Eki 19

The Bonfire

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My brother Jack’s new house is gorgeous. Suburban brick two story, just the right size for him and my sister-in-law. They finally have a fire pit and have invited several of us over. I’m just off my first semester of college. Studying and school have been a big part of my life. Haven’t had time for many friends or boys for that matter. Not that I would give any of the boys my age the time of day with the way they ask for things…

I am a little late to arrive. Wearing a simple white V-neck shirt and a black pencil skirt with black slip Ons, it’s obvious I’m not good at dressing down for these kinds of things. I smell the fire smoke and leaves burning. I need this time off or I fear I may collapse my genius all together and have a mental breakdown. I make my way to the back and after greeting Jack & my 2 other brothers, I turn around to grab a marshmallow and in the dark run straight into you. I apologize, but my eyes slowly adjust to the dimly lighted yard and I realize who it is.


“Hey T. Long time no see.” You embrace me in your strong hold and my small but tall ankara escort frame is overcome with sensation from the contact. I hug you back, resisting the urge to grip your shirt tighter, beg you to hold me longer. I clear my throat and pull away slowly. I notice you’re not here with anyone and as we chat, I can’t stop watching your mouth. You kissed me like a man should kiss on my 16th birthday (for no reason at all) & it was never spoken of again. It was my first and last kiss.

The night moves on and you hang close to me, brushing up against me every once in a while, making my skin cover in warm sensations. At one point you convince me to take 2 shots with you, calling me a chicken, telling me to loosen up. I give in and right away I feel the tightness and stress leave my body. You sneak me out of sight from my brothers back in the darkness against an old willow. You brush my face and tell me I’m even more beautiful since becoming a young lady my whole body blushes.

You press your body against mine and any other guy I would have pushed away. But not you. I’ve known you my whole ankara escort bayan life. I’ve had silly innocent dreams about this. But nothing like the hard bulge you’re rubbing up against me. My head tips back against the tree, but soon you grab my face and make me look at you directly. “This is gonna hurt a little.” I’m puzzled until I feel the open air between my legs and realize you’ve hiked up my skirt bunched around my waist and my panties are around my ankles. You’ve only just pulled your thick veiny cock out of your shorts and when you begin rubbing it against my clit I squirm a little. It feels good. Too good. You press against me more tightly and firmly close a hand around my mouth, giving me an apologetic look before your eyes darken with lust and you begin pushing inside me.

You’re too big. No, you’re too big it won’t fit. I squirm again and whimper loudly against your hand . I don’t call for help because this is what I’ve wanted, for someone to just take me so I have no time for hesitation. But the pain, oh the goddamn pain. You let me squirm in your arms and sort of gently escort ankara wrestle me to the ground behind the tree, pressing your weight on my body, grunting as my pussy clamps down around you, you have to wiggle your hips just to get all the way in, so tight.

We can both feel the blood smearing on the tip of your cock. You kneel between my legs and begin thrusting, my eyes watering. My stomach is tight, and you can see your thickness bulge in it when you press in all the way. You take your hand off my mouth only to cover it with yours as you hold my arms down and thrust harder. I see something happening to you. You’re sweating. Your skin tints red. You’re grunting deeply. You hold back with everything not to growl out but the music is too loud now anyway. When you release, I gasp and feel your thick strings of hot cum gather inside me. You keep shaking and holding me down, your eyes roll to the back of your head. When you finish you lay over me, panting and breathing heavily. Just as quickly you pull out and slide my panties back up my legs, helping me up from the grass and brushing me off. I’m frozen in shock. And a strange feeling of pleasure although what happened to you didn’t come close to happening to me. You lean in, kiss me on the forehead quickly and whisper, “Next time I’ll make you cum like I did.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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