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The Candle

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Katie got out of her bath feeling amazing and warm. She had the apartment to herself and her roommate who was her brother Jeff would be out for hours with his girlfriend. After work she had gone to the store and bought a few candles to light as she took a long soaking bath. The flickering light was nice and calming after a long week and the soaping she gave to herself was sensual. Feeling turned on all day as she thought all about her evening plans. As she lay in the tub and her straight blond hair was clinging to her shoulders she massaged her breasts and pulled hard on her nipples. Letting out soft moans to the dim lit bathroom and knowing that no one could hear her if she got really into herself. Letting one hand float down there wet skin to her inner thigh she caressed and teased her body to arousal. Her green eyes shut tightly as she entered with one finger and gently played with her lips and folds until she found her hole and pressed hard up into herself. Her back ached suddenly as she felt the sudden twinge of delight and fullness inside her tight passage and she rubbed back and forth. Lifting her foot onto the edge of the tub and massaging herself with two fingers now and at the same time rubbing and caressing her nipple, face and hair. Katie moaned and thought of what will come next. Thumbing her clit alittle the waves rose up fast and the arousal over took her senses and she cried out and giggled alittle as her orgasm swept her up and left her feeling tingling and dizzy. Getting up from the warm water and toweling herself off by padding at her skin. She swiped her hand across the bathroom mirror and in the smear she saw herself and smiled at her nudity. She still felt horny and went on to the next part of her private pleasuring evening. On her bed were another long candle and her camera.

‘Mmmmmm…’ Katie sighed and took the camera and attached it to the tripod beside her bed. She jumped onto the bed and lay in a sexy pose with her breasts spilling out from behind her hands. Her red torture nipples peeking out from between her thumb and fingers. The flash blinded her for a second and all she could see were tiny round dots before her eyes. She sat up and set the timer again and lay back revealing her pussy fully and pulling her lips open with her fingers, flash!

Her fingers came back covered and scented with her cream and she set the timer and as the picture was taken it was of her licking her fingertips. The taste on her tongue was sweet and familiar. She got on all fours and reached back and fingered herself in front of the camera. This new toy was something she wanted for along time and the idea of taking these shots by herself was a really huge turn-on. Katie took two more shots and then caressed herself happily to near a climax but not over the top. Rubbing her clit gently and feeling the strong intense waves washing at her shores she set the timer and posed so as to see herself in the frame cuming.

For half and hour or so she lay on her bed and gently caressed her breasts and pussy. Enjoying her own body and the sensations she could draw out and sustain for as long as she desired. She rolled over and felt the candle under her ass. She reached down and retrieved it. She stared at the long white stem and rolled it between her hands and could just make out the scent of lavender. Moving it to her body she rolled it over her breasts one at a time and down her belly. It felt hard and warm and the heat of her body forced more scent from it. Turning it in her palm she pressed the thick end of the stem to her pussy and rubbed up and down her wetness. It made her moan just doing that as she was so completely aroused by now. The temptation now too great. She güvenilir bahis pushed it inside and felt her body react to the intruder. Hard and thick it pressed against her inner walls. She lay there with it in her and closed her legs to feel it even more. She thought of taking a photo with the digital but the idea of moving was beyond her now. All she wanted was more. Katie took the end of the candle and moved it deeper and pulled it out and pressed it again inside her lips. She entered herself several more times with the but end of the candle. That was when she saw him. Jeff and his girlfriend standing at the bedroom door that she has accidentally left open before her bath. So lost in her own pleasuring she totally lost track of the time. It was late in the evening and she stared back at him and Lisa, the tall dark haired girl standing just behind him. They both stood there silently.

‘Jeff…um. Come in or close the door, one or the other, okay.?!’ Katie said feeling her face turn beet red. She found the hem of the duvet and pulled it up over her hips hiding her pussy.

‘Oh, sorry Kate. We didn’t mean to…you know. We’ll go out again.’ He stuttered and started to shut the door when Lisa put her hand in the frame to stop it.

‘Could we come in, Katie?’ Lisa asked and nibbled on her lower lip. Her dark eyes shining from behind her wire rimmed glasses.

‘Lisa!’ Jeff said and pulled her hand away from the door.

‘No, Jeff…mmmokay. You two can come in if you want.’ Katie said and lay on her side to shade the view of her candle sex toy.

Lisa then noticed the camera and became even more aroused than she was from watching Katie getting off.

‘Were you taking pictures of yourself, Katie?’ Jeff asked feeling alittle embarrassed to even still be standing there at all.

‘Um, well…. I couldn’t help myself. I just was so turned on by the idea I had to try it. Just for me though…. Um Lisa. Will you take one of me right now?’ she asked. Jeff stood silently.

‘Sure hun! You look so beautiful right now Katie…yum’ she said and clicked a picture as Katie lay back facing the camera and holding her toy deep in her pussy.

‘I’ve never used a candle before. Is it good?’ Lisa asked and stood away from the camera to admire Katie on the bed.

‘Oh Lisa it is heaven. Try it!’ Katie said and gently tugged her toy from her body.

Lisa looked at her and then at Jeff and started to undress.

‘Lisa, what are you doing, that’s my sister! Maybe I should go and leave you two alone.’ He said and turned for the door.

‘No way, stop right there. Take a picture of me Jeff.’ Lisa shouted and dropped her skirt to the floor and joined Katie on the bed and gave her a hug. She whispered in Katie’s ear.

‘Will you do it to me sweetness?’

Katie moved up on her knees and faced Lisa for a moment. Then she placed the tip of the candle on Lisa’s nipple and flicking it until it grew erect. Lisa moaned softly and this sound brought Katie in to her. She held one hand around the back of Lisa’s head and stroked her hair. Kissing her cheek first and moving her mouth over her brother’s girlfriend’s pretty face till her lips met Lisa’s lightly. Lisa let out a sigh and felt Katie’s soft mouth covering her own as a hand moved and cupped her breast. Jeff stood amazed at the scene and his cock pressed against his pants painfully. He shuffled alittle and thought again about leaving the room. But his feet wouldn’t move. His hand caressed the lump in his jeans. The image of his sister and girlfriend making out would stay with him for many fantasies after this night. He looked thought the lens and clicked the photo. Pushing Lisa back down on the bed türkçe bahis Katie lowered her face down and kissed her tummy and her hair fell and caressed Lisa’s skin. She made a low sighing and asked Katie to lick her. Jeff could barely stand his cock was so hard and straining against his jeans as he looked again through the camera and took another photo. Lisa’s fingers clutched at the bedsheets and she let out a long moan as Katie touched her tongue to her slit and ran it slow and easy up and down again. With each pass she pressed in deeper and soon was licking her broadly and pulling her lips open with her fingertips.

‘Oh….nnnnmmmmmm Katie!’ Lisa cried as she felt the sharp touch to her slowly arousing clit by Katie’s front teeth.

‘Did you like that hun?’ Katie asked lifting her face only alittle from Lisa’s lips.

Jeff stood by the camera, forgetting it was even there as he gazed at his lovely girl being taken for the first time by another woman, his sister!

‘Mmmmmm, y,yessss…. But take it easy for a bit okay’ Lisa moaned and kicked on foot out to the end of the bed. Her long legs letting that foot dangle loosely over the edge. The other leg fell to one side opening herself totally to Katie.

‘Oh sorry…. I guess I got carried away.’ Katie smiled and picked up the candle lying by her knee.

‘Maybe I should use this now…what do ya think, Jeff?’ she smirked at him and saw his discomfort growing. He said nothing. Remembering the camera he looked at the viewscreen and clicked another shot as Katie rubbed the fat end of the candlestick on Lisa’s slit. She lay down between her legs and licked slowly around her pussy as the candle pressed into her hole and entered her.

‘Owwwwww. Please…there…oh yes Katie darling’ Lisa whispered as the candle moved deeper and turned up against the roof of her sex, rubbing her and thrusting at the same time. Katie licked gently at her clit for some time. Lisa reached up above her head and clasped the headboard with her fingertips and closed her eyes, moaning softly and the occasional cry as a nerve was touched just right by Katie.

‘Owww Jeff, come and join us sweetie. Come and kiss me darling.’ Lisa sighed only half opening her eyes as the ecstasy rolled all the way from her toes to the tip of her head. Her skin burned and felt tingly and the start of her orgasm was rising. She knew it would be soon and wanted him there beside her when she came for Katie.

Jeff stood motionless and looked on. Gazing at Lisa who was lost somewhere far away by the expression on her face and then down to his sister who licked and then glanced up at hearing Lisa speak. Katie’s face softened as she returned his look. She lightly fingered the edge of Lisa’s swollen pink lips with a fingertip and held the candle deep inside her lover.

‘It’s okay with me Jeff…’ Katie whispered to her brother.

He undressed in a second. The relief of releasing his cock finally was all he could wish for but now lay beside Lisa. Stroking her soft hair and kissing her face and burying his mouth down onto her neck and kissing below her ear the way he knew she loved. She responded with a long moan and touched his face.

Katie watched them kiss and moved her hand slowly up Lisa’s hip and over to Jeff’s leg. The sight of his long thick cock resting against Lisa’s thigh turned Katie on so much she became adventurous enough to attempt to touch him there. The tip of her index finger brushed the head of his cock and it throbbed in reply.

‘Katie, what are you doing!?’ he asked in shock.

Katie leaned over and planted a kiss on his shaft and told him she wanted to make both of them cum. She continued to touch him by stroking güvenilir bahis siteleri her hand over his cock lightly. He closed his eyes and felt the warm caress of his sister’ fingers. It was too much to hold back after all that had happened that evening and he felt his climax brewing.

Lisa squirmed and shook hard beside him. Her orgasm started as he was kissing her mouth and dancing on her tongue. She squealed into the kiss and Katie then licked and sucked hard on her clit. Nipping her lightly as she had before and Lisa cried out loud and hard as all the sensations overwhelmed her. Jeff listened and felt her climax and that combined with the deep rubbing of Katie on his aching cock caused him to explode with Lisa in a long groaning moan. His cum fell in Lisa’s thigh and jumped as well to Katie’s cheek.

Lisa lay breathless with Jeff as Katie sat up on her knees above them and licked the tip of the candle and felt the tickle of his cum running off her face. She tasted that as well and sucked daintily on her fingers. Then she lay beside Lisa and wrapped her arm across her new lover and touched her brother on the forehead.

‘Mmmm that was amazing. Thankyou’ Lisa hummed and started kissing Katie with short soft kisses.

‘No, thank you!’ she smiled. ‘Jeff honey, can I talk to you a minute?’ Katie said in a more serious tone.

He nodded and got up and feeling self-conscious he grabbed the duvet and wrapped it around his nakedness. Katie stood and moved with him to the bathroom and remained totally nude.

She slid the door shut behind her and looked at her nervous brother standing a few feet away.

‘Look, Jeff…. About before, um…’ she stopped and started again.

‘I kinda got carried away back there and if I did anything that was too weird for you…I mean, I love you and don’t want to lose that. Are you alright?’ she said softer in a near whisper.

‘Yes, I’m fine…you just took me off guard alittle, hell more than alittle. I didn’t know you were into…girls?’

‘I’m as new to it as Lisa. That was only my second time touching a woman like that. It is a powerful thing to make love to someone like that and have her orgasm is just…I don’t know. Can’t explain it really. But I never thought I would ever go through with touching you like that.’

Jeff stared at her.

‘You mean you thought about that before?’ he asked in a calm way. Nothing shocked him anymore.

‘Can I tell you something Jeff, will you promise not to get mad or hate me forever?’ she asked. Her eyes filling at the edges with tears.

He nodded.

‘I, oh god this is going to sound really gross but I have fantasized about us. It started along time ago when we were kids. I just want to feel you with me, that’s all. Until tonight I never thought I could even…’ she started to cry.

He moved to her and put his arms around her torso and held her.

Katie relaxed into the warmth and felt safe again. His hands caressed down her hair and onto her bare back and up under her hair to her neck. Raising one hand to wipe the tears from her cheeks as he pulled back slightly to look at her.

‘Don’t cry Katie, we’re both adults. I’m glad you told me about it. Out in the open and all of that. Look Lisa is going to be wondering what happened to us.’ He said and moved away.

‘Jeff, honey, are you and I okay?’ she asked.

Jeff stood and looked at his small sister’s body and her hair falling in a mess on her shoulders.

He moved towards her and touched her face and cupped her chin in his palm. He leaned down to her and placed his lips to hers and kissed her for a long time.

‘Yes.’ He said.

He let the duvet fall the bathroom floor and she couldn’t help but take another look at his half-erect cock.

‘Katie, would you like us to make love with you tonight?’ He asked softly.

Her mouth hung open and nothing fell from her lips but a small squeak.

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