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The Auras Ch. 02

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–[Authors Note: Thank you everyone for the support of chapter 1, both in the comments section and in the private messages you sent. Those responses meant the world to me, and without your motivation I never would have finished chapter 2. There is much more action in this chapter, which I hope you will enjoy. It is also almost twice as long as the first one. Thanks again for reading, and don’t forget to vote! ~Uzumati]–


I awoke with a start that Sunday morning, the morning after my 18th birthday. I had been having the most amazing dream. In my dream, I was in my sister Mary’s bedroom, and we had just kissed after I had given her an aura induced orgasm. Things were progressing farther than I had ever imagined. We were making love, and it was quickly going from slow to wild.

Well, it had been going quickly from slow to wild, until I fell out of the bed anyway. My bed? I stood up and looked around. Reality was coming back to me in slow waves. I sat on the edge of the bed, my mind racing over the events that had transpired, trying to sort the real ones from my dreams. I hadn’t made love to my sister, but I HAD been in her room, massaging her everywhere, in both the places a brother should and shouldn’t touch.

My thoughts at least sorted for now, I looked down at my once again raging erection. From the feel of it alone I could tell that the size increase I enjoyed when I was with my sister had not abated. ‘Does this mean that as long as I continue to want to please only my sister and not take care of myself that it will stay like this?’

I smiled to myself. To be honest, I rather enjoyed feeling this giant rod between my legs. ‘Hey, if this size is giving me pleasure, why does it revert back when I try to masturbate?’ I pondered to myself. I had once thought that I knew everything there was to know about the auras, but if yesterday was any indication, then there was still much to learn. I had never interacted personally with them before, only reading them.

I decided it was time to experiment again. For whatever reason, I have never been able to see my own aura, but I could certainly see my own cock, especially in it’s excited state. I stood up and moved to my computer, breaking it from it’s sleep. Pulling up another video I enjoyed, I sat in my chair and slowly started to stroke myself. At the first familiar twinge, the same twinge I had felt yesterday at the base of my cock, I concentrated on maintaining my length. “This is for me” I said out loud. “I enjoy this size, I want to keep this size, I want to be this size”.

I continued stroking, and my cock continued tweaking. My focus never wavered, and as I continued the strange feelings started to subside. ‘I did it!’ My cock was not shrinking, it was staying exactly the size I wanted; the size to best pleasure me at that given moment.

I was going to keep going now, wanting to feel an orgasm from this monster I was holding when I remembered another bit from last night, a promise my sister made to take care of me. The needs of the moment struggled against that promise for the future, and I briefly waged an internal war. Eventually my own curiosity and incestuous desire for my sister won out.

I shut off the video and threw a pair of shorts on in a hurry. I didn’t even bother with a shirt, I generally don’t when I’m not going anywhere. Glancing at the clock I realized it was almost eleven in the morning. Where was everyone? Why hadn’t they woken me up?

I decided to investigate. Stepping out of the room and glancing both ways down the hall, I could see that Stacie’s and Mary’s doors were both open. They were only ever open when they weren’t in there. I made my way downstairs, calling out “Hello!?” No response came.

In the kitchen I found a note sitting next to a glass of water and two muffins. Hungrily I bit into the muffin before reading the note.


Your sisters and I have gone out to do some shopping, and to see Stacie’s new office that she got with her internship. We won’t be back until late in the afternoon. Sorry I didn’t wake you. Mary said you had helped her again last night and would be pretty tired this morning. You’re too good to her. I left some muffins for you, and there’s leftover chicken in the fridge. Enjoy your new drums!

Love, Mom”

I finished the second muffin and drank the whole glass of water in three gulps. I was a little disappointed that Mary was gone, but my appointment with my new drums was long overdue.

Wasting no more time, I got up and made my way to the sound room in the basement.

My family was not hard up for money by any stretch. My parent’s had shared a chiropractic office, and even without the money from my dad’s death (which my mom put away for our schooling and the rest into trusts for us) we were more than okay. So when I had taken up drumming, we had put a sound room in the basement. When the door was closed, the extra lining made the drums impossible to hear throughout the rest of the house.

I opened up the door to the sound room, flicking güvenilir bahis on the lights, and was once again taken away by the gorgeous sight. Sitting down, I began going through my warmup routines before playing some of my favorite songs and then breaking into a long improvisational jam session.

Time was a blur, and it seemed like it hadn’t been that long at all when movement caught my eye and I looked up to see Mary standing in the doorway.

“I thought I might find you in here” she said, closing the door behind her and latching it.

She looked absolutely stunning today I thought. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She had on a pink shirt with a white skirt that barely went down to mid-thigh. She was wearing a white pair of shoes with socks that were pulled up a couple of inches above her ankles.

I caught myself staring, and when I looked back up to her face her smile had changed into a grin.

I was immediately embarrassed, both from the staring and from the quick realization of my current state. I had been drumming for a long time, and was drenched in sweat, my hair matted and sticking to my brow. With nothing but shorts on, my chest was glistening with sweat. I got up from my stool and turned my back to my sister. Reaching for the bench, I grabbed one of the clean towels I kept in here and started to dry myself off.

I was about to turn around and face my sister again when I felt her hands press up against my back. They were cold from being outside and felt good against my hot skin.

“You know, I never got to thank you for yesterday…” Mary was sliding her hands around to my stomach, massaging my abs. As she finished she started sliding her fingers under the waist of my shorts. “Or for last night”.

I jumped away and spun to face her. “Mary, I’m not sure we should do this. I mean… I’m your brother for christ’s sake! What if Stacie or Sharon found out? Or even worse, mom!”

“Are you saying you regret what happened last night?”

“No, I’m just saying… Brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to do the things we did. I don’t regret it, I just… I feel like I’m taking advantage of you. You know I haven’t been with many (my sister gave me a look) okay, any girls, and I’m worried that my feelings for you might be simply because I’m not that experienced.”

“Well I’m not worried. I can give you all the experience you’ll ever need.” Mary took a step towards me, and I took a step back.

“Well don’t you think it’s strange, I mean a brother and sister fooling around? Don’t you think it’s wrong?

“I think it feels right” Mary responded, continuing her advance and me my retreat.

“That’s not what I asked.”

“Then I think it sounds right.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. Mary was still moving forward slowly. I was trying to back up but my foot hit the wall, followed a second later by my back. With nowhere left to retreat I watched as she slowly got closer and closer. Her arms came forward, reaching once again for my shorts, but I caught her hands before they got there. She stopped and looked up at me.

“Honestly?” I asked.

Mary looked away for a second and sighed. When she looked back, I could tell that something had changed. The blind lust in her eyes had faded and was replaced by… what. Determination? Resolve.

“Jake…” she began. “You are a sweet guy. Too sweet. It’s always been your biggest fault. You are always looking so closely at what other people want, that you never stop to think about yourself. Its one of the things I admire about you most.” She paused.

“The truth is, I’ve liked you for a long time. Ever since you started running with me, and started really spending time with me. You’re not just a brother to me, you’re my best friend. And as a friend, I’ve honestly been worried about you. You never take care of yourself. You’re always giving, never taking. I just don’t want to see life pass you by.”

“I waited, hoping that you would find a girl that was right for you, someone that you could experiment with, and bring you the pleasure I know you deserve. But she never came.”

“About a year ago, I started to look at you differently. Objectively. And what I saw was a handsome boy about to become a man. You had grown so fit. I started… fantasizing about you. At first I thought it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop. I love you so much. You are my brother and my best friend, but… now I wanted you to be my lover as well. I knew that if you couldn’t take that step yourself, then I wanted to take it with you.”

“I know we’re siblings. I’m not looking to get married. I don’t want to have your children. I just want you to be happy. You may think you hide it well, but I know what you think of yourself. You’re embarrassed, ashamed even, that you’ve never been with a girl. Let me be that girl. Let me help you get past this. Maybe then you’ll be able to move on. We’re brother and sister. We’re best friends. Is it really all that wrong if we are lovers too?”

I didn’t know what to say. I never knew türkçe bahis she had felt like this. I could have known I guess, if I used my aura on her. But then I really would have felt guilty.

I thought I was good at reading people, but I realized then that Mary had read me like an open book. She knew how I felt, and not only did she know, she wanted to be the one to help me.

I was overcome with love and affection for my sister. I was still holding her hands. I pulled her close against me and leaned down to kiss her on the lips. A simple kiss, no tongue. I didn’t know what to say, but that kiss said it all.

Well, almost all of it.

“Good. Now that that’s settled, take off those shorts so I can suck your cock. We only have twenty minutes before mom will have dinner ready”.

I was too shocked by what Mary had said to move, but my sister didn’t wait for me to take them off, she had already extracted her hands from mine and was pulling them down.

I wasn’t hard, but as the words hit my brain I felt the first strain on my cock as I realized what was about to happen. Mary didn’t need any prompting. Kneeling in front of me, she reached out with her right hand and picked up my flaccid member. She started jerking it back and forth, not too fast but not too slow either. Her ministrations were not going unnoticed by me as my cock was rapidly inflating.

Looking down, I saw her looking up. Our eyes met and held. Slowly she leaned forward, and still watching me flicked her tongue out across the top of my head. Her flick felt like lightning, and I groaned lightly, my knees trembling a little. Any limpness that had remained was definitely gone now. My cock felt like an iron rod in my sister’s still pumping hand.

“You think that felt good? Well how about this?”

With that, Mary leaned forward, opening her mouth, engulfing the head of my shaft. I felt her tongue swirling around my cock, above it, to the sides of it, and below it. She sucked in and I felt the pressure all the way through my body; it felt like her little lips were trying to suck me in completely.

I broke eye contact and looked away, gasping again. Mary used the opportunity to lift her left hand and start rubbing my balls, her right hand never stopping its jerking motion. Releasing her vacuum hold on my head with a pop, her tongue flicked out again across the top. Lifting me up, she leaned forward and slowly slid her tongue all the way along the bottom of my shaft.

I was in ecstasy. Masturbation felt good, but it never felt this good! I had to see it again. I looked back down and Mary was looking up at me, grinning. She sucked the head back into her mouth, but this time not content to stop there, she started to shove my cock further into her mouth. I flinched from the feelings. When I felt the tip of my head hit the back of her throat she gagged a little bit and pulled it back out of her mouth.

“Sorry” I said.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s beautiful, I’ve never seen anything so big” she gasped.

She sucked the head back into her mouth and started working on it again with her tongue. Releasing my balls, she moved her left hand up and started started pumping my shaft with it as well. The slow motions from earlier were gone, and as she jerked quickly up and down with both hands, all the while sucking on the head, I began to feel my orgasm build.

My balls were filling up and they felt like they were on fire. The pressure quickly superseded that of the suction on my head, and I knew I was going to cum.

“I’m going to cum” I managed to gasp.

This only seemed to spur my sister on. She sucked even harder and her jerking motions became furious.

I screamed out and fired like a shotgun. My knees buckled and if I hadn’t been pressed against the wall I surely would have fallen down.

I don’t know if Mary’s intentions were to swallow my load or not, but whatever her plans were, that first shot must have thrown her off her game. She pulled her head off my cock coughing slightly as I continued to fire. I watched in amazement as string after string of cum fired from my cock onto my sister’s face. The first glob landed on her forehead, the next two on her cheek. The third hit her right between the eyes.

Mary seemed to have recovered now, as she opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out. The rest of my cum went straight into her mouth, her eyes looking into mine.

When I had finally finished cumming, my back could no longer support me either, and I slid down the wall to sit on the floor. Mary shut her mouth and swallowed, then looking at me, smiled.

“Sorry” I said. “I didn’t mean to… you know… all over your face.”

“No big deal. I had planned to do that next time, but your first load went straight down my throat. Do you always cum so much when you orgasm? I’ve never been such a mess”.

Looking at my sister, I started to laugh. She did look like a mess. My cum was sliding down her forehead towards her eyes, the glob on her nose was making its way towards her lips, güvenilir bahis siteleri and the shots on her cheek had already made it down to her chin.

Standing up, I pulled my shorts back up and quickly walked over to the bench, grabbing another clean towel. I handed it to my sister.


“To answer your question, no, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much in my entire life. Well, maybe except for…” I paused. The only time I had ever cum like that was yesterday, when I had masturbated in the shower thinking of my sister.

“Except for what?” Mary asked. She had finished toweling herself off and was standing in front of me again. When I didn’t respond, she said “Come on, you just came on your sister’s face. You honestly think there’s anything you can’t tell me?”

“Well…” I struggled at first, but finally just decided to spit it out. I told her about how I had jacked off in the shower yesterday to the image of her tits. At the end of it, Mary had that grin on her face again that I was coming to love.

“What tits, these tits?” she asked, grabbing her breasts through her shirt and giving them a squeeze. Even after just having cum, I felt a twitch in my cock and let out an involuntary little moan.

“Ooooh, I think these are the ones. Maybe next time I’ll have you blow your load there instead.” Mary moved forward, and leaning in, started kissing me. This was not the soft kiss from before. This time we were both passionate, our tongues coming out to caress each other. I could taste myself in her mouth, and was surprised to find that it wasn’t that bad. I lifted my hands up her legs and reaching the panties under her skirt gave her butt a squeeze.

“I like that” Mary said, breaking the kiss. “But unfortunately you’ll have to save it for later. Dinner is probably ready by now. Come on.”

Dinner was in fact ready when we got upstairs: Swedish meatballs. I was famished, and wolfed down my first plate before getting up to have seconds.

“Somebody worked up an appetite today” my mom said when I got back.

“You have no idea mom” I replied, but I was looking and smiling at Mary.

Just then, Stacie coughed and leaning forward spit the water she had been trying to drink out onto her plate.

“Stacie, are you alright honey?” my mom asked.

When she had gotten a hold of herself, Stacie replied “I’m fine, sorry, just went down the wrong pipe I guess. I was done anyway.”

Stacie stood up and started clearing her plate. I got up to do the same, following her to the sink. Setting my plate down on the counter, I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her into a hug. To my surprise, she jumped at the touch and dropped her plate loudly into the sink.

Spinning, she said “Jeez Jake, you scared me!”

“Sorry” I replied. “I just wanted to give you a hug”.

“Well don’t sneak up on me next time!” And with that she stormed out of the kitchen.

I was shocked. Stacie and I never fought or even exchanged harsh words, what had gotten into her? ‘I better go talk to her later’ I thought to myself.

I stayed around to help my mom do the dishes while my other sisters wandered off. I was just bringing the last few water glasses from the table back to the sink when my mom came around the corner. I skidded to a stop to avoid running into her, but the forward momentum in my arms sent the water flying ahead of me right at my moms shirt.

“Shit Jake!” she screamed as the ice cold water instantly soaked her. I simply stared. My mother was wearing a white cotton shirt with a white bra, which I could now clearly see. The fabric clung to her breasts, and from the cold I could tell that her dark areolae were not only very large, but her nipples were a size to match, straining against the fabric. I imagined what it would be like to suck on those nipples now, like I had once done almost two decades ago. My cock was starting to stiffen in my shorts as I continued to stare.

My mothers voice brought me back to reality “Jake?”

‘Hell. How long have I been staring?’ I thought. I realized that through the blur of my thoughts my mother had called my name not once but a few times. Dragging my eyes away from her breasts, I brought my eyes up to her face and found her staring at me. I needed to think quick.

“You cursed mom” I said. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you curse before.”

My mother stared back for a second more before her face broke, and with a smile she started to laugh.

“Well nobody’s perfect. Don’t think that this gives you a free ride or anything. I’ve got to go change, will you finish the dishes up?”

I agreed, and somehow managed to resist the urge to glance again at her breasts as she walked away. As I stood finishing up the last of the dishes, I wondered once again just what the hell was happening to me. Two days ago I had been oblivious to my sisters and mother as anything other than family. Now all I could see was a house full of gorgeous women, and that sight was quickly becoming a constant strain on my cock. I had already given my sister Mary an orgasm last night, and she in kind had just returned the favor no more than two hours ago in the basement. Where was this all going, and more importantly, where would it end?

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