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The Art of Sensual Seduction

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There is a beautiful art of slow sensual seduction, when one or both parties slowly, methodically and deliberately lures the other ever so slowly into their web of carnal desires.

If it is done correctly, it is slow and the other party even though they may be aware, is helpless or even sometimes unwilling to fight it and eventually find themselves caught up in a web of sensual delights they have no choice but to succumb to.

Mom and I have enjoyed an immensely rewarding sex life that was fully consummated on the Christmas night after my eighteenth birthday but who seduced whom is not perfectly clear. Some could say it was she who seduced me but yet one may argue it was the other way around or it can even be said it was mutual.

No matter which argument you chose to believe the fact remains there was a slow sensual seduction, the seeds of which may go back even further than first imagined. As you read, you can decide for yourself who seduced whom and just when it began.

Mom and I have always been close, much closer than any normal mother son relationship seeing that we have had only each other to depend on for most of our time together, except for the few years we lived with her Aunt Ruby

You see, Mom gave birth to me when shortly before her 18th birthday when she was still a senior in high school . She was extremely attractive but some what on the big side. Mom wasn’t extremely fat or obese, she had what you may call a “pooch belly” and may have been 10-15 pounds over weight but she carried it well. That was because she was fairly tall(5’11”) and had a large bone structure.

When Mom was 16 she had reached her adult height and was like I said a knock out. She had long raven black hair which was naturally curly and came down to her shoulder blades. She also had full pouty lips dark eyes long well toned dancers legs and measured 36D-26-36. Her looks combined with her charismatic personality allowed any door to be opened for her and she could have any guy she wanted

In school she was a top honor student and president of the junior class and in her senior year she was SGA president and was lined up for a scholarship for any college she wanted. With all this going for her, she was still some what of a wild child. She knew she was sexy and she loved to party so she did and she would party as hard as she would work.

On her 17th birthday she would make the move that would alter her life forever, she sneaked out of the house and went to a party where she ended up making out with some guy and becoming preggers.

When her parents found out they threw her out on her ear because in their eyes she was a disgrace. She had thrown away her life they said and now it was up to her to deal with it. They told her that she was close to being an adult so she should have to bear the responsibilities.

Mom’s aunt Ruby had always been close to her and somewhat a second mom to Mom and had pity on her took her in but only in one condition, that she settle down and finish school. Mom agreed and things went well. Aunt Ruby had been somewhat of a wild child herself and could relate so she didn’t pass judgment on Mom.

When I was born Mom named me Franklin Davis and then her last name which was Stewart. Franklin was after her Grandfather and the Davis was after Aunt Ruby’s Uncle but Mom would end up calling me by my nick name Dave.

I guess having me forced Mom to grow up and to be less wild and to take more responsibility. Mom was able to finish high school even though the school administration took away her SGA president mantle for improprieties, she finished number two in her class and graduated with top honors.

Since Mom a mouth to feed, going away to college was not an option, so she managed to use the several scholarships she had been awarded to attend the local university and she completed a double major in computer science and Finance.

When Mom graduated five years later, she managed to land a good paying job(around 45K a year) with a well known company as a programmer/analyst in charge of the financial end of the company.

For the first couple of years we still stayed with her aunt Ruby and when Mom came up with a good down payment on a house we moved to a small 1350 square foot 3 bed 2 bath white wooden frame house in a nice quiet older neighborhood. It wasn’t much but it was ours.

By now I was seven years old and in school so Mom could feel better at ease about working and I still stayed with her aunt Ruby until Mom got off at five in the evening.

This would go on for another seven years to then Mom got a big promotion to senior project manager plus a huge bonus and raise and we were able to sell the house and buy a nice 4 bedroom 3 bath two story brick home with a huge yard a 3 car garage with bonus room in a nice neighborhood near a school so I could walk to school.

With the advent of the Internet and the ability to transfer information via modems, Mom found that she could stay at home and work güvenilir bahis She would still have to attend regular weekly planning sessions where she would have to make presentations and the quarterly department head meetings; However, the company was good about it and since she was a valuable asset to them and they liked her, they paid for her to have a nice computer complete with the software she needed plus a cable modem with remote network access so she could transfer the data more quickly.

By now I was almost fifteen years old and since Mom was working at home, she hardly dressed, mostly in a short waist length lace robe or an old buttoned down blouse either of which she left open in front a bra and panties. She figured I could handle it since I saw women on the TV all the time in lingerie, but it was still always tasteful.

Also from time from when I was eleven to when I turned seventeen, Mom would have a number of male suitors who tried dating her but most of them never lasted. Deep down she was afraid I wouldn’t approve but I told her it was okay but she never really believed it, seeing that I was hard on every one that tried to date her.

At age 17 something changed and Mom completely gave up trying to date. Some could say she just figured I would never accept anyone, which deep down I never would have. She was mine and I wanted her all to myself and was not about to share her with anyone

Some could say this was some kind of oedipal complex sub-consciously playing itself out, who knows. I never really, at least consciously, thought of Mom that way until I turned seventeen then something inside me awoke and something in Mom caused her to see me differently.

At seventeen I reached my adult height of 6’1″ and weighed in at 185 pounds with brownish blonde hair, a muscular toned chest and arms and washboard abs. In school I ran track and was on the wrestling team so I had to stay in pretty good shape.

It was here that Mom would begin not to see me as a little boy any more but more of a handsome young man with whom she found herself becoming sexually attracted to and began turning her attention toward me, but she hid it well at least at first.

I began to see Mom in more of a sexual way now as well. By now Mom was 35 and she was still sexy and had the looks and body of a woman in her twenties and had lost a little of her pooch belly and her body was still firm and tight seeing that she had worked out some as well.

From the time I was seventeen to until I turned eighteen Mom started dressing very provocatively around the house but still I never really saw her completely naked except for the times I would see her in the shower or tub, which became more and more frequent but the sexy lingerie she wore left little to the imagination and sure made me want to all the more.

I would begin to find ways to see Mom naked I would make excuses to see her when she was in the tub or just happened to be there when she was coming out of the shower. Mom would do the same thing and so our little game would persist until I turned eighteen.

On my eighteenth birthday, she would decide it was time for the wall of separation to come down and that is when or little game of “I spy” as I have come to call it ended and the real seduction began .

That particular year, my birthday happened to fall on a Wednesday during the week of fall break so I was home from school. Mom let me sleep in that morning seeing that we had been up late the night before watching movies, something we did regularly on weekends and since I was off from school we did it the previous night.

I came downstairs from my room around 9:30 in the morning dressed in a pair of gold gym trunks and short sleeve t-shirt. The shirt was maroon and had a picture of a Spartan Warrior’s head in a helm turned sideways in a profile. Above the helm in gold lettering in a semicircular layout was written “Spartans.”

The gym shorts were golden and had the initials “R.D.H.S” above a maroon Spartan Helm and underneath was written “Phys Ed.” The initials stood for the name of the school which was Robinson Davis High School.

I saw Mom sitting at the table in the breakfast alcove that was in the glassed in sun room. She was dressed in her ankle length white lacy robe she often wore, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette as she read the paper.

I thought nothing of it and just assumed she had on some lingerie set underneath but was I wrong.

I called out “Hey Mom” and got an eyeful when she turned and stood up and said “Good morning sweetie and Happy Birthday!!!”

The robe was open but that was not what took me by surprise, it was that when she turned, I got a full frontal view of her tight firm naked body in all of its magnificent glory.

Her sumptuous 36D breasts were so supple and round and inviting. Her torso was tight and seemed to glisten with glitter paint and her nice furry raven haired pussy was exquisitely trimmed and glistened in the morning türkçe bahis light.

Mom slinked over to me as she sashayed her body seductively to where I was standing and knew that I was dumbstruck because it all I could do was to gape I was definitely aroused and turned on but all I could do was to say “Wow, Mom!!!”

Mom paid no attention to the fact that I was practically gawking at her and walked over to where I was standing, dropped her robe and let it fall to the ground and put her arms around my neck, draping them on my shoulders and stood with her body slightly touching mine.

“How is my young man doing this morning, and what a handsome and sexy one he has turned out to be.”

” I’m fine, thanks,” I replied not knowing for sure what to say.

I was getting back some of my composure, although my heart was racing ninety to nothing.

“You’re looking ” and instead of saying “nice” or “attractive” or something along those lines, before I could stop myself I blurted out “hot.”

“Mmmmmm,” Mom replied purring pressing her body into mine and locking her hands around my neck

“I am glad you approve. I was so afraid you wouldn’t like it, but I figured since we are both adults now, I see no reason why I shouldn’t let you see me naked all the time. After all, I am not ashamed of my body so why not show it off to the person who means the most to me in all my life.”

“Thanks,” I responded again. “You mean a lot to me too,” still feeling a bit awkward but beginning to get over it.

“I know sweetie,” Mom replied “and I love you so very much, much more than you will ever know, Anyhow, that being the case, I thought I would give you my first special birthday surprise, that is if you ready.”

“Sure, that’ll be great,” still not knowing what to think and just assumed the surprise was some sort of monetary or other tangible present. Little did I know what was coming.

“Very well,” Mom said smiling. “I am sure you will enjoy receiving this as much as I do giving it,” and with that without warning she planted a long wet deep tongue probing kiss right on my lips.

I was initially taken off guard but Instead of trying to fight it I gave into it and allowed my arms to slip around her waist and I pulled her even closer against me so her warm body was pressed tightly in against mine. The kiss lasted for about 30 seconds and then she broke it.

“So how did you like your present sweetie,” Mom said with a purr.

“Wow what a gift,” I replied.

“I figured you would like it but I never expected you to pull me close to you like that” Mom said with a breathy voice “but not that I mind.”

“This is just one of many presents I have for you,” Mom added as she softly stroked my hair. “You are a grown man now, I and I figured you would enjoy the love of a sexy woman who happens to love you very much.”

“After all, you’re a man and I’m a woman and we both have certain urges or needs that can only be satisfied by each other,” and with that she kissed me again.

Like before I pulled her to me but inside I was at war with myself. My head was swimming, my heart was pounding and my emotions ran the gambit from shock to euphoria. Part of me wanted her and was ready to jump her bones right there but an almost equal part was hesitant.

It seemed at least initially that the part that wanted her was stronger, because as we kissed I began to caress her breast and nibble and softly bite her neck Also with her help I had managed to drop my shorts to the ground and pull off my shirt so that I could feel her naked body next to mine.

Our warm naked bodies were pressed in together and our hands were working their way over each other’s bodies. Also I had turned Mom and slowly moved her towards the wall until I had her pinned against it, which only made her hotter.

“Take me baby,” she purred as she began to rub her leg against mine and she locked one ankle around mine.

My hand found her cunt and I began to gently stroke the outside while I nibbled and even bit her neck proceeding to give her a hickey

My hard throbbing cock was rubbing up against her pussy and Mom had just wrapped her legs around my body and took my hand in hers. She took my cock which was now pressed up against the lips of her cunt and was on her way to guiding it into her wet and waiting pussy.

I was still nibbling and biting the sides of her neck. Mom’s knees were bent up, her ankles were locked around my back and she was pressed against the wall with my hands now on her butt supporting her weight.

The stage was ready for me to fuck her right there on the spot, My cock was on its way in and had just begin to slip inside her wetness when suddenly the cautious “rational” side of me regained control and I abruptly stopped.

It was like awakening from a foggy haze or drunken stupor and suddenly becoming sober again and “the little angel on your shoulder” was telling you what to do.

I broke the embrace suddenly and güvenilir bahis siteleri without warning and Mom asked “What’s the matter sweetie don’t you want to make love or did I do something wrong,” concerned that she had offended me.

I really didn’t know what to say or how to feel. There I was on the verge of fucking my own Mom and then just as sudden as I had taken her to the precipice of sweet carnal orgasmic bliss, here I was denying her that joy just I had a sudden bout of conscience,

“Where was your conscience when you were taking your Mom,” a condemning voice said in my mind and I answered “I don’t know I am sorry,” but didn’t realize I had answered out loud.

“Tell me what’s going on inside sweetie, maybe I can help” Mom said gently putting her arms around me. “If you’re afraid, I will understand. I was afraid my first time.

“It’s not that I am afraid or don’t want to,” I replied my head still swimming from the passion and excitement. “it’s just that all of this was so sudden.”

Mom just smiled and scratched the base of my skull lovingly.

“I know this is going to sound old fashioned or even corny coming from a guy but I really want my first time to be special and when I am ready.”

“I understand completely sweetheart,” Mom said lovingly gently stroking the bangs of my hair. “I love you so much and don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to do. When you are ready I will be here, after all, a good thing like you is well worth the wait”

“Should I quit dressing provocatively,” she added with a soft note of concern.

“No, to be perfectly honest I enjoy seeing you naked,” I replied, “and who knows,” I replied laughingly “it may even help me get me ready.”

“I want us to continue to do what we are doing and to keep romancing each other,” I added, “I just want to take it slower and I will let you know when I am ready to go all the way.”

“It’s a deal sweetie,”, she said with a soft smile. and I could tell that she was unsure whether or not she should kiss me but I assured her I didn’t want that to stop and with that we kissed.

“I tell you what. “Mom said sweetly as she still had her arms around me. “I will let you initiate when we move to the next level, how’s that sound.”

“That sounds good,” I replied and with that we kissed and embraced my hands, softly stroking Mom’s hips and back

Nothing else was said about that and Mom and I sat down at the table and had some morning coffee and talked like we always had.

“Here ya go sweetie,” she smiled as she slid a new box of her cigarettes over to me. “I thought since you were grown now you would like your own ciggies and besides now you won’t have to sneak around and smoke mine when you don’t think I am looking,” she added with a naughty wink.

I knew I had been caught dead to right and all I could say is “How did you know?”

“A Mom knows these things,” she replied smiling. “After all, I noticed my cartons were going down kind of fast and since I knew about how much I normally smoke, I figured someone had been dipping into the till. Anyway, since you’re an adult now I figured you can be more open about it, however for my sake please don’t do it at school,” she laughed.

“I hope you don’t mind Virginia Slims Menthols 120’s™,” she added “That’s all I smoke and besides I think you like them or you wouldn’t have gone through so many of mine.

“Thanks Mom” I replied

“You’re welcome sweetie,” Mom replied and “oh yeah,” she added “enough of that Mom stuff. We’re both adults now and I want you to start calling me Charlotte.”

“Cool, Charlotte,” I replied in an awkward tone

“I know it’s going to take some getting used to,” Mom replied but you’ll get accustomed to it. Now what do you say we go out and get some pizza. I’m famished.”

“I’m all for that” I replied and with that we got dressed and went out for lunch.

At the pizza pallor we ordered a pitcher of beer and a large pizza with everything on it. We sat and talked and laughed and just had a good time. After lunch Mom took me to the mall and let me pick out what I wanted for my birthday. Later that evening she took me out for a nice steak dinner and then we returned home for a quiet evening.

Over the next couple of months, Mom and I would continue to slowly but steadily develop our new closeness and openness in our evolving relationship.

When I would come home from school Mom was usually there to greet me with in nothing but an open bathrobe or button down blouse or shirt and would give me a long wet deep probing kiss. Our bodies would press together and I would gently stroke Mom’s body and then we would break the kiss.

On the days Mom had to go into the office, she would call before she left and I would have a nice hot bath waiting for her I would wash her and then as she stepped out of the tub I would dry her off. She would try coaxing me in playfully a couple of times and I seriously considered it but was still a bit apprehensive.

At night after I had finished my homework Mom and I would sit on the couch and have the T.V. on in the background. I say that because once we got to making out we weren’t paying too much attention to what was on.

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