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The Bluebird and the Sparrow

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The echoes of the bell signaling the last class of the day at Alexander Hamilton High school had barely died away and Angela Patterson was already on the move towards the Computer Lab. She was the president of the Computer Club and, since Susan Spears parents had been transferred, she was acting as Recording Secretary as well. The club membership was small, only fourteen members, but they were fascinated by the intricacies of computing and could program and repair the devices with the skill of professionals.

Angela had already received a full scholarship in Computer Sciences at MIT next fall and, since she had more than enough credits to graduate, was taking some blow-off courses in her senior year and spent most of her time in the lab. She was a pretty girl with long, dark hair, soft brown eyes, a generous figure and long, shapely legs. She never wore makeup, kept her hair in a bun, favored shapeless drab clothing and wore a back pack. She wanted to be judged by her accomplishments, not her looks.

She wasn’t especially comfortable dealing with most girls her age either. They seemed to her to be rather vapid and scatterbrained, chattering and tweeting endlessly on their phones and among themselves about bands, makeup, boys, movies, television, the current fads in social media and clothing.

She was polite when spoken to, yet cultivated no friends other than her fellow club members. Predictably, most of the other students thought of her as a nerd, but were not above asking her for help with their laptops when something went wrong.

She was the darling of the school’s faculty both for her GPA and her computer skills, yet she sought no special treatment or recognition, asking only to be left alone to pursue her interests. She sought no attention from the opposite sex either, seeing them as clumsy, rude, immature and tactless.

Most boys ignored her and those that did occasionally ask her out, were politely and summarily rebuffed. She felt more comfortable around members of her own sex anyway, even though most of them were flighty bubbleheads.

Reaching the Computer Lab, she saw that she was alone and breathed a sigh of relief. She set to work on the minutes of the last meeting and quickly finished them. Most of it was taken up with a spirited discussion as to the relative merits of PC OS’s and improvements the members felt should be made to them.

She preferred the Apple OS X system while the other members either agreed with her or touted the merits of their own Windows and Linux systems. Things would become somewhat heated, but no one ever stayed angry for long. Saving the minutes to her hard drive, Angela turned her attention to a particularly vexing version of rootkit malware currently affecting parts of the schools computer system.


Veronica Warren shifted uncomfortably in her chair outside the office of the Student Advisor, crossing and uncrossing her shapely, muscled legs and fussing with her long, straight blonde hair. Her angelic face was curled in a frown of annoyance at having to miss cheerleading practice so tired old Mister Dempsey could hector her about missing classes or some such nonsense. She was the Captain of the cheerleading squad and therefore should be at practice instead of sitting here in this stuffy room after school was over.

“You may come in now, Miss Warren.”

Veronica, ‘Ronnie’ to her teammates, stood up, smoothed the pleats of her uniform skirt and strutted into old Dempsey’s cluttered office, flashing a crimson lipped, white toothed smile. Dempsey, as usual, was shuffling through a sea of papers on his battered desk, looking harried and distracted, graying hair a tangled mess, short sleeved white shirt rumpled and stained striped tie askew. He looked up at her, peering myopically through thick, black framed glasses and said “How are you this afternoon, Miss Warren?” in a reedy voice.

“Just fine, sir,” she replied, not feeling fine in the least.

“Please sit down,” Ronnie sat. “Now I have been reviewing your academic record preparatory to your graduation in the fall and am quite impressed. A steady ‘B’ average along with your many student activities is quite an accomplishment.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I see you have already secured a full scholarship in Physical Education at Stanford University, well done, well done.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Now you’re probably wondering why I asked to see you this afternoon …” Dempsey began, riffling through a sheaf of papers.

‘C’mon, c’mon, I gotta get to practice’, Ronnie thought impatiently.

“… There seems to be a small discrepancy in the number of credits you need to graduate …” Dempsey continued.

Ronnie was instantly alert, “Discrepancy? What discrepancy?”

“It appears you are three academic credits shy of the number needed to graduate,” Dempsey said, “Therefore you will be required to take an additional class this year.”

“Wha … what sort of class,” Ronnie said, stunned at the turn of events.

“Ummm, let me see …” güvenilir bahis more paper shuffling. “Most of your classmates have already completed their schedules for the year … ah, here we are. You have a choice of either Auto Shop, Wood Shop, Computer Assisted Drafting or Computer Lab.”

“Huh? That’s it? There’s nothing else?”

“I’m afraid not. Now which one would you like?”

Ronnie thought frantically, the Shop classes were definitely out, loud, dirty, dangerous, ugh! Computer Assisted Drafting sounded boring. Computer Lab … hmmm … she knew a bit about computers. She’d be associating with a bunch of geeks and losers, still … “I’ll take Computer Lab, sir.”

“Excellent choice, Miss Warren, I’ll sign you up immediately.”

“May I go now, sir?”

“Yes, yes, of course, good day, Miss Warren.”

Ronnie made a beeline for the practice field, hoping she hadn’t missed too much. Maybe this Computer Lab thing wouldn’t be so bad. After all, she could always charm some boys into doing her work for her.


Angela was already in her seat at the Lab when Ronnie made her grand entrance. She had chosen her outfit carefully to make the best impression. Showing as much skin as was allowed, her hair was carefully combed and was wearing heels high enough to make her butt wiggle. Make up carefully applied, she smiled brightly as she swept into the classroom.

She knew she’d hit the mark by the looks on everyone faces; glazed eyes and open mouths on the boys, frowns and sneering lips on the girls; all except one who stared at her impassively. Ronnie was intrigued at the girls seeming indifference and chose a desk next to her, flouncing into her seat, the hem of her short skirt rising even higher on her shapely thighs. No reaction. How odd.

‘What’s this Little Princess doing here’, Angela thought, cynically. ‘Surely she isn’t interested in Computers and Information Processing, much less programming languages and system repair. She must be in the wrong room’.

“Good morning everyone,” said Mr. Rodman, “We have a new class member today, Miss Veronica Warren, welcome to Computer Lab, Miss Warren.”

“It’s a pleasure to be here, Mr. Rodman,” Ronnie purred, smiling sweetly and batting her mascaraed eyelashes at him. The boys continued to gape and the girls glared. Most everyone in school knew Ronnie or knew of her. She was the most popular girl in her grade with a constant entourage of muscular jocks following her about like so many ducklings after their mother.

She dated them all randomly, never settling on one, playing the field and enjoying every bit of the attention she received. She often wondered why none of the boys excited her sexually, but shrugged it off thinking she just hadn’t met the right one yet. Besides, she had college to think about and didn’t need any romantic entanglements at this time.

Angela shook her head in disdain at the performance. ‘Just another bimbo getting by on her looks’, she thought. Wasn’t she a cheerleader or something, whatever? She seemed pleasant enough and she definitely was pretty. No wonder all the boys liked her.

Angela suddenly felt dowdy and drab next to this silky skinned, tanned beauty. She had never given much thought to her appearance and was somewhat puzzled by her reaction to the girl’s presence. Then Mr. Rodman was speaking and her attention shifted to him.

“We are trying a new teaching method this year,” Mr. Rodman announced. “I will divide the class into teams of two each pairing one student with computer experience with another who has none. Miss Warren, have you much experience with computers?”

Ronnie shook her head, no.

“Ah, that completes the pairings then. You will be paired with Miss Patterson seated to your right. Mr. Allison, you and Ms. Hayes will be assigned to …”

‘What the devil …’ Angela thought. ‘Why stick me with this vapid beauty queen? This will be like teaching a goose algebra. This is just my luck’.

‘Crap on a cracker,’ Ronnie thought, ‘Why couldn’t I have some boy I could get to do my work for me? But nooo, I get the Ice Queen here. This is gonna suck big time.’

The girls eyed each other warily as Mr. Rodman continued reading off the list of assignments, then he said “If any of you have not been assigned a laptop previously, please see me after class and I will see you are issued one. Now, take the remainder of the class to converse with your teammate, review the syllabus I will be distributing and decide how you wish to proceed with the assignments.”

Angela made the first move. Extending her hand, she said “Hello, my name is Angela, welcome to Computer Lab. It seems we’ll be working together this year. Ronnie, isn’t it?”

Ronnie gripped the proffered hand, grinned and replied “Yes, that’s me alright. Nice to meet you Angela, can I call you Angie?”

Blue eyes met brown and something passed between them. They continued shaking hands, reluctant to let go, both feeling warm in the cool classroom. Ronnie broke the spell with an türkçe bahis effort, releasing her grip and saying “You know a lot about computers, huh?”

“Um, yes, yes I do,” Angela replied, “You can call me Angie if you like, I don’t mind.”

“Oh, cool,” Ronnie said, grinning again, “I have a cousin named Angela and everybody calls her Angie. It just seemed to fit.”

“I understand you’re a cheerleader. That must be exciting for you.”

“Yeah, I love it. The exercise, the thrill of performing, the crowd’s reaction to our routines, it’s super fun.”

“I’m a virtual recluse compared to you. I’d much rather be working on a computer problem by myself in private, different interests and all that.”

“I’m used to working with a team, you with computers. I think this is gonna work out just fine.”

“Yes, yes, I think it will.”


Weeks passed and the girls became friends, much to their respective companions’ dismay and chagrin. They began spending more time together outside of class, sitting together at lunch in the cafeteria, strolling in the halls between classes, meeting to go shopping at the mall. They were an odd couple, a Bluebird and a Sparrow, flashy and drab, yet they increasingly enjoyed the others company in spite of their diverse backgrounds. Gradually, they began to develop mutual interests in a variety of subjects including Japanese Anime and European films.

Under Ronnie’s influence, Angie began taking more of an interest in her appearance. After meeting with Ronnie’s beautician and hairdresser, she had her hair cut in a newer style, began wearing it long, started using makeup and affected more stylish and revealing clothing. It didn’t take long for the boys to notice the dark haired beauty that had suddenly appeared in their midst and began paying her more attention.

Ronnie, for her part, began to appreciate the advantages of a well-rounded education outside of athletics, courtesy of Angie who introduced her to art, literature and history and made it interesting instead of dull and boring as she had always thought. Since they were never shy of admiring male companionship, the girls double dated on weekends and enjoyed it immensely. However, they were most happy and content just being together.

No high school would be complete without a rumor mill and a gossip grapevine and Alexander Hamilton High was no exception. The primary topics of the moment were Angie’s physical transformation and she and Ronnie’s blossoming friendship. In due course, the rumor started that the girls were sweet on each other, but there was no evidence of this and the rumor quickly died. They dated boys didn’t they, so they must be straight and just close friends.


“Will you be staying for dinner, Ronnie?” said Mrs. Patterson, walking into the family room where the girls were studying together.

“Sure she will,” Angie replied, “We’re having spaghetti, meatballs, sausage and garlic bread. C’mon and stay.”

“I’d love to,” Ronnie replied, “I’ll text my Mom and tell her I’ll be home later.” She took her iPhone from her back pocket, typed rapidly, hit send and received a reply a moment later. “Mom says ‘Hi’ and no problem; she’ll see me later on.”

After dinner was over, the girls went back in the family room to study and Angie’s parents went up to their bedroom to watch TV. Finishing their studies, the girls decided to watch some Anime. So engrossed in it were they, that they failed to notice the worsening weather conditions outside.

Soon it was raining heavily and the wind was picking up, followed by thunder and lightning. Mrs. Patterson came downstairs and said “The Weather Bureau’s issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the next few hours. Maybe you better stay the night, Ronnie; it’s too dangerous to drive.”

“Ooh, yeah, stay with us, we can have a sleepover like when we were kids,” Angie said excitedly.

Mrs. Warren raised an eyebrow at the seemingly innocent invitation, but said nothing.

“Yeah, that’d be fun,” Ronnie replied, “Lemme text Mom and see if it’s okay with her.”

Ronnie’s mother said it would be fine and thanked the Patterson’s for taking care of her. “They’ve already announced power outages in the area,” Mrs. Patterson continued, “There’s a flashlight in the right hand kitchen drawer by the ‘fridge in case you need it.”

The girls thanked her, she went back upstairs and they continued watching their Anime. The storm outside continued to intensify, the claps of thunder and flashes of lightning causing the girls to instinctively cuddle together on the couch, each comforted by the others presence. Then the lights went out.

“Well, shit,” Ronnie said, disgustedly, “That ends that.”

“It sure is raining,” Angie replied, “I’m glad you stayed over.”

“Me too, driving in rain makes me nervous, I might skid or something.”

“I’ll get the flashlight and we’ll go upstairs.”

“Watch out, it’s really dark.”


“Ow, fuck!”

“What happened? You okay?”

“Yeah, güvenilir bahis siteleri I hit my knee on that stupid chair. There we are, now we can see. Let’s go.”

Reaching Angie’s room, she said “I think I have some stuff for you to sleep in.”

“No prob,” Ronnie said, “I sleep naked. Is that a problem?”

“Nope, I only wear panties to bed.”

Ronnie held the flashlight while Angie turned down the duvet and top sheet, then they undressed and crawled into bed. Hearts beating, they lay together in the dark. They had never been in such an intimate situation before; it was so exciting.

“I’m not sleepy,” Angie said.

“Neither am I.”

“We could talk I guess.”

“Or we could do this,” Ronnie replied, rolling half on top of Angie and kissing her hard on the mouth.

Surprised, Angie gasped, and then returned the kiss with equal fervor. They embraced and kissed hungrily for several minutes, rubbing their bodies together. Stopping to breathe, Angie said “God, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“Me too,” Ronnie purred, kissing her neck, “I wanted to kiss you weeks ago, but I thought you’d get mad at me or somethin’.”

“Mmmm, that feels good,” Angie said, “I thought about it too, but I was scared you’d think I was weird.”

“Does this feel weird?” Ronnie said, kissing her again. They continued kissing as they began to explore each other. “Oooh, you naughty girl,” Ronnie said, caressing Angie’s bare ass, “No panties, huh?”

“You don’t mind do you?” Angie said playfully, sliding her hand between Ronnie’s legs and onto her damp pussy, “What do we have here?”

“Mmmmm, stick your finger in,” Ronnie moaned, groping for and finding Angie’s equally damp pussy and slipping a finger in, “Like this.”

Angie did and, moaning into Ronnie’s mouth, they kissed and fingered each other for several minutes, kissing hungrily, their passions rising until Angie cried, “Fuck me harder, I’m cumming!” She rubbed Ronnie’s clit hard as they climaxed in unison, muffling their cries of joy in their partner’s mouth.

Pussies tingling in delicious aftershocks, they lay side by side, holding hands, breathing hard, savoring their first sexual experience together.

“That was intense,” Ronnie said, “You made me cum so hard, it was wonderful.”

“Oh, I know,” Angie replied, “Your fingers felt so damn good in my pussy I could hardly stand it.”

Ronnie sat up and said, “Now I want to taste you.”

“Oh yeah,” Angie said, “Suck my pussy, baby. I want your tongue in me.” She raised her knees, spread her legs wide and Ronnie slid between them, the delicious aroma of an aroused woman filling her nostrils. She licked gently at Angie’s dripping hole and, loving the taste, covered the girl’s labial lips with her mouth and sucked noisily while driving her wiggling tongue between them.

“Oh God, oh Jesus, yesyesyes,” Angie moaned as Ronnie licked and sucked her cunt. Hips jerking, she writhed on the bed, wanting her lover to eat her, eat her until she could cum in her sweet mouth. Ronnie had never tasted anything this delicious as Angie’s plentiful pre-cum juices filled her mouth. She gulped, swallowed and went back for more.

Angie was going insane as Ronnie stuck two fingers in her pussy and twisted them around, in and out, while sucking on her lover’s swollen clit. “Ahhhhh, fuck me, fuck me,” Angie howled, “Oh God, I’m gonna cummmm …” and she did, slamming her pussy against Ronnie’s mouth, her orgasm making her shake all over as she erupted in a flood of ejaculate.

Ronnie choked, gasped and swallowed what she could, the rest dripping down her chin and onto the sheets. She ate Angie to a second powerful orgasm, then crawled up her body and embraced her until she calmed.

“Ohhh, that was so damn good, baby,” Angie panted. “Your tongue about drove me crazy.”

“I like driving you crazy,” Ronnie replied, kissing her.

“Now it’s your turn,” Angie said, “Spread them legs, babe, I’m gonna lick your pussy until you can’t stand it.”

Ronnie did and then Angie snuggled down between her lover’s muscular thighs. Her mouth watered as she smelled the aroma of the girl’s gooey snatch and she licked gently at the warm flesh. A gasp and a throaty moan from Ronnie encouraged her to explore further. She began licking from the girls puckered asshole up to her throbbing clit and down again, over and over until Ronnie’s moans were as loud as shouts.

Gripping Ronnie’s thigh with one hand, Angie sucked, licked and nipped at her lover’s engorged clit while working two fingers deep inside her, wanting to get her off as strongly as she had done to her. Within minutes, Ronnie shrieked, her back arched and she began writhing on the bed, her orgasm burning through her.

Angie hung on and continued sucking until Ronnie had a second orgasm and fell back on the bed, uttering little whimpers of release and gasping for breath. Angie hugged her until Ronnie’s breathing slowed and she murmured, “Damn, woman, you sure can suck pussy. I thought my head was gonna explode.”

“I’m so glad you liked it, love,” Angie replied, “I wanted you to cum as hard as I did when you ate me.”

“Like it, I loved it. I only wish we’d done this sooner,” Ronnie said, “I guess we’re Lesbians now, huh?”

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