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The art of the job.

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The art of the job.Felatio was quite easily her favorite act to perform in the bedroom, or anywhere the mood struck her really. Of course, in keeping with our uniquely successful sexual experiments, this meant that she was free to please as she wished. Though she knew I would never be against it, as it in fact did excite me too, she never failed to at least show me who she was working on at any given point. Shapes, sizes and color did all play their own role in her choices depending on her mood, but her liking to it determined if she left them hard in the dirt or let them make her mouth their own. The first one I had witnessed her completely finishing was not much of a surprise at all. He seemed ecstatic to fondle her bare legs and ass which she presented to him while she worked on servicing him. Hearing her describe his endowment was as much as turn on as seeing her having her way with it. Though his age was below her expectations, his dick was above them. I did watch as she keenly undressed herself and let him run his hands along her legs as she looked to his pants while pulling them down to see his semi-hard member, letting it almost meeting her lips but not quite just yet. This was güvenilir bahis where their encounter graduated from sensual happenings to inexplicably sexual interactions and thus, the vernacular of their time together must change to properly convey what unfolded next. As he sat on bed with her curled up next to him, feeling his hands grasping her curvy thighs and round ass, she began. “You have a really nice dick,” was her greeting before licking his head. She always had an inkling for dirty talk because it gave her more confidence which definitely could be seen in her actions. It did not take long for her to get his dick fully hard. She moved her head back bit by bit as his shaft began to swell in her mouth. Once he was fully hard, she held his now throbbing cock at the base and stared upon it. “Thick and long,” she said as she stroked his head slowly with one hand, all the while never breaking her gaze at her new toy. She then proceeded to put one of her hands on his, guide it behind her, on her ass and then between her legs while she started sucking his head like it was candy. You could see his arm begin to move behind her as she eased her legs apart to allow his fingers easier türkçe bahis access. Despite his exploration of her insides, her concentration did not waive. His excitement was perhaps due to his own imagination but could also very easily be influenced by her immense focus to his cock. She took breaks from sucking to look him and his reactions as she jerked his cock off with a firm and intense grip on his shiny, swollen head. After some begging on his part, they repositioned so that he could rub his horse sized cock head against her smooth thighs. The gleam in his eyes were noticeable as he tried, albeit not so subtly, to rub his cock on her legs all while moving slightly higher up her thigh. She turned over and presented her ass for him to rub on but he wasn’t shy in attempting to go for what he really wanted. He positioned himself with his throbbing cock right at her pussy, his head barely touching her plump lips. She coyly moved one leg up slightly and said nothing. He took it as his invitation and did not hesitate. She seemed composed until she began getting filled with his enormous cock. Her facial expressions changed as her tight pussy did to accommodate him. After pushing for about güvenilir bahis siteleri a minute, he pulled back and began thrusting slowly into her. His thick shaft began to glisten with each stroke as her pussy began to cover him in her juices. Despite not being extremely vocal during intercourse, each time she felt his cock being pushed deep into her pussy, it was as if she couldn’t control the sounds he was forcing out of her. It took only around a minute before she began gripping the bedsheets while her pussy gripped his cock as he made her cum for the first time. She usually said when she was done, but this time it was very obvious she wanted more. He adjusted himself slightly as he continued to use her pussy as his own personal fuck toy which was nothing but a pleasure to her. His lack of experience coupled together with his undoubted excitement perhaps caused him to be quick on the trigger due to the fact that, in the middle of pounding away on her, his body tensed up, his movements slowed down and his moans were quite audible. Looking at her laying down with his massive cock deep in her, pumping her full of his cum was something I thoroughly enjoyed. Sliding out of her, the creamy, combined fluids of their intense sexual encounter slowly dripped off his shiny, swollen cock head while the rest started to flow out of her now gaping pussy. What happened next? Well, safe to say we have another story on the way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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