ohhh…you think?” Jeff entertained the possibility that the boy was flirting with him.“I can’t blame him…it’s not everyday you see hot blond hunks around here, you would be a rare catch indeed” she teased him.“Right…lucky me…” he said sarcastically and added “Well, at least I don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on you, was worried the young man would be all over you.” Jeff joked.“Does that mean I’ll have to keep an eye on you then?” she teased him.“You know I am not into that” Jeff said taking it a bit too seriously.“Yes honey, I know. Be nice to him though, he is just a boy…” she said.“You know me…” he replied.“Yes, Mr Nice…” she said, her sarcasm was quite obvious, she then added “He is cute though” she could not stop teasing her husband and enjoyed him blushing in embarrassment.Jeff just shook his head.After 3 hours journey they finally reached their destination.But as soon as they got off the canoe, Sarah knew there was something wrong.The villagers were wearing regular clothes, mainly T-shirts and shorts, one boy even had a worn out Football jersey, the women were cooking in steel stoves and the men were handling modern tools like machetes and garden scissors.Jose’ introduced them to the tribe, starting with the elders.Sarah tried to hide her disappointment, but the more she looked around the village the more her disappointment grew bigger.The last straw was when Jeff started to prepare the cameras, all the youngsters gathered around him, with hand gestures they were trying to attract Jeff attention, inviting him to turn the camera towards them.This tribe was obviously being contaminated by the modern world, not exactly what she was hoping for.So when everyone else was busy, she grabbed Jose’ on one side and said to him “Jose’, I am sorry to say that, but this isn’t what I was looking for…I was looking for something uncontaminated, look around, all they are missing is an Iphone and Facebook!”That was a hyperbole of course, but the young native got the point and seemed to understand.“Are you sure there isn’t any uncontaminated tribe around here?” Sarah asked.The boy pulled a funny face, like he knew something he didn’t want to tell.“Come on Jose’ you know something” she insisted.“Yes, there is tribe that lives up river…but dangerous…bad people” he replied with his broken English.“Can you get us there?” she insisted.“No…bad people…they kill, we can’t go” he replied looking pretty worried.“There are not bad people, only people who defend their territory, if we let them know we are coming in peace they will be fine. Remember, your tribe probably did the same many years ago, and now look at you…you don’t look like a killer to me” she said.But the guide didn’t seemed convinced, he actually looked quite scared.Sarah knew she was going nowhere with him, so she breached the ring of c***dren surrounding her husband and sitting beside him, she explained the situation, then she asked “Could you please use your charm to convince the young man?”“Sarah, come on, the boy knows the area and if he says it is dangerous, we should not go there” he replied.“Bullshit, with this kind of mindset, America would never be discovered and we would never had landed on the moon…you know how local people are, they listen to local legends who have been passed over generations from mouth to mouth, probably inflating reality for a narrative purpose… come on, make me happy.” she looked at him with her bunny eyes.He could not resist her, particularly when she was so cute, which rarely happened, since Sarah was usually not very cuddly.“Ok… entertain the k**s” he said passing the camera to his wife while he got up and crossed over the village to sit with Jose’.Sarah noticed the two men talking animatedly. After a while Jose’ started to smile and nod his head while Jeff often patted his thighs.She smiled at her husband subtle technique, she didn’t know her husband was so good in the art of seduction, particularly with members of the same gender.After 15 minutes Jeff came back with the good news. They would spend the night in this village and first thing in the morning they will head upstream hoping to find this tribe who never met modern civilization.There was barely any light when, in the morning, the three of them started packing things and loaded the canoe, then when everything was ready they got on the boat and headed upstream.This time there was less chatting than the previous journey, Jose’ was pretty nervous looking around surely regretting his choice.After two hours of rowing Jose’ looked tired, Jeff noticed that and he offered to row in his place, but Sarah spotted a nice area clear of vegetation where they could disembark and get some rest.Again Jose’ didn’t seem too happy but eventually succumbed to the strong woman will.They took the chance to eat some canned food, but suddenly they heard some noises.They all looked each other scared shitless, suddenly a group of eight men surrounded them.They were all completely naked and they were pointing their spear towards them.The group was frozen for a second, then Jeff and Sarah raised their hands in the air to let them know they weren’t dangerous, but the natives didn’t understand that gesture and menacingly pointed their spears to their face.At this point Jose’ said something to them, though he was visibly shaking.The natives all looked at him and started to speak, Jose’ was gesturing a lot which meant that probably he was having problems communicating properly but never than less there was a conversation going on, which seemed like a good start to Sarah.After 10 minutes of talking Jose’ turned towards the two Americans and said “Ok. He said to follow”“What about the equipment?” said Jeff.“Leave it…they are not happy we here” suggested Jose’.So the three of them stood up and followed four of the men while the remaining four were right behind them pointing their spear towards their back.They walked few minutes in the jungle when they finally reached the village which wasn’t too far from where they beached their canoe.The warriors in front were immediately welcomed by a bunch of k**s but as soon as they realized the presence of strange white people they just stood there observing with their curious eyes.The small group of adventurers were escorted to the center of the village. Shortly they were surrounded by a curious crowd of natives fascinated by this strange fair skinned people.Sarah looked around, there was no sign of modern civilization, everyone was completely naked, only the older men seemed to have their body covered by some war paint, while the youngsters and the females weren’t adorned with anything.These people had the typical ‘bowl’ haircut she observed watching that old documentary, this was definitely the right place, she thought.Sarah observed that the majority were young males, she figured same age as Jose’ some looked younger than others but certainly no k**s, she thought that in this environment people would die pretty young, it looked like the youngsters outnumbered the elders two to one.Even in that kind of situation, Sarah could not avoid noticing how athletic they all looked, in particular the young ones, but what attracted her attention was what the males maltepe escort sported between their legs, they all seemed pretty endowed.Most of their penises were 6 inches at rest, same size as her husband when he was fully hard.She suddenly looked at Jose’ who seemed as impressed as she was. He was ogling each and every single male crotch with great interest.One of the elders, probably the Chief, approached a Warrior and spoke to him briefly, then he turned to Jose’ and started talking to him.The two Americans watched in silence Jose’ gesticulating his way through the conversation.There was a lot of finger pointing, then after a while the Elder said something to what it looked like the lead warrior, this suddenly turned against Jeff menacingly pointing his spear toward him.This prompted Jose’ to jump between the warrior and the American man, while frantically saying something to him.The native warrior eventually relented and backed down.At this point the elder spoke to Jose’ again and after nodding few times the young guide started to undress.As he did so, he turned towards the Americans and said “Get naked…they think it is disrespectful to cover our body”.“What?” Jeff said. This caused one of the warriors to raise his spear to his face.“Please…they kill…be naked” said Jose’ with a worried expression on his face.Reluctantly the two guests started to get naked.Jeff was the most shy of them all, realizing his cock was much smaller than any other male in the camp, he wasn’t too conformable with it.But no one really seemed to care except for Jose’ who looked pretty interested in Jeff strip tease.When Jeff noticed that, he got even more embarrassed, realizing that Jose’ cock was at least 2 inches longer than his.But there wasn’t time to get too shy and all, the situation was escalating rapidly.Suddenly two warriors grabbed Sarah arms and dragged her towards a big hut.“Ehi! what the fuck?” protested Jeff, but that caused another spear to be pointed towards his face.“Calm…she is ok…trust me” Jose’ said trying to calm the man down.Jeff watched her wife disappearing into the hut, then suddenly one of the warriors who was guarding him pushed him onto the ground.Another one approached him and tied a rope made of strong leafs to his neck “What’s going on Jose’?” he said terrified while being restrained by the two men.“Shhh…don’t fight… they wanted to kill you, but I said you are mine, so be calm” the guide said.“What?” Jeff said as he was lead toward a wooden pole where he was about to be tied to.The warrior made sure that the leash was tied safely on the wooden pole, then he moved away.Jeff could not even stand up as the rope was quite short, so he had to stand on all 4 like a dog.Jose’ crouched in front of him, but as he did so, Jeff could not avoid staring at Jose’ junk dangling few inches from his face “Stay calm, I speak with your wife, I will be back…I’ll explain everything” Jose’ said lovingly stroking the Viking terrorized face, who blushed heavily, but didn’t comment on Jose’ kind gesture.Then the guide stood up and headed towards the hut where Sarah was kept.As the young man stepped inside the hut, the first thing he saw was Sarah scared face.“What’s going on” said Sarah when she saw the young guide suddenly appearing in front of her.“Calm, it’s ok. I explain. They say you are the Queen of the jungle. You will be ok” he said.“Really, they made me their Queen?” she said relieved to hear the news.“Not really a Queen…not normal one…basically you do sex with men before they become warriors” he said trying to find the right words to break the bad news to Sarah.“What? What do you mean!?” she said in shock.“Men cannot have sex with girls before becoming warriors, so village have a Queen to do sex with all of them” he explained.She could not believe her ears “But I can’t do that…I am not a prostitute!” she protested“I know, but if you not do, they kill you” he replied.“Oh my God!” she said in utter despair.“It’s ok, they treat you like Queen” he assured.“I don’t give a shit…I don’t want to fuck their brats, I am not a slut…I don’t even like sex!” she let slip in desperation with tears in her eyes.Sarah wasn’t one to cry easily but hearing what those savages had in mind shocked her to the core.When she was younger she enjoyed sex but after marrying Jeff she focused all her effort into her business. Slowly sex became just an after thought, something she could easily live without.She would do the bare minimum to keep Jeff interested, but she rarely got any pleasure out of it.“Ok I go…” Jose’ said and added “She help you, she was Queen before you” said Jose’ pointing to the woman sitting in one corner of the hut.She seemed the same age as Sarah but she didn’t look too friendly, maybe she was just resentful that Sarah stole her job, a job Sarah didn’t even want in the first place.Meanwhile, due to his native roots, Jose’ had been given ‘citizenship’ status, so he was free to roam around the village unsupervised.He approached Jeff once again and stood right in front of him, again the man could not avoid staring at Jose’ hanging junk.The boy noticed that, “You look my dick?…you like?” he said while gently playing with it.“No I don’t like…I am not gay. Maybe if you didn’t stand right in front of my face I wouldn’t have to look at it” he protested.Jose’ seemed disappointed but he didn’t want to anger his handsome Viking, so he sat beside him.“So tell me what they are doing to my wife” Jeff said.“She ok… she is Queen” Jose’ replied.“Queen?”“Yes Queen, they said she is special so she is Queen now, she is ok” the boy said omitting the saucy details.“Ohh really? And what about me?” he added.“You ok too. I take care of you” he said with a smile.“I don’t understand” said Jeff not liking Jose’ tone of voice.“I told them you mine, so you be ok” he smiled.“But what does it mean…I am your slave?” he said worried.Jose’ just shrugged his shoulders.“Oh for fuck sake…slave of a fucking faggot…just great!” Jeff exploded, letting slip a word too much.The boy was having none of it, “You dickhead!” said Jose’ visibly offended by the man calling him ‘faggot’.“I am so sorry Jose’, I didn’t mean to…you are a good lad. I am sure you are going to treat me with respect” he said with an apologetic tone.“Yes, you be ok…” Jose’ reassured him, then he shyly added, “how do you know I like you?”.“You are still young, you are not really good at hiding your emotions” the man explained.Jose’ blushed.After accepting his new status as Jose’ ‘slave’, Jeff moved towards a more pressing matter.“Listen, can we escape? You are free to go wherever you want right?” Jeff said whispering to the boy, even though the warrior guarding him could not understand a single word.“Yes I am free. I am thinking escape” the young man confirmed.“Good boy” said Jeff smiling.But the man didn’t know the boy had no intention to escape before fulfilling his own secret agenda, which basically consisted in fucking Jeff blond hairy ass.In fact the Chief of the tribe offered him to go free, but Jose’ asked to stay, and Jeff was the only reason he was still there, the boy was really infatuated with the Arian God coming from New Jersey.“Can you check if the canoe is still there?” Jeff said.“I can, but need be careful” he confirmed.“I understand… please get us out of here dude” Jeff pleaded.Nigh time was approaching, the guests were offered a paltry meal consisting of a foul tasting soup but none of them were in a position to be too picky.After the ‘exotic’ dinner the tribe started to dance around the fire, there were some kind of drums setting the pace of the dancers.Jeff was the only one far away from the fun, tied to a wooden pole like a dog and guarded by two warriors, both sitting on either side of him enjoying the party from the distance.The man was worried about the condition of his wife, he didn’t see her since this morning, when they led her into that hut.Suddenly Jeff noticed that Jose’ was heading towards the hut followed by six other young men, who seemed the same age as Jose’.“What’s going on?” he thought worried sick for his wife.When Sarah saw Jose’ coming in with those six young studs, she knew what was coming, she was shaking but she didn’t move.“Jose’ please…” she begged.“Sorry Sarah… it be ok. If you don’t do sex, they kill Jeff” he lied, and continued “She help you” he said pointing to the dethroned Queen.“But I am going to get pregnant” she cried, as if it was the worst thing that could happen.“Sorry” the young man replied with a sad face, as he understood what the woman was going through.But then Sarah realized another thing, “Are… are you going to fuck me too?” she said looking completely dejected.“Sorry” Jose’ repeated, not really knowing what to say.“I thought you were gay” Sarah quipped.“I can fuck women…I have girlfriend” he replied, and continued “Sorry, I have to, I am not a warrior yet and doing sex with queen is sign of virility, no sex with queen, no warrior”.“Are you going to be a warrior?” she asked.“Yes, so we can escape…promise” he smiled.“Thanks Jose…’” she said slightly comforted by his words, knowing that the guide was their only hope. What she didn’t know was that her guide wasn’t the good boy he appeared to be, he had his own secret agenda.Jose’ didn’t mind staying there for the time being, after all he was used to the kind of life and he didn’t mind staying there for as long as it took to fuck the object of his desire, Jeff.At this point the ex Queen approached Sarah and firmly, she held her legs up in the air.The American woman didn’t fight, there was no point, she allowed the fuck party to begin, in the hope that this will give them enough time to eventually escape.Sarah raised her head and watched the first boy approaching. The ‘would be warrior’ positioned himself between her legs, the American woman noticed his imposing 20 inches cock pointing at her vagina.It was as thick as a tree trunk, Sarah was terrified. “Oh God…” she said fearing her tight pussy would be torn apart by that b**st.She looked around in panic to check if there were smaller ones she could start with but those young men were all gifted by the Gods in that department.Jose’ was the smallest one but not by much, so there was no point in being too difficult.As the ex Queen forcefully spread Sarah legs wide open, she felt the tip of the young man cock entering her vagina.She gasped, but it was just the beginning. As the boy slid his entire cock deep inside her cunt in a single swipe, she moaned “Ohhhh”.She never had a dick so big inside her, it felt uncomfortable but not painful.The boy didn’t waste any time, as he started thrusting frenetically his cock inside that tight vagina, Sarah understood he was inexperienced.The ex Queen intervened by gently slapping the young fucker on his shoulder and said to him something in their language.The boy nodded to her, then he started the fucking once again but now it was more gentle, and Sarah realized that her tight pussy was starting to warm up to that young savage cock.She forgot how pleasurable sex was, that big cock was hitting all the right spots, something her husband never did.But maybe that was the point, maybe her husband cock was too small to satisfy her, maybe she needed big cocks inside her cunt.It seemed to be the case as she had three orgasms for the first time in ages, thanks to the relentless pounding of that big Native American cock.“Oh God…” she moaned biting her lips, the ‘warrior to be’ was doing a great job, he reminded her how great sex can be.This was supposed to be the worst moment of her life, but actually, she was kind of loving it.She was now so horny that she put a hand behind the boy head and pulled him against her face.Then she did something really out of character for her, she pressed her lips on the Native and started to kiss him, but the boy surprised by that gesture, backed up and stopped fucking her.“What’s wrong?” she turned to Jose’ for some reassurance.“I think they don’t know what is kiss” the guide responded. Jose’ then turned to the young fucker and said something.As sudden as it stopped, the Native started fucking Sarah once again, and again she felt her pussy on fire.As she was lost with pleasure, she closed her eyes to enjoy that magic moment.When she finally re-opened escort maltepe her eyes, the first thing she saw was a big cock dangling few inches from her face.Without thinking she just grabbed it and put it in her mouth.Once again the guy that was fucking her stopped, while the one she was attempting to suck pulled all the way back.This time she guessed what was the issue.“Let me guess, they don’t know what a blowjob is” Sarah said to Jose’.“I think you right…I show them” Jose’ said as he approached her and without hesitation he guided his seven and a half inch cock into her mouth.As she greedily started to suck on it, she observed the puzzled face of those jungle boys, even the ex Queen seemed surprised that you could do that with a cock.While she was nursing Jose’ cock with her tongue, the guide was talking to the others, probably explaining what was happening, while the fucker started to pump his cock in her cunt.Sarah suddenly felt guilty, she felt bad for Jeff, instead of being disgusted, she was actually enjoying being the bitch of this group of young savages, while Jeff was tied to a wooden pole. Her loving husband didn’t deserve that.Yet she could not stop behaving like a slut, she never though sex could be that good.“You like Sarah?” Jose’ asked with a wicked smile, surprised that the uptight professional woman could be such a horny mare.“Mhhhh…please don’t tell Jeff…promise” she begged.“Ok, I don’t say to Jeff” he said, taking his cock out of the bitch grasp.He then called one of the boys in waiting and positioned him in front of the woman face.“Take it into your mouth…now it’s ok, He know now” said Jose’.She didn’t have to be told twice, she got hold of the huge cock and shove it right into her mouth. “Mhhh….so big” she moaned.Now with an eight inch cock in her cunt and another eight inch cock in her mouth Sarah was literally losing her mind.Jose’ was enjoying the show, watching how much the white mare was enjoying American Native cocks, he was so proud to be one of them, and he was wondering if Jeff would be as keen on his Native cock as his wife was.He then took Sarah hand and guided it to his own cock, she happily grabbed it and started to wank it, while the other two cocks were still working their way in her body cavities.Jose’ was looking at the bewildered face of those boys, this was sexual education for them, they didn’t know a woman can do such things and satisfy 3 men at once.And they didn’t even know about the back door yet, but for today the lesson was already fully packed.After 10 minutes of good fucking the young native finally exploded inside her cunt, she felt the hot jizz plastering the walls of her vagina.She stopped sucking the delicious brown lollipop for a second to look at the hunk who just emptied his big balls inside her.She bit her lips in appreciation for his job well done. As the boy pulled out, Jose’ invited him to move beside his mate.Immediately Sarah grabbed the cock which was fresh from her pussy and shove it in her mouth while at the same time forcing the other dick inside her cavity.She was now sucking two huge cocks like a professional whore. She has never done that, what was happening to her? What’s happened to frigid Sarah?She didn’t know, or even care, all she knew was that she needed another big sausage between her legs.As if reading her mind, Jose’ then moved between her legs and pushed his 7 inch dick inside her slippery cunt.As he fucked her, he was cupping Sarah tits and pinching her nipples, he was giving those salvages a lesson on how to enjoy sex to the full and not just as a way to empty their balls.One of them started to copy Jose’ and started cupping the other tit and pinch her nipple.Jose’ then said something to him, and the boy bent over and started sucking her nipple.Sarah was in fucking heaven, she felt like her whole body was a huge clitoris, her body was wiggling left and right trying to get as much of Jose’ cock as possible while her tongue was working relentlessly on those two cockheads that were filling her mouth.All that while exploring hands were wandering all over her body, lips sucking on one tit and fingers pinching the other.“How could I have lived without THIS all my life?” She thought.Soon all the young warriors learned the rotation, so at least half of them were served in a way or another by the white Queen at any given time.One hour and half later, after seven loads of prime Native American cum in her womb and an astonishing eight orgasms, the party was over.She was completely destroyed, cum copiously leaking out of her pussy which was now so loose she could not feel her, her tits were swollen by all those hungry lips desperately trying to suck the milk out of them.She had been a total slut, but she loved every minute of it.While the other boys started to leave the hut, Jose’ stayed behind.“You ok Sarah?” he said offering his hand so the woman could sit up.After almost two hours of resting on her back she found it difficult to even sit up straight.“I don’t think women do good sex, but you made me horny..you are real slut” he admitted.“I take it as a compliment then…but please don’t tell Jeff. Please..” she begged him.“Ok I don’t say him, promise” he replied.“By the way, you fuck quite good for being a faggot” she joked lovingly stroking his spent cock.“Thanks, I said I have girlfriend…in my village gay is sin, if they know they kill me…and here too, so don’t say please” he replied.“Don’t worry, I couldn’t even if I would, I can’t speak a single word of their language…” she said as a matter of fact.“Ok I go now” Jose’ announced.“Wait, can I get out of this fucking hut?” she asked.“No now, but I ask tomorrow, promise” he said with a smile.While most of the villagers were already in their hut sleeping, Jeff was there sitting on the hard cold ground guarded by one warrior.Jeff saw all the boys getting out of the hut one by one, with the young natives cock still half mast.When Jose’ came out, he immediately headed towards the poor man and sat beside him.“What did they do to my wife?” he asked apprehensively.“She is ok” “What do you mean she is ok?…did they **** her?” he said apprehensively.“Sorry, she did sex, or they kill us” he said.“Sweet Jesus…” he shook his head in utter despair.“No worry she is ok” Jose’ reassured him.“She is ok? She’s been fucked by six a****ls but she is ok?…Did you fuck her too?” Jeff asked.Jose’ looked down in silence, he could not lie on that “Sorry they force me”.“For fucks sake, this is a nightmare” he said holding his head with his hands.“Sorry Jeff” said the boy touching Jeff on his shoulder.“Don’t touch me…fuck off!… together with the rest of those a****ls” he said in anger.He was so agitated that the guard stood up and pointed the spear at him, Jose’ intervened once again and calmed the situation down.He then stood up and retired in his hut without saying a single word.The next morning Jose’ entered the Queen’s hut with good news “Sarah you can go out but if you try escape they kill us” the guide said to the woman.“It’s ok I won’t do anything stupid for now, I just need fresh air and I want to talk to Jeff” she reassured him.“Sarah, I said Jeff they **** you, but didn’t say to him you liked…I told him they force me too” he said shyly.“Right…I understand…I will talk to him” she said.The two of them got out of the hut and headed towards Jeff.“Oh honey what they did to you?” she said crouching in front of him and stroking his face.“I am ok, I am more worried about what they did to you…and you why you here?” he said scowling at Jose’.“Leave him alone, poor boy, they forced him, he’s been a gentleman. Just calm down, we gonna find a way to get out of here, for now we have to play along…ok?” she reassured him.“Fine” Jeff said.“Can we untie him?” Sarah said to Jose’.“Not now, Chief don’t trust him, maybe later” Jose’ said.“When you get to graduate as a warrior?” Jeff asked.“In three days with other six boys” he replied.“You mean the six the fucked my wife…with you seven” Jeff said trying to contain his anger.“Jeff please” said Sarah and continued, “Don’t worry honey we gonna get out of here soon, just don’t do anything stupid”.The rest of the day was uneventful.Jose’ was out hunting with the other six boys and few of the warriors, Sarah meanwhile was mingling with the other women, learning how to make baskets out of leaves and helping cooking the meals, while Jeff was sitting on his sorry ass, unable to move from his assigned spot.Sarah was sad for her husband, he was treated worse than a dog, while she had some freedom and some nice hard cock to fill her up.Two days passed and the daily routine was getting pretty monotonous, Sarah day highlight was the two hours fuckaton with the seven horny natives, but the rest of the day was pretty boring and the time was running really slow.Jose’ was kind of enjoying himself, well at least he wasn’t bored.He got to get to hunt with strapping men with beautiful cocks and he got to fuck a nice pussy at night, but he really wanted to fuck Jeff, and he was tired waiting for him to give him some kind of signal.So the third night, when most of the village was sleeping and the other six boys were fucking Jeff wife, Jose’ decided to act.He got out of the hut and approached Jeff. He had a semi and Jeff noticed that.“Why you are here instead of fucking my wife? Or did you fuck her already?” Jeff said sarcastically.After a moment of pause Jose’ said, “Want to watch?”.“Do I look like a voyeur?” he said irritated by the lad suggestion.“Ok” said Jose’ disappointed, while heading back to the hut.“Wait” Jeff stopped him and added, “yes I want to watch”.Jose’ smiled, then he talked with the guard standing by Jeff side and after a short exchange Jose’ untied him, but he kept him on the leash.“Let’s go for walk” said Jose’ as if Jeff was a real dog.“Can I stand up?” asked Jeff.“No or they think you escape” said Jose’. This was a lie, he just wanted to see Jeff gorgeous blond ass swinging in front of him while they walked to the hut.They chose a spot where they could not be seen by the few villagers who were still awake.Jeff still on all four put his eye against a crack in the wall and watched what was going on the other side.What he saw was unexpected and shocking at the same time.His wife was laying on her back with a cock in her cunt, two in her mouth and another boy sucking her tit, once in a while he could hear his wife talking, and what came out of her mouth weren’t words of protest.“Oh God…fuck me big boy…give me your babies….yes!” she was heavily moaning, devoured by sheer lust.“What a fucking slut!” Jeff said under his breath, but he kept watching.He could not believe how her frigid wife was enjoying being ravaged by those savages, but he wasn’t angry any more, instead he was mesmerized by it.Suddenly he felt something brushing between his ass cheeks.It was Jose’ cock asking permission to violate his most precious possession, his virgin asshole.Jeff didn’t budge and kept watching his wife putting up the perfect porn show, that was the signal Jose’ was waiting for so long.He put his hand around Jeff waist and reached for his cock, he took hold of it.“You hard…” the boy commented “You like wife fucked by many men?” he added, and as he talked he was dry humping Jeff ass crack with his hard cock while masturbating the blond man.“She is a slut” it’s all Jeff could muster, clearly still enthralled by the show in front of him.“And you? You are slut too?” asked Jose’.“What do you think?” said Jeff pushing his ass against the native hard cock.Jose’ smiled, he now knew Jeff was his, but he had to ask “Jeff..can I fuck you?”This time Jeff turned his head “You don’t ask a slut for permission, you just fuck her” he said.This made Jose’ cock twitch twice.The young man was surprised by this sudden turn of events, he wasn’t expecting it would have been so easy, Jeff was more than he ever hoped for, he thought.Then the man spoke again, “What took you so long stupid boy? I wanted this since the first day we talked in the canoe” Jeff seemed annoyed by Jose’ naivety.“Really?” said Jose’ surprised by the revelation.“Yes, are you really that stupid?” Jeff said.“I am sorry”.“Nevermind stud…now fuck me like you fucked my wife…but be gentle, it is my first time” he said turning maltepe escort bayan again his attention to the crack in the wall.As Jose’ big glans breached Jeff anus the blond man could not suppress the pain he felt “Oh God” he commented.“You ok?” asked the boy.“Yes I am gonna be fine…keep pushing, I want your cock all inside my virgin ass” he begged.It was like Jeff was into some kind of competition with his wife, if she was so slutty then he would do even better.Jose’ kept pushing his dick deep inside Jeff hot cave until it was all in, then he slowly started to move his hips gently fucking the older man.“Fuck yeah…fuck me boy…umhhhh..” Jeff was moaning just like his wife now.Suddenly he felt Jose’ breath on his neck, the Native’s body was now resting over Jeff back while he was fucking him steadily but relentlessly.Then the boy whispered something in his ear “I really like you, Jeff. I would kill for you”.“You are so sweet, come here baby” Jeff said turning his head and pushing his lips against the youngster.The two stated kissing passionately, while Jose’ was drilling Jeff hot virgin anus.But kissing Jose’ in that position was uncomfortable, he shortly turned his attention to what was happening inside the hut, now one of the boy was kissing passionately his wife.“Fuck my wife…” Jeff said visibly annoyed by his wife unfaithfulness she was obviously enjoying being fucked by six young studs.“Ok let’s do it properly” said Jeff managing to dislodge Jose’ dick from his ass.He then rested his own back on the grass and lifted his legs in the air revealing his juicy asshole to the young native.“Come here stud” Jeff said inviting the young Adonis to move between his legs.Jose’ obeyed and put Jeff legs on his shoulders, then he pointed his cock to the men shit hole and slide it all in.“God…it feels so good” Jeff commented.Jose’ smiled and started to fuck the Viking, but the man wanted the full experience, so he grabbed Jose’ from the back of his head and pulled him on him.“You are gorgeous…” said the man to the boy.The two started kissing passionately like two long term lovers.But after ten minutes they suddenly heard some noises, they both turned their head and saw another boy similar age of Jose’ standing beside them with his cock fully hard.Jose’ immediately pulled out of Jeff as both sat on their ass looking worried at the guest.They both knew homosexuality was forbidden in this tribe culture, what would happen now?Jose’ finally said something to the boy, then after a short exchange he grabbed the guest cock and put it in his mouth.Jeff stared at his partner sexy lips wrapped around that beautiful 7 inch cock, Jose’ looked back at him and said “Help please…he is ok”.Jeff moved closer to the new arrival cock head and wrapped his lips around it.At one point his mouth met Jose’, both of them started to kiss while at the same time servicing the big sausage between their tongues.“Mhhh…” the boy was loving it, Jose’ notice that and said something to him.The two chatted for few minutes while Jeff was busy enjoying his first blowjob, he then shifted his focus to the boy smooth ballsack.Then Jose’ said “His name is Akyn and he is Chief son, he say that he help us, but he want to fuck beautiful white man”.Jeff looked up at the boy “Tell him I would be honored” he said lustfully liking the boy shaft with his tongue.The man then assumed the same position he did with Jose’ few minutes ago.The boy positioned himself between Jeff legs. Akyn was clumsily trying to stick his cock in the man hole, without succeeding.It was clear he needed help, these people never used their ass for fucking, they didn’t think that an asshole can be used for more than just shitting.Jose’ got hold of Akyn’s cock and guided it inside Jeff rectum, once the head was in, it didn’t take long before the rest of the cock was completely buried inside the man.“Fuck yeah…come on Akyn, give me all you’ve got stud” said Jeff.The boy started to thrust his hips with energy making Jeff moan with pleasure.Jose’ meanwhile could not resist Jeff cute sex face and bent over him.He offered the Viking his hungry lips which the man was more than happy to accept.The two started kissing, one of Jose’ hands moved to Jeff chest and started pinching his nipple while the native boy was fucking the shit out of the American slut.Jeff was starting to understand why his wife loved being fucked by multiple men, he never felt so wanted in his life and could not even begin to describe the amount of pleasure he was getting out at the hands of this two horny young natives.After minutes of intense fucking Jeff felt his ass being flooded by Akyn hot jizz, but he didn’t stop kissing Jose’.Only when the boy pulled out Jeff said to his partner “Your turn…breed me stud” he said.Jose’ didn’t waste any time and after moving between the man’s legs he shoved his dick inside his sloppy rectum with a single swipe, since the shithole was now well lubricated by Akyn balls juice.Again the two lovers started to kiss passionately while they fucked under the curious eyes of Akyn, who was trying to understand how French kissing worked.The boy felt a bit left out, the only thing he could do was to stroke Jose’ back.Feeling Akyn hand to his back, Jose’ felt there was a better use for the boy loving hand.He grabbed his wrist and guided his hand to Jeff six inch cock, after showing the boy how to masturbate the man’s cock, he carried fucking his man.Jeff was in ecstasy, wiggling his ass trying to both get as much of Jose’ cock inside him, while at the same time pumping his cock into Akyn fist.“Fuck I love this shit, why did I wait for so long?” Jeff was thinking while watching Jose’ trying to French kiss the other boy, as he thought that they were incredibly cute.After another 10 minutes of intense fucking finally Jose’ emptied his balls inside Jeff, in that exact moment the man too shot his load on his stomach.Jose’ collapsed on top of him and kissed his man on the lips as a thank for the great fuck.Jeff contracted his anus to squeeze as much milk out of the young man cock that fucked him so comprehensibly.Jeff looked at Jose’ with a huge smile on his face “That was the best thing ever happened to me”.Jose’ replied “I like it a lot…”.Then Jeff turned to the other boy and asked him “Did you like it Akyn?”Jose’ translated for him, the boy replied and Jose’ translated back, “He said he like, your ass is better than pussy”.“You boys made my day, I don’t know I could possibly topple this experience” Jeff said.The three of them sat on the ground and chatted a bit.Akyn promised to talk to his father about allowing them to be free, which made the two man day even better.“Ok let’s go before other people come” said Jose’.Akyn left on his own and Jose’ was standing ready to leave the place where he took Jeff virginity.Jeff though could not resist giving another look at what her wife was up to.He looked through the crack and watched his wife impaled both ends wiggling her ass like she was possessed.“She be there for another hour” Jose’ said“She is a though bird” Jeff said getting on all four “Ok master…bring your dog back to his kennel” he joked.Jose’ smiled and took the leash, then guided Jeff back to his place.The guard looked at them funny, but didn’t say anything, he could not possibly imagine what happened behind that hut.The next day, Jeff saw Jose’ and Akyn approaching him, the guide looked excited.As he sat beside him, the boy said, “Great news…Chief said we can go”“Wow that’s great news…his boy kept his word” said Jeff ecstatic referring to Akyn promise.“Yes” Jose’ agreed.“We should thank him” said the men winking at his young lover.“Ehehh…we must!” added Jose’ understanding Jeff words.Jose’ took the leash off Jeff neck, they both headed to the hut were Sarah was held to give her the news.As they got in, they saw Sarah wrapped around one of the boys who fucked her the previous night, they were lost in a very sensual embrace.As Sarah saw them she jumped “Oh Jeff….is not…” she tried to apologize.“Oh shut up, yesterday I watched you fucking six young studs and loving every single minute of it….by the way Jose’ yesterday fucked my ass… and the Chief’s son too, and loved it!” he said proudly.Jeff felt free for the first time in his life, for years he repressed the desire of having sex with other men and now he could finally tell his wife he loved cock.Of course none of that would have been possible if Jeff didn’t watch her uptight wife enjoying being ravaged by six young men, knowing her wife was no angel, made him finally decide to follow his lust for men.Both of them discovered something new and unexpected about each other, what that would do to their relationship, they didn’t know yet.“Oh ok…” she said almost speechless, knowing she was in no position to judge her husband.“Akyn is the Chief’s son…and that’s because of my ass that we are now free to go” Jeff added, pointing his finger towards Akyn who was standing right beside him.“Really?” Sarah asked surprised.“Yeah…a man ass is worth more than a bottomless pussy around here, who would have thought” he said sarcastically and added, “we have a meeting with the Chief later on, so clean yourself up and be decent”.Jeff then put a finger into her wife pussy and blobs of sperm came out of it “Look you are still leaking…how many gallons you still have in there?” he said turning his back on his wife and getting out of the hut leaving his wife speechless.It was the first time Jeff behaved like a real man towards his wife, ironically just the day after losing his anal virginity to an 18 years old boy.That night it was ‘graduation’ time for the six boys and Jose’. They will finally become Warriors.The Chief agreed to let the couple of Americans film the ritual. Not only that, the Chief agreed to let them stay for another two weeks and allowed them to film the daily life of the tribe, just like Sarah planned.As the whole village gathered around the big bonfire, the ‘would be warriors’ will mock a fight against each others, it was more like a dance with spears, but it was rather suggestive.Then the Chief would paint their body with a special red paint which will mark their new status of Warriors.Finally each of the boys would take their future wives to their hut where they will consume their first night of sex with their consorts.The Queen was not needed any more, the next trial would be in nine months time, when a new batch of ‘would be warrior’ will start their 3 month training and a new Queen would be chosen. That meant Sarah would have to do without her daily gangbang for the rest of her stay there, something she will sorely miss.Luckily she convinced Jeff to share Jose’ and Akyn with her so her pussy would not be neglected.At first it was weird for her watching her husband being fucked by those two young natives, but then she started to appreciate Jeff new status of Beta male, this would open their relationship to new horizons.Back in New Jersey, the couple decided to stay together, though not like a real couple. They still loved each other, but they decided to have an open relationship from then on.That’s why the couple was waiting at the airport, they were waiting for their guest to arrive.They were standing at the Arrivals when they spotted Jose’ with a backpack and a trolley in his hands, with a lost expression looking around for his man.“Jeff, there he is… go and hug him, he looks like he needs it, he looks so lost poor thing” Sarah said to her husband.Jeff immediately bolted towards Jose’, the two hugged each other, Jeff even throwing caution out of the window and kissing the boy on the neck.This was the new life Jose’ always wanted. Jeff and Sarah agreed to ‘adopt’ the boy, he will stay with them as long as he wanted to.Jose’ will sleep with Jeff, like husband and wife, they were partners now.As for Sarah… well let’s just say that tonight she organized for 5 black studs to come over for a little bit of group ‘fun’.She might not be the Amazon Queen any more, but she still had three hungry holes that needed to be stuffed with big hard cocks every now and then.- I hope you liked the story. I just started writing erotic stories in my spare time, but if there is enough interest I will keep writing more often. I am into any sexual orientation, Straight, Gay, Bisex, Lesbian. Usually my stories contain a mix of them and the main subject is generally submission/domination and younger/older.So if you like this type of stories and would like to help, you can support me at: patreon.com/XTALES

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