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The Birds and the Bees

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I was reading a book in bed one evening when my dad appeared at the door wearing his bathrobe.

“Your mother and I want to talk to you and Mike about something. Get your brother and come into our room.”

Dad sounded serious – and that wasn’t like him. Mike was in the lounge room watching TV in his pyjamas. When I told him mom and dad wanted to talk to us, he was worried.

“When Steve’s parents had a serious talk to him, it was to say they were getting divorced.”

I couldn’t believe that was what mom and dad wanted to tell us. They never fight or even argue much – they always seemed to have so much fun together. But it made me think. Mike and I were twins, both just 18 and in the last year of High School. If our parents divorced, what would happen to us?

When we got to their room, mom and dad were sitting on the bed. Mom had her bathrobe on too. It didn’t look like the way you dressed to get divorced. They had two chairs ready in front of them and we sat down. Dad spoke first, but not to us. He looked at mom and he seemed a little nervous.

“Well Jane, this is your idea. You can do the talking.”

Mom gave her knowing smile. She was always the one who lead the way with dad.

“As usual. Right then. I’m not sure how to start. Okay. Mike…Julie…the thing is, you two aren’t kids any more, and your father and I have neglected your education…um…that is, your sex education.”

I suddenly realised we were about to get a lecture on the birds and bees. I was so relieved I couldn’t help blurting our what was on my mind.

“So you’re not getting divorced?”

Dad looked shocked.

“Divorced? What would make you think that?”

But mom understood.

“Oh, I see why you two looked nervous. No, don’t worry.” She looked across at my dad with a smile. “That’s not going to happen.”

Then she continued.

“But this is just as important. Maybe more important. There’s so much on TV about sex, so much in the magazines your read. I think it’s important that you two get a real understanding of what sex is all about. I don’t want you to learn the hard way. I’m hoping it’s not too late…”

She looked at us both. We blushed. We shook our heads to tell her, no, it wasn’t too late. We were both still virgins.

She started to talk again, but dad interrupted.

“Couldn’t we just show them a book or something?”

Mom was having none of it.

“It’s not the same Pete. You know it’s not.”

She turned her attention back to us.

“Right then. Let’s start with the basics. You both know the difference between girls and boys, don’t you?”

This was embarrassing. Of course we knew – we’d been looking at each other in the bathroom from the day we were born. But mom was waiting for an answer, so I gave her the one she wanted.

“Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.”

Mike decided he’d have to get a word in – and have a dig at me at the same time.

“And girls have tits. Even if Jane’s are tiny.”

Mom smiled.

“That’s good. And yes, Jane’s breasts are small. But she’s a slow developer – mine didn’t really start growing till I was her age. And by the way young man, that’s not all. Your penis will be small too – but that’s because you’re not full grown yet either.”

Mike blushed. I elbowed him in the ribs. Mom kept talking.

“Enough of that. Okay, you know the differences, but we’re going to talk about what those things are for. Let’s start with the simple things.”

Suddenly to my shock, mom opened the top of her robe and revealed two beautifully rounded breasts. How I longed to have a set like that, instead of my tiny teenage bumps! Mike’s jaw dropped.

“These are my breasts – or tits as Mike called them. Men like to look at them and touch them, but they have an important purpose. Breasts provide milk for babies. You two were breastfed, so my tits were very important to you for the first year or so of your lives.”

Dad laughed. “And they’re still very important to me.”

Mom gave him one of her looks and he went quiet again.

“Now, a man’s penis…or cock or dick as it’s also called…is used for going to the toilet. But it’s also used for having sex. Did you both know that?”

We did, of course, but we were too embarrassed to speak. Sitting there with my brother and looking at my mother with her breasts hanging out…it was all getting weird.

“Cat got your tongues? I know, you’re a little embarrassed. So is your dad, but we’re going to do this properly. Anyway, I think you both probably do know that a penis is used for sex. So let’s look at one. Go ahead Pete.”

She looked across at my dad. He was a little hesitant, but after a long stare from my mom, he slowly undid his robe and revealed his cock in all its glory. I have to admit I was a little shocked. Like I said, I’d seen Mike’s cock a lot when we were younger, but my dad’s cock was something else. It looked huge. It was just hanging there, soft and floppy, but even then it was at least 8 inches long. Then mom spoke to Mike.

“Okay güvenilir bahis Mike, now let us see yours.”

Without thinking, Mike put his hands across his lap. He wasn’t expecting this.

“Come on,” said mom. “It’s important that you can see how you’re just the same as your dad.”

Reluctantly, Mike slid his pyjama pants down. Actually, I was surprised. His cock was bigger than I’d expected, almost seven inches. Mom seemed surprised too.

“Well, it seems I was wrong. You don’t have a small cock. For your age, that’s very big. You might end up as big as your father. Or even bigger.”

Mike blushed. I think he was a little proud of himself. Mom continued.

“See, Jane, that Mike and your dad are basically the same.” She reached down and pulled my dad’s foreskin back, revealing the head of his cock. It stirred just a little. “There. That’s the head of your dad’s cock. And Mike’s is just the same.”

Then, to Mike’s shock, she reached down and rolled back his foreskin. His cock didn’t just stir – it shot up.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed. So did dad. Mom tried to be serious.

“Stop that. This is serious.”

But then she started laughing too. Mike’s cock had gone ramrod solid in just a few seconds. He tried to cover himself with his hands. Mom stopped him.

“No, it’s okay Mike. That’s normal. It shows you’re a normal, healthy boy.”

I couldn’t help looking at Mike’s cock. It seemed so big now. Mom was keen to move on.

“Now let’s talk about us girls.”

Without any fanfare, she parted her robe and revealed her vagina – her beautiful hairy vagina. Mike’s cock seemed to get even harder.

“This is my vagina. Let’s call it my pussy, which is what most people say, but there’s another word starting with ‘c’ that some people like to use. I don’t. Okay, my pussy has hair on it. Jane, show us yours now.”

I knew this was coming, but I still felt very uncomfortable. I slowly lifted my nightie up to my waist, but I kept my legs closed. Mike called out.

“There’s nothing there!”

Mom told him to shush.

“Don’t be silly. Jane hasn’t got as much pubic hair as me yet, but she will soon. Some girls develop later than others. But the hair isn’t vey important – it’s the slit under it. You can see there’s a slit there, can’t you Mike? Jane…open your legs.”

I did as my mother asked, revealing my full slit. But it still wasn’t enough for Mike.

“I still can’t see anything much.”

I looked across at my dad and saw he was looking intently at the place between my legs. To my surprise, his cock had started to harden. It was now actually upright – and huge. It was much bigger than Mike’s, and very thick. And it still wasn’t fully erect. Mom didn’t seem to notice.

“A pussy isn’t like a cock, Mike – it’s mainly on the inside. I’ll show you.”

Then, without another word, mom opened her legs and lifted her knees. She reached down and opened her pussy lips, revealing the hole beneath it.

“See Mike. This is where the man’s cock goes. It’s a beautiful thing of nature, how man and woman are made to fit so perfectly together.”

Then she showed us where her clit was, and explained how just touching it would make her wet and excited. And by pulling her pussy lips further apart, she showed us exactly where our dad’s cock would go. I was a little confused.

“But mom. Dad’s…thing…is so big. And your…hole…seems too small for it.”

She nodded her head.

“Yes, it looks that way. But my pussy will stretch, especially when I’m excited. And it’s deep too, so your dad can go in all the way. But it’s still tight. Boys like a girl’s pussy to be tight.”

Dad, to my surprise, spoke for the first time in a while.

“Your pussy is just the same. Jane, show Julie where her clit is and how her pussy is just the same.”

“I was getting to that. No need to rush. Okay Julie, open your legs wider and lift your knees.”

I did as I was told. Mom knelt down in front of me and gently parted my pussy lips. Mike leaned in, looking close. So did my dad. Mom pointed out my clit, touching it softly. I felt a sudden tingle up my whole body. She then opened my pussy further, revealing my tiny hole. Mike wasn’t impressed.

“A cock could never go in there. She’s too small.”

Mom agreed.

“Of course she’s small. She’s never been…she’s never had anything in there.”

For some reason, dad interrupted again.

“But the truth is, a cock could go in Jane’s pussy easily. Like your mom said, pussies stretch when they’re excited.”

Mom looked at dad curiously. She suddenly noticed his cock had gone hard – and it was now very hard indeed. More like nine inches than the eight I originally thought.

“You’ve changed your tune. I thought you just wanted to show the kids some pictures.”

Dad blushed.

“Well, now that we’ve gone this far, I think we should finish the job.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like I said, we should finish the job. Show them everything. Otherwise they’ll just get it off some porn video.”

“You türkçe bahis mean…”

Dad didn’t answer. Instead, he reached across and kissed my mother. She was surprised, but she didn’t stop him. It was no ordinary kiss; it was seriously passionate. Then my eyes almost popped out as I watched my dad’s had slide down my mom’s breasts, across her belly and straight to her pussy. He slid a finger in deep. She moaned, mumbled a few words that sounded like “but the kids are watching”. But she didn’t resist. Instead she lifted her legs up, twisted and straddled across his lap. A moment later we watched in amazement as our dad’s huge cock slide into our mom’s pussy. She was right, it did fit – but it looked tight. Dad started pumping harder and harder into mom. They were both moaning loudly. I looked at Mike – he was watching intently and he had his hand wrapped firmly around his cock. It looked huge too. To my surprise, I realised that my hand was rubbing my pussy – caressing my newly found clit.

Mom suddenly screamed. I thought dad had hurt her with his big cock, that maybe he had broken something inside her. Dad groaned loudly. But mom said, “Oh yeah…fuck me baby, give me all your cum…fuck me hard baby!”

That shocked me more than watching my parents have sex. I’d never heard my mom use the ‘f’ word – absolutely never. But at least I knew dad hadn’t hurt her. Dad fell back on the bed, and mom collapsed on him. It had all taken only a few minutes. Mom pulled herself off dad, and sat beside him again. His cock lay on his belly. It was still big, but it had gone soft now. I saw creamy stuff oozing out of my mom’s pussy. Mom took a breath. She looked embarrassed.

“Well…um…that was a little more than I’d wanted to show you kids. But now you know what sex looks like. That was very quick, of course. I think your dad got a little over excited because you were watching.”

I thought maybe it was because he had been watching me. I was also still a little concerned.

“Did it hurt you, mom?”

Mom smiled.

“No darling. That…scream…that was because it felt so good.”

Suddenly Mike spoke. His voice was strained.

“Can I have a turn? Can I do it. My…my cock is so hard, it hurts.”

Mom was shocked. This was all going too far.

“Oh no, no darling, no. We’re telling you all this so you’ll be ready when you’re older.”

“But I’m ready now, mom, I am. Please.”

“But you can’t do it to me…I’m your mother.”

“Can I do it to Julie then?”

“No, no…that’s not right. Oh dear, what have we started Peter?”

Dad gave one of his silly smiles.

“What have ‘we’ started? This was your idea. And I can tell you from experience, Mike needs to cum. He’s bursting.”

“But we can’t let him do it to…well, can we?”

“To you or Julie? I don’t know. You could maybe give him, you know…”

“What?” Mom didn’t know what dad was leading to.

“A blow job.”

Mom froze. I didn’t know what dad was talking about – I didn’t know what he meant. So I asked.

“What’s a blow job?”

Mom, still speechless, looked at me. Then she found her voice again.

“Your dad things I should put Mike’s cock in my mouth.”

Now that had never occurred to me.


Mom smiled.

“Oh, it can be nice.”

She looked at Mike.

“Okay Mike, what do you think? Do you want mom to give you a blow job? Will that make you feel better?

Mike obviously knew more than me. He at least knew what a blow job was.

“I’d rather do the other, but a blowjob would be good. But can you do it now please, my cock is really hurting.”

My mom seemed resigned to doing it. I watched closely as she knelt in front of Mike, who was still sitting the chair holding his rock hard erection. She gently took his cock in her hands and slowly lowered her mouth onto him. He groaned the moment her lips closed around his cock. At first she only took an inch or two of his cock into her mouth, but then she started to push down further and further. Within a few moments she was taking his entire erect 7 inches into her mouth and down her throat. It didn’t take long. After barely a minute Mike squealed out and shot his load down mom’s throat. She moaned gently and didn’t stop. She drank his cum and kept sucking hard. I suddenly realised she was now doing it for her own pleasure, not for Mike’s – though he was clearly enjoying it. He stretched back, his eyes glazed over, holding mom’s head in his hands as he thrust his hips up to meet her hungry mouth.

I looked at dad, and saw that he was staring at me. Without realising it, I had lifted my knees up so my feet were on the chair and my legs were wide apart – and I was sliding a finger in and out of my pussy. My dad’s cock had gone rock hard again. With my mom on all fours in front of him, sucking Mike’s cock, dad couldn’t help himself. He took mom’s hips in his hands and slid his cock into her again, fucking her doggy style. But all the while he was looking at my pussy, looking at me fingering myself. When güvenilir bahis siteleri mom felt dad’s cock slide into her again, she groaned for a moment and took Mike’s cock out of her mouth, but then she started sucking on it even more.

Dad started pounding mom harder and harder. Mom sucked on Mike deeper and deeper, taking his cock all the way down her throat. Mike was groaning with pleasure. I closed my eyes and pushed a second finger into my tight little pussy. And then I felt something else there – another hand. I opened my eyes. Dad was still fucking mom, but he had swung her across so he was right up against me. And now his hand was gently rubbing my clit. I felt a little frightened – and very excited. Then he leaned across with his head and started to lick my clit. The tingle went right up my spine and down again.

I pushed my fingers harder into my pussy. I started to moan.

Mom heard me and looked across. She saw dad licking my clit. She suddenly stopped sucking Mike’s cock.

“Pete…what are you doing!?’

There was shock in her voice. Dad replied a little guiltily.

“The same as you.”

Mom didn’t quite know what to say.

“Yes…but Mike needed to cum.”

Dad smiled.

“I think he did that a long time ago.”

Mike yelled out. Mom had taken him to the brink again.

“And I need to cum again…now! Please!”

I didn’t want to be left out. Dad’s tongue had made me very hot – and very wet.

“Me too!”

Mom didn’t know what to do. Dad did.

“I think we should let them do it.”

Mom was shocked.

“No. You can’t be serious.”

“Well, at least we can help them here. Otherwise it will be just in the back of a car somewhere in a year or so. And after all, you wanted them to get a proper sex education, so you can’t leave out the practical part.”

Mom looked around. She had Mike’s rock hard cock in her hand. There was still some of his cum on her chin. My fingers were still in my pussy. And dad’s cock was still all the way up her pussy. She realised that there really wasn’t much else to be said.

“Okay Julie, on the bed.”

I got on the bed. Following mom’s instructions, I lay on my back and opened my legs, lifting my knees. Mom reached into the draw and pulled out a tube of something. She squeezed some on her hand. I was curious.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a lubricant. Your dad and I use it when we…um…do something else.”

Mike was watching. Like me, he didn’t understand what mom was getting at.

“Do what?’

Mom wasn’t going into that area just yet.

“We’ll talk about that another day. For now, this lubricant will help Mike get his cock into your pussy. It’s your first time, and without lubricant Mike’s cock might hurt. It still might hurt anyway. Are you sure you want to do this?’

I was sure. So was Mike. He was already beside me on the bed, eager to get started. Mom started rubbing the lubricant on my pussy. She put a big squeeze of it on her fingers and slid first one finger then two into my pussy. It hurt a little because her fingers were bigger than mine, but it also felt good. I started getting very wet. Mom seemed to be enjoying it too, and I couldn’t help noticing that Mike and dad had both gotten rock hard again watching her do it to me.

When mom was happy that I was lubricated enough – or maybe when she realised that she was starting to enjoy applying it too much – she put more of it on Mike’s cock. He enjoyed that too. Finally, she told Mike to lie on top of me, supporting himself with his elbows.

I was eager with anticipation, but it also felt strange to have my twin brother lying on top of me, his face almost touching mine.

Mom reached down and took Mike’s cock in her hand, then began to expertly guide it into my pussy. When I felt the head of his cock start to push into me, it felt huge. I pulled my legs even further apart, trying to make it easier for him. Even with all the lubricant, it was a tight fit. Mike was pushing forward hard, desperately trying to get into me, but mom was slowing him down, making sure he didn’t hurt me. After a few moments, I felt his cock slide into me. First an inch, then another inch. Mom told him to move his cock in and out of me, to help stretch me. When he did that, it started feeling good right away. Then, with one hard push, he slid all the way into my. I gasped. It felt – unbelievable. Maybe there was a little pain involved, but mainly I felt just totally exhilarated. Mom was helping by rubbing my clit, but Mike’s cock was doing most of the work. It was wonderful. I started moaning – deep and rumbling – it was a sound I’d never made before and I hardly knew where it came from.

I turned my head to the side and saw my dad kneeling on the bed beside me. His big cock had gone hard again, watching Mike and me. I reached across and grabbed it; my fingers could barely wrap around it. He didn’t stop me. Mike kept driving his cock into me, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, with my mother urging him on. I never imagined anything could feel so good. But then, all too quickly, it was over. Mike groaned. I felt a hot gush inside me. It was nice and warm, but I could feel Mike’s cock shrivelling. He pulled his cock out of me and fell down beside me. I felt heart broken.

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