Mar 14

The Boss’s Son

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The Boss’s SonThis happened in the late 60’s. I was 14 when my mom and I found ourselves needing to go out and find a job. My dad had just left us and I had 2 younger brothers so we were left to fend for ourselves. I was on summer vacation, just finished 8th grade so we went to some Catholic organization and they sent us to this fancy restaurant that needed a dishwasher and busboy. Both of us were hired on the spot and started the following day. Our boss, the manager of the restaurant, lived in Mexico just across the border and commuted back and forth to work everyday. The waitresses told me the boss had an 11 yr. old son that he brought to work with him on the weekends and that he was a holy terror named Juan. They told of pranks that he pulled on them, that he was obnoxious and rude, would sometimes cuss them out and would sexually harass them. I had always had an affinity for other young boys so I couldn’t wait to meet him when I heard that last part. This was on a Tuesday and I knew that the anticipation was going to make the week go by very slowly. A few days later another waitress told of this trick that Juan had tried to pull on her. He asked her if he could perform a magic trick on her and of course she was leery of him so she asked what sort of trick. He said that they needed to go to the banquet hall where they could have more room. The banquet hall was down the hall from the cashier past the public phone and restrooms. The door to the banquet hall was an accordion type partition. Once past the doorway to the left you had this elevated, carpeted area about six inches above the main floor. Playing along just to see what he was up to she agreed to go with him. Once inside the room he instructed her to lie down on her stomach on the carpet to which she said something like screw you and left. Well, after hearing this bit of a jewel I immediately ran to the restroom and beat off and now I really couldn’t wait to meet this little sex pervert! I wished with all my might that he would ask me to be his volunteer for his magic trick! By the time Saturday morning arrived I was fit to be tied. I was shaking on the way to work and very excited. When we got there the boss and Juan hadn’t arrived yet so it gave me a little time to settle down by trying to concentrate on my work. I told myself he was just one more k** that I was going kırklareli rus escort to add to my list of sex toys. That sort of helped. I was setting up one of the tables and I just happened to look up towards the front entrance and there they were; the old man standing next to this beautiful dark haired beauty. My heart started pounding and my dick started to throb and harden. I had made it a point to wear the tightest black jeans I could find to show off my bulge and my butt. I was 5’6 130 lbs and always made it a point to do exercises that would give me that round hard ass that I loved on other boys. I wore a white shirt tucked in. I noticed he was wearing the same as me. I was told that his job was going to be helping the bus boys/girls. There were two of us guys, the other was this guy in his 20’s and the girl was in high school. We were required to wear dark slacks and white shirt. He was dressed for it. I noticed that he too had some very tight pants, dress slacks, that really showed off his ample butt and I could see the outline of his dick through the smooth material. He gave me a smile and walked right over to me. My heart beat faster, my mouth got dry, and my breathing became heavy. He started right into me as soon as he stopped in front of me. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself in perfect Spanish. Why that surprised me I don’t know after all I knew he lived across the border. “Hi I’m Juan and my dad tells me that you’re new here so I want you to work closely with me today so I can train you correctly. I want you to get rid of any bad habits the others may have taught you. Ok?” His beauty captivated me right away. He had these clear brown eyes, long thick eyelashes, fair smooth skin, high cheekbones, and full red lips, he was gorgeous. Through out his introductory speech I kept his hand in mine. He slowly pulled his hand away. I stared at him then busted out laughing. He took a step back with this bewildered look in his eyes.”What are you laughing at? I’m the boss here and you have to do as I say don’t you understand that?” I slowly stopped laughing and answered, “Yeah, yeah I heard all about you and how tough you are so if that’s the way you want to play it that’s fine with me so go ahead and show me everything you know and I mean everything I can’t wait!” I kırklareli rus escort bayan said with a sly smile and a wink. He stood there for a few seconds dumbfounded then smiled at me and said, “That’s more like it. I think we’re gonna get along just fine,” and winked back at me. It had always been very easy for me to seduce little boys and make them feel very at ease with sex, making it seem so natural, and I could tell this was going to be no exception. The only question here was who was going to seduce whom? It seemed like it was going to be a mutual thing. By late afternoon we were getting along great, with lots of teasing and laughing going on. The waitresses thanked me over and over for getting him out of their hair. Believe me it was my pleasure. They couldn’t believe he was actually acting human. I had a way with other boys and it seemed like I hadn’t lost my touch. I had managed to snuggle his plump ass up against my throbbing dick on several occasions by playing with him, tickling him from behind and putting my arms around him bringing him close to me. He in turn wiggled his ass up against my hard on and looked back at me and smiled. Still hadn’t heard anything about the magic trick so I casually asked him, “So, how am I doing boss?” In mock seriousness he answered, “You’re doing just fine, but you still have a lot to learn.”I pretended to be serious too, “I’m eager to learn everything you have to teach me,” and we smiled at each other. He started walking away and he stopped and turned to look at me catching me checking out his great ass. “Later, I’ll teach you some more. Later.” He winked and proceeded to walk away giving me another of so many hard-ons that day. I swear my dick didn’t stop oozing pre cum all that day and on several occasions I noticed a big wet spot in the front of my pants. Thank god I was wearing black! Finally it was closing time and we had a ball that day but still no mention of the magic trick then out of now where he says to me “after you finish with that table go to the banquet hall I want to teach you a magic trick.” I couldn’t believe my ears we were finally going to play!!! I quickly threw all the dishes in the cart, ran them over to the kitchen and ran out the back door of the kitchen which also led to the room. I entered and had trouble rus escortkırklareli adjusting my eyes to the darkness but I heard him whisper beckoning me over to the stage. I could sort of make him out with the little light that was coming through the partition door next to the platform where he was sitting. I rushed over and sat next to him. “So you said something about a magic trick?” I whispered, not being very cool about it. At this point I wished that I hadn’t worn such tight jeans as my dick was straining to be released from its confines. “Yeah just lay down on your stomach and I’m gonna do a magic trick but you have to trust me ok?” Hell he didn’t have to ask twice I jumped up in the air and landed on my stomach next to him. He knelt behind me, grabbed my ankles and spread my legs and moved up towards me. I pushed my ass up a bit hoping to entice him but I had a feeling he didn’t need any more encouragement. He leaned forward gently putting both hands on my shoulders making circular motions. He was a bit shorter than me so he had to lean over quite a bit and his hard little dick pressed up to my upraised ass making us both inhale hard. I could just feel the pre-cum oozing out of me and it felt great! The he started to murmur, “Abracadabra patas de cabra,” over and over. Translated it means abracadabra calves feet. I know it loses a lot in the translation but it rhymes in Spanish and that’s what counts. He rubbed my back all the way down and started massaging my ass and then back up. He did this several times continuing to whisper the “magic” words. It certainly was magic to me! After about a minute he laid his body on top of mine, hooked his arms under mine and started to hump me saying over and over, “I’m fucking you I’m fucking you.” I just laid there and pushed my ass up to meet his grinding hips. We were so fucking hot and then we heard his dad yelling from down the hall on the other side of the partition. “Juan where are you?” We heard his footsteps coming closer and we both jumped up and sat on the edge of the stage just as the partition opened and he stuck his ugly head in. “What are you boys doing?”Juan answered, “Nothing dad we just wanted to sit and relax and just talk for a bit that’s all.” I think we were both breathing hard and sweating cause he looked at first him then at me with this weird look in his eye. “Well, it’s almost time to go so you boys better come on out of there.” The old man turned and walked away. I put my arm on Juan’s shoulder and he said, “Tomorrow, we can do it again okay?” I kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “I can’t wait till tomorrow.” The following day things really got hot and heavy but I’ll tell you about that very soon.

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