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The Arena Part 2

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Between Breasts

The Arena Part 2The ArenaPart TwoEpona the savage whoreEpona sits in her cage, tired and hungry, her clothes little more than shredded and dirty rags that barley cover her dignity. Epona isn’t her given name, it’s the name her slave masters gave to her, Her name is Llian Elias she is from a savage tribe of horse breeders recently conquered in Northern Europe but nobody cares for her heaven language or her savage name, they call her Epona on account of her equine experience and her fine godlike body shape. Despite the burning desires of the men around her she is a virgin and her master wants to keep her that way, virgins are worth more. Epona is rather short but her body is very shapely and toned, her legs are in perfect proportion to the rest of her fine body and rather powerful even after her long journey on meagre rations she is a perfect specimen. She has a little tone on her calf muscles, toned yet feminine and her thighs go up to her broad hips where they taper into a narrow waist. Her belly is flat and her buttocks are firm, round and peachy. Her breasts are more than ample yet not too big. She has the body of a fertility god. She is beaten less often than the other untrained slaves on account of her timidness and the fact that the master does not want anyone to scar her smooth skin.It is good practice to keep slaves well fed so that they will attract higher bids at the market but Epona’s slave master would rather keep costs down than waste good money on savages. Some of the slaves haven’t eaten in two days. The slaves are only fed once a day in the morning and by night time she starts to feel famished. Malnourished, the older woman in the cage next to her has been left to starve on half rations now that they have finally reached civilisation she’ll be sold as soon as possible. Then she wont be the slave master’s problem. Her stomach can be heard rumbling from the other end of the courtyard. Epona longs to return home to her mother and father but then she remembers that they died in the war, her village was burned down and nothing will ever be the same again. That’s when she smells it, the juicy smell of fresh moist lamb, her mouth immediately begins to water. A guard has returned from a break with a tiny grass basket filled with lamb chops from a fast food vendor. It’s the younger guard that gives her special treatment because he fancies her but he’s with the sadistic guard with the bald head. She knows how to get what she wants. She has picked up a few words during the months pendik escort on the road listening to her captors talk. Time to practice speaking Latin, she will be worth even more if she speaks the language anyway. She waits until the mean guy, Cassius springs a leak in the corner of the courtyard, puts on her sweetest voice and starts to beg. “Tai…tus…Titus.” Titus glances over at her for a second then reluctantly walks over to her. “Oh you know my name now?!!”“Give me eat.” She steals a gaze at his lamb chops to iterate it. He takes a bite out of the one he is holding but as he goes to pass the scraps through the bars Cassius interrupts. I’ll give you some meat!! Cassius exclaims walking over to her with his cock still hanging out. He presses his groin to the cage and gestures for her to suck it. Epona doesn’t know what to do so she looks over to the older woman next to her. The older woman laughs mumbling in her own language most likely an insult towards that pig Cassius. He makes a thrusting motion into her mouth pushing her cheek out with her tongue in unison making it appear as if she has pushed an incredibly long invisible sausage into her mouth and it’s gone back on itself bulging behind her cheek. After a few seconds Epona finally puts two and two together. “Don’t play innocent with me you cock tease!” Epona doesn’t understand what he’s saying but she can tell by his voice he is getting impatient and he’ll probably beat her again while the master isn’t here to see it. She moves her lips to the man’s shaft and opens her mouth as wide as she can. She takes a deep breath in through her nose and imagines she is sucking the juices out of a Titus’s lamb chop but all she can smell is the stale sweat covering the man’s scrotum. He starts to slowly drive his shaft in and out of her mouth whispering to her as if taming a wild horse. “Thaat’s it.” she tries to get it over with intuitively moving her mouth up and down on his rod, her lips sealed around it trying very hard not to catch her teeth on the soft skin or she would surely be beaten. The younger man puts his snack down on the ground as his hand slowly wonders down and inside his underwear. He starts to slowly masturbate as he watches his secret crush suck Cassius’ cock. He will never be able to afford such a beautiful slave, this could be the closest he will ever get to being inside her.It feels good inside her sweet little innocent mouth and knowing that she’s a virgin makes it that little bit more exciting. She can taste a very escort pendik pungent strong taste in her mouth that goes after a few seconds as she gently sucks on him. Then she realises that that was the taste of his urine in her mouth, the remnants of the pee he just had in the corner. His cock itself doesn’t taste so bad and after months of surviving malnourished the prospect of him cumming in her mouth is almost a good thing. She soon gets past the horrible taste she had in her mouth. She closes her eyes and imagines it’s her boyfriend. It’s not long before he’s rock hard and she opens her mouth as wide as possible to accommodate him, the length more an issue than the girth. She feels like she can barely contain his rod in her mouth and his thrusts are long and deep, his bulbous head easing it’s way into her throat making her gag. She wants to stop, she never asked for this! His bulbous head making her gag but there is nothing in her stomach to vomit. The last girl he abused wasn’t a virgin and had her front teeth knocked out for biting his shaft. She was to be sold as a whore so when she refused to pleasure him any more he beat her to death in front of Epona. The entire experience is rather unpleasant and she feels scared and violated. She can barely breathe through her nose desparately trying not to vomit as he tickles her tonsils.Yet at the same time it feels rather exciting, she can feel the hair stick up at the back of her neck like it did when she jumped off the waterfall into the pool below. She can hear him moan and whimper as she works her mouth up and down his spear and it makes her feel so powerful. She can feel her pulse throbbing between her legs and her pretty little flower bloom as her moist petals open up. She can feel her labia become wet and sticky and she starts to squirm slightly.Finally she feels Cassius loose control and with a huge groan hercums in her mouth, following through for a few seconds more before stepping back from the cage and putting it away. She can feel his full load in the back of her mouth, it’s not a strong or over powering flavour but she doesn’t like it at all. She wants to spit it out onto the floor but if she does the slave master will see it in the morning then he might use the bull whip on her or worse. “Jupiter’s cock! you should try this little whore Titus she could suck the skin off a frog!!” Titus is an honest young man and knows that the master wants his sex slave un-touched but he’s always wanted her. He hesitates but then gives pendik escort bayan in to his more base instincts and approaches the cage. Epony, mouth still full of cum almost panics as she sees Titus extract his rod. Cassius filled her right up, if Titus puts his cock in her little mouth it will break her jaw.With one huge nervous gulp she swallows Cassius’ entire load in one go, taking a brief second to prepare herself mentally before being violated again. Titus is much leaner and far more handsome than Cassius and she feels less reluctant to submit however despite the law it’s all still wrong. She defiantly looks him in the eye before she swallows his sword but he seems to like that. His knob end fills her entire mouth, there’s barely any room for her to manoeuvre her tongue and massage him in her mouth. She relies on her bobbing motion, working her head up and down his long thick shaft. Her mouth is completely stuffed and there is a wet sucking sound with each thrust of her head. She puts more effort into this one, if he cums hard like a horse breeding then perhaps he will give her some food scraps.Before she was captured she used to have a secret boyfriend. They would lay in the field that smells of honeycomb together and practice kissing. One time they had a picnic and he kissed her as he had a pickled onion in his mouth, transferring it into her mouth, her tongue rolling around the pickled onion. He told her that she must be amazing at pleasuring men. Now she knows what he meant.Though far larger than a pickled onion she applies the same technique, using saliva as lubricant she gently rolls her tongue over his knob end. The sensation is incredible, instantly taking his breath away. “Oh! You’re…very-good…at this Epony! Titus exclaims wrapping his hands around her ragged tangled hair so that she can’t escape. He starts to thrust in and out of her mouth but more carefully and not so deep as be unpleasant like Cassius. It’s not long before she takes a second load in her mouth and she swallows it down. Titus feels obliged to give her the fat from his lamb chops which she shares with the older woman. Epony feels like a whore, her father would die of shame but at least she is alive and now she has a new friend. She’ll be a well fed whore now at least. She lays down on the old woman’s thigh. The older woman falls asleep as she runs her fingers through Eponys tangled hair. The guards keep watch outside the gate and while no one is looking she reaches down and puts a finger between her legs, it’s all wet and sticky down there like when she kisses a boy or rides a horse. She gets curious and sniffs her finger, she likes the way a woman’s sex smells, touches the tip of her finger to her tongue to taste it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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