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The Black Stone Pt. 13

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This will be the last of the black stone stories, 13 parts and nearly 80,000 words.


Crawling between his sister’s legs Mark was in heaven, of all the women he was regularly having sex with, Mary, gave him the most pleasure. Running his tongue from her arsehole up the right side of her swollen pussy and down the left he stabbed her arse with his tongue. Groaning with pleasure Mary pulled her cheeks apart exposing her arse and gaping her cunt for him.

Mark was tempted to force his cock into her dark pink butt hole, the scent and look of her gaping bright pink cunt changed his mind. Moving up he lapped the mixture of girl cum and his spunk from her as he slid his tongue into her entrance. Greedily sucking the mixture of juice into his mouth he relished the heady mixture as he worked his way up to her swollen and exposed clitty.

As Marks tongue touched her clit she scrambled up the bed, “No, please Mark I am so tender, sore and sensitive, can we just cuddle?”

“Of course, I am so sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You haven’t hurt me, sex with you is exhausting, that last series of orgasm’s have left me drained and shattered.”

Looking down between her thigh’s Mark could see her long lips were engorged to around twice their normal thickness and had turned a deep red. Even her prominent clitty looked sore.

Grinning “That’s the problem with you young girls, just can’t stand the pace.”

Playfully she punched his shoulder as she headed off to the bathroom. Relaxing on the bed, Mark started to plan for the next few days. Scooping up his mobile Mark rang Sue, giving her, the address he told her “to get there ASAP.”

A knock at the door interrupted his thought’s. Looking through the spy hole he saw his Mother, Ruth.

As he opened the door he was truly impressed, it seemed working at the agency had re energised her. Dressed in a tight linen skirt and blouse, it was hard to believe she was his 57-year-old Mother. She whistled as she took in her son’s muscular body and licked her scarlet painted lip’s as she saw his semi erect cock resting on his inner thigh.

Reaching up for a kiss she couldn’t resist grabbing his cock as she walked into the room. Giggling, she led Mark by his cock into the centre of the room. Dropping to her knees she slid his flaccid length to the back of her throat. Massaging his heavy ball sac caused Mark to lean back and groan.

Ruth backed off his cock as it stiffened, eventually just his bell end stretched her mouth almost to its limit. When he was fully hard Mark easily lifted his mother. As she Hitched her skirt around her waist he tore her panties off. Putting his hands on her arse he pulled her toward him putting her legs around his waist. Ruth’s cunt was sopping and he hit the top of her cunt with one thrust.

As he hammered into her she giggled that it was a good job she had frigged herself in the car and again before she knocked on the door. This was exactly what she had hoped for as her son’s cock smashed into her cunt, it hurt a little as he rammed his 10″ length of fat cock deep into her pussy. Loving the hurt she swivelled her hips a little to get him even deeper.

Feeling sure that his cock was now hitting her pelvic bone she started to cum, bearing her cunt down on to his cock she shook and wailed as her orgasm overtook her. Feeling her cunt grip him, he shot a thick stream off cum deep into his Mother.

Collapsing onto the bed Mark felt completely drained, with Ruth snuggled into the crook of his arm he was asleep in second’s. Getting up, Ruth went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She was more than a little surprised to find her daughter, Mary, sitting on the bidet fast asleep.

Mary’s head was resting against the wall, as she had fallen asleep her arse had slid forward so the warm jet of water was gently spraying onto her arse. Noticing her daughter’s swollen, gaping bright pink cunt, Ruth understood why Mark had fallen asleep so quickly.

Waking early the next morning Mark saw his sister and mother, cuddled up to each other on the large couch. Smiling, Mark noticed that in her sleep Mary’s hand had fallen between his mother’s legs. Going to the bathroom Mark took a long hot shower as he thought about how to deal with Rosemary and Sue.

Coming back to the lounge, Mark switched the coffee machine on and still nude, wandered out onto the 18th floor balcony. Deciding he needed to speak to the Black Stone’s creators about his idea for Sue he retrieved the stone from his case.

Chapter 2

Pushing the small dent in the top of the stone, Mark felt a weight on his chest and woke up on a marble bench in the great hall. Remembering the rows of windows, he looked in the 1st one, it showed Rosemary laying in a hospital bed looking pale but much better.

The 2nd one showed his empty balcony, the third was of Mary and Ruth still fast asleep. Hearing the clicking of high heels on the floor, Mark looked forward to meeting Marcia and Hanna again. As the women approached he realised canlı bahis that it was the women known as the mistress. Seeing Mark her pace slowed and fear showed on her face as she remembered the back hand that had rendered her unconscious.

She was immaculately dressed in a pale blue skirt and cream blouse. Her long blonde hair was loose and pooled over her shoulders onto the swell of her tits. Mark took in her slim figure, long legs and feet clad in 4″ heels.

“Hi, I am here to see Marcia and Hannah. I would like to apologise to you for what happened when I was here before”

“My name is Hope, I will take you to your room and ask Marcia and Hanna to come to you.”

They walked along the corridor in silence, Mark could almost feel the hatred he could see in the women’s eye’s. As they entered the room Mark smiled as he saw it was now an exact replica of his hotel suite.

“Look I don’t want us to be enemy’s, come on in and I will make us coffee.

“Very well, it is my duty to make you comfortable.” Mark told her to sit while he made coffee. Clicking the coffee machine on, Mark decided to try to make peace with hope.

“I am sorry I hit you, I had little choice at the time, was just defending myself.”

“You have no idea what you cost me, the bruising and headache only lasted a few days. My status and reputation however, are gone for ever.”

Mark was puzzled,” I did nothing to affect your reputation and status.”

Lowering her dove grey eye’s “Not only did you beat me, as effortlessly as I swat a fly, you refused to have sex with me. I have become a joke to the girls who used to look up-to me.”

Now Mark understood, Hanna had only ever referred to her as the mistress, presumably Hanna and Marcia had climbed the ranks above her now.

“You mean you controlled the girl’s, bullied them for your own satisfaction.”

Mark saw Hope’s eyes begin to water as she nodded in agreement.

“Most of the girls barely speak to me now” As the tears began to flow, her shoulders dropped as she whispered, “I would do anything to just be their friend.”

“Unzipping his fly Mark slid his cock out, “Well suck this and maybe I will be your friend.”

Hope understood what he was doing, “The final humiliation?” she asked as her lips opened around his semi hard cock.

Mark had to admit the girl was skilled as she licked and grazed her teeth over his hardening cock. Undoing his trousers and letting them fall to the floor he leaned back and enjoyed the B.J of his life. Thinking Hope was around 35 he doubted she was a virgin. Feeling his approaching orgasm, he reached down and pulled her head off his cock. Pulling her up he threw her on the bed, jumping on top of her he rucked her skirt up, she wasn’t wearing panties and he could smell her wetness. Plunging 2 fingers into her, he held the struggling women down with one hand as he pumped his fingers deep into her tight cunt.

Satisfied she was ready, Mark forced her legs further apart with his knees. Hope’s eyes were blazing as she struggled against his iron grip. Pushing his hips forward Marks fat cock found her entrance, as he continued to push he slipped inside her. Hope stopped struggling as she felt her cunt opening to accommodate him. Letting go of her, Mark ripped her blouse off and pulled her bra releasing her ample tits. As he rammed deeper into her, he could feel her cunt working on his cock and before long she whimpered and shook as her cum bathed Marks cock.

Cruelly twisting her nipples as he banged her cunt she came twice more before Mark felt his cock start to swell. Tempted to pull his cock out and spray his load over her belly and tits to torment her some more, he changed his mind as she bucked her hips to meet his thrusting.

Spilling a huge load into her, he knew that he had reached her deepest places as she thrashed around in the grip of a massive orgasm. Rolling onto his side she quickly shifted with him, gripping his cock with her powerful cunt muscles. As Mark came down he felt her staring at him.

Grinning at her “well you said you wanted sex”

“Bastard” as she continued to bear down on his softening cock.

Eventually his cock fell out of her streaming pussy, and Mark got up to make Coffee. As he reached for some sugar, she came up behind him and pushed a finger up his arse.

“Cunt, you raped me. Best you get that cock hard coz it’s my turn now.”

Smiling Mark turned to face her, easily blocking her punch, he threw her on the bed. Faking rage, he snarled, “Fucking stay there, till I want some more.”

“What’s the matter, can’t the little man deal with a real woman.”

“Fuck you”

“Come on then” pulling her cunt wide apart he saw that her nectar was pouring out of her.”

Looking at each other they erupted in laughter as Hope snuggled into him.

“Was I ok, it’s been nearly 15 years since I have had sex”

“Oh yeah, fantastic”

Entering Hope again, Mark took it slow as he luxuriated in her soaking wet and tight pussy. bahis siteleri Feeling her start to cum as his cock expanded, they came together. As they cuddled, recovering from their intense orgasm’s Hope whispered

“Thank you, Mark, that was wonderful, have to go now. I will tell the other’s you are here.”

Looking at her wrecked blouse, hope shrugged and left in just her shoe’s as her skirt was soaked in spunk and pussy juice.

Mark relaxed and thought about his life since he had raped and was about to murder Collette on that grassy bank, nearly 5 years ago. He was beginning to believe that the stone had found him, rather than him finding it.

As he was wondering if he had mastered the stone, there was a knock at the door. Opening it, he was surprised to see the empress, Isabella, flanked by 2 young men.

“Boy’s meet your father”

Mark was stunned, “how can that be they are only 2 years old.”

“Our race matures at about 8 times normal speed and then slows down, when they reach 18, as you know we have a very long life.”

Mark shook their offered hands, unsettled by their likeness to him.

Laughing at Marks unease she asked her 2 sons to leave them. It was only as they walked away Mark realised he was nude. Feeling foolish he waved back at his son’s as they turned and waved goodbye.

Chapter 3

Closing the door Mark bent down to kiss Isabella, turning away from him she explained that the twin’s birth had been difficult and as a result she couldn’t have more children.

“Doesn’t matter, I just want you”

“Mark, I am an elder, I am here to lead my people, not have frivolous sex.”

“But it’s fun, want to feel you in my arms”

Isabella shook her head, “sorry Mark your sperm is far too valuable to be wasted on an old woman like me.”

“Talking of sperm, our doctor’s want to extract your sperm and impregnate our women artificially, they say the natural way is very wasteful.”

“Yes, on 2 conditions”

Isabella’s eyes locked onto Mark, “go ahead, what are your demands. We have gold, diamonds and a little platinum.”

“I don’t want your rich’s, just a little time to waste my sperm on you” Chuckling to cover his hurt that Isabella thought he wanted money he smiled at her as she nodded in agreement.

“Can you stay with us for 3 weeks as our doctors calculate it will take that long to harvest enough to impregnate our young women? I promise your stay will be pleasant and if you insist on having me, I will come to you twice a week.”

Nodding in agreement he reached for her, “Oh no, all good things come to those who wait, I will see you in 3 days.”

“Ok, Can I bring a young woman to you? I want you to teach her how to be feminine and behave like a lady, she’s a bit of a tom boy.”

“Yes, I can arrange for her intensive training. if she wants to learn, 3 weeks should be sufficient.”

Promising to return in a few hours Mark found himself back on his balcony.

Puzzled by Marks instructions, Sue packed an overnight bag and called a taxi. Paying the £300 fare with the credit card that Fat Freddy had given her, she was impressed when it went straight through.

Letting Sue in, Mark ushered her out to the balcony. Walking through the lounge Sue saw Ruth and Mary asleep on the bed.

“My god, where does this man get his energy from, 2 beautiful women already here, now he wants me as well!”

Mark quickly explained that “he wanted to take her to see some friends of his as he wanted her to learn the finer points of femininity.”

Looking confused, but nodding in agreement. Mark held her hand as he pressed the small dent on the stone. Carrying her from the marble hall he gently laid her on the bed and waited for Isabella.

As Sue started to come around, Hope arrived to take her for her 1st day of training and direct Mark to the medical centre. The doctors explained to Mark that it was a simple procedure to extract the sperm they needed and would take about 30 minutes, every 2 days.

3 weeks turned into 5 as Isabella said her Linguists wanted to work on Sue’s language skills. Mark didn’t mind as he found a fully equipped gymnasium and most day’s he played a strange version of soccer with his children. The nights were very pleasant as he alternated between Hanna and Isabella.

Soon Hanna was heavily pregnant as the gestation period in the kingdom was only 4 to 6 weeks, after 2 weeks Hanna found sex uncomfortable so Mark just cuddled her as they slept. At 4 week’s she delivered a healthy baby boy, Mark couldn’t have been happier and was present at the birth. As he left the delivery suite he saw Hope. She was in the later stages of labour and for the 2nd time that day Mark witnessed the miracle of birth as he held her hand.

At the end of the 5th week Isabella came to his room and announced to Mark that she was pregnant, somehow her body had defied the odds. She looked radiant as she undressed and came to Marks bed.

Mark and Isabella had become lovers in the truest sense bahis şirketleri and would spend hours just kissing and caressing each other. As Mark worked his way down her body he took her long nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around her nipple and Areole making her squirm with delight. Progressing over her slightly fleshy belly she spread her legs wider giving Mark an excellent view of her plump mons and long full lips. Turning around he feasted on her wet cunt as she sucked and nibbled on his thick cock.

Mark loved 69, especially with Isabella. As he licked and sucked her large clit into his mouth, he could see her pussy lips opening as they became slick with her juice. Watching her cum he grinned as he was sure her pussy winked at him as she ground her clit on his mouth.

Spinning herself around she straddled his hips, grabbing his cock she aimed it at her entrance. She was so wet and relaxed she slid all the way down marks cock until she felt him bump into the top of her cunt.

Raising herself up until just the tip of him was inside her, she slowly lowered herself until she had got his entire length. The effect on Marks cock was electric, soon he found himself begging her to let him cum. Taking about 5″ inside her she asked him to be gentle as he thrust into her. Knowing this would be their last time together, Mark took his time and slowly but firmly fucked her.

Isabella’s cunt gripped and rippled on Marks length as he thrust into her. As she came again, she swamped his cock in girlie juice and her cunt squeezed Marks cock, pushing him over the edge. As his spunk jetted into her Mark felt sad that he would probably never fuck her again as his cock jumped and pulsed.

Going to the bathroom to clean up, Mark was surprised and disappointed when she came back dressed. Dismissing his complaints, she leaned in for a kiss, saying that she had to go. Reminding him he was welcome back at any time she opened the door and was gone.

Stepping into the shower Mark felt down and sad as he realised that he was in love with a woman he could never have. Isabella was an Empress, a woman only when she needed to be for the good of her people. Turning the water off, Mark stepped out of the shower and was startled as he saw Sue standing in the doorway.

“Hi Sue, wow you look stunning.”

“Thank you, I would prefer you called me Suzannah”

Mark was impressed, her English was perfect and carried a slight upper- class accent. Her makeup was perfect and subtle accenting her eyes and mouth. Dressed in a pale green dress with her Jet- black hair cascading over her shoulder’s, she was stunning.

As Suzannah walked across the lounge on her 4″ heels, Mark noticed that her awkward gait and clumsy poise had gone. Feeling his cock stiffen as he watched her, he felt slightly guilty as he wondered how much she would earn for the agency.

Sitting on a chair, Mark watched as the young girl, slowly and seductively stripped for him. Removing her panties, spreading her legs slightly, she posed for Marks approval. As his eyes wandered over her body, he noticed that her tits seemed a little larger and her nipples seemed to be thicker and longer as they protruded from her pert tits.

As his gaze wandered over her flat stomach he noticed that her amateurish dragon tattoo had gone. Settling his eyes between her legs he saw that her pubic hair had been sculptured into a luxuriant strip stopping just above the top of her slot. As she turned for him, it almost took his breath away as he admired the swell of her hips and firm, round arse. She seemed taller, somehow her legs looked longer and fuller.

Moving to the bed she laid back, allowing Mark to muzzle on her tits. Her nipples were rock hard and swollen as he swirled his tongue over them. Moving down her body over her flat muscular stomach, he ran his tongue through the strip of pubic hair and into the slot of her pussy. Her sex lips seemed shorter and fuller than Mark remembered.

Her juices had started to flow and Mark greedily lapped at the sweet nectar as his tongue swirled around her clitty. Resisting the temptation to change into a 69 position, he lifted her feet onto his shoulders, pulling her lips apart he gazed at her pink hole as he gently massaged her clit.

Watching a pussy cum was Mark’s favourite, as Suzannah came he saw a rush of juice as her pussy flexed and almost closed before her muscles relaxed. Sucking at the fresh pussy nectar he moved down to the rosebud of her arse. As his tongue probed her arse she groaned in pleasure, reaching down she pulled her cheeks apart allowing him to penetrate her puckered hole with his tongue.

Unable to stand it anymore she reached for him to come to her. As Mark moved away from her arse he looked at the perfect rosebud. Noticing that she didn’t seem to have the darker ring around her arsehole that most people have.

As they kissed Marks cock found the heat and wetness of her cunt, pushing forward he sank into her creamy depth’s. Suzannah’s eyes flew open as his girth stretched her, Mark was far bigger than the various artificial cock’s that her trainers had used on her. Soon she felt her whole body starting to tighten as the warmth in her belly erupted into a massive orgasm.

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