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The Bad Girl Ch. 1

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This story is in a number of chapters. To help the reader, I will put the list of main characters before each chapter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would appreciate any comments you care to direct to me. But be forewarned, this story contains some watersports and incest. If these subjects are taboo with you, stop reading now.

* * * * *


Shirley-Spanked Pet
Teahshow-John’s Sister
Sylvia-Abused Girl
Janice-John’s Daughter
Master Lawrence-
Mario-Teahshow’s son
Barbara-John’s wife, Janice’s mom
Martha-Janice’s friend
Mark & Jeff-college students

* * * * *


John was sitting in his chair, staring at the report card in his hand. It contained a lot of failing grades. John muttered to himself. He got up and went to the cabinet. Taking a bottle from the cabinet he pours himself a drink and gulps it down. He looks over at the mantle to a picture of himself as a much younger man. A beautiful woman and a lovely young girl are also in the picture. John says out loud to himself, “you caused this Barbara, you slut.” He pours another drink. He hears the front door open.

“Dad, I’m home,” says a young voice. Into the room walks a beautiful young lady. She appears to be about 18 and looks very much like the woman in the picture. She is dressed in the style of most young girls of today. Her T-shirt is one size too small, and cut off just below the breast, showing off the size and shape of her ample tits. Her jeans are also very tight showing her round tight butt. Even though she is only 18, she has the body of a full-grown woman. She looks at her father and then at the half-filled bottle sitting on the table. Her facial expression changes to one of concern. “Dad what’s the matter? It’s not like you to be drinking so early in the afternoon.”

John turns toward her and shoves the paper into her face. “I was called off my job and had to go up to your school and talk to your principle. Explain to me how you have gone from a straight A student to failing practically all your classes. Where were you today? You weren’t in school so don’t lie to me and tell me you were.”

The girl stands there and swallows hard.

“Well!” John shouts. Taking a deep breath, the young girl becomes more frightened. Still she says nothing. John grabs her and shakes her hard. “Answer me Janice.”

“Daddy I played hooky. I went to Martha’s house and we played records and danced,” she blurts out. John takes a deep sniff at her mouth. “You have been drinking haven’t you? I can smell it on your breath, even though you tried to hide it with mouthwash.” Knowing she was in real trouble now, Janice begins to cry.

“Oh don’t try that sob shit with me. You have stepped way over the line this time young lady. I have tried to be lenient with you. Ever since your mother left us, I have tried to be both mother and father to you. I have given you more than you deserve and up till now you have made me proud. Lately you have been changing. You don’t take as much care in how you do things, your mode of dress has changed and now this with the grades. I have told you, there is nothing more important than getting good grades. Well since talking to you hasn’t worked I must now take more drastic actions. John removes his jacket and unbuckles his belt.

“No daddy! You can’t beat me! I’m too old for that,” Janice cries out. Seeing that her tears were not going to dissuade her father from beating her, she tried another approach. “Dad you have been drinking. If you beat me, you will hurt me.”

“Oh I’m going to make it hurt all right,” John shouts at her. Grabbing her by the arm, he pulls her over to the chair and after sitting down, pulls her over his knee. “Daddy please,” Janice cries. Ignoring her pleas, John raises the belt. His hand hesitates in mid air and he drops the belt. Thinking that she has been spared, Janice takes a deep breath. SMACK! “IEEE!” Janice cries out as her father’s hand smacked down hard on her butt. Her tight jeans make it seem like he is hitting her bare bottom.

“Oh daddy, I’m sorry. I’ll be good, I promise.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Over and over John brings his hand down on his daughter’s soft, round butt. Janice’s tears don’t seem to influence him in the least. “All day at Martha’s house dancing huh? And who else was there? Were there boys there too? Did you girls do more than just dance? Were you having sex as well as playing hooky? Answer me!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! John continued to spank his errant child. “Daddy please stop. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry daddy.”

“Answer me I said. Were there boys there? Did they have sex with you?” Janice was really letting her tears flow now. Gone was the thought that her tears would ease her punishment. Fearing even harsher treatment, she blurted out the truth. “IEEE! Ouch! Please Daddy!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! John continued to spank her butt. “Yes daddy. There were boys there. We got drunk and had sex. güvenilir bahis Oh daddy I’m so sorry. I won’t ever do it again. I’ll be a good girl, I swear.” Her revelation caused John to stop.

His anger exploded. Fueled with the knowledge that his innocent little girl had skipped school, only to allow some snot-nosed boy to use her beautiful body pushed him over the edge. The effects of alcohol and the memory of the way his wife had also betrayed him sexually, John decided to give his girl a spanking she would remember. “Stand up and strip. Your not too grown to learn what a real spanking is all about. Hang out with your friends and fuck all day will you? Strip, I said!” John watched as Janice stood and with trembling hands began to unbutton her pants.

Suddenly she stopped. With a look of pure fright she turned to her father. “I don’t have on any panties,” she said. “You’re a real slut just like your mother. Well before I see you turn into the kind of woman she was, I’ll whip you till you can’t stand.” John got up and poured himself another drink, letting the liquid splash not only into the glass but also on the table. Janice was now in real fear for her safety. “Daddy, I’m not like mommy was. I would never hurt you the way she did.” John was mumbling to himself. “She always ran around without panties. At first I thought she was just being sexy for me. But I found out she was having sex with any and every man she met. She never needed panties on; they just got in the way. I said strip damnit!”

Janice knew some of what had taken place between her parents. Her father was a hard working man who gave her and her mother any and everything they could ask for. She was often pulled apart with loyalty. She loved her father and would never do anything to hurt him. She also loved her mother and kept quiet about all the indiscretions she knew about. Many a day she came home from school early only to find her mother having sex with some man or another.

She also knew that when it came to sex, her mother and father practiced spankings and other forms of bondage and discipline. Many a night she lay in bed listening to the sounds of her mother being given hard spankings. Her young loins would burn with desire as she would hear her mother beg and plead for mercy at first only to hear her beg for more soon after. She also knew about the enemas and all the other sex toys they used. Like any inquisitive child she had snuck into her parents bedroom and searching around, had found their toys.

She had tried out the vibrators, anal probes and even the anal plug. She knew from what she had overheard that her dad would fuck her mother in the butt. She knew that he missed those encounters. She knew that he went out and paid other women to do the things he could no longer get at home. Even as young and inexperienced as she was, she dreamt of being the woman to take her mother’s place with him. Part of her actions concerning her schoolwork and her attitude was to make him angry enough to spank her. She was intent on making him do to her the same things she had listened to him do to her mother at any cost.

Janice unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down over her ample round ass and down her strong firm thighs. She kicked off her shoes and finished working them off. Next she pulled her T-shirt up over her head. She stood there before her father completely naked. Modestly she tried to cover herself with her hands. John smacked her hands away. “You didn’t cover yourself today when you allowed some bastard to fuck your young tender body did you? Don’t try to be so damn modest now.”

John picked up his glass and took a big swallow. He looked his daughter up and down. He paused his gaze at her firm pointy tits and the thick patch of dark hair between her legs. He walked around her as she stood before him trembling. The coolness of the room along with her fright caused goose bumps to rise all over her skin. It also caused her tits to become even more hard and pointy. Janice was afraid, but she was also slightly excited. Her father was looking at her naked body. “Just like your mother. You have the same body, so smooth, so beautiful, and so exciting. I lost her, but I’ll be damn if I let you become like her and lose you too. I’m going to whip your sexual appetite out of you good and proper.”

With that he once again pulled her over his lap and began to spank her. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “PLAY HOOKY WILL YOU?” SMACK! SMACK! “LET SOME SNOTNOSED BOYS FUCK YOU, WILL YOU?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “RUN AROUND WITHOUT PANTIES OR BRA?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “I’LL SHOW YOU,” John shouted at his daughter. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! “Oh daddy please you’re killing me. I promise I won’t turn out like mother. I’ll never hurt you. I won’t do it again. Daddy! IEEE!”

Suddenly John stopped. Janice lay across his lap, tears flowing freely down her face. John began to slowly rub her butt. Not aware of it at first, türkçe bahis Janice soon began to feel his soothing touch as he gently stroked and rubbed her burning butt. “Oh daddy I’m so sorry. I’ll never do it again.” John as if in a trance didn’t even hear her. “So beautiful. You know that I always loved you, even when you hurt me I still love you.”

John was rubbing and massaging Janice’s butt with both hands now.

“But you always threw your indiscretions up in my face. I knew that one man could never satisfy you. I let you whore around. But you fucked other men even in our home.” Janice was listening to all this. She was just now hearing the true story why, when her mother left her father didn’t try to find her.

“Well now I’m going to teach you. I’m the man in this house. From now on, you will do as I say. I am going to punish you like you have never been punished before.” Janice didn’t know whether to be afraid or elated. Her father was treating her as if she were her mother. He was going to spank and punish Janice the way he used to do to her mother. Seeing her opportunity, she decided to play into his drunken lust.

“John please. I promise I’ll behave! I won’t do those nasty things any more. Please don’t spank me.” Janice had heard those words so often that she knew them by heart. She knew the things her mother would say that would get her father all hot and bothered. “No Barbara! This time you have gone too far. Letting me come home and finding you with those two truck drivers was the last straw. After I punish you, I will never touch you again.” John’s mind was transported back to that fateful night when he walked in and found his wife being serviced by two burly truck drivers. They were naked and crude and in the resulting fight, had beaten the shit out of John.

Laughing they went back to fucking Barbara who was high as could be and oblivious to what took place. Hours later, when he was able to get up, he took his rage out on his slut of a wife. Luckily Janice was away that summer and was only told that her mother had decided to leave her dad and move to another state. Her conversations with her mother since had given not a hint to the true nature of the separation.

John pulled Janice, who now in his drunken mind was his unfaithful wife Barbara, over his knee. He raised his hand and the resulting ‘SMACK!’ was loud enough and hard enough to make Janice afraid she had made a terrible mistake. . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! Over and over he spanked Janice’s round behind. Then he stopped. Pushing her from his lap, Janice fell to a heap on the floor.

“Now you slut, suck my dick. Suck it like I saw you sucking those other men’s cocks.” John grabbed Janice by the hair and pulled her head up to his crotch. Unzipping his pants, he pulled out his fat swollen dick. Janice stared at it. It was so much fatter and longer than the ones the boys that fucked her just that afternoon had that it scared her. How was she going to take all of that up into her small young body?

Blinded by liquor and spurred on by lust, John pushed Janice’s head down into his lap. Roughly he pushed it into her mouth. Holding her head, he fucked her mouth hard. Janice, not given a chance to even think, began to choke and gag. “That’s right you slut, choke on it. You love it rough don’t you? Well I’m going to give it to you so rough, you’ll wish you had been a better wife.” John was pumping Janice’s head back and forth, using her mouth the way he had used Barbara’s cunt and ass so many times. Janice had finally gotten to the point where she could form her mouth into an ‘O’ and was allowing him to fuck her so cruelly.

She had finally gotten what she had wanted. But, if this was the way he fucked her mouth what was in store for her when he assaulted her other holes. Grabbing her once again by the hair he dragged her across his lap. This time he used a belt on her bare butt. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Over and over he beat her. . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! Tears flowed freely down her face. Suddenly, knowing she could not take much more, she yelled out, “DADDY! OH GOD DADDY, PLEASE STOP!”

John shook himself. Blinking his eyes he looked down at his young daughter. Realizing what he had done, he grabbed her and hugged her to him. “Oh my precious princess, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Your actions and attitude made me so angry; for awhile I saw your mother in you.” John was crying now.

“It’s all right daddy. Now I know what happened. I know you miss her, you’re frustrated and angry. I also know that you pay women to let you do the things to them that you used to do to mom. I know all about the spankings and the toys.” John looked at his innocent daughter.

“What have I done,” he cried placing his head in his hands and weeping? Janice looked at her father. Always so strong, he was reduced to güvenilir bahis siteleri tears at the thought of what he had just done to his only child. Janice on the other hand was excited at how he had used her.

“It’s going to be all right daddy. I’ll never treat you the way she did. I love you daddy and I’m going to take her place.” With that Janice knelt down and took John’s limp dick into her mouth. Slowly, softly she sucked and licked until she felt him start to grow. John, after getting over the shock of what he was doing, tried to push her away.

“No baby! It’s not right. I can’t do these things to you. You’re only a child.” The harder John tried to force Janice up, the harder she held on to him and the faster she sucked. Feeling her dad’s dick swell to full erection and hearing him groan she knew she had won.

This time he was so much gentler. Slowly he worked his dick deeper and deeper into Janice’s hot, wet mouth. She shifted around so that she was in a more comfortable position. Janice moaned as her mouth worked up and down. She reached up and grabbed one of his hands and placed it on her swollen tit. Unable to stop now, John began to rub and massage it.

“Oh honey! This isn’t right! You have to stop! Daddies aren’t suppose to fuck their daughters.” Janice lifted her head and looked at her father’s tortured face. “Spank me daddy. I was bad. I let those boys fuck me today. I sucked their dicks and even made love to Martha while they watched and jerked off. I was bad daddy and I need to be spanked. I said I would take mom’s place. Spank me the way you used to spank her. I don’t want you going out and paying prostitutes. From now on, you are going to spank me. You will do all the things to me that you used to do to mom.”

With that, Janice got up and lay down over her father’s knee. John looked down at his daughter’s butt. It was so round, so firm, just calling to him to spank it. In spite of his shame, he began to rub it. His rubbing turned to squeezing and then he lifted his hand and began to spank.

“Oh please daddy! I’m sorry. Please don’t spank my naked butt! I’ll be good! Oh daddy! Oh daddy!” Slowly her cries turned to moans. “Oh yes daddy! I was bad and I need to be punished. Yes daddy! Spank me! Spank me harder!” All thoughts of shame gone, John felt his dick throb.

“Yes, you were bad. You played hooky! You let those boys fuck you. You even made love to Martha. I will punish you for that and I will punish Martha also. But first you will tell me everything that you did today.” John pushed Janice up on her feet and stood. His hard dick poking from his pants showed his lust to her.

John removed his clothes. This was the first time that Janice had seen her father stand so proudly in front of her in the nude. Janice looked down at his dick. His throbbing made it bounce up and down, as if it had a life of it’s own. John saw where her eyes were looking and said, “don’t worry baby, when I make love to you I will go gentle until you get used to the size.”

He stepped to his daughter and lovingly kissed her. Not sure how to react at first, Janice was startled when his tongue pushed into her mouth. Then with a groan of surrender, she gave into the steamy kiss. By the time they parted, they were both breathing heavy. Janice reached down and began to stroke her father’s dick.

“Oh daddy! If you only knew how long I waited to have you kiss me like that? All the times I fantasized about you doing to me what I heard you doing to mom. When you would come in late and I knew you had spent the time with a prostitute, I would get mad because you had me here. I want you to do all the things to me that you used to do to mom. Let me become your wife and satisfy you? No one will give you the love I will. Say yes daddy, please?”

John stood looking at his daughter. Janice could see the indecision, the war of thoughts that were crossing her father’s mind. Janice held her breath, hoping against hope that he would not change his mind now and push her away. John took a deep breath and held it. Janice’s heart stopped as she awaited his answer.

“Well young lady, do you understand that what I just did? What you are asking me to do is so totally wrong; I can be locked up if anyone ever found out? It is not right for a father to have anything sexual to do with his daughter.” Janice looked at her father. “All my life you have been the strong provider. You have taught me and molded me. I look up to you for everything. Now I’m looking up to you for love. Let me love you daddy? Let me show you love like no one ever did before? I’ll become whatever kind of woman you need.” Janice turned around so that her back was to her dad.

“Look at my butt daddy. It’s begging you to spank it. You know how bad I have been? You know that I need to be punished? I was bad on purpose to get you to spank me.” She moved closer to her father. Breathing heavy, the smell of her excited sex strong in the room, she began to whisper. “All those nights I would lay awake and hear you and mom making love. I could hear you spanking her. I heard her beg for it and my body would want it too. I wanted to run in the room and beg you to spank me too. Spank me now daddy. Punish me the way I deserve.”

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