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The Best Laid Plans

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[When son realizes that his mom is a lot better than the girls he’s been dating, he composes a complete campaign of conquest.]

I was on a hot date. I had my 18 year old high school sweetheart up at ‘Lovers’ Point’. I was about to undo her bra and get ‘down to it’. Well, the bra came off, along with a whole lot of cotton wadding. In the event, it turned out she was as flat as the hood of her car.

Although that was just a part of her whole package, for some reason it really flipped me out. With apologies, I told her we had to go home; that I wasn’t sure WE should go all the way. She was stunned: what kind of a guy finally gets in there and then wants out?

Confused, angry, and still horny, I zoomed home in record time. Remembering that people might be sleeping, I tiptoed into my house. I was still living at home. I could stay in my little room by the garage, as long as I paid rent (now that I was over 18.)

To my surprise, my beautiful mother had waited up for me. She was on the couch, with reading glasses and all. Her Kindle, showing ‘THEM’ by Joyce Carol Oates, had slipped onto the floor when she nodded off. She wore her simple cotton house robe which only went halfway to her knees. As she slept there, she was draped across the back of the couch.

Heavens, those tanned shapely legs and smooth sexy feet were an incredible contrast to the bland, pale, flat, dull date that I had. I’m not ashamed to admit it: I walked around the back of the couch and could see into mom’s robe.

Holy Hannah!! Mom had no bra on: I could see her incredible rack–nipples and all. God, I could only compare them to the 1st Playmate foldout I saw. I thought back to tonight’s date and all that cotton falling out: Talk about contrasts!

As I took this all in, I was on sensory overload. To my shock, I looked down and my pants were tented out: I had gotten hard for my own mother! I then noticed something that would change our fate. I saw mom’s personal data device. I had always wondered what she had on it. Dare I look? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained…

I grabbed mom’s little computer data storage device and ran to my room. It asked for a code word. Fortunately, mom hated passwords and the code word 1-2-3 had not been changed. I quickly downloaded her database within a few minutes and returned the device to her on the couch.

On the device was a schedule of her ‘old man’s planned trips, personal finances, and her personal calendar and diary. I checked some entries:

“December 12: I’m relieved to see that Jimmy is going out on a date. He’s grown into quite a young man with quite a physique. This summer when he did all that yard work and would take off his tee shirt, I had to quietly leave the room.

God, what a bod! I’d think of those muscles as I used one of my ‘friends’ on the bed side table. My son’s hard body cost me a fortune in batteries until I switched to a converter. If he knew that I wanted him badly and hadn’t done it with ‘the old man’ for years, I wonder what he might have done. “

“December 13: I stumbled into Jim’s room while he was watching some body-building contest. It was both men’s and women’s; I DO hope that his shortness of breath was due to the women and not the men! I hate to admit it, but when the guy who won the middleweight class flexed his huge guns, my nipples popped and other parts got, umm, lubricated.

God, I’d love to be the lotion gal that has to rub those hunks down before they hit the stage. Well, to my relief, I saw that Jim started watching again with the women hitting the stage. I’d never forget it; talk about embarrassment! I have never so much as looked at another woman…ever.

Well, this mature hardbodied babe got on stage…she was so perfect, so sexy while being so strong…I actually had to tell Jim I’d talk to him later to sneak out. I rushed to my room, closed the door, put on that channel, and got out my three-D-cell ‘friend’ from the bed table. My Tivo caught that incredible babe’s appearance on stage. I replayed it three times before moaning my muffled pleasure.”

“December 14: I don’t know why I put up with it. Mal, my ‘old man’, is going on another of his odd trips to Asia for ‘business’. Even though he and I haven’t done anything in years, he’s afraid I might stray while he’s gone, or be tricked into getting drunk and then do something.

So, before he leaves, he insists that I have my plan doctor put in a diaphragm and have the ‘morning after’ pill at the ready just in case some guy did get me drunk. Crazy…” LAST DIARY ENTRY.

From the computer, I saw that he was leaving on December 18th for Thailand and Cambodia(using the old country name). Mom had been fitted for a diaphragm the day before. She’d also gotten those pills. It seemed that mom’s cycle peak would be right as he leaves güvenilir bahis on this trip.

We drove him to the airport. I wanted to get with my plan immediately. Somehow I had to get the ball rolling. So, on the way home:

Me: “Mom, do you think that girls that I date have birth control. How can I know, and what should I say about it?”

Mom: “Oh honey, they may very well be on the Pill. Some of them might wear devices or have been fitted for them.”

Me: “fitted for them?”

Mom: [Taking a deep breath] “Sure, they go to their OB GYN and have something put in to make them safe. If you must know, I just had something like that put in.”

Me: “YOU mom? But, umm, well, I’ve overheard—by mistake—that you and the old codger don’t do it anymore. So, why do you risk hurting yourself inside for no reason?”

There was dead silence. I pulled off the highway into a mall parking lot. Mom continued to stare blankly. She DID think it was crazy, but she had married him, entrusted her family’s businesses. A divorce now would put the whole business network at risk. It might make their bank rescind their line of credit.

Mom had promised to watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with me. About five minutes before showtime, I went to her room to fetch her. To my surprise, the door was cracked.

She had her house robe, but it was neatly laid out on the corner chair. Mom was taking ‘stock’ of herself. Her legs had just a slight trace of colors here and there and just the slightest trace of a wrinkle. Some call them ‘mommy legs’, with a vein or fold to spoil the perfect image.

Well, they also were silky smooth, fresh from a bikini waxing; her thighs glistened. She rose up on demure tiptoes, turning sideways. She cupped her breasts which were worthy of a centerfold. Pinching her nipples till they were ‘angry’, she was the perfect vision of the mature piece.

I almost came right there and then. By some miracle I kept stone silent. As she took out a little scissors and trimmed the fluff over her entrance to heaven, I quietly slipped away. I just hoped I could conceal my roaring hard-on when I asked my mother to sit on my lap.

My mom told me when she was a young lass she used to innocently sit atop the lap of both of her parents as they watched TV or played board games. Well, there was ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on TV. Mom loved the dancing part, while I loved the short skirts of the professional female dance partners. When I asked mom to sit on my lap like she used to do as a fair lass, she smiled and shook her head.

I didn’t give up. Mom was wearing that same simple green house robe that could barely contain her outsized jugs or shapely legs. I wanted her on my lap and right now…finally, she turned on her pink boudoir feathery slippers and demurely fell onto my lap.

At the first commercial, mom thanked me for driving him to the airport for her. She beamed at me and then kissed me on the cheek.

Me: “Mom, are you REALLY grateful?”

Mom: “Of course I am sweetheart…why do you ask?”

Me: “Well, I was just thinking, if you were REALLY grateful, you would’ve done this.”

With that, I grabbed mom by the ears and gently but firmly kissed her ruby lips. My tongue just lightly tapped her teeth.

Mom immediately broke away and got to her lovely bare feet. She slapped me as hard as she could, then ran off and locked the door to her room.

Oops! The plan had hit a snag. Now to go to Plan B. Unfortunately, I had no Plan B. I guess I’d have to improvise.

I came to mom’s room. The door was locked. Anything I did was a giant risk. Not really thinking it through, I knocked on the door. Mom told me to go away. I wasn’t in the mood for giving up. The lock on the door was a simple indented button, so a toothpick would open it. I popped it open.

I waltzed in triumphantly. Mom was on the bed and immediately put one hand across her jutting tits under that robe, the other covering her pussy. Now to Plan B, which I’d think of at any moment.

Me: “Mom, I’ll be honest with you. I had hoped to get you into the sack after he left. Moreover, I wanted to have you unprotected ‘down there’ so that I had a chance of the ultimate: getting my own beautiful mother pregnant.”

Mom: “You’d do that?!?! You’d put your despicable little cock into your own mother just to fulfill your sick fantasy of having an illicit hell child?”

In spite of the fact that I towered over her, at six foot two compared to her five foot two, mom was ready to fight and got up off the bed to slap me again. She hit me again and again till I grabbed her hands. God, she was strong, but I was even stronger.

Me: “Mom, don’t pretend that you’ve been doing it with him or that you don’t need it. Instead of an all-day fight, or me forcing myself on you, I will do this: first let me show you the ‘despicable little cock’ you referred to. Then my offer.”

Out came my pride and joy. With the rough, uncut, oversized cockhead, it resembled a cobra. Mom türkçe bahis gasped when she saw it. Her hands shook as she put them out to hold it; one hand cradled it like a ten inch long baby while the other hefted the hugely swollen testes, engorged to the point of bursting.

Her hand weighed those swinging ‘family jewels’ again and again, apparently disbelieving that any man could be so well-hung.

Mom: “This is incredible…I feel like I’m holding a couple of navel oranges at the market. But this sausage, this long, beautiful, manly thing…I, I am speechless. When a man…and you ARE a man, ALL man…when a man has something of this size and power, he has the chance to bed any female he wants.

Did I say chance? Hell, it’s almost a duty. This thing (she lovingly caressed its length) was made to be dragged in and out, in and out, until your partner begs for more. Finally, you leave your ‘calling card’, an immense gusher of sperm-rich cum deep, deep, DEEP inside her.”

Me: “Give me ten minutes. If I can convince you in ten minutes to love me, then we will go ahead. If I can NOT, then I will give it up. You can call your grisly old man, 9-1-1, or anyone you want. Just let me put that inside of you one time…just once.”

Mom stood next to me and thought. Absent-mindedly, her hands explored the broadness of my shoulders, the swell of my biceps, and then squeezed my unit. She marveled at how well I was equipped.

Suddenly, this became an obsession with her. Her demure soccer mom hand began a frenetic keyholing on my already stiff cock. My balls were so bloated they could have doubled as flotation devices.

Once again, she put one hand thru the opening of the gym shorts, cupping the old family jewels, while her other hand keyholed my giant cock.

Mom: “My God, it’s so big…so fucking big! Jimmy, you’re HUGE! And those family jewels! So heavy, so very heavy…so swollen, sloshing with all of that cum. How many millions of sperm are swimming in them?”

Mom: “If you only knew how dry the tiny thing of your father was. Jimmy, I so much want to do this, but I’m your mother, damn it. I’m a married soccer mom, not some common slut or high school hottie. As much as I’d love to see what this gorgeous thing felt like, I just can’t. Besides, all of this seed (she caressed my swollen testes) would surely make something grow if you planted it deep inside of me.”

I now had three minutes of the ten minute window to impress mom. Dispensing with all foreplay, I just flipped open her green robe and draped her over a leather chair.

My huge phallus would have to convince her and fast! Deliberately sawing with that rough-headed cock, I felt a lot of resistance. At the eight minute mark, there was even more resistance.

I was done. If the rough uncut head of my cock dragging itself back and forth across the hypersensitive tissues of my mother’s gateway to heaven didn’t do it, then all was lost. I went to the ninth minute (out of ten) still diligently going in and out.

Desperate, I pushed as deep as I could, brushing against her backwalls. At the same time, I lowered my head and let her pouting nipple brush lightly against my mouth. I suckled as I’d done as a babe. Then, just then, as the kitchen timer went off, so did MOM!!

Talk about beating the old buzzer, mom had the biggest orgasm I could imagine with my enormous cock lodged deep inside of her. She shuddered and shook, making a sound that was a blend of crying and moaning in ecstasy. She fell off of me, slippery and wet, her pussy’s slavering lips having joined with me to give her more pleasure than she’d ever had.

My gorgeous mother, with those Playmate-of-the-year boobs and Fox NEWS info-babe legs, had just had the big ‘O’ right at the deadline. I hoped it would be my turn now.

Mom: “Sweetheart; you were just joking about getting me pregnant, weren’t you? I mean, at your tender age, did you really intend to knock me up, or anyone for that matter? It’s okay…you can admit it. I just said this because we can do it without worry. Even if my diaphragm failed, I still have ‘morning after’ pills that will take care of anything.”

Me: “That’s good thinking on your part…or ‘the old man’s. Where ARE these pills, anyway?”

Mom got up off the bed and pulled them from the cabinet:

A bottle of twenty of the so-called ‘morning after’ pills that could stop any early pregnancy even if taken days after the fact.

Me: “Mom, bring those pills to the kitchen. I want to show you something.”

Bare-butt naked, the two of us walked to the kitchen. My hard cock wasn’t up; six inches long, it swayed back and forth as I walked. Mom’s heavy breasts bounced and jiggled.

I led mom over to the kitchen sink.

Me: “Mom, I don’t want to force you to do this, or anything. I do ask, beg, that you put all of those pills into the drain and turn on the disposal. That’s all twenty of them. I do not want to pump my precious seed inside you only to have you kill it güvenilir bahis siteleri tomorrow.”

Mom: “This is where I put my foot down. I am not going to dump them; I am not going to have my son’s baby.”

Well, I was NOT going to force her, but I was determined…BOY, was I determined!! I pinned my mom against the kitchen cabinet and rose up and down on my toes, rubbing my huge phallus against the tingling lips of her pussy. Her eyes closed, a tear came to her eye, and she got sopping wet and oven hot within seconds. She begged me to stop but I didn’t ‘buy it’ for a second.

Me: “Mom, I WANT YOU TO REMOVE THAT DIAPHRAGM. Then I am going to turn you around against the sink. With my ten inch cock, I am going to slide in and out of you for about ten minutes. By then, you should be shrieking in delight. When my uncut cockhead is deep inside you, I am going to unleash a tidal wave of love inside you.”

Me: “We shouldn’t make more of it than it is: I just will be transferring what, a quart of thick liquid into your fertile womb. Without that diaphragm in the way, millions of my young, healthy, vibrant sperm will be injected deep inside you. If your calendar is right, you should be at your peak of fertility.”

Me: “God, I wish I could watch my eager guys, flagella waving, attacking that ovum until one, two, three or four worked their way in. My dreams would be realized; you’d be pregnant. Not knowing that at the time, of course, you’d still put those horrible ‘morning after’ pills into the disposal where they belong… Now, please start the process and remove that diaphragm…”

I turned away from my mom, not knowing what she’d do. To my delight, I could hear her turn away from me, reach in as she braced herself against the counter, and removed that wretched device. She handed it to me.

The device itself was harmless but it represented a roadblock to my alpha maleness and becoming man-of-the-house. It represented ‘him’. Enraged, I used every scrap of strength in my Mr. Universe arms to tear it apart before dumping it in the waste basket.

I put the pill bottle in her hand. I turned on the faucet and the quiet disposal. I spun her around so she was draped over the sink. I threw up her robe from behind. I inserted my gigantic baby-making tool into the fertile depths of my mother. In spite of her protests, mom was sopping wet and ready!!

I commenced making insanely passionate love to my mother. My hips were going so fast they were like a DVD running at 4X. Mom was moaning, begging me to stop but doing nothing whatever to pull away. She braced herself on the sink edge, one hand holding the sill while the other held that bottle of pills.

With each thrust of my hips, my cock went deeper, ever deeper, into the sensitive folds of my mother’s sacred place. I tried to be sensitive and gentle, but I also was almost insane with desire.

I put my hands on mom’s trim waist for balance, my cock relentlessly plunging in all the way and then out until only the mushroom-shaped head was partially inside. We repeated this process for fully ten minutes. It was sheer bliss. I guess I was gentle enough too, because my mom had four earthshaking orgasms in spite of her being a little sore there.

At the end of each stroke, I found my long babymaker was in an unknown land. I didn’t know what the bumps and alcoves in there were, but my big mushroom-shaped cockhead found this place where I could ‘plug in’. I pressed mom against the sink counter, pushing that ten inch cock just far enough to get fully within that alcove. Then I kissed mom’s neck tenderly as my cock swelled with power and manhood.

From down below, my avocado sized testes compressed against my body and then propelled my potent seed with unbelievable force. My cum, unlike the two or three droplets of the old man, was teeming with sperm in the millions. These lively, vibrant young swimmers were injected like an industrial machine.

As my swollen balls emptied, a huge volume of liquid was transferred into my mother’s totally unprotected and fantastically fertile womb. In the dead silence of the kitchen, we could actually hear each blast of my mighty rod as the powerful spray hit the already thick translucent puddle of warm sperm. When we finished, my testes which had drooped to my knees, heavy with seed, were now empty. On the other hand, mom’s fertile womb was awash in potent seed.

I finally finished. Gasping for breath, I stayed inside of her. Mom was gasping too. While I was cumming inside of her for what seemed like minutes, mom had raised her head off the sink counter.

Almost on cue, she had looked upwards at the precise moment when I released my firestorm of cum and sperm. Her muted cry of passion let me know that she’d saved her best and biggest ‘O’ to join me. Our first act of love and our climax was simultaneous.

Shakily, she arose. She hadn’t turned around. I was terrified that she had second thoughts; hell, she might even call the ‘old man’ or worse, 9-1-1.

Well, still looking away from me, mom opened that bottle of birth control ‘morning after’ pills and dumped them into the running water and hit the quiet disposal button. They were gone. My pathetic plan had succeeded somehow!

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