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Subject: The Back of the Story Please keep this site thriving by donating to Nifty. The donation can be made discreetly and in total anonymity. Nifty needs your support. Today. This is a tale of father-son incest. Please continue at your own discretion. The Back Of The Story Joey Cassidy had been found alive after nearly six months of captivity. The press who had reported on the kidnapping for its entire duration were now like an army descending once more on the once obscure neighborhood. Trucks, cameras, cables were now like flotsam in the sea of media. Reporters and their allies surged forward at the first approach of the Cassidy’s familiar blue van. Crawling through the unceasing mire the vehicle came to a halt in a half-assed attempt at parking in the driveway. The sea roared forward threatening to engulf the van. Walter Cassidy looked through shielded tired eyes. Joey cowered on his lap, in his embrace. The wee lad seemed to shrink as he trembled. Walter held fast to his only child. “What do we do?” His voice was bewildered. The driver said to lay low and wait. Wait, they did. The police formed a path from the van to the side door. When it was secure the signal was given. The driver was one of the rescuing heroes. “I’ll give you a piece of unsolicited advice”, he said. “Don’t cover up. Let the scavengers take their film as you go to the house. Give them something to feast on. They’ll run it over and over but it’ll also allow them to begin to give you some breathing room.” David took the advice. He neither hid nor ran to the door. Emerging from the van he turned, pulled Joey up into his arms then walked with purpose into their home. Within four hours most of the media was gone. They had brought the boy home and more or less said as much in their self-congratulatory news pieces. Joey Cassidy had been rescued. The three perpetrators were dead. No trial. No more to tell. Thanks to all who helped. And now for the weather.. Walter sat wearied as he gazed at his sleeping boy. The lad slept in dreamless medication. The sounds of milling policemen were a background easily ignored. Before departing the doctor gave a final check ending his presence with a nod towards Walter. As the bedroom door gently closed the thirty-one year old man stared at his son. The doctors exam in the hospital had been thorough. Blood tests and body scans yielded good results. The physical signs were another story. Wrists and ankles had been manacled. The scrapes and bruising bore testament to this. Other bruisings proved so much more had taken place. Things Walter didn’t want to contemplate. At least the deaths of the abusers would save Joey from testifying. It would never be known. At least his son was spared that lifetime embarrassment. No one would know. No one. Except Joey. And the doctors. Maybe some technicians. And Walter. Walter knew. He stared at the sleeping boy all curled up under nestling blankets. He thought of the bruises that no one would ever see. Except the doctor. And Joey’s daddy. He would see the purple morph into yellow before fading away. He would see everytime he applied the ointment. Walter felt a new kind of anger. Something deep. Bottomless. One time dead was not good enough. He wanted to kill them over and over and over. The quiet was broken by his angry sigh. (Nobody fucks my son and gets away with it.) His temples throbbed. With a sudden leap he was standing. Sad eyes looked down at his sons sweet face. His energy dissipated as quickly as it had come. (For you, my Joey, I’ll have to let this go somehow. But… Did they take turns? Morning, noon and night? Was it a gangbang? Did it hurt more each time? Or less? Did the pain stop?) Then a new thought. But he forced it aside. (No, not my sweet Joey. He couldn’t have, could he?) In a low deep whisper he sighed, “Did you?” Stopping he let his fingers wander through the silken hair. A quick knock and the door was open. “Mr. Cassidy, we’re heading out. Bonner and Singh will be in the front all night. Rest of us are done for the day.” Walter nodded. “Thanks.” As the door closed, a new thought: did the officer notice his hard-on? Three days later Joey watched the doctor enter his room with daddy. He didn’t mind these examinations. At least the doctor was gentle. It was nice being treated with kindness. “So, young man, all ready for me, I see”, the physician acknowledged the kids nudity. Walter snorted, “I can’t keep him in clothes.” Joey planted his feet on the bed raising his knees from his laying position. Then he spread his legs apart. “I like being balls-out.” His dad shook his head. “Language”, he warned. “Language, language, language.” Joey rolled over onto his hands and knees. He shook his little tush. “Gonna finger-fuck me, doctor?” He giggled. Walter glanced at the doctor before looking in the other direction. “I’m going to examine you.” The doctor ran a hand over one of the plump little cheeks. “Head on the bed. You know how this goes.” “I certainly do!” Joey giggled as his head and shoulders found the mattress. The warm hands felt awfully nice on his butt. Those paws always massaged his tushy so softly. And when those thumbs slid up his crack to expose his boy-cunt he secretly wished the doctor would just whip out his dick and fuck him as hard as Jeff had done every morning and night. As the medic parted the pert cheeks he studied the remnants of the captivity. Catching David’s eye he had the burly man crouch beside him. With silent instructions he had the father take one cheek as he held the other. Taking his index finger he carefully slid back and forth over the boy slit. Walter stared in amazement as the finger was removed. The boys hole quivered in undulation. The hole seemed to have a life of its own as it pulsates. Little moans escaped from his sons throat. As he stared the doctor whispered in his ear, “This kid has been awakened. You’d better meet me in the other room. We need to talk.” As Walter followed the doctor out he gave a last glance to his son. Joey stared back with a ‘what gives’ expression as he rolled to his side. In the living room the doctor stood close to the concerned father in a conspiratorial conference. “What do i do now?” Walter was at a loss. The doctor nodded. “The boy needs to get away. You both do. Didn’t a national airline offer you both a trip anywhere you wanted to go?” Seeing the nod he proceeded. “I know of a great resort. Very tropical. Very private. Great room service, private pool, lush surroundings. Take Joey there. You both need the break from the media and all that’s happened.” Walter nodded but remained unconvinced. “And the trip will stop that?” “Maybe. Maybe not. The kid has been used and has become adjusted to what he endured. It has to be readjusted. Taking him away gives you both time to get your bearings and maybe he’ll calm down somewhat.” “And if he doesn’t?” As the doc stared into the man’s eyes his hand patted the firm crotch. “Then I think you’ll know what your son needs.” The private villa with its own pool was simple perfection. They both delighted in the great room service and the rather warm water of the pool. Joey had immediately stripped upon arrival and was quickly joined by his father. His eyes feasted on the hairy brawny man that swam by him. They raced, played an ersatz game of water polo, and swam and swam for a long time. Walter paddled over to where his boy sat on the steps submerged to his neck. “Shouldn’t we be thinking about getting out? We’re turning into prunes.” Joey giggled. “Yeah, maybe. But this is lotsa fun, don’t you think?” The father grinned in agreement. Keeping his body below the surface his head bobbed near his sons. “We could always play some games or maybe rent a car and see the sights.” gaziantep escort Joey shook his head. “I don’t want to leave here. It feels… safe.” The smile he offered was weak. He looked into the warm brown eyes. “You are safe. Those guys are gone. They’ll never hurt you or anyone again.” Walter offered his softest gaze. Then Joey surprised him by wrapping his arms about the strong neck pulling his young lithe form into the automatic hug by Walter. “Okay?” Joey sighed in his ear. “Okay. Better like this.” Walter chuckled. “Me, too.” They clung to each other as the water sloshed about them. Tentatively he asked, “Do you want to talk about it?” Joey leaned back to look in the eyes. Even at this age he could read his father’s shifts in mood. The bear was receptive. “They used me. A lot. All the time. At first it was horrible. Painful, you know? But then… I don’t know. I got kinda used to it. Know what I mean? They weren’t going to keep me. At least that’s what they said. They just wanted to train me to be a good son.” He studied for a negative reaction. Walter simply stated, “You are a good son. Always have been.” Joey sighed through his smile. “Then they lied the whole time?” “I suspect they did.” As Walter let his knees bear his weight his torso rose up out of the water to below his chest. “What did they tell you?” “Stuff.” “Like…” Joey sort of shrugged. “Stuff like this is how a man fucks his son or this is how to suck a dad’s cock. Stuff like that.” Walter swallowed at suck adult words emerging from such young lips. “Were they rough?” “They just did what they wanted whenever they wanted. I got kinda used to it.” Joey was matter-of-fact in his recall. “Guess guys are just tough when they fuck boys.” “No. That was rape. No consent. Making love is more gentle and much more passionate. What you survived was the worst part not the best.” Joey thought that over for a short time. “They told me that all dads fuck their sons.” Walter looked away then back. “Not all.” “But they can if they want?” “I suppose.” Joey looked deeper. “Would you?” There was no flicker of anger or even disgust so Joey pressed ahead. “Would you fuck me?” Such strong desire from such an innocent visage made Walters heart leap. “No. I won’t fuck you.” Leaning in he kissed the boys lips. “But I will make love to you.” Joey was uncertain of the reference. “But you will use your cock?” “Yes, son. I’ll use my cock. Most definitely.” Pressing his lips to his sons he lifted them both out of the water. As he carried the boy to the bedroom it was Joey’s sweet tongue that entered his mouth first. As Joey felt the mattress meet his back daddy’s tongue slipped into his mouth. The large muscle flapped about his own tongue. With every carress of his tongue more daddy spit seeped in. He swallowed gratefully. The bear lay mostly beside him though the wet hairy chest covered his own smooth boyness. For a long time their tongues rolled in moist battle. It was with a slight reluctance that they separated. Joey looked into his father’s warm eyes. They both smiled at each other. “You’re a good kisser, daddy.” “So are you”, Walter chuckled. His lips found a nipple. As he suckled his tongue flicked about coaxing the tiny nip to rise. Once it was alive he hickey-sucked the boys pale pap. Walter was determined to show his son the possibility of sex. Joey ran his fingers through the damp hair of his father’s head. The boy was aware of the heat of his own cockhead. Pushing the head down his body tingled in the warm wet suction. As the lips found the other pap the lad became aware of the heat from his own hard-on. The suckling mouth caused his toes to curl. Then his legs came to life as they coiled and stretched out upon the bed. “Oh, daddy”, he sighed. Instinctively he pushed the head down. He knew if this kind of sucking felt good then… Walter took the tiny cock into his mouth. Instead of bobbing he let his mouth envelope the thin shaft. He sucked using his lips to slide up and down the base of the pencil thin shaft. The tongue carefully polished the wee knob. His conclaved cheeks held the boys prick as the suction increased. With the lads hands pulling his hair he pleasured his son in ways only a father would know. Joey began to moan. His legs began to slowly flail. The youngster had never felt such intense pleasure. His balls were cool. His pricklette was hot. The warm wet suction was amazing! And this was daddy. His daddy. Sucking his prick. Just like they promised. So warm. So wet. The professional football player was sucking his tiny pricklette. His hips bucked against the knowledgeable mouth. He loved the feeling. He loved his daddy. The feelings intensified. He knew his little prick was going to explode. Joey didn’t care. It felt too good. So hot. So loving. His body was on fire. There it was. The explosion. His pricklette was going to blow up. He knew it. He felt it. “Oh, daddy!” His yell was an echo from his soul. He was there. Something was detonated. Walter felt the slim little cocklette spasm in dry heave. As the small body squirmed he knew. The dry orgasm destroyed the boys grip in his hair. With expert timing he knew just when to suck up the shaft and release his lip grip. For the next few minutes the boy would be ticklish sensitive to any touch. He raised himself up to look over his sweet son’s body. The little hard-on pulsed as the boy experienced his first orgasm. With a father’s pride he saw the boys body contort and reflex in male pleasure. Then his steadying paw rested on the center of his boys smooth chest. Eyes met eyes in mutual understanding. “Daddy?” “Making love”, Walter explained. Sliding up he embraced his incestuous lover in a deep carnal kiss. Man and boy had begun the most important step in their lives. Father and son had become lovers. Walter knew he would spend the next few years replacing the violations with love. And Joey would know the best kind of love – man and little boy. Joey began to relax his body even though his mouth sucked eagerly on daddy tongue. When his mouth was free he grinned contentedly. “That felt good. Now I know how your cock must feel. Can I?” Walter ran his paws over his sons body. “Can you what?” Joey blushed as he shyly asked, “Can I suck your cock?” He rolled onto his back. “Come on then.” With swelling pride he watched his little tyke take his mammoth cock in both hands. He watched his son look down then grin over at him. “What?” “Do you want to take a picture while I suck you for the first time?” “Actually I have that photo.” Joey grinned wider. Then he took the bulbous knob into his mouth. Walter raised his torso up on his elbows in wondrous awe. Not only did the boy swallow his cockhead but the flat of the tongue rubbed up and down on the vee of his knob. With a courtesans expertise the boy sucked the man’s fat cock. Small hands steadied the pole as the mouth slurped noisily. “Holy fuck”, Walter seethed through his teeth. The head bobbed as the wet mouth polished the daddy cock. Then the eyes looked up to Walter. The man was in a heaven-hell of pedo lust. The eyes bored into his own as the mouth engulfed his cock. Big by any man’s standard his cock looked enormous under the tutelage of his sons lips. “Oh, my baby boy.” Joey’s mouth popped off the knob as his hands gave a jerk-off mastery of daddy bate. “Like the way I suck, daddy?” Walters face flushed with lust. “Christ, yes.” Joey grinned with innocent knowledge. “Can I suck up your cum?” Walters eyes widened as the little tongue licked the side of his veiny pole. “Really? You want it?” Joey smiled before sucking the side of the knob. “Mmm. I love cum. I want to suck cum suriyeli escort up all the time. I want to suck up all your cum. Every day. Every daddy needs a good cum dump.” He swallowed a third of the cock. Walter felt the suckling boy as he watched the hands masturbate his cock. Up and down went the hands as the mouth bobbed voraciously. He reached down cupping his balls as the other hand felt his sons damp hair. “Suck me, son. Suck daddy”, he groaned. He twisted his nuts. “Look at daddy. I want to see your face as I shoot my load of cum. I’m gonna fill your mouth with all your brothers and sisters. You look at me while you suck up my cum. For the first time you’re gonna know you’re suckinxg up your daddy’s cum. This made you. It’s gonna make you again. Cocksucker.” The cockhead flared as it erupted its cream. “Suck it up, Joey.” The wave hit the back of his throat. “Aaah. Suck me, baby.” Another spasm brought another dollop of daddy lava. “That’s the way. Suck daddy’s love juice. All for my baby.” Joey sucked and swallowed eagerly. “Fuck, honey. This is the best blowjob I’ve ever had!” Joey popped off the knob grinning broadly. “I’m a good cocksucker, hunh?” An ooze of cum bubbled up then ran down the shaft quickly chased by the lapping tongue. “The best.” Joey gave the knob a final suck polish. “Get that sweet mouth up here.” On arrival Walter slid his tongue into the creamy mouth. His paws rubbed the boys round little butt cheeks. He loved the mixture of his cum remnants and the youngsters spit. They held each other like the lovers they’d become. Joey pulled back studying his daddy with solemnity. “You know, your cum tastes best. It’s really good.” Walter chuckled at his seriousness. “So glad you approve.” He stroked the sweet face. “You sound like such an expert.” “I am”, the boy giggled. “Daddy?” “Hmm?” “Can I lick your balls?” Walter gave his son a furious french kiss. “You can do anything you want.” Happily the boy scooted down the furry body. As he crouched between the accommodating hairy thighs Joey stretched out on the bed on his stomach. His eyes gazed at the full bag. The skin was almost purple with a generous dusting of dark hairs. His mouth watered at the thought he was about to suck his daddy’s balls. He moved closer gently kissing each fat ball. Walter lay back closing his eyes. He succumbed to his sons expertise. As his body tingled with every touch and lick he marvelled anew at his good fortune. Out of such fear and horror this absolute magic had arrived. The boy licked balls as well as he sucked cock. Walter sighed contentedly. Joey licked the bag with the flat of his tongue. The balls moved easily even though the sac was more taut than slack. Young fingers felt over the warm flesh as he licked then slurped. With tightness of the bag it was impossible for him to suck in one of the nuts but he could manage all of the facing side. As his mouth encircled all that he could his tongue lapped the skin. Walter groaned. The hard pressure was incredibly erotic. “Oh, fuck”, his throat rumbled low. Joey grinned at his own power. His suckling mouth moved from ball to ball. The tongue licked hard. He knew how to make a man happy. The balls suddenly lowered as Walter sat up. His semi-hard cock flopped along his thigh. A glistening droplet oozed from the piss slit. A smirk twisted his handsome face as his son licked it up greedily. He was then rewarded with a beatific grin. “Kid, you’re something else.” He pulled the lad up into his arms. As Joey felt the warm paws rub down his back he pressed the top of his head into the hairy chest. As he looked between their legs he watched daddy’s cock rise up like a great crane. The swollen purple knob seemed to grin at him with its piss slit. His slim fingers took hold as they explored the hard-on. Just looking at the mammoth pole made his mouth hunger for it. Then he watched one of daddy’s paws reach between his legs as his own hard pricklette was fondled along with his sweet peas. As the fat middle finger slid along his boy-cunt he brought his face up to meet his dad’s. Walter looked deep into the boyish face. “I want to make love to you. Very much.” The response from the boy-cunt told him he wasn’t alone in his desire. After a tender lingering kiss he added, “I want you to know how much I love you. Also, I want you to experience how wonderful making love can be.” He kissed his incestuous lover again. Joey grinned broadly. “You’re gonna fuck me?” Walter sighed. He was going to show his lovely son the tremendous difference between rape and love. “Yes. I’m going to fuck you. But I’m going to do it with all the love I feel for you.” Joey planted a kiss on those serious lips. His fingers gripped the engorged pole tightly. “I just want you to fuck me with this.” Walter chuckled. “You got it.” Joey was pulled up onto the hairy chest as his father lay back on the bed. The kiss was deeply passionate. Tongues lolled over each other as spit was exchanged and enjoyed. Paws soothed his back then played with his butt cheeks. As fingers began to play with his asshole he squirmed with deep anticipation. It had seemed like forever since his last fuck. He wanted it bad. Walter broke the kiss. Lifting the boy up and forward his mouth opened wide to receive the small sex. His lips encircled the prize as his tongue painted the pricklette and wee balls in man spit. The tongue slid over the balls as the bag was teased. The pencil-prick was carressed as he licked his sons joystick. Then Joey felt the most incredible sensation. His sex was released as the tongue found his boy-cunt. The paws took his shoulders as they pressed down. His hole sat exposed to daddy’s probing tongue. As the tip wriggled about his opening he began to squirm. His body flooded with warm tingles. It was as if his hole was creating an electrical discharge. The current shot through his form. The tongue at times lapped along the fullness of his asshole until the magical tip would probe the center of his asshole. Then it would wiggle quickly as it pushed as though it were a small version of a cock. As Walter teased the sweet opening he was pleased when the boy began to squirm. (That’s it, baby. You get ready for daddy. I’m going to fuck you like I promised you I would when you were just a babe. Even then you could suck good. But today… I may not be your first but I’m definitely going to be your best. You’re going to have the fuck of your life.) The tip wormed into the hole. And Joey actually bounced. The boy was primed. Joey found himself falling backwards though with firm paws holding his side’s. As his back hit the sheets he opened his eyes to see daddy hovering over him. The legs were pushed up as daddy knelt between them. The monster cock stood up proud until daddy pushed it down, out of view. When he felt the warmth of the knob he let out a giggle. At last… Walter took a moment. He took in the size of fat silky knob against the slick little hole. Purple pressing white. “When a man fucks his daughter she’s lubed. When a man fucks his son he’s dry.” The words were said softly. He had a choice. He could either watch his sons face or asshole. He didn’t waiver. The eyes stared where the knob kissed the boy-cunt. Then he pushed his weight forward. His ears barely heard Joey’s gasp. His eyes devoured the sight of his cockhead disappearing into his sons chute. Once inside the sphincter trapped the knob in its tight wet heat. Eyes took in the beauty of cock impalement. His knob was finally home where it belonged. Joey felt his entire being come alive. The coal-hot cockhead was secure in his boy-cunt. Daddy’s knob. Groans escaped his lips. Instinctively rus escort he pushed his body to engulf more fat cock but daddy held his ankles firmly now. In a brief set of push-pull motion he felt the first knowing rythms of man-fucking. “Oh, daddy”, he moaned. “Fuck me. Oh, please fuck me.” Walters push and pull began to grow. The cock moved in an inch deeper then pulled back revealing the curve at the edge of the knob. Then disappeared only to become visible again. The fuck added another inch in the push and pull. Then another. The slow fuck of a tight boy was Walters special talent. His eyes travelled up the writhing body to see the boys face. The neck craned up as the boys were pinched closed in ecstacy. The mouth was open in a series of gutteral moans. Stretching out he lowered his torso to let his fur dust the boys flesh. Paws took hold of the boys head bringing the mouth in direct line with his own. As their tongues met lithe arms wrapped about his neck. Joey’s mind ceased to function. All he felt was absolute passion. His mouth was assaulted with daddy’s talented tongue. His hole experienced the slow burning fuck of a lifetime. Nine full fat inches made love to his much used asshole in ways he never dreamed of. The burning pole began to fuck faster. There was urgency in each thrust met by his own hungry needs. Daddy’s face slid by his own. He heard and felt the rapid breath of daddy by his ear. The bed began to rock as the thrusts came stronger. Deeper. With force. “Oh, baby. You feel so fucking good. So tight. Sweet asshole. Baby, baby.” Joey groaned. He wanted all of it. The balls slapped his ass with each quick thrust. Harder. Faster. The cock was magical. Relentless. “Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me.” “I am, baby. Daddy’s fucking you.” Joey groaned. “Cock. Daddy cock. Fuck me. Hard. Harder. Fuck me!” “Daddy’s fucking you, son. With my cock. Daddy’s hard cock. Up inside my sweet boy. Fucking you. Oh, Joey. Baby. Daddy’s home. Inside my Joey.” The deep gutteral groan at his ear brought on a flashback. Hard fucking by each man, each morning, groans in his ear. But this was daddy. This was better. Then he felt the flow of lava hit his insides. Daddy’s groans were low but strong. The thrusts were short, sharp final jabs. Joey wrapped his legs tightly about the man. He held the cock deep inside him not wanting to let go. Daddy gave a few courtesy fucks to let him know he agreed. They clung to each other fiercely. Walter kissed the boys ear. “That’s making love.” He pushed his cock in all the way holding it inside. “You feel so good, baby. So very good.” Joey felt the firmness subside a little. Not wanting to let go he squirmed squeezing his ass muscle. “Please, daddy.” Walter licked the ear. “What does my baby want?” “More. Again. Please.” Walter gave a couple of thrusts. “You want another fuck?” “Yes. Please. Fuck me more.” His butt coaxed the daddy cock. Daddy found his mouth as tongues began to battle gently. Soon the man began to rock as the cock bloomed fully to life. The thrusts were coy in their tentative fucks. Daddy raised up then was seated on his rump the cock almost twirling in the simple thrusts. “Oh, daddy”, he smiled heavy-lidded. But he felt the cock withdraw leaving his chute empty with want. Walter was far from done. Crawling down he took the boy cock into his mouth. He made love to the pricklette. He sucked up and down the little shaft. His tongue twirled about the knob. The beefy middle finger found the boy-cunt. As he finger-fucked the wet oozing hole he sucked the cocklette. Walters love of boy cock was evident with each nuanced suckling. Up and down his lips played the flute. The finger found the prostrate pressing it with experienced massage. Joey’s arms flailed out beside him. His body quivered. The fuck and suck was too much. He was unable to hold down the roiling need. A groan turned into a high-pitched squeal as he bucked his father’s face. The dry orgasm pulled his nuts tight. His hole undulated. And his pricklette nearly exploded. The fire was fuel to his hips bucking trying to get more of the sucking. Needing more: more suck, more fuck. Always more fuck. Cock. Daddy. Walter easily turned the boy over. As the hips were raised he stepped onto the floor. Bringing the slim hips in front of him he brought his cock to the center of the butt crack. Cockhead in place he easily slid half his hard-on inside his son. Paws on hips he began to fuck slowly. The boy was still deliciously tight. “Daddy?” Joey raised his torso horizontal to the bed, his hands planted firmly. “Yes, baby? Daddy’s where you need him.” The hole felt amazing once more. “Fuck me hard?” Joey wiggled his butt as he moaned. “Please?” Walter understood. The cock was pulled out. His paw gripped the shaft as he teased the hole with faint brushes of the knob. “What do you need, son? Hunh?” Joey groaned. “Please.” “Hmm?” The knob pushed but did not enter. The boy pushed back but the knob retreated. “Daddy, please. Pretty please. With sugar on top.” The body trembled in his needed desire. The knob thrust in causing the boy a delighted yelp. Paws on hips Walter held the boy steady. “Do you need this cock?” Joey groaned. “Yes”, he hissed. “Well, my little slut. Fuck yourself.” The boy needed no other encouragement. He began to seesaw on the pole. Forward then back his body began to rock the daddy cock. In deep, in shallow he fucked himself on the hard-on. Head down his groans came from his deep hunger. The cock felt so full inside his booty. Walter loved his sons attention. The ass swallowed so much of his shaft with boyish greed. The paws steadied the motion allowing Walter to begin his thrusting. In and out he fucked the smooth butt. The hole gobbling up more and more with each hard push. “How does that feel, baby? Nice hard fuck.” His hips began to clench with each firm fuck. Hips met boy butt as the cock continuously impaled his son. “Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me hard! Fuck your cockboy.” Joey growled his desire. “Daddy’s fucking his son. Good hard fuck. Take this fucking cock.” The man began to fuck like a machine gun. Hard. Fast. Thorough. His balls swung with such force that they slapped against Joey’s. Harder and harder he fucked. The sweat began to trickle from his armpits, from his ass crack, from his brow. The chest hair matted in salty excess. His cock had never felt so good. A boy had never been so willingly compliant. Leaning across his sons back his arms lifted the boy up with him. Fingers fondled the lads cocklette and balls as he began his rapid final thrusts. “Daddy’s close, Joey. I’m gonna cum inside you. Fill you with daddy’s boy juice.” Joey reached up to touch his dad’s handsome face. His body rocked with each deep thrust. “Daddy. My little cock. So hot. Going to… Can feel it…” Walter felt the cum rip through his cock exploding the molten knob as it spewed. He could thrust no more. As the cock heaved his sons body quivered in trembling orgasm. Together. United. Father and son shared their orgasm. The cock thrust deep inside was like a steel hot poker. His insides molded around the thick shaft holding daddy where he needed to be. “Oh, daddy”, he sighed as his world stopped turning. “Oh, my baby”, Walter whispered in the boys ear. His paws roamed over the lithe form. The paws felt chest, stomach then settled on the cocklette and ballys. Joey held firm. “I don’t want to let go. Not ever.” Father kissed his sons cheek. “I know. But just think, we can be like this everyday. Every night. You and me.” “Promise?” “Promise.” He sucked the neck. “Can’t wait for after.” Joey sighed. The fat cock felt so good. “After?” “Mmm. Once my cock slides out you’re going to sit on my face. Daddy’ll take care of all that cum.” Joey sighed. It was good to be home. Wherever daddy’s cock was, was home. Dear Reader, This will be my last tale for awhile. My others are listed under DaddyRob2. I can be reached at: ail Thanks for reading. Donate today to Nifty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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