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The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 07

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A week had passed with me worrying if I had gone too far with Sally. I felt guilty about spanking her and wondered if she would be as friendly as she used to be. She had been away most of the time practising as her cheerleader team had made it to the finals. It was the only feather in the cap for the college so far this season as even if the actual football team fell well short of the cheerleader’s success. It had been joked that the football team was backing up the cheerleaders being more inventive with better footwork and all over more attractive.

I was in the kitchen when Sally arrived home unexpectedly. My week of worry suddenly spiked into an eruption of spine-shivering anxiety as she burst through the door.

“Hi, Yah! James, how’s tricks?” She casually greeted, throwing her washing into the laundry hamper.

“Fine,” I softly answered out of kilter from me being the perceived target of ridicule.

“Jez! I’m knackered, we haven’t stopped all week,” she continued as she whirled to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of juice. Sally was as unflappable as ever, and my nerves quickly receded.

“Did everything go to plan?”

“Oh yeah we’ve got this really cool pyramid we finish with,” she gushed with enthusiasm. Sally demanded my attention even though the mechanics of cheerleading held no interest for me. I wanted to please Sally and feigned curiosity while most of my mind was searching for the next thing to say.

She eventually exhausted her fervour and rounded on me.

“So have you got anything planned for tonight, I’m at a loose end?”

“I see, ‘I’ve nothing to do so I’ll hang around with my loser brother?” I joked secretly pleased to be able to spend some time with her. Unfortunately, my joke backfired, leaving me open for an assault of teenage wisdom.

“Why don’t you get out there and socialise?” rhetorically aired Sally.

“Too much to do.”

Sally could see my awkwardness and left my volatile answer alone.

“So what are we doing?” she brightly asked, returning to her sunny self.

“Why don’t we go through my magazines again, I’ve picked some really romantic letters and top models for you to see?”

“Cool!” brightly gushed Sally oblivious to anything slightly incestuous in my invite.

“Be in my bedroom by eight.”

“Oh! And if I’m late do I get a good spanking?” Sally teased before skipping off to the shower.

As soon as it was five past eight, I wondered if Sally was deliberately goading me into spanking her. I dreamed of having her over my lap beating her cute little butt her, but I had to be careful, maybe she really was late. Sally appeared in my bedroom at ten minutes past eight wearing her cheerleader uniform.

“Oh, dear! I’m late; I’m so late, I haven’t had time to change. I’m such a bad, bad girl!” She teased.

She was deliberately late, and by wearing and her cheerleader uniform along with her theatrical apology, she made it very clear she wanted a spanking.

I knew she would turn up late and try to coax me into punishing her, and it aroused me immensely. She was my sister, but it was only a spanking, a bit of harmless fun.

She twirled before me spinning her pleated skirt upwards to show her cute little white panties.

“I guess I shall have to be spanked!”

I surprised her and quickly reached up and grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly over my lap.

“Ouch careful!” Sally protested as she landed heavily on my lap. I quickly pulled her skirt up, exposing her white panties.

“Oh! You’re a cruel hard man!” giggled Sally feeling my erection pushing up into her body.

“You’ve been very naughty and deserve a jolly good spanking!” I played along, pulling her panties down her legs.

“Oh! Sir, you have me at a disadvantage exposed and at your mercy!” she nervously laughed.

I wanted her panties right down her legs and off, but I only managed to get them down to her ankles before Sally’s wriggling body demanded attention.

I spanked her bare ass hard!

“Oh! Not so hard,” she cried.

I spanked her hard again!

“Ouch. Not so hard!”

I ignored her pleas and gave her a volley of spanks, and she rocked and writhed on my lap. I couldn’t give in to her demands and lightly tap her. I had to be dominant and show her who was boss.

“Stop it, stop it,” she cried, but I carried on reddening her sweet ass with every spank.

“You’re hitting me too hard!” she howled as her hands came back to protect her derrière.

“Silence!” I demanded and whipped my hand down plum centre on her ass, causing an echo around the room, instigating Sally to scream.

“Now stop it.” She hissed with a venomous scowl, and I came to a halt.


“Its too hard, that’s what.”

“But what am I supposed to do, its role play, you’re supposed to suffer,” I sighed in confused desperation, still holding her lithe body in place over my lap.

“Let me up!” Sally demanded.

“No, you’re late you have to be punished,” I hit back standing my ground.

“Fuck being late!”

“Well güvenilir bahis if you can’t stand the pain I’ll punish you some other way,” I declared with a thought I had before Sally arrived.

“What do you mean?” She inquired realising I wasn’t going to let her up.

“This!” My hand snaked down between her legs, and my fingers searched for her vaginal opening.

“James! No, don’t touch me there!” she protested her body wriggling with renewed vigour.

“I want your pussy!” I laughed as my index finger slipped into her.

“Get it out, get it out,” she cried as I slowly finger fucked her. I was flooded with sensation with just my finger in her. I was surprised at just how moist she was and how easily my finger glided back and forth. I quickly introduced another finger filling her little pussy as I speeded up my pumping action. Sally kicked and wriggled her ass, trying to get off my invading fingers. I pushed deeper into her to stop her escaping and felt the very depths of her cunt.

Sally screamed, and immediately we both froze as we heard heavy footsteps stomping towards my bedroom door.

I let Sally up as the door handle turned as mother shouted.

“What the hell is going on!”

Sally got to her feet and urgently pulled up her panties, but it was too late as our ferocious beady-eyed mother burst in wearing her bathrobe.

“The only time I get to relax and you two useless brats have to ruin it!” She raged as Sally pulled her panties up over her ass.

“Well! What have you to say for yourselves?”

“Sorry mother, we’re just fooling around,” weakly submitted Sally.

“Fool around quietly or get out!” mother cried and then turned and went out slamming the door behind her.

Sally and I remained fearfully froze to the spot expecting her to return. I looked at Sally; her panties still not entirely pulled up.

We were both breathing heavily in shock.

“Do you think she saw you?” I asked against reason.

“Of course she saw me, my undies were still below my knees when she barged in.”

I looked at Sally, confused, “Why didn’t she say anything?”

“She’s off her tits that’s why?”

“Off her tits?”

“High, I don’t know what she’s smoking, but it’s potent stuff that’s for sure.”

“You’ve known about it?”

“She’s been on it since father left.”

A surge of guilt suddenly overtook me, “I’m sorry,” I bleated pathetically thinking about what I had done.

“No, it’s my fault I shouldn’t have screamed.”

“No, it’s me, it’s my fault, dads gone, mothers gone mad and I’m so fucking useless I’ve taken to touching my own sister.”

My thoughts went into sordid dead ends repeatedly of my own making. Everything wrong that had happened over the last few months snowballed into a massive fit of despair. Nothing was going right, and it was my entire fault. My self-loathing amplified and reached an inconsolable critical mass. I put my head in my hands and started to cry.

“Hey come on,” rallied Sally, “It’s my fault, I encouraged you into spanking me, and I had no right to complain about the pain.”

It went beyond that though, and I sobbed uncontrollably. Sally sat down next to me and tried to placate me.

“Come on its not that bad,” She soothed as she stroked my hair, “You’d think you’re the only brother who’s touched his sister’s pussy.” She weakly joked.

“Sure,” I gargled disbelievingly not wanting to talk or even be seen. I wanted Sally to leave, as she had unwittingly become the target of my unhappiness and sexual frustration.

“You can scoff all you like, but It’s true, ” she softly aired.

Sally’s revelation shocked me and pulled me to an emotional break.

“Really?” I sighed unbelievingly as I wiped my eyes.

“Yes, I know of at least three who’ve defiantly been fingered,” she gaily claimed.

“I don’t believe you,” I sniffed.

“Believe it, those three are the nailed on certainties, the rumours are threefold at least.”

“Thanks, Sally but you’re just trying to cheer me up, it was wrong.”

“No I deserved it, I lead you on for a spanking and cried foul when it wasn’t to my liking.”

I looked down at my feet, still feeling shameful.

“Come on, it’s not as if you, you know screwed me, you just had a little feel,” Sally confined making light of a despairing act.

“I suppose you know of a brother who fucked his sister?”


“Oh, come on,” I gasped.

“I can’t be sure of the truthfulness of that, sure, but brothers and sisters exploring each other is nothing new.”

“True, but they do it in youthful innocence, ” I asserted. Sally went quiet, but I sensed her thinking. She slowly moved her lips close to my ear.

“So did you, how many vaginae’s have you felt up?” She whispered.

Sally’s declaration was valid and sent the room into a depressing silence. I may be in my late teens, but my inner child was woefully innocent. I had let my shyness lead me into a mental cul-de-sac of pornographic magazines, masturbation and collecting panties.

Sally türkçe bahis continued to stroke my hair and then slowly lifted. I saw her two feet pass my downward stare. She was leaving as I had wanted her too, but I suddenly felt a lack in comfort and in a child-like way, wanted her support. I heard the door lock, and then her feet come back into view and stop in front of me. I studied her cute trainers and white ankle socks and became mystified when her feet parted.

I looked up at Sally standing before me. She looked super confident in her cheerleader’s outfit. Her hands were on her hips as she peered down over her breasts, looking dominatingly sexy.

“I want you too,” she whispered slowly pulling her little pleated skirt up, revealing her hastily pulled up panties.

I gulped hard with her words reverberating in my head, “I want you too,” seemed to make everything okay.

“Pull them down,” Sally whispered, “I want you to see me.”

All I could see was her panties and hitched up skirt as she widened her stance.

“Come on then! I want you too, get ’em down!” Sally demanded.

I slowly raised my eyes to meet hers, “Are you sure,” I mumbled?

“Yes, I’m bloody sure now do as you’re told and get my panties down!”

My head went down to her undies again, and I become stricken with an unknown fear.

“Look! I’m getting impatient here; you’re making me look stupid! Get my panties down and look at my cunt! Your last chance.”

My hands slowly went up to her hips and lightly gripped her panties. I swallowed hard and then slowly pulled them down in the eerie silence. I could hear the cotton softly caressing her taut skin as I slid then down over her buttocks.

I saw the top of her pubic hair and swallowed involuntarily again, knowing what a pleasurable sight awaited me. I carried on and felt a slight loosening of her panties as they popped over the arc of her bottom and clear of her cute vagina.

I pulled her panties down a little further down to her mid-thighs, her parted legs bringing some resistance to the action.

I stopped and removed my hands and studied her neatly trimmed pubic hair. My breathing intensified as I studied her unbridled pussy, the slight neat fold of her gash delicately covered by the starkness of her hair. I saw the slight protrusion of her lips between and under her parted legs and sighed through my shallow breath.

“Right now finger me!” Sally demanded her hands forcefully still domineeringly on her hips. I gulped hard and slowly moved up to touch her inner thigh to disguise my shaking hand. I slid my hand up slowly as my other hand steadied myself by holding her ass cheek. It was the first time I really held her buttock, as the touch of my spanks was a snap feel with the odd cursory stroke.

Her soft, pliable skin felt fresh and exciting as I unintentionally kneaded her ass cheek.

I pointed my index finger as I drew it along from her ass to her pussy. I softly wriggled my finger to penetrate the small folds of her opening.

My finger slid into her quickly, and Sally gasped and went up on her toes. My grip intensified on her ass cheek as I gently probed her pussy.

I moved around inside her, exploring the little cavity unknown to me.

I gripped her buttock harder as I introduced a second finger to the warm silky haven of Sally’s moist paradise. She sighed with every breath as I slowly finger fucked her noticing a small quiver in her legs.

I was able to thrust deeper into her as her young pussy gave way as I noticed her natural lube running onto my fingers.

“Run your thumb along my slit,” she gasped as she trembled on my piston probing fingers. I stared at my pumping fingers and quickly realised what she wanted. I brought up my thumb and parted her pussy lips ploughing into her furrow.

Sally gasped loudly and sprightly went up on her toes, falling forward and holding my shoulders. Her cheerleader skirt momentarily fell over my hand quickly to be lifted by Sally, letting me see my handy work.

I became aware of her hood and became excited as my thumb pushed it aside, making Sally openly groan with pleasure.

I introduced a third finger into Sally’s sodden cunt, drawing a loud cry from her.

“Oh, fuck! I’ll never play the piano again.” She added puzzlingly.

I mused at her nonsensical blurt but was too busy enjoying finger fucking her. Her legs were wavering visibly, and her once ridged defiant stance had given way to a pliable soft body struggling to remain upright in its rapture.

I kept her steady with my hand digging into her ass cheek, almost gripping one half of her delightful derrière. I accelerated my thrusts as Sally’s head went over my shoulder groaning and gasping struggling to ride my three fingers.

“Lick me!” she rasped.


“Lick me!” she spat into my ear. I only questioned her request out of shock and bought time by questioning. I knew full well what she wanted and moved in thinking of my attack. I had read about eating pussy many times, but nothing prepares you güvenilir bahis siteleri for the real thing. I stuck my tongue out and moved in and circled her hood. Sally cried out,

“Lighter, lighter,” she instructed, and I did as I was told.

I loosened my grip on her ass cheek and let it caress up and down her sweaty crack brushing her anus along the way. It was all systems go as I licked around her hood, pumped her hole and fingered her ass.

Sally’s legs vibrated manically, and soon quick repetitive breaths pulsated in her torso only to stop too soon. I flicked up her hood with my tongue and tongue lashed her clit.

Again her body pulsated with quick deep repetitive breaths this time stopping quicker. Her legs knocked violently against mine as she let out a continuous rhythmical volley of ‘O’s.

Again the breaths stopped as I continued to work her, vaginal juices flowing over my pussy pumping hand.

Again her body pulsated with quick deep repetitive breaths, but this time she broke into a loud cry! She squealed out her delight as I felt her body relax. I kept going and then suddenly Sally jumped as my tongue hit her much too sensitively after she had cum.

“Stop, stop, stop,” she cried, collapsing over me. She started to laugh, “It’s too sensitive after I’ve cum!”

That was new and something to take note of for future reference.

Sally pushed up off me and lost balance as she tried to pull her panties up.

“Gosh, my legs are like jelly,” she giggled steadying herself so she could grip the waistband of her panties.

I studied my vaginally juiced up fingers and instinctively licked them. Sally tasted quite indistinct much to my pleasure as I had read some unsavoury accounts of acidic cunts.

“You can’t help yourself, can you? Sally laughed as I licked away her moisture.

“You taste nice.”

Sally pulled up her panties, jumping at the end, making her skirt fly up, letting me see her bush being covered. She fanned her flushed face and smiled.

“Wow, that was so nice!” She gushed as she bent over and kissed me on the cheek before leaving the room.

My imagination fired with inspiration I wanted another pussy and quickly. My desire for panties had been replaced.

After my buzz with Sally, I had become cunt struck and had to get stuck into another pussy anyway I could. The obvious choice was Mrs Leighton, Gemma’s mother as I was sure she would have let me screw her the time she blew me if she wasn’t on her period.

I walked around to Gemma’s house with the pretence of wanting to see my Father again. Hopefully, Mrs Leighton would open the door, and this time I’d get an invite to her bedroom.

I walked briskly to her house my head in the clouds and my penis out of my underpants, I walked to the door, rang the doorbell and waited. There was an unnerving silence, as there didn’t appear to be any sound of movement coming from within.

I waited until any chance of the door being answered became unfeasible and rang the bell again. Still, there was nothing but a raging silence as I waited for something to happen, the seconds dragged on, and I submitted to the stillness and turned away. My excitement that sometimes masqueraded as nerves drained out of me, and I began to relax in the mundane. I consoled myself that at least I had tried and had been pro-active instead. Better to experience the real world rather than laying around in panties masturbating, which was exactly what I was going to do now.

I had just reached the top of the drive when I heard a call.


I looked around to see Gemma, her body wrapped up in a towel, as was her hair.

“Hello Gemma, I’ve just come to see if my father’s about.”

“He’s just popped into town with my mum, would you like to come in and wait, they’ll be back in a minute?”

Anytime with Gemma was a good time but to spend time with her half-naked was a no brainier.

I quickly walked back, grinning all the way no doubt inspired by Gemma’s infectious smile, which was greeting me all the way to her door.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t quicker answering the door it’s just that I was in the shower” she explained in her rich Irish accent.

“Really, I’d never have guessed.”

“Yes, that’s why I’m wrapped up in towels.”

“I know, ” I laughed, “I was only joking.”

“Oh god of course you were, maybe I should dye my hair blond after all?”

“No, don’t I love your red hair, it suits you perfectly,” I gushed.

“Aw thank you, James, I don’t get many compliments for my hair, well not from boys anyway.”

It was always a mystery that Gemma didn’t have boys flocking around her although Sally and she in their naked romp may have had something to do with the reason.

She turned and led me into the hall, “Would you like to wait in the living room or come upstairs for a chat in my bedroom while I get ready?” Gemma pointlessly asked.

The offer was the sort that dreams are made of, to enter my cherished girl’s boudoir and drink in the atmosphere where she slept, dressed and dreamed. Where she and Sally had been in many a noisy sexy rapture on the bed. It was her Aladdin’s cave where her perfume, clothes, lingerie and panties resided, the springboard for the goddess Gemma to emerge out into the world.

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