Nis 17

The Anticipation Pt. 01

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The engine hushed to a stop and there was quiet.

Sam exhaled for composure — she had arrived. She had played this fantasy in her head multiple times in her suite in Vienna; since then she had travelled thousands of miles, crossing an ocean, all to arrive here.

Sam chuckled at herself. Of all the places, why here? She hated this stinky town — so many steps down from the splendor of Vienna — and yet she had longed to return here, with a very specific purpose in mind. At that thought, warm tingles called for attention and her hands instinctively moved to press between her legs. Stopping short, Sam regained control, placed her hands back on the steering wheel, and bit her juicy lower lip in frustration. Just a little longer, she reminded herself, and she could cease behaving.

Behaving… So much behaving! Sam didn’t like behaving, but she could be a nun when she put her mind to it. After days of finger fucking for this fantasy, she had abstained from masturbation for the last 24 hours. She had made it this far. Why blow it now? Not when she knew what awaited her inside.

Sam exited her vehicle and began the last fifty steps of her journey. Suddenly, a breeze reminded her that she had skipped on panties today. Throughout her workday, knowing she was bare under her dress challenged her to be dutiful in how she moved and sat, because Sam had the manners of a lady, but also tempted her to touch herself whenever the chance arose, because Sam had the appetites of a harlot. And by the chills she felt as the wind kissed her pussy, Sam was sure those appetites had her lady lips salivating with hunger, even as her mouth was dry. Sam took another steadying breath. This full day of teasing had better be worth it.

Pushing open the lobby doors, Charlie emerged pendik escort from the building with a knowing smile, a gust blowing some rebellious strands of his shoulder-length hair across his cheek. Sam was struck by the fact that Charlie wasn’t wearing his glasses, and his naked eyes posed all the greater threat of piercing right through her.

“Can you even see me?” Sam pouted, twirling gracefully in her heels to ‘show off the goods’ and puffing her dress’s skirt dangerously high in the process.

A moan of approval erupted from Charlie’s throat. “Not well enough! You’ll have to come closer…” One hand tucked the windswept locks around his ear, while the other sought Sam’s lower back, his arm a shepherd’s crook hurrying her inside. “I’ve missed you,” he breathed into her ear, as he increased his pace and pressed against her back, wrapping his arms around her from behind. It was all Sam could do not to trip over her own feet as Charlie rushed her to his apartment door. Not even bothering with the handle, Charlie forced the portal ajar and guided Sam inside.

It was dark, a soft glow from the bedroom the only light. Before her eyes could adjust, hands seized Sam, first closing the distance between her person and Charlie and then moving to get a firm grip on her bottom to lift her into the air. She reflexively spread her legs to wrap them around Charlie’s waist, but the fabric of her dress partially restricted her efforts. The apartment door slammed shut, her back bashing against it, knocking the breath from her lungs, and adding to the cacophony. Pinning her, Charlie now had the leverage to move his hands to her thighs, slipping his fingers under the hem of her dress, his nails lightly scraping the outsides of her legs as he pulled her skirt up her maltepe escort waist, freeing her ass. His lips and tongue founds hers just as the skin of her rear pressed against the cold of the door. Sam had said she would behave until the door closed behind her; Charlie could almost be too good a listener.

Sam tugged Charlie closer – which was ridiculous considering how securely he had sandwiched her between the door and his body — but closer was all that Sam could think about. She wanted him inside her and, counterintuitively, no amount of squeezing her limbs around him was going to achieve that. Her hands hunted for the front of his pants to unfasten them, but her pubic mound rested on his pants bulge, frustrating her attempt.

Charlie pushed away from the door, and Sam found herself sliding down him. With increased urgency, Charlie led her to his chambers where a bedside candle greeted them. She hesitated, gaining her bearings, but Charlie bulldozed her face-first onto the bed. Bent over like she was, her heels propped her rear tantalizingly in the air. Sam could only guess at how enticing her ass appeared in the warm glow of the room; all she knew for certain was that she was ready to be taken.

Hands grabbed her hips, and Charlie guided his manhood along her slit. He must have unleashed himself from his pants on the walk to the bedroom without her notice. Boy did she notice now! Her cunt squelched as his cock entered her. Charlie made no effort to ease into her; no amount of teasing could prepare her for that first thrust. She was wet enough to be sure, but the sudden stretching of her insides until he hit deep inside her was exactly the soreness she had longed for.

Sam’s heels stretched her toned legs like candy for the eyes, kartal escort but the angle caused in her pelvis left something to be desired. Charlie nudged his knee to spread her wide, his hands lowering her rump and parting her cheeks for better plowing. The penetration increased: Charlie grasped her shoulder with one hand and her dress’s belt with the other, pulling to fuck harder. The new weight on Sam flattened her considerable bosom against the mattress, spilling breast flesh out the front of her neckline.

Charlie, usually so attentive to her comfort and needs, stroked inside her with abandon, pursuing his pleasure. Sam was perfectly fine with the neglect; him balls-deep inside her was enough for the hints of an orgasm to ripple through her. She knew Charlie had foresworn release, saving up his semen for her. As he selfishly pounded into her from behind, she focused on his sack, overflowing with his seed, as it smacked her clit like a speed bag. His shaft swelled to impressive hardness inside her, betraying his eagerness, approaching climax. With the deepest thrust yet, a jolt of his dick shot cum far inside her, to mix with hers. Sam’s own orgasmic contractions milked his member for more, each twitch of his cock pumping in more of his fluids. He kept stuffing her cunt until she was filled, and then still more. Her pussy wept, dripping cum — a sticky mixture of his and hers — down her thigh.

Charlie collapsed on top of Sam, crushing her in a sweaty heap. A haze fell over her as she struggled to think. The room smelled strongly of sex and yet she had been there for only a matter of minutes. That was a lot, all so fast. She started to mumble gratitude to Charlie, but he cut her off.

“I came!” Charlie revealed, as if it were some secret.

“I know,” Sam giggled, “I finished too.”

“Finished?” Charlie slipped his erection out of her and tossed Sam onto her back, mesmerizing her with his serious gaze into her eyes, her soul. “Psh! I’m not done using you yet. We’re just getting started…”

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