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The Birthday Party Ch. 02

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Allie Haze

I was more than willing to keep the party going by sucking, licking and fucking everyone again – and again if needed – but after two rounds the boys seemed spent and exhausted. While the boys, except for my Andy, started putting their clothes back on, Jessie asked if she could take a quick shower. I led her to the bathroom, showed her where she could find towels, shampoo and conditioner, and then headed back down – still butt naked.

In the two minutes I had accompanied Jessie to the bathroom, and come back down, all the boys had apparently left. With their balls properly drained, I guess none of them wanted to stick around for nervous chitchat and awkward silences.

Andy, who still hadn’t bothered putting his clothes back on, walked up to me, and whispered, “Mom, can I eat your pussy?”

Pleasantly surprised and still aroused, I smiled and said, “Of course you can honey, but your friends… they’ve all been inside of me, and I haven’t…”

“I know, it’s okay mom, I want to eat you, just as you are,” he said.

He took my hand and guided me towards the big couch. I sat down, reclined and spread my legs, as he got on his knees and put his mouth on my battered cunt. He started off with a slow, careful lick, but once he got in the spirit of things, he began licking and munching with an amazing appetite, lapping up and swallowing all the spunk he came across. From the looks of things, he really liked the taste. Was my boy a little cumslut too?

He had his perverted tongue deep in my twat – cleaning my pussy from the inside – when Jessie came down and entered the room fully dressed, several minutes later. When she saw me, on the couch, holding my own legs up as high as I could, with Andy eating me out, she didn’t even blink. I had half expected her to run out, or at least show some embarrassment, but she didn’t.

Instead, she walked right up to us and said, “Andy, I’ve been thinking, and I would like to do this again.”

Andy popped his head up, looked at her – his face wet from my juices, and his friends’ cum – and said, “You would?”

She nodded and whispered, coyly, “I guess I like being a slut.”

“You what?” he asked, unwilling to believe he had heard her correctly.

Jessie glanced over at me, then back at Andy and then slowly squatted down next to him, lowering her head in between my legs and repeated, giving my twat a gentle lick after each and every word, “I [lick] guess [lick] I [lick] like [lick] being [lick] a [lick] slut [lick] for [lick] you, [lick] your [lick] mom [lick] and [lick] every [lick] one [lick] of [lick] your [lick] friends!”

When she looked back up, her attention was drawn to Andy’s cock, which had become fully erect again, due to her little performance. She smiled and thought for a moment.

“Tell you what,” she said, gently pushing his head towards my twat again, “You put your mouth where it belongs, and I’ll do the same with mine!”

As Jessie bent her head down towards his cock, Andy slowly began licking me again, putting his knees further apart to give our guest more room to maneuver. It was a very uncomfortable and submissive position, but it suited her.

With Jessie sucking on his big, hard cock, Andy’s concentration declined somewhat, and although he still licked and sucked with a lot of zeal, his heart simply wasn’t in it anymore. And, when Jessie made him cum a few minutes later, and took his sperm into her willing mouth, he lost interest all together and simply collapsed on the floor.

“I really hope you’re okay with all this, Mrs. S,” she whispered as she smiled up at me, “I don’t wanna come between you and Andy… I know my place!”

“Do you?” I asked, as I briefly glanced in between my still wide open legs.

“I do,” she replied, as she bent her head down, and continued what my son had started. Contrary to Andy, this little slut seemed to have a lot of experience, and had me moaning and trashing in just a few minutes. I came in her face, which she seemed totally fine with.

I would have returned the favor, but she beat me to the punch and swiftly crawled over to Andy, giving him a peck on the cheek and whispered, “See you later, birthday boy!”

Then, she got up and waved politely at me – my wetness still on her pretty little face – as she headed towards the back door and walked out. I grabbed the remote and flicked through the channels until I found a cooking show I liked.

Almost twenty minutes later, I suddenly noticed Andy’s cock becoming erect again. When I looked down at his face, I realized why. He was blatantly staring in between my wide open legs, at my pussy. A few moments later, he noticed me looking at him and we gazed into each other’s eyes for about ten seconds.

Suddenly horny as fuck again, he got on his knees and crawled over to me, tugging his dick. I watched him put his head in between my legs, and then felt his warm tongue against my pussy, as he started going down on me again. Although I wasn’t the least bit horny, I let him do his thing, while I turned my attention güvenilir bahis back to my cooking show.

Except for a gentle caress on the head once in a while, I barely paid him any attention. I didn’t touch him anywhere else, I didn’t look at him, and I said nothing to encourage him. After licking me for quite some time – at least ten minutes – he arched his back and shot his load on the floor, adding it to all the fuck juices already there.

Needless to say, he was out like a light after that. He barely made it to the other couch, where he fell asleep almost immediately. When my cooking show was over, I covered him up with a blanket and headed upstairs, to take a hot shower, before turning in.

As soon as I woke up the next morning, I was horny as fuck, and found myself playing with my clit before I had even opened my eyes. Surprisingly enough, I felt no shame or remorse… just lust. Remembering that I had left Andy on the couch downstairs, I quickly hopped out of bed and threw on a sleeping shirt.

When I walked into the living room, I was surprised to see him wide awake and texting on his phone, his left hand casually pumping his fat morning erection.

“Morning,” he said as he briefly glanced up at me. The fact that he didn’t even stop masturbating, amused me for some reason. I liked how comfortable we’d gotten around one another, in this very short time.

Thanks to this new dynamic, I didn’t need to pretend I had come down for anything else than his hard cock. I walked up to the couch and straddled him. He briefly glanced up at me, but quickly turned his attention back to his texting, as he ‘allowed’ me to slide my ridiculously wet twat over his cock.

“Who [moan] are you [moan] texting?” I asked, as I slowly started fucking him.

“Gordon and Reese,” he replied. I gave him a confused look.

“Jeez mom. You fucked them yesterday [moan],” he said.

“You’re going to [moan] have to be a little [moan] more specific,” I grinned.

“Never mind… slut,” he groaned, fighting a smile.

“So [moan] what do they [moan] want?” I asked.

“I invited them over this afternoon to [moan] play some video games,” he replied. I waited, realizing there had to be something more to it than that, for him to be jacking off while texting.

“And uh… [moan] the guys…[moan] were wondering if… uhm… if [moan] you would suck their [moan] cocks again?”

“That [moan] depends,” I panted.

“On what?” he asked.

“Do you [moan] want me to [moan] suck their cocks?”

“Uh… yes,” he said, visibly worried and unsure how I would react to that answer.

“Then [moan] I’ll be happy [moan] to,” I moaned.

“Cool!” he groaned, as he quickly relayed the message to his friends. I couldn’t believe how uninterested he seemed. Here I was, his slut of a mother bouncing wildly up and down his fat cock, and all he could think about was texting his friends. I knew it was all an act, of course. He was testing me, trying to see how much abuse I would put up with. Quite a lot, it seemed!

Even though I knew it was feigned, his indifference, along with the casualness of the whole situation, swiftly made me cum on his throbbing cock.

As I was squirming and moaning on top of him, he said, “They’ll be here around one!”

“Oh, you fucking brat!” I gasped in the midst of a powerful convulsion. I couldn’t believe his nerve; even while I was climaxing on his fat cock, the little motherfucker still pretended to be interested in nothing but his phone.

He managed to keep his charade up for another ten seconds or so, before he, too, had to give into his intense orgasm. I smiled down at his contorted face, and watched my boy trash under me. After resting for a while, I started breakfast, which turned into a long and cozy brunch.

Afterwards, I took another shower and put on some clothes, getting ready for Andy’s friends. I was still upstairs when the doorbell rang. When I came down, the boys all gawked at me, clearly approving of my outfit. I was wearing a short skirt, and a flimsy, cashmere, green sweater. Because I hadn’t bothered with putting on a bra, my nipples were clearly visible through the delicate fabric.

I gave Reese and Gordon a naughty smile, and whispered, “Afternoon boys, sleep well?”

“Yes,” Reese whispered. Gordon just nodded, still gawking at me.

“All right then,” I said, putting my hands together, realizing I was going to have to take the initiative here, “Where are we doing this? Up in Andy’s room?”

Not having thought that far ahead apparently, Andy looked at his friends for a moment, then turned to me and nodded his head, agreeing to my proposal.

Eager and clearly horny, Gordon and Reese followed Andy up the stairs as he led the way to his room. It amused me that, every few seconds, at least one of them turned to glance back at me, checking to see if I was still following – as if they were afraid I was going to back out of the deal.

“So, who’s first?” I asked, as soon as I had entered Andy’s room.

Reese türkçe bahis sat down on Andy’s bed and raised his hand confidently as he grinned widely. I promptly walked over to him and sank to my knees. While Reese took out his cock, I briefly glanced over at Gordon – sitting on the desk chair – and Andy – leaning against the door post.

As soon as Reese’s cock was out, I bent down my head and began sucking on it. I didn’t even give him the time to take his jeans and boxers off. Heck, his balls were barely visible! Although it was an uncomfortable position for the both of us, I had no doubt that he was going to cum very, very quickly.

And I was right. After barely two minutes of bobbing my mouth up and down his throbbing cock, he roared loudly and began cumming in my mouth. I kept sucking fervently and swallowed it all. After licking his cock clean, I smiled up at him, then turned towards Gordon, who promptly started unbuttoning his pants.

I crawled over to him, pulled his boxers aside and started sucking on my second cock. His young, fat, virile cock throbbed in my mouth. His balls were big and warm. God, I was horny again! Gordon didn’t last much longer than his friend, but his load was significantly bigger.

After swallowing his goo and licking his cock and balls clean, I turned towards Andy and asked, “So, you want to keep standing?”

Andy – too horny to respond – just looked down at his slut of a mother, who had drained two cocks in under four minutes, and was about to wolf down her third.

“Not in a talkative mood, are we?” I grinned as I crawled over to him.

“That’s okay! You can keep standing… mommy likes a challenge,” I smiled, as I unbuttoned his jeans, and started pulling them down along with his boxers. Realizing he was probably rock hard from watching me blow his friends, I moved my face closer to his crotch, purposely letting his big cock veer up and hit me in the face. I knew the boys would get a kick out of that!

I slowly wrapped my slutty mouth around my boy’s dick while I looked up at him. We maintained eye contact for at least fifty or sixty of my head bobs, which greatly increased both his arousal, and mine. Although things got very tender and affectionate for a while, it was still a blowjob, and so it had to end, sooner rather than later. After lasting barely thirty seconds longer than his friends – in a much more challenging position – Andy convulsed against the door post and dumped his load down my throat.

I was quite pleased with myself for finishing all three of them in a record time.

After swallowing my third batch of cum, I got up, straightened out my skirt and said, as I glanced over the room, “I’ll put out some snacks downstairs in case you guys get hungry.”

As I turned and left the room, heading downstairs, I could feel my cunt twitching. God, I was such a slut. I was so… easy, so casual!

After preparing some snacks, as promised, I started watching tv, trying to get my mind off of my own lust and fantasies. About fifty minutes later, Gordon walked into the living room, and gave me a coy smile as he headed straight for the dinner table. After lingering around the snack bowls for about a minute, he came walking up to the couch again.

When I looked at him, I noticed his right hand cupping the lewd bulge in his pants.

“Would you mind Mrs. S?” he asked, as he unzipped his pants and pulled his half-hard cock out.

“Again?” I smiled up at him, as I muted the tv and put the remote down. Without saying another word, he leaned forward, stroking his bulging shaft and pushing his tip against my cheek

I sat up straight and turned towards him, opened my mouth and swallowed him whole. It only took a few sucks to get him fully hard, at which time I could wrap my right hand around his base and jack him off, while I nursed on the tip.

He lasted considerably longer than before, and really made me work for his load. Don’t get me wrong! I didn’t mind one bit and really enjoyed the feeling of his hard shaft sliding in and out of my slutty mouth. Even when he dumped his second load of the day down my throat, without as much as warning, I didn’t object or pull away, and just gulped it all down.

“Thanks Mrs. S, you’re the best!” Gordon grunted, as he zipped up and simply walked out, heading back upstairs.

Reese and Gordon left barely half an hour later, as they had a soccer practice to get to.

After they had passed by the living room to say goodbye, Andy walked back into the living room and asked, “Mom, is it okay if Gordon and Reese swing by after their soccer practice, say around six, and cum on your face?”

Flabbergasted, but also pleasantly surprised, I felt my pussy contract.

“That’s fine, hon, I’ll be ready,” I replied, acting as if that question wasn’t totally inappropriate.

“Cool,” he said, slightly tapping my knee and heading back upstairs. And just like that I had agreed to his vile proposal!

Andy, strategically, stayed in his room all afternoon, probably saving himself güvenilir bahis siteleri for when his friends were coming back over. With just me and the tv, I had trouble keeping my hands off myself for the next couple of hours.

At about a quarter to six, I heard a car pulling up. I hurried over to the window and noticed Gordon and Reese stepping out of an SUV. Andy, probably having heard the car as well, came running down the stairs and opened the front door.

As Gordon and Reese walked in, I heard the driver of the car call out, “Don’t be long, Gordon.”

“Just a couple of minutes, dad, I promise,” Gordon replied, as he smiled at me.

As soon as Andy closed the door behind them, I whispered, barely able to conceal my eagerness, “So, where do you guys want me?”

“Right here will do fine, Mrs. S,” Reese said as he unbuttoned his pants and whipped out his cock. As Gordon and Andy started doing the same, I realized I was going to take three – hopefully big – facials right there in the hallway, barely a meter away from the front door.

I kicked off my slippers and hiked up my skirt, then pulled down my panties as I sank to my knees. I then tilted my head up towards the boys, and slipped two fingers into my soaking wet twat.

“Fuck yeah,” Gordon whispered. I started fingering myself frantically as I gazed at the three cocks, getting stroked just inches away from my face.

True to his word, Gordon didn’t last more than a few minutes and came first. Four big, gooey ribbons splattered against my face and nose, followed by dozens of smaller drops. As Andy took a small step forward, signaling that he wanted to be next, Gordon quickly wiped his cock off on my chin and stepped back. Andy, staring down at my face – and clearly getting off on the fact that it had already been plastered – began jacking off faster, moaning and groaning.

Barely five seconds later, he arched his back and exploded, shooting one big, slimy wad into my left eye and across my forehead. While he continued flinging numerous of smaller drops all over the place, his main glob began sliding down, over my cheek, down to my chin, and onto my green sweater. I briefly glanced down at it, but didn’t object.

As soon as Andy had taken a step back, Reese – last in line – moved forward and squatted down slightly, lining up his massive cock with the center of my face. I stared at it cross-eyed and involuntarily licked my lips, wishing he would just slide it into my eager mouth. But he didn’t, of course. Instead, he just dumped three ribbons of his gooey sperm smack in the middle of my face, completely drenching my nose and mouth.

“Fuck yeah,” Andy blurted out, clearly impressed by the size of his friend’s load. Suddenly, a loud honk reminded everyone that Gordon’s dad was still waiting outside. The guys – done with me – quickly zipped up, and headed for the front door. I barely had enough time to pull my fingers out of my twat and duck into the living room, out of sight.

“Thank Mrs. S,” Gordon and Reese shouted in unison, as they headed for the car.

Andy closed the door and looked down at me, with a big grin on his face.

“What?” I asked, as I rose to my feet.

“Nothing, you look nice… that’s all!” he chuckled.

“Shut up!” I giggled, playfully slapping him on the shoulder.

After taking another shower and putting on a different sweater – a black one – I ordered us some pizza. After dinner, Andy went up to his room, as he usually did, while I watched some more tv.

Several hours later, when I passed by his room, on my way to bed, I gently knocked on his door and said, “Hey hon, lights out in five minutes, okay?”

I might have become a complete whore and a cumslut in the last 36 hours, but I was still his mother, and because it was a school night, I didn’t want him to stay up too late.

“Hey, mom?” he called out.


“Could you come in here for a minute?”

I opened the door and was somewhat – not a lot – surprised to see him sitting behind his computer, stark naked, watching porn. His pants, boxers and t-shirt were on the floor and he was jacking his big, erect cock. Judging from the beads of sweat on his naked skin, he had been at it for quite a while.

“Yes?” I asked, doing my best to act cool.

“Could you take off your sweater? I want to cum on your tits,” he blurted out.

“Is this going to take long?” I asked, reaching for the hem of my sweater.

“No, just a couple of minutes, tops!” he promised, wanking furiously.

As I still wasn’t wearing a bra, the simple act of pulling my sweater over my head, gave Andy the view he so badly craved: my big tits.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he moaned, as he slid off his chair and dropped to his knees. I was surprised to see cum dribbling from his pulsating dick. Taken by surprise by his own orgasm, he quickly realized that there simply wasn’t enough time to reach my tits. He was going to have to settle for the floor.

“All… over… your… fucking… tits,” he grunted as he gawked at my tits, while shooting thick, white ribbons of gooey sperm all over the floor between us. His balls must have been filled to the brim, from pumping his dick all night, because his ejaculation seemed to go on forever!

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