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The Amnesia of Beth’s Father Ch. 02

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Sethp© All rights reserved! Completely rewritten and updated for 2019!


Beth woke up first and peeled back the bed covers, revealing her father’s huge morning erection. She had been dreaming of him all night and the moisture between her legs was a testament to how erotic her dreams were. She didn’t care anymore if it was wrong or right. There was her father’s magnificent cock and nothing else mattered. He really loved her even if he didn’t know who she was. She was sure of it. He had shown her how much the day before and all she wanted to do was show him in return, how much she loved him too.

Beth tossed the covers onto the floor and moved her face towards the wondrously large erection sprouting from between her father’s legs. She smiled before firmly grasping it and sucking it into her mouth. Beth lovingly slid her lips up and down his glorious shaft, taking him deep in her mouth and against the back of her throat.

“Oh! Ahh…” she gasped as her father slid a finger into her sopping pussy. “Oh…you’re awake!” she giggled, squeezing his cock, hard. “I need this.”

“Good morning, baby,” he said, as Beth turned around, and threw her leg over him; straddling him. She grabbed his cock again and this time guided it home.

“So good,” Beth whimpered as she slid down onto him. She pumped her pussy up and down his glorious shaft. Her heavy breasts jiggling as she rode him. It wasn’t long before he started to buck his hips up, driving his cock deeper, and smiling up at her.

Their eyes locked on each other. “My god I’m the luckiest man alive,” He said as he fucked her. “I dreamed last night I married a woman three times your size and much older. I dreamed that I searched the world for you and couldn’t find you.” He slammed up into her again, grabbing her hips forcefully.

Beth came with a whimper but kept riding her father. She had to make him cum too. Within minutes she was rewarded with a load of his cum deep within her. “I love you baby,” he told her. “I’ll never be with another woman. We need to make a baby. Why don’t we have a baby?”

“God…” Beth nearly cried as she collapsed onto him, mashing her huge melons between them. “I am your baby,” she wanted to say. “I am your baby.”

Tears streamed down her cheek as she thought of her mother in the hospital. How could she do this to her mother? What would her father say when he came out of his amnesia? How could she make a baby with her own father? What would the consequences be when her mother was finally released from the hospital? She would be alone. That’s what would happen.

The sound of soft snoring signaled that Beth’s father had fallen asleep again. The medication he was on kept him drowsy most of the day. He usually only woke up to eat or relieve himself or to satisfy his sexual urges. Carefully, Beth got off the bed and went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower in her parent’s master bedroom and then retreated to her room, getting dressed and fixing her hair and makeup. She had her headphones in again, so was surprised to see her father sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee with a pile of papers in front of him.

“Hi dear,” he said to her smiling up at her. “I made some coffee. I remembered where it was. That’s a good sign, right?”

“You should be sleeping!” Beth said, walking over to him. “Doctors orders.”

“I’m okay,” he said. “You know I’ll probably be asleep in an hour anyway. I just finished reading the hospital papers and I’m truly sorry.”

“For what?” Beth replied shaking. Did he know? Was he sorry for fucking his own daughter? No, Beth though, they were way past fucking and were making love to each other now.

“Well, I woke up yesterday with no idea who I was, only interested in sex! No, hi loving wife, how are you, I’m fine or anything!” He continued. “I don’t think I said a word to you all day.”

“That’s ok da…uh, I mean dear,” Beth stuttered. “I’m sorry; I’m frazzled with all of this too.” She continued, with another tear streaming down her cheek.

“Well we have to settle some things around here.” He told her. “First; I need to know who I married. What’s your name?”

“Rita.” Beth gave her mother’s name to him quickly. She couldn’t help herself; she had to continue the ruse.

“Rita, why aren’t you wearing a wedding ring?” he asked.

“I lost it in the accident,” Beth lied.

“Fair, enough. I’ll get you a new one. The most luxurious one I can find. Ok don’t laugh at my next question, but, what is my name?”

“Dan.” Beth told him. It felt weird to call him anything other than daddy.

“Ok, you have to bear with me. Things are slowly starting to make sense, but I’m still very confused,” he told her. “I still can’t …I’m really groggy. This medication they’re giving me is really putting me in a fog.”

Dan held up a picture of Beth’s mother next and asked her who that was and why she was in so many pictures around here.

Thinking quickly, Beth told him, “Dan, that’s your sister. You two are very, very close.” güvenilir bahis

“Ah that makes sense.” He told her. “I’ve been having nightmares where she is actually my wife and not you! Can you imagine that?” He laughed.

“That’s a funny one Dan,” Beth agreed, trying not to cry and forcing an awkward smile. Inwardly she was shaking with guilt.

“Oh, one more thing,” he told her. “While you were in the shower, a girl called and asked me if you were going out to the pizza parlor tonight. That’s one place I do remember and it’s a hangout for the high school kids, right? I know you look young but was that for real?”

“Oh Dan, that’s my friend Cindy. She is a lot younger than me and she offered to come over and help me with you this weekend. That’s all,” she replied. “Besides, it has the best pizza in town.”

Beth and Cindy were both eighteen and had just graduated from high school. She wondered how old her father thought she was. Being so large breasted and tall, had always made Beth appear much older then she really was.

“Oh ok. Well she said she was coming over in an hour. And by my calculations, that’s all the time I need to fuck my lovely wife properly again!” Dan said with lust in his eyes.

With that, Dan jumped quickly from his chair, pushing Beth back onto the kitchen table. He pulled off her shorts and undies. “I love you so much,” he said and then moved between his daughter’s legs, licking her pussy.

“Uh…” Beth moaned and arched her back to give him better access. She closed her eyes as her father lapped at her pussy.

“You are so sweet baby, so sweet. I could eat you all day.”

Beth’s father knew how to work his tongue and had Beth gushing in orgasm within minutes. He then stood up and removed his own shorts and plunged his cock into her with an urgent thrust. Beth cried out in pleasure as her father fucked her on the kitchen table. It was just the right height for a perfect fuck.

Dan was like a sex machine. Beth wondered if her mother had gotten the same treatment from him on a regular basis. God she was a lucky woman.

Neither of them heard the front door open as Beth’s friend Cindy, let herself in the house. Beth and Cindy had been friends for ten years and viewed each other’s houses as their own.

Cindy heard grunting and moaning coming from the kitchen. It sounded like someone was having sex in there. It wasn’t like Beth to hide a new boyfriend from her like this. She had to go and see for herself.

Cindy peered around the kitchen doorway and froze in shock. Beth was moaning deliriously, sprawled out on the kitchen table, as her father fucked her like a mad man. Cindy had confided in Beth once, that if she were to ever sleep with an older man, he would have to be a lot like Beth’s father. Beth must have taken that conversation to heart! “Holy shit!” Cindy muttered in amazement.

Beth let out a passionate shriek, and thrashed around on the table as she had a mind numbing orgasm. Beth’s father pulled his monstrous cock out of her pussy, and walked around to the side of the table and inserted his cock into Beth’s open mouth. Beth hungrily sucked on his large cock. Dan grunted and started to cum in her mouth. Beth noisily swallowed his sperm.

Cindy watched in amazement as Beth swallowed his entire load and kept sucking on his dick. This scene was just too hot for her to handle and Cindy let out a moan that was a little too loud. She had one of her hands down her pants, playing with her clit. She couldn’t help herself. This was the hottest fucking thing she had ever seen! She froze in horror as she realized that she had been caught watching a forbidden sexual encounter.

Beth rolled off the table and covered herself up. Dan just froze and stared into the doorway. The three of them stood motionless staring at each other for a couple of minutes. Dan was still rock hard and his cock glistened with Beth’s juices and saliva. He tried to cover his erection with his hands but it didn’t work. “I’m sorry,” he said to Cindy. “We didn’t hear you come in…”

Cindy walked into the kitchen. “I want some too,” she said, glaring at Beth. “It’s only fair.” She walked over to Dan, grabbing his cock.

Beth glared back at Cindy, who suddenly seemed hesitant after seeing her friend’s expression. But it was too late. Dan was in a sexual frenzy.

He picked Cindy up with strong hands and sat her on the table. He pushed her gently onto her back, and moved her shorts to the side exposing her pussy. As was her custom, Cindy was not wearing panties. She was sopping wet and Dan had an erection that would not quit.

“You must be Cindy,” he said. Cindy just nodded her head as she stared hungrily at his throbbing cock.

“Please put that thing in me. Please,” she pleaded with him. “Beth, please forgive me. I have to have him. You have to share him.”

Beth nodded and placed a hand on Cindy’s shoulder to show her that she approved. Cindy was a lot shorter than Beth with cropped, red hair and small breasts. She had türkçe bahis an incredible ass though.

Dan thrust his hips forward and impaled Cindy on his cock. Cindy screamed as he entered her. “Oh my god, you’re so big!”

Dan started to thrust into her like a jackhammer. Beth leaned over and kissed her friend on the lips. “It’s ok,” she told her. “Just relax and enjoy it.”

After the initial shock of Dan’s size wore off, Cindy started to raise her hips up to meet his thrusts. She started to grunt in pleasure. Her nipples were rock hard, poking out against the thin fabric of her tank top, and her face flushed beet red as a wave of pleasure over took her. She came hard and wrapped her legs around Dan’s back, pulling him in deeper.

“I can’t last much longer,” Dan told her. “You’re so tight! Uh…”

“Cum inside me, please,” Cindy pleaded. “I want to feel you cum inside me.”

With a grunt, Beth’s dad tensed in pleasure, erupting deep inside Cindy. He kept pumping into her as his cock spasmed. He pulled out and shot one last stream of cum on Cindy’s belly. “There you go,” he said.

Beth couldn’t control herself and she moved in licking her father’s sperm from her best friend’s belly. “Mmmmmm.” she purred. Beth then turned her head and slid her lips over her father’s still throbbing cock, sucking out his last drop of cum. This was the first time she had tasted another woman and she loved it.

They all heard the jingling of keys in the front door at the same time. Dan pulled up his pants, stuffing his cock into his underwear as Cindy and Beth ran out of the kitchen and up the backstairs. The kitchen door pushed all the way open just as Dan finished adjusting himself. It was a homecare nurse pushing Rita, his real wife, in the house in a wheelchair!

“Hey?” He asked amazed that, who he thought, was his sister had a key to his house. “What are you doing here?”

“They released me from the hospital this morning and I thought I would surprise you and Beth. I’m going to be okay. They’re going to set me up in the downstairs guest room.” Rita said smiling at her husband. “Where’s Beth?”

“I didn’t know you were in the hospital,” Dan said. “I’m sorry, everything’s still so foggy and I just can’t remember anything. I didn’t even know my name until this morning.”

“It’s okay Dan,” Rita said, taking his hand in hers. “I’ll take care of you now. I know how you get when you’ve been without for so long.” She said, smiling up at him mischievously.

The nurse interrupted just then. “You should be upstairs! And I hope that coffee wasn’t for you. What’s all this stuff you spilled all over the table? Where’s your daughter?”

“Daughter?” Dan asked, stupidly.

“Never mind,” the nurse said, with a forced smile. She was clearly agitated. “You sit down. I’ll take care of you in a moment.”

Dan did as he was told and watched the nurse wheel his wife out of the kitchen towards the back of the house. “Daughter?” he mumbled to himself. “Why is my sister here?” His head was starting to hurt.

The nurse came back in a few moments later with some medication and helped him up the stairs to his room and onto his bed. He fell asleep quickly more confused than ever.

With Dan asleep and medicated again, the nurse gathered up Beth and Cindy and berated them for letting her father wander around the house in his condition. Then, she gave them directions for taking care of Beth’s mother. “Do you think you can handle them both?”

“We got this,” Cindy chimed in, smiling. Beth just nodded, stupidly.

With one last condescending look, the nurse left.

As soon as the door shut Beth exploded. “Oh…my…god!” Beth screeched at Cindy. “Do you know what’s going to happen? Do you know what I’ve done, what we’ve done? Do you even know?”

Cindy had already, basically pieced together what was happening and it didn’t take long for Beth to confide in her that she had been having sex with her father for the last couple of days and even worse that Beth had pretended to be his wife. Beth was sobbing hysterically.

“Stop, okay?” Cindy said, putting her arm around her best friend. “We’ll figure it out. We just have to talk to your dad together first, before he has a chance to talk to your mom.”

“And then what?” Beth asked.

“We’ll think of something.” Cindy responded. “Let’s go upstairs and figure it out. They’re both asleep now. We have time.”

They went into Beth’s bedroom where Beth proceeded to have a massive breakdown. “I love him,” she said between heaving sobs. “You had sex with him too!”

Cindy calmly told Beth that it would be okay as she held her and stroked her hair. Neither of them heard Dan get out of bed and make his way down to the guestroom.

Dizzy from the medication, Dan stumbled down the stairs and made his way to the guest bedroom. He hadn’t even known they had one. He had to talk to his sister. Something wasn’t right and he had to find out what it was.

Dan entered the guest room, seeing Rita, sleeping güvenilir bahis siteleri peacefully on the bed. Her right leg had a cast from her knee to her foot. She also had one on her left arm. The side of her face was still bruised. He walked over to the edge of the bed near her head and stroked her hair. He had an overwhelming feeling of love for her. She blinked her eyes open at his touch.

“You should be sleeping,” he said.

“You shouldn’t be walking, “Rita smiled up at him. “I can see it in your eyes. I don’t even know how you’re standing upright with all those meds.”

“Just stupid, I guess, “he said.

“No, you were never stupid. How are you holding up?” she asked him.

“I’m okay,” he smiled down at her.

“Has Beth been taking care of you?”

“Uh…yeah, but…I’ve been meaning to ask you, why…”

“Shh,” Rita said, looking at Dan’s groin. “I see something that she hasn’t been taking care of.”

“What?” Dan asked, shocked. Maybe it was the medication, but he was sporting a semi-erection that was clearly outlined against his shorts.

Rita reached out, snaking her hand into his shorts and firmly grasping his cock. “It’s okay….it’s my duty.” She yanked his erection out and pulled him towards her waiting mouth.

“You can’t…” Dan weakly protested. He gasped as Rita sucked his huge erection all the way into her mouth and down her throat, in an awesome display of talent. She was amazing, he realized. Beth couldn’t take him that deep although she had tried.

She reached around with her good hand to grab a handful of Dan’s ass to drive his hips forward, driving his massive erection deep down her throat. Dan quickly grabbed a handful of her hair and started to pump is cock between her lips and in and out of her throat. He had to admit that she was much better than Beth.

Rita licked Dan’s balls while his cock was buried in her throat.

It was the most amazing feeling. “I’m gonna cum…” he croaked. “Are you going to swall…uh…swallow it?” It only felt right to warn his sister that he was going to cum.

Rita pulled her mouth off of his cock long enough to tell him, “Don’t I always, baby?”

That was all it took and as soon as Rita sucked him back in her mouth, Dan erupted, sending a torrent of hot semen down her throat and into her belly. “Ohh…Fuck!” he exclaimed, almost losing his balance. Rita grabbed his as firmly to keep him from falling back.

“It’s okay…its okay,” Rita said as Dan collapsed onto the floor.

“That was too intense…I never knew that we…that you…”

Rita giggled after surmising that Dan was going to be okay. “Wow, you forgot my world famous blowjobs? It’s one of the reasons we started dating, silly! Hang on let me buzz Beth to come and get you.” Rita picked up her cell phone and dialed her daughter’s number.

“She knows…she’ll know,” Dan mumbled, still sitting on the floor with his semi-hard cock half in and half out of his shorts.

“Of course she knows, dear,” Rita giggled. “You were never this modest before the accident. Fuck you are delicious. I could suck that cock all day, baby!”

“Beth,” Rita said into the phone. “Come and get your father, please, he came to visit and needs help getting back into bed. Yes…yes, he’s okay.”

“Daughter?” Dan gasped.

“You really are out of it dear,” Rita said, looking concerned at her husband.

“My sister,” Dan said quizzically, looking up at Rita.

“You don’t have a sister, Dan,” Rita finished saying, just as Beth and Cindy entered the room.

Beth quickly ran over and picked up her father, draping him over her shoulder. She looked over at her mother noticing a strand of cum on her chin and shivered. That cat was out of the bag now. That was for sure.

Both Beth’s mom and dad slept almost the entire next day. The next evening the home care nurse came back and was much more satisfied to find everyone in their beds and resting. After she left, Beth went out to get some much needed groceries, leaving Cindy to watch her parents, with a stern warning to not molest her father or even talk to him.

Nearly as soon as Beth left the house, Cindy disobeyed and went into Dan’s bedroom. He was resting but his eyes were open and he watched her walk towards the bed.

“What have I done?” he asked despondently. More memories had flooded back and he had pieced together the past few day’s events. “Why did Beth do it? She’s my….”

Cindy crossed her arms tightly and scowled at Dan. “You didn’t give her a chance to do anything. Do you even remember what you did? Beth told me everything. You were pretty forceful, sticking your big dick in her when she wasn’t paying attention, and she was swept away with everything. She’s really upset. You have to get past it and forgive her!”

“But why did she tell me she was my wife? My sister…I thought…I married Rita…I’m so confused.”

Cindy tried to explain everything to him. “You did Marry Rita, you really love her. You’re the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. Your daughter, Beth is amazing, except now she’s in love with you. She had to lie, the doctors told her to, basically. Look…Just don’t be a dick Dan, and remember that you fucked me too.” Cindy said smugly.

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