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The Arrival

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High Heels

“The waiting is killing me,” Jeff thought to himself as he looked for his online lover. He had all three chat applications opened at once, hoping to catch Rachel on one of them.

It had been an amazing five weeks since they first got to talking. Both were in failing relationships, and were both in the same line of work. They were even the same height. Almost. He was 6-1 and she stood a delicious 6 feet with blonde hair. She was his ideal woman. He loved tall women with long hair. She was funny, she was smart, sweet and caring and by all that is holy, she was sexy. Everything seemed as if it were meant to be. But for some reason, he couldn’t convince her to send her photo to him.

They’d chatted online. They’d traded e-mails back and forth. They’d even talked a few times from their respective places of work. She’d take an extended lunch break and call him from the comfort of her car, while he went to his secret spot in the convention center adjacent to his office. He’d returned to work with a raging hard-on more than once since they had started talking.

“Why won’t she send me her picture? What’s the deal?” he thought to himself. His overactive imagination began to take off. Was she yanking him around, just toying with is emotions? Hardly. She was too sweet and sincere to do that. Maybe she was just being overly cautious. No reason for that, he thought, since they lived almost 900 miles from each other.

His office phone rang, blasting him back to reality. It was Rachel. They thought about each other constantly and almost knew instinctively when to call. His demeanor quickly shifted from frustration to elation.

“Hey Baby,” he answered. Turns out Rachel loved being called “Baby” by him. Maybe it was the difference in their ages. He was 39, she was 25, but all she knew was that she loved it. “Hi Honey,” she giggled. “Miss me?”

Did he miss her? He wanted her more than anyone he’d ever met in his entire life. He wanted her with every fiber of his being. “All I’ve done all day is think about you. I’ve been waiting for you to show up online. But I’ll take a phone call over online chat any day,” he told her.

He didn’t mince words when it came to talking to Rachel. He knew she was special and he wanted her desperately. And he took every opportunity to tell her. And her reaction was always the same. She’d moan a breathy moan and almost purr into the phone. And with that, he’d turn rock hard. Guaranteed. No questions asked.

“Did you get my pictures in the mail yet?” she asked him. He replied with a grumpy “no.”

“Awwww…you poor guy. Maybe I can put a smile on your face til they show up,” she said to him.

This could get interesting, Jeff thought to himself. It was Christmas week and since he was the low man on the staff totem pole as far as seniority went, he’d be in the office. Alone. He had the entire 20th floor to himself. The next question was an automatic, an in joke between them.

“So tell me, Rachel baby, what are you wearing?”

“Who me? All I have on under my coat is this little miniskirt and a v-neck sweater. Nothing special,” she purred into the phone.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” was all he could muster in reply.

“What about you?” she asked in return. He muttered something about a pair of khakis and navy blue oxford shirt.

“I know navy blue looks amazing with your green eyes,” she said.

“How could you know that? I’m not wearing navy in the pictures I’ve sent you,” he responded.

“Then turn around so I can see.”

He had been facing the window and his view of downtown when he spun around in his chair. And there was Rachel, cell phone in hand, wearing a mini skirt and v-neck sweater.

“How the….What are you doing here? Oh my God is it really you?” he babbled as she closed the door to his office, took off her coat and walked around his desk.

“Yes, baby, it really is me. I’m Rachel. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she cooed as she extended a hand to his.

This had to be some kind of dream. There’s no way she hops on a plane and comes up to see him. No way. His head was spinning, trying to process exactly what was happening to him.

Instinctively, he reached out for her hand and she pulled him to his feet. She took his face in her hands and brought her lips to his. The atmosphere was electric. He could swear he felt sparks when their lips first touched.

“I’ve dreamed of kissing you since the first night we talked on line,” Rachel said as she pulled back to get a good look at her lover. “It was better than I could have ever imagined.”

He pendik escort pulled her close again and wrapped his arms around her waist. He lunged at her mouth with his, and their embrace became passionate. Their tongues thrust together as they pulled each other’s bodies closer. His shock at seeing his dream girl was slowly fading and now he was finally going to be with her.

He had to step back and see her. Truly look at her. She was a goddess. No doubt about it.

“Surprised, honey?” she asked.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought you’d come up here and surprise me like this. Not that I’m complaining or anything,” Jeff said.

She pushed him back down in his office chair and smiled a dazzling smile. She leaned back and sat on his desk, her tiny skirt riding up her gloriously sexy legs. The skirt kept going and suddenly Jeff realized one of his online fantasy chats with Rachel was about to come true. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Remember that night we were talking and I said how much I’d love to seduce you in your office?”

Remember? The image was imbedded in his brain, replayed over and over and over, never to be forgotten.

“Of course I remember, baby,” he said as he eased his chair closer to the woman of his dreams.

Rachel lifted herself off the desk for a moment and slid her skirt further up, revealing her shaven pussy. When she first told him she was shaven, he nearly exploded. Now he was about to experience the real thing.

Rachel lifted the skirt up past her hips and then placed her legs on Jeff’s shoulders. He stared into her eyes, almost afraid to look away from them for fear she’d disappear. But she put her legs on his shoulders pulled him closer.

He leaned into her and was overcome with her scent. She was literally dripping on his desk. Jeff leaned in closer and ran the tip of index finger up her naked pussy lips. Rachel shivered at his touch. He eased the finger inside of his lover and she tossed her head back and purred again.

“So that’s what you feel like. I’ve wanted you for so long and now I’ve finally got you,” she said.

Jeff smiled and lowered his face so he could taste her. He ran the tip of his tongue up and down her lips, savoring the aroma of her arousal. He avoided her clit for as long as he could, but the tall blonde could take no more games. She pulled him in even closer so his tongue was practically clamped on her pussy.

“Lick me, lover. Suck on my clit,” she moaned. Who was he to turn down such a request?

He spread the lips of her pussy wide and made his tongue flat as he licked over her clit. She shuddered in appreciation and hissed out “yesssssssss, that’s what I’ve wanted.”

Jeff began to suck on her clit and moved his hands up to her breasts. He began to fondle and knead them as best he could, considering his position. They were both approaching sensory overload.

“Fuck me with your tongue, honey,” she urged him on. “Make me cum with your tongue.”

Jeff thrust his tongue deep inside her dripping pussy, extending it as deep as it would go. Rachel was writhing in ecstasy on the desk, knocking off files and photos, muttering an incomprehensible language of lust.

Rachel’s back arched as she felt the orgasm begin to spread out from deep inside her. She began to growl almost, and clamped her thighs tighter around her lover’s head. Her head was titled back and her long blonde hair was flailing about as waves of pleasure crashed through her body.

As her orgasm subsided, her eyes met his again. He looked at her adoringly and stood up to kiss her.

“God, I knew it would be good when we got together but I had no idea it would be like that,” Rachel panted, trying to regain her breath. Jeff just smiled at her and kissed her again. He took her by the hands and said “let’s go.”

Ducking out of his office and into the hallway, the couple headed for the elevators. They were giggling and holding hands like a couple of lovestruck teen-agers. Jeff pushed the “down” button and they waited, kissing and caressing one another.

“Where are we going?” Rachel asked excitedly, her eyes dancing with passion.

“You’ll see. But I’ve been there with you before. On the phone,” he said. Rachel practically squealed with delight. They were headed to his secret spot in the convention center, where he had told her his fantasies about making love in a public place.

The elevator finally arrived and they went inside. Since it was Christmas week, it was empty. Jeff had never been so glad for an empty elevator maltepe escort in his life.

“I knew you were beautiful, but I had no idea you were this beautiful,” he told Rachel, brushing a strand of her dark blonde hair from her face. “You are an absolute goddess. A truly fabulous babe.”

She giggled at the “truly fabulous babe” reference. He started calling her that within a week of their meeting. It was one of his goofy qualities she loved so much about him.

Jeff stood back and took a long look at his vision. She was simply gorgeous. A curvy 6 feet tall with long dark blonde hair that hung halfway down her back and dark blueish-green almond-shaped eyes. Playful eyes with lots of mischief in them. Her firm, round breasts were amazing, rising and falling with each breath. She’d told him she was a C-cup, and he guessed about a 36. Her breasts stood high on firm on her chest with big hard nipples protruding through her sweater. And then were her legs. They seemed to go on forever. They were the kind of legs that would make a bishop kick out a stained glass window. She had said something once about not liking her thighs, but he saw nothing wrong with her at all. She was a vision. And she was here.

The “ding” of the elevator’s arrival in the lobby brought him out of his trance. She was still holding his hand, an arms length away. The doors slid open and he led her through the lobby into the adjacent arena.

He found it amazing that in the wake of everything that had happened in the world in the past three or four months he’d be able to have full run of the arena. Security never even bothered to ask where he was headed. Usually, he had his wireless phone with him so he could go up to the mezzanine and call Rachel with some degree of privacy. He shared an office with someone, so he craved the privacy.

The mezzanine was accessible by both a staircase and an escalator. He always chose the stairs, because he liked to get his heart pumping running up them to talk to her. But after the first couple of conversations, he knew that was a waste of energy. His reaction to her voice was downright Pavlovian. She spoke, he got hard. It was that simple.

The walked across the slightly darkened floor of the arena and headed for the stairs, hand in hand. Rachel was like a little kid in the big city for the first time, trying to see everything he’d described to her through his eyes. As they reached the stairs, Jeff pointed up to the mezzanine. “There it is. Rachel Land.” It was his nickname for this location. “Shall we?”

She nodded in approval and raced up the stairs. Jeff was surprised by this and quickly followed. He was treated to an amazing view of her naked ass as she bounced up the steps. She slowed halfway up, not sure where to go when Jeff caught up and took her by the hand again. She was so turned on by this little romantic gesture. He always talked about holding hands with her.

They reached the mezzanine and stood quietly for a moment. “Well, what do you think?” he asked.

“What do I think? I love it. It’s secluded yet right out in the open. It’s perfect,” she said, leaning in to kiss him.

Jeff sat down on the arm of one of the lounge chairs and pulled her onto his lap as their tongues began another intimate dance together. She searched his out and began to suck on it, the intensity of the action knocking Jeff off the arm of the chair and onto the seat. She followed in a heap onto his lap. She smiled again and began nuzzling his neck and unbuttoning his shirt. Her hands were warm as they lingered on his buttons. She ran her fingers through his chest hair and now it was his turn to tilt his head back and moan.

Rachel giggled again and brought her lips to his sensitive nipples. He told her how much he liked having his nipples licked and bitten. She was about to see the real deal.

When Rachel’s tongue first touched his right nipple, he thought he’d implode. The slightest touch and it was liked he was hooked up to jumper cables. Tingling waves of pleasure shot through his body. Rachel licked and nipped at his nipples and began massaging his hard cock through his khakis. His assessment of himself was accurate, to say the least. When she asked how big he was, he told her about 7 1/2 inches long and about 4 or 5 inches around. She always appreciated honesty in her lovers. Now she was about to show him how appreciative she was.

Rachel stood up and pushed him back in the chair. He began to protest but shut his piehole in a hurry when she began to unbuckle his belt. She undid kartal escort the button and then unzipped his khakis. She was greeted with a hard cock pulsing beneath a pair dark blue silk boxers. She cooed in approval.

She slid his pants down around his ankles and reached inside his boxers for his cock. She pulled it out and admired it. A glistening drop of precum shone from the tip. She reached down with her tongue and touched the tip to his tip. The droplet became a string and was soon connected between her tongue and his cock. Jeff was ready to explode.

All the while, Rachel gazed into his eyes with unabashed lust. She had wanted him from the first moments she had chatted with him and was not to be denied. “What a beautiful cock you have here, my love,” she told him and she lightly pumped his shaft up and down. “You are too good to be true,” she said, before swallowing the head and swirling her tongue around the tip.

Jeff clawed at the arms of his chair as his goddess worshipped him with her tongue. She sought out the slit in the tip to draw more precum out. “He has to taste as good as he looks,” she thought to herself. She was right as she tasted his sticky nectar.

Rachel continued swirling her tongue around his cock, slowly pumping it with her right hand and gazing lustily into his eyes. She was making love to him with her tongue and he was in heaven. He also knew if she kept this up, he’d cum in an instant. As much as he hated to do it, he pushed her away. He wanted to cum inside her slick naked pussy for their first time together.

Rachel looked surprised as his cock popped out of her mouth. He just tilted his head toward the railing of the mezzanine and she immediately got the message.

Rachel clambored over to the railing and hiked her skirt over her ass. She turned to look at Jeff over her shoulder. Her eyed beckoned him to come closer. Jeff tore off his shirt and approached his lover from behind. “Tell me what you want, baby,” he growled into her ear.

“I want your cock inside me. I need your big cock in my pussy right now.” she purred back at him. He took his cock and guided it between her naked pussy lips. He was conflicted about whether to slam his entire length deep inside her or slowly ease himself in, an inch at a time. He chose the former.

Rachel was so wet he slid in without a problem. Not only was she wet, but she was tight. Amazingly tight. After his initial lunge inside her, he remained motionless for a moment, his cock buried in his lover to the hilt. He wanted to savor the sensation of her for as long as he could.

“Come on baby, fuck me,” she almost whined, moving her hips back and forth. “I want to feel you ramming in and out of me.”

Never being one to need an engraved invitation, Jeff complied with his young lover’s request. He took hold of her hips and began pistoning in out of her hot, slippery pussy.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Rachel said as she gripped the railing tightly. “I’ve been dreaming about this for so long. Make me cum, Jeff. Make me cum.”

Jeff’s hips and cock became a blur as he rammed in and out his lover as fast as he could. He thought he’d pass out from the sensations. But she was his dream girl and he was going to do everything he could to make this right for both of them.

He slowed his pace and reached around to massage her clit with his fingers as he continued gliding in and out of her. She pushed back against him to push him even deeper inside. They could hear his balls slapping against her ass as the moved together.

“Oh baby…your fingers…your cock…..I’m gonna,” she tried to warn him of her impending orgasm but the words didn’t make it out in time. She cried out and pushed hard against him again, head thrown back in pleasure. “Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,” she exalted.

That was it. He could hold back no more. Jeff felt the rush of his orgasm begin deep inside him and didn’t want to wait any more. He pumped inside his lover as hard as he could, grunting with animalistic force as the surge moved toward the tip of his cock. He grunted and groaned as his cock erupted inside her, blasting her pussy with wave after wave of cum. The force and intensity of his orgasm surprised him and he thought he was going to pass out. When he finally stopped cumming, Jeff was able to back up to one of the chairs in a sweaty, hyperventilating heap. Rachel, who had finally regained her composure from her own orgasm, looked over she shoulder at her lover and smiled. She went to him and sat on his lap and kissed him long and deep.

“Thank you, baby. I was worried you’d be angry with me surprising you like this. I’m glad you’re not,” Rachel said between kisses.

“How could I be angry after a greeting like this?” he asked her. And at that moment, he knew, she was the one.

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