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The Bull and the Bashful Wife

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Hairy Pussy

The Bull and the Bashful WifeThe following story is true, it happen the Saturday before Christmas. I have changed the names but….enjoyThe Bull and the Bashful WifeI got a phone call from Chris. He said that he had heard that I was a good bull and he thought I might be a good fit for his wife, Mary. Mary had only had sex with 3 men even though she was 38. He wanted her to cuckold him and he would watch. He sent me a photo of his wife. Mary was 5.5 about 150 lbs. blonde with a nice set of tits. But she was extremely shy. She agreed that she wanted to fuck men in front of Chris. So we made a date to meet at a local hotel.The day/time arrived. Cris had called and told me the room number. I knocked, Chris met me at the door.”And this is my wife Mary.””Hi Mary.””Hi” she kinds of hides behind Chris.”Come here dear and properly greet our guest.” She steps out and offers her hand. I take her hand and kiss it. She giggles and pulls back her hand. We take care of a little paperwork, basically saying that everything that is to happen between us is completely consensual.Chris and Mary sit on the couch and I sit in a chair as we do small talk for a few minutes.”Mary, what do you wish to get from tonight?” She looks embarrassed (which is so cute!) and mumbles something.”Sorry I didn’t quite catch that.”” I want to have sex.” “Yes, thank you. I want to have sex with you too.” She seems even more embarrassed. I ask Chris the same, ” I want to see you fuck Mary” She looks at him like she just got thrown to a wolf! “I think Chris and I should trade places.””ah OK” Chris moves to the chair and I sit next to Mary. I lean over and give Mary a kiss on the cheek. She is very nervous. “Mary, do you want to have sex with me?” “Ah well yes, but I haven’t been with anyone since we were married.” “That is good Mary, nothing has to happen tonight, I just want to get to know you. Is that OK?””Yes, fine.” We chat for a few minutes then I take her in my arms and try to kiss her, güvenilir bahis but I only get past her lips.”Mary dear, you are a very sensuous woman, I would like to kiss you.” She bursts into tears and runs into the bathroom. I look at Chris and he shakes his head. “let me see what I can do.” He goes to the bathroom. I hear a little more crying then quiet talking, someone gets spanked a few times, then they come out together. A very meek Mary takes my hand and put it on her tit.”Fuck me please.””You are sure you want this, for me to fuck you?” “Yes”I take her in my arms again and lightly kiss her. Her body is still tight as we kiss. I break the kiss, kissing down her neck. Mary is breathing hard as I kiss her again. She has relaxed a little and I deeenp the kiss. Now a break the kiss and kiss down the other side of her neck, then back up. I kiss her nose and she smiles, then I kiss her again. This time she puts her arm around my shoulder. As I kiss her deeper her hand begins to press my head into her. I now fully kiss her, my tongue explores her throat as my hand cups her breast through her dress, she jumps a little at first as I touch her breast, but that only lasts a second before she begins to kiss me back. I lighten the kiss and Mary softly moans as I feel her nipple hardening, I caress both of her breasts now. She breaks our kiss and holds me as she quietly moans, and gasps for breath. “Are you OK dear?” A hard kiss is my reply.I reach behind her and lower the zipper in her dress, she stiffens again and I pull back and kiss her. “You may touch me too if you like Mary.” She smiles and I kiss her again. Her hands now begin to roam a little. I take her hand and place it on the bulge in my pants. She recoils then I cup her breast again, she moans softly then slides over my bulge. “That’s right dear, you can feel my desire for you, and you may undress me anytime you want.” She giggles as she strokes my bulge. I kiss her and she deeply kisses türkçe bahis me back, I lower the her zipper all the way. I slide the dress from her shoulders and she stiffens again! I kiss her nose and then deeply kiss her. She moans as I unclip her bra. I deepen the kiss even more as I cup her bare breast in my hand. Mary’s nipple is so erect I begin to roll it in my fingers as gasping she breaks the kiss. I let her catch her breath then kiss her again as I caress both of her breasts. She pulls down the zipper on my slacks and slides her hand into my shorts. Mary caresses my cock for the first time. I lift her head, “Mary do you want my cock inside you?””Yes, I want to be fucked by someone other than Chris while Chris watches!””Perhaps we would be more comfortable on the bed?”We get up and Mary’s dress slides off, I remove her bra. She unbuttons my shirt and I remove my pants, I kiss her and again feel her stiffen as I hold her close. Here nipples are hard and I caress her breast, slowly, as seductively as I can and Mary moans softly and melts in my hands. I lay her into the bed. I lay next to her and take her tit into my mouth. She moans and my hand slides down to her soaked panties. Mary stiffen again, but only for a moment as I slide under her panties and caress her pussy. It is so very wet with her need! I slide two fingers into her pussy. She gasps! And then moans as I spread her legs apart.”Oh God, FUCK ME.” she exclaims as I begin to finger fuck her pussy.I kiss her “Yes, I will fuck you Mary, I am glad that you want me now!””Oh GOD you are driving me wild!”I suck on her erect tit as my fingers dive into her wet pussy. A few minutes and she cums!”Oh JEEZ, GOOOOD oh FUCK.” She grabs the sheet and my hair driving me into her breast in her passion. Slowly she relaxes a little.”There are many more to come my dear.”I slide between Mary’s legs and begin to kiss and lick her soaked pussy and erect clit. She is so wet! She moans as I slide a finger güvenilir bahis siteleri into her cunt drawing a louder moan and she twists her hips a little. “Oh you like that do you Mary?””Oh god yes!”I remove my finger and my tongue penetrates her pussy lips. I suck and lick her, but then begin ti lick here pussy and then her clit, pussy then clit, pussy then clit, I keep this up until she cums hard!I lean forward and hold her in my arms. We kiss passionately, my stiff cock lies on her hip, throbbing with need, soon to be taken care of.”Mary are you ready for me.” “Ready for you, oh you mean…..yes fuck, fuck me please.””You want me to fuck you. Fuck your pussy, your cunt.””Yes, fuck my cunt.”I move my cock so that the tips is just touching her lips.”Look at me Mary.” She looks at my face, I slowly slide the head of my cock into her. She gulps at first then as I slide in deeper.”Chris, he is fucking me! I am fucking another man!” “Yes, enjoy it my dear.”I slide deep into her cunt until my balls slap against her. I kiss her hard she wraps her arms around my shoulders as I begin to thrust and thrust beginning the cycle as I thrust hard into her.I lift her legs up so I can drive deeper into her, she moans…….Mary came twice, “Do you want me to breed you Mary.” “Yes, oh yes!” She’d says yes to anything at this point! “Mary reach up and grab my nipples, grab them hard. Don’t be afraid. Yes that’s right now pull and twist them. Yes it hurts a little but the pleasure is much larger.”I thrust hard into her three more times then my cock pulses with my cum. I moan pumping my seamen deep into her pussy and womb.I take Mary into the shower and play with her ass. She is relaxed now, she has finally fucked another man! She kisses me and thanks me.I got home about 2 that morning. Two days later I was near Chris and Mary’s place. I called, Mary answered. I invited myself over, but it would just be Mary and me, since Chris was at work. Mary greeted me at the door, and once inside kissed me hard! “I talked to Chris, he said that you are special and that I should do anything I want with you. So come to my bed dear bull!” We fucked that day and several since, I opened Mary up to anal and she loves it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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